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Through the Lens of Learning

Through the Lens of Learning

By Dr. Tracy Shroyer
You're a lifelong learner and love to get curious! In this vodcast, Dr. Tracy Shroyer shares her curiosity for learning by revealing what she's uncovered in her own journey and talking with other amazing individuals with insightful knowledge to share. Feed your inner hunger for knowledge and get curious with us!
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10. Paul Levitin
Join Dr. Tracy Shroyer as she talks with Paul Levitin about his learning journey, starting out as a high school and university student that prided himself in passing classes without opening a book. Post-college, Paul became a personal trainer and was one day handed a book that changed his mindset and vision for what he was meant to do. His passion and interest in learning and helping others were ignited and he hasn't looked back.    Find Paul on social media platforms by searching @paullevitin and check out his podcast, "Happy Healthy Human."    Want to learn more about Dr. Tracy Shroyer? Visit
June 13, 2022
9. Lindsay Dunlap
Listen in as Dr. Tracy Shroyer talks with Lindsay Dunlap about her learning journey, starting out majoring in Agricultural Communications, then moved into working in the corporate HR space. Then, a life event changed everything and Lindsay launched into the world of coaching.   Want to learn more about Lindsay and what she offers in her coaching services? Visit  Want to learn more about Dr. Tracy Shroyer? Visit
June 06, 2022
8. Kerrie Campbell
Listen in as Dr. Tracy Shroyer talks with Kerrie Campbell, a corporate employee turned entrepreneur. Kerrie has a great background in learning and development and human resources, and great insights from her 20+ years of corporate experience in a variety of levels within a variety of organizations.  Kerrie shares what led her to leave her corporate role to become a coach, and how she supports women in shifting their mindsets so they they can live their sensational life.    Want to learn more about Kerrie and what she offers? Visit her website at    Interested in learning more about podcast host, Dr. Tracy? Visit
May 30, 2022
7. Joanne Morley
In this episode, Dr. Tracy Shroyer talks with Joanne Morley about her learning journey through three breakdowns, what she has learned, and how she helps others. Her story through depression and finding her way is truly inspiring, and it's easy to see how she can bring calm to anyone's life.  Want to learn more about Joanne? Visit  Want to learn more about podcast host, Dr. Tracy Shroyer? Visit 
May 23, 2022
6. Dr. Adam Bowman
Dr. Adam Bowman comes from a family of educators and didn't think his path would lead him into training, but it eventually did. His undergrad was in History, he received a Masters Degree in Conflict Resolution, and then completed his Doctorate in Human and Organization Psychology.  His journey prepared him to secure a corporate position where he focuses on leadership development programs, and he loves every minute of it! Listen in and learn about how Adam continues to get curious in work and life, including what he's currently doing to continue his learning.
May 16, 2022
5. Terry Godfrey
On this episode, Dr. Tracy Shroyer talks with Terry Godfrey, a teacher turned employee, turned instructional designer. Terry shares his learning journey that got him to where he is now. He also shares more about the resources he has been able to leverage as a result of getting curious to learn more about virtual reality and augmented reality (VR/AR).
May 09, 2022
4. Anna Leach
In this episode, Dr. Tracy talks with Anna Leach, a PhD Candidate, about her learning journey in her PhD program.   Anna is currently working on her dissertation at the University of Arizona, School of Information. The dissertation is focused on interaction in higher education's online learning environments. She is focused on utilizing Social Network Analysis in combination with qualitative methods to examine patterns of interaction in online learning environments and how those patterns relate to a student's sense of community.   Interested in learning more about Anna? Connect with her on LinkedIn at and check out her TEDx PSU talk titled "Beyond the Numbers: A Data Analyst Journey" at    Want to learn more about Dr. Tracy Shroyer or Upskill U? Visit
May 02, 2022
3. Cara North
Listen in as I chat with Cara North about her formal and informal learning journey. Cara is a first generation college graduate, and shares so much wisdom in this episode!   Connect with Cara on LinkedIn or Twitter at CaraNorth11.
April 24, 2022
2. My Learning Journey
Listen in as I share my learning journey - from what I wanted to be when I grew up as a youngin' to my formal educational path, where I am now with Upskill U, and more!
April 17, 2022
1. Dr. Nicole Garritano
In my first episode of Through the Lens of Learning, I talked with Dr. Nicole Garritano about her learning journey. I absolutely love her response to how she defines learning. Dr. Nicole talks about her educational pursuits, and how that shifted after a personal experience. You can find her focused on her family and her business, which provides insight for individuals into their human design. Dr. Nicole Garritano has an upcoming FREE 5-day Intuition Experiment starting on Monday, April 11, 2022. Learn more about Dr. Nicole and what she does at... FaceBook: Instagram: Mighty Networks: Search for her Balanced Being community Website: Want to learn more about Dr. Tracy Shroyer or Upskill U? Visit or 
April 10, 2022
Introduction to TTLL
Here's a brief introduction to the Through the Lens of Learning podcast/vodcast!
March 25, 2022