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British Science Week with University of Manchester Physics Outreach

British Science Week with University of Manchester Physics Outreach

By University of Manchester Physics Outreach
For British Science Week 2022, UMPO are chatting to a whole host of PhD students from across Physics at the University of Manchester! We'll be asking them about what they do, what it's like to work in STEM, and plenty more!
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Fluid Mechanics with Tymoteusz Miara
Have you ever thought about the physics behind fluids? In today's episode, join Tym to learn more about fluids and the mysteries behind it!
March 19, 2022
Astrophysics with Kammy Bogue
In this episode, learn more about one of the biggest questions astrophysicists are working on- star formation with Kammy Bogue!
March 17, 2022
Graphene with Julien Barrier
Ever wondered what Graphene is? In this episode, learn more about the infamous material and the research being done on it with Julien Barrier. 
March 15, 2022
Particle Physics with Jonathan Davies
In today's episode, Jonathan Davies will talk about particle physics in more detail and how the Large Hadron Collider is currently on its way to making groundbreaking research. 
March 13, 2022
Particle Physics with Alice Porter
In this episode, join particle physicist Alice Porter who explains how new detectors are developed to measure the smallest particles in the universe.
March 11, 2022
British Science Week 2022
The University of Manchester Physics Outreach Program is back again with a series of podcast "Coffee with PhD students" where will host PhD students from the Physics department and talk about their research and their journey as a STEM student. Tune in from 11th March!
March 10, 2022
Astrophysics with Josh Hayes
In a bonus episode to end our series, our Publicity Officer Jamie chats to Astrophysics PhD student and UMPO founder Josh Hayes. Tune in to hear everything from why outreach is important to what other worlds are out there!
March 14, 2021
Statistical physics with Prof. Tobias Galla
From traffic jams to pandemics, statistical physics can describe all sorts of phenomena! Tune in to hear our General Manager Jas chat to Prof. Tobias Galla about these topics and more in today's British Science Week interview!
March 14, 2021
Particle physics with Prof. Yvonne Peters
We're returning to particle physics again today, as our Events Manager Annabella chats to Prof. Yvonne Peters! From why we do particle physics research, to what makes the top quark so interesting, tune in to find out more!
March 13, 2021
Particle physics with Dr. Marco Gersabeck
Today we delve into the world of fundamental particles with University of Manchester Particle Physicist Dr. Marco Gersabeck! Tune in to hear more about the smallest particles in our universe!
March 12, 2021
Cosmology with Prof. Scott Kay
Ever wondered what our universe is made of, how galaxies move and what dark matter is? Look no further, University of Manchester Cosmologist Prof. Scott Kay chats to our Events Manager Annabella for today's British Science Week interview!
March 11, 2021
Theoretical physics with Dr. Alessandro Principi
In today's interview, Theoretical Physicist Dr. Alessandro Principi chats to our Publicity Officer Jamie about Condensed Matter, his path into physics and so much more!
March 10, 2021
Astrophysics with Prof. Rene Breton
Our General Manager Jas chats to Astrophysicist Prof. Rene Breton in today's instalment of our British Science Week series! Tune in to hear all about astrophysics, why doing science is important and so much more!
March 09, 2021
Atmospheric physics with Dr. Paul Connolly
In today's interview for British Science Week 2021 our Schools Liaison Officer Erin chats to Dr. Paul Connolly, a Reader in Atmospheric Physics at the University of Manchester, about everything from ice crystals to spy planes!
March 08, 2021
Non-linear physics with Dr. Draga Pihler-Puzović
This episode is best watched over on our YouTube channel! Our Events Manager Annabella sits down to chat with non-linear physicist Dr. Draga Pihler-Puzović, delving into all things non-linear physics and demonstrating a range of experiments!
March 07, 2021
Fluid dynamics with Prof. Matthias Heil
Continuing with our series for British Science Week 2021, our Science Consultant Marina chats to Prof. Matthias Heil from the Department of Mathematics at the University of Manchester about his work, fluid mechanics and why he studies Maths!
March 06, 2021
Biophysics with Jess Carter
In the first of our British Science Week interviews, our General Manager Jas talks to University of Manchester PhD student Jess Carter about her work and her path into physics!
March 05, 2021
UMPO presents British Science Week 2021
Over British Science Week (5th - 14th March 2021) we'll be chatting to physicists and mathematicians about what it's like working in STEM! Tune in each day to hear a brand new interview!
March 01, 2021