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Upstream Podcast

Upstream Podcast

By Minnow Park & David Choe
Upstream is a podcast hosted by Minnow Park, a business coach and writer, and David Choe, co-founder of STAAT. We talk about what it means to go against the current and live a more generous and courageous creative life.
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July Catch Up
In July, the STAAT team met in LA to talk about what’s next, I flew out to Oregon to hang out with David and his wife for the weekend before their move to SF, and I celebrated a year of starting my coaching business. It was a big month for both of us and this week we catch up and talk about what it meant for us. 
August 14, 2021
What's Next for Upstream
This is a mini episode apologizing for our "radio" silence, and sharing a preview of what we're planning to launch this year.
May 22, 2021
How Weight Loss and Fitness Affects Identity
On this episode of Upstream we talk about a shared thorn in our sides: our struggle with weight, weight loss, and health. We get into the meat and potatoes, if you will, of how being overweight and losing weight has affected our perspectives and identity. We unpack the origins of our relationships with food and weight and the tougher conversations we wished we had.
April 2, 2021
What is Courageous Work?
On this episode of Upstream, we bring into focus this lofty and vague term of “courageous work.” We realize it means being comfortable at the edge of what we know and who we are, and showing up everyday to move forward one inch at a time. We talk about what courageous work means in the work we do, and the way we live our lives.
March 13, 2021
Minnow's Journey in 2020
Hear the full story of Minnow's pivot from doing full time photography work in the beginning of 2020 to coaching. After the pandemic cleared his entire year of work, this is how he found how we can do courageous, generous work.
February 27, 2021
David's Journey in 2020
Hear the full story of David's transition from working full time at a branding agency to full time founder at his startup STAAT. 
February 6, 2021
We're Back: Making Big Moves in 2021
We’re back and we wanted to update you on what’s been going on with us since the last time we talked.
January 23, 2021
Leading in Crisis
This week's podcast is centered around leadership. We use Danny Meyer's book "Setting the Table" as a catalyst to talk about what it means to be a thoughtful leader.  Join us as we talk about what we think are the principles for good leadership. SHOW NOTES: - "Setting the Table" by Danny Meyer - Music provided by John Song AKA Joules (@thefuturisticvintage).
May 15, 2020
Imposter Syndrome: Overcoming Creative Fraud
This week we are talking about something we’ve been feeling ever since we launched our first episode a few weeks ago: and that’s imposter syndrome. A convincing voice in our heads yelling, “What do you think you’re doing? Who do you think you are? You’re gonna suck at it so don’t even start.” You’ve probably heard the same thing in your head too.  And although we don’t offer any magic pills in this episode to rid you of the syndrome, we do take an honest look at it. We talk about recognizing our own inherent value, and outnumbering the imposter syndrome by having a community around us.  So join us as we resist our own imposters and try to encourage one another to fight the good fight. SHOW NOTES: - Music provided by John Song AKA Joules (@thefuturisticvintage).
May 1, 2020
Genesis Part 2: The Day Our Music Died
This is second episode in our two part series called “Genesis,” where we share stories of our formative creative experiences. In Part 1 we talked about our story from childhood to how we got to where we are now. In this episode, we each dive deep into a specific moment that had changed our relationship with music, forever. During our conversation, we realize how much that moment has shaped the way we think about ourselves, and the work we are doing now, like this podcast. SHOW NOTES: - Becky Park's Instagram (@iambeckypark). - Music provided by John Song AKA Joules (@thefuturisticvintage).
April 17, 2020
Genesis Part 1: Our Creative Upbringing
This episode is Part 1 of 2 episodes we are sharing with you, called “Genesis.” In this episode, we share our stories; our creative upbringings. We talk about where we came from, formative creative experiences, and even aothe Enneagram. You’ll also hear us laughing at all the random coincidences David and I share. Thanks for listening and we hope you get to know more about about us, as we learn about each other. SHOW NOTES: - David's Website - Minnow's Website - Minnow's album he made in 2004: "Fourteen Days" - Music provided by John Song AKA Joules (@thefuturisticvintage)
April 17, 2020
How to Remain Generous Amidst a Global Pandemic
Welcome to the first episode of our podcast!  We've been recording since the beginning of the year, trying build to queue of episodes before we launched, but then the coronavirus pandemic happened. We recorded an episode a few weeks ago, right around the time when all the stay at home orders were coming in place, and it was such a helpful conversation for me. It was so helpful that we decided to launch the podcast with this episode instead of the ones we did before. We'll catch you up on all those episodes, about our story and how we got to where we are now, but we wanted you to hear this one and be encouraged as we go through this time together.  We talk about coming to terms with how much privilege we have, how we can steward that privilege, and doing creative work that is essential, rather than non-essential. SHOW NOTES: - Music provided by John Song AKA Joules (@thefuturisticvintage) - Imagined Letter from Corona to Human - Jack Cheng - Crisis is a Knife
April 11, 2020