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Up In This Brain!

Up In This Brain!

By Jason
The new home of The Sack of Podcast.

Jason here. This is a personal journal podcast that has been around since 2013. It's meant for a few friends, some in the US and some in Canada. Most of the first 622 episodes were self-hosted and created in Audacity. I'm moving to Anchor (again) in order to get these out a bit quicker and without the work/thinking that goes into editing and whatnot. If you found this by accident, it's just me talking about what's been happening lately. Nothing more, nothing less.
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Knee Deep in the Weeds
About 14 minutes of mumbo jumbo about podcasting before I drift off into more relatable topics. 
October 04, 2022
Mr. Intro Pants
Here's a bit about Up In This Brain! and me, Jason, your host. I recorded this with the Blue Snowball mic plugged into the laptop on 10/4/2022. It's mostly a test episode as I still set this thing up. 
October 04, 2022