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TruTalks the Podcast

By I Am Tranyce
Tune in for real conversations with real people about things that matter.

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TruTalks with Studio NPL

TruTalks the Podcast

TruTalks with Studio NPL

TruTalks the Podcast

Jefferson Street and Its Vibrant History
EPISODE 16 I chat with Ryan Washington from Jefferson Street Sound Museum about the famous street's vibrant history and so much more. Be sure to follow us both on our Instagrams @trutalkspodcast and @jeffersonstreetsound to stay up-to-date. Support this podcast at any amount via CashApp $trutalkspodcast
May 29, 2021
What in the Dogecoin?!
EPISODE 15 It's a solo episode so I brought back "Stack of Stories" for this one! Tune in to hear my opinions about what's going on in the world and more. Follow me on IG @trutalkspodcast and @lets_talk_gardening To give to this podcast, sign up for a monthly subscription on Anchor or send any amount to my CashApp $trutalkspodcast. All support is appreciated it! Listeners' messages ->
May 7, 2021
Yo, today is my birthday so I took this week off! Check back here next week for a new episode. I appreciate y'all's support. 😉
May 1, 2021
Girl Chat with My Best Friend Cheyenne
EPISODE FOURTEEN One of my best friends stop by to have a little girl chat during my birthday month. My girl Cheyenne rocks so many different hats that y'all should just hit play to learn about her and join our chat. Don't forget to follow her and her podcast, The Nerdy Ass Hell Podcast. Our Instagram feeds @trutalkspodcast @tinytigercosplay @microbiohazard @creative_outlet_creations Twitter @nerdyashellpod Support TruTalks at any amount via CashApp $trutalkspodcast or sign up for a monthly subscription for as low as $0.99 via
April 24, 2021
Life as a Singer in Nashville
EPISODE THIRTEEN I catch up with the beautiful, talented Morgan Bosman. She is a singer and songwriter from St. Louis who relocated to Nashville many years ago. She's been supporting me since the very beginning, y'all, so I had to have her on during my birthday month. I LOVE Morgan's music!. Hit play to vibe with us and learn about her artistry. Check out her LIVE performance this past Wednesday on my IG. Be sure to follow us both on Instagram: @trutalkspodcast and @morganbosman To support the podcast, hit "Support" where prompted or CashApp $trutalkspodcast to send a donation at any amount. EVERYTHING GOES BACK INTO THE PODCAST.
April 16, 2021
COVID-19 and Community: Am I Getting Vaccinated?
EPISODE TWELVE This week is a solo week so I'm talking about a topic a listener suggested I cover, COMMUNITY! Also, I weigh in on COVID-19 vaccinations and how I'm deciding to deal with it. Tune in and join the conversation via a recorded message, comment on IG or email me at Follow me on Instagram for exclusive content: @trutalkspodcast To support this podcast, find TruTalks Podcast on Patreon, hit "Support" on or send any contribution amount via CashApp at $trutalkspodcast
April 10, 2021
There's More To Us, Stop Stereotyping
EPISODE ELEVEN In this one, I chat with a local illustrator, teacher and author who loves sharing his creativity through custom mashups and comics. Erihii (Eric) Nyamor aka @super_saiyan_e on Instagram is a Nigerian illustrator who loves anime and believes everyone should pursue their dreams, despite what anyone thinks about them. There's more to blacks than entertaining. The overall theme for this one is no matter your ethnicity, you can do whatever you want! Get his book, "I Can Draw" and follow him on Instagram. Press play and join the conversation. Follow us on Instagram -> @trutalkspodcast and @super_saiyan_e Want to support this podcast? CashApp $trutalkspodcast at any amount or sign up for a monthly subscription on here or Patreon. Hit "Support" on Anchor, or find TruTalks podcast on Patreon.
April 3, 2021
Color By Design w/Jessie Perez
EPISODE TEN Temperament Expert Jessie Lee Perez and I link up to talk about temperaments by color and how we are designed. Do you know your temperament color? Why do you respond the way you do? How can you use your best and worst qualities to enhance your life? Tune in to our conversation. Join the convo by recording a message or shooting me an email at Find us both on Instagram: @trutalkspodcast @jessieperezincolor Support TruTalks in any amount via CashApp $trutalkspodcast or sign up for a monthly subscription as low as $0.99/month
March 26, 2021
Solo Chat: My Top Faves! Let's Hear Them
EPISODE NINE Join me in conversation! Any other This Is Us and Queen Sugar watchers? Music lovers, what are you listening to these days? Let's chat faves!
March 19, 2021
Episode 8 I brought my mom on with me to review Coming To America 2 and what she has going on as an Event Planner, Paparazzi Consultant and Travel Agent. Join her in her FB LIVEs at Deborah Maupins. Follow us on IG at @trutalkspodcast and @envisioningwonderland Support the podcast by CashApp $trutalkspodcast or tap "Support" where prompted.
March 12, 2021
Create Your Own Lane
EPISODE SEVEN Spoken Word Artist and Author D-Revolution stops by to talk about his new book, "Half Empty, Half Full" and why creating your own lane is crucial! Tune in now for another TruTalks. Find us on IG @trutalkspodcast and @spokenwordman for more content. To support the podcast, CashApp $trutalkspodcast any amount or tap "Support" to sign up for a monthly subscription.
March 5, 2021
Burlesque, Anyone? FLAUNT Your Stuff!
EPISODE SIX Today, I am joined with former attorney turned author, burlesque dancer/teacher and life choreographer Lora Cheadle as we discuss how to FLAUNT your stuff in numerous ways! Follow us both on IG @trutalkspodcast and @loracheadle (FB, too) Support the podcast at any amount by sending money to CashApp $trutalkspodcast or tapping "Support" wherever you tune in! RATE 5 STARS AND REVIEW TRUTALKS ON APPLE PODCASTS
February 26, 2021
He's BACK!!!
EPISODE FIVE My bro makes a return to TruTalks to check in with y'all and let y'all know what he's up to. Press play, record a message on here or send it via email to I love hearing from y'all. Follow me on IG @trutalkspodcast and Rex @TheRealRexTV for more content. Support the podcast at any amount via CashApp $trutalkspodcast or on Anchor for as low as $0.99/mo
February 20, 2021
Who Ya Got in This Verzuz? The G.O.A.T.(s)
Episode Four Me and my guest Joshua "Showtime" Williams (IG: @jswmusiq) dive into a deep convo about the musical G.O.A.T.(s) and his artistry. Do you agree with his picks? Let me know at or on IG: @trutalkspodcast Support the podcast at any amount via CashApp $trutalkspodcast or on Anchor for as low as $0.99/mo #verzuz #r&bsinger
February 12, 2021
Celebrate Black History While Getting to Know Me!
Episode Three Celebrate Black History and get to know me in this one! I'm answering lightning round questions! Follow me on IG @trutalkspodcast Tune in and join the conversation by leaving a message, emailing me at or rating/reviewing wherever you listen from. Support the podcast via CashApp $trutalkspodcast or on Anchor for as low as $0.99/mo
February 6, 2021
How Do I Get More Engaging Followers?
Season 2, Episode 2 I talk with owner of ERP Happy and Digital Transformation/Lifestyle Consultant Diogene Ntirandekura about how to boost your online appearance and better run your company. Tune in for MAJOR business jewels! Stay in touch with Diogene: Https:// or Stay up on the latest with TruTalks: Follow us both on IG @trutalkspodcast and @diogenentirandekura
January 29, 2021
Fitzness Is Life!
Season 2, Episode 1 Fitness Guru and Author Fitz Koehler sits down to talk with me about fitness, race announcing, and beating breast cancer. Her new book, "My Noisy Cancer Comeback: Running at the Mouth While Running For My Life is available for purchase at Subscribe and follow TruTalks podcast wherever you tune in. Follow us both on IG at @trutalkspodcast and @fitzness to stay connected. To support this production, CashApp $trutalkspodcast or tap "Support" to make a monthly contribution.
January 22, 2021
Highlight of 2020
EPISODE THIRTY THE FINAL EPISODE OF SEASON ONE IS HERE! I'm sharing my highlights of 2020, but I'd love to hear some of yours. Record a message or email me at Follow me on Instagram @trutalkspodcast To support this podcast, CashApp $trutalkspodcast
December 5, 2020
EPISODE TWENTY-NINE ONLY ONE MORE EPISODE LEFT IN SEASON ONE! In this one, I talk about gratitude! What are you thankful for? Share your answer with me by recording a message or email me at Be sure to support the podcast by rating it on Apple Podcast and following/subscribing to TruTalks wherever you tune in. Support this podcast by hitting "Support" or CashApp $trutalkspodcast whatever you'd like to contribute. EVERYTHING goes back into bettering the podcast. Follow me on IG @trutalkspodcast and subscribe to "I Am Tranyce" on YouTube for more episode content.
November 28, 2020
The Wrongfully Convicted
Episode 28 Me and Documentary Filmmaker Jia Wertz talk her debut documentary called "Conviction" and more. Support the podcast at any amount, CashApp $trutalkspodcast
November 21, 2020
Coping with Loss and Connecting to Loved Ones Who've Crossed Over
EPISODE 27 Me and my guest Michael Herst from "One More Thing Before You Go" podcast talk about coping with loss and connecting to loved ones who've crossed over. Tune in and join the conversation by leaving a message, emailing me at or rating/reviewing wherever you listen from. Follow me on IG @trutalkspodcast and Michael Herst @beforeyougopodcast for more content. Support the podcast via CashApp $trutalkspodcast or on Anchor for as low as $0.99/mo
November 13, 2020
Happy Halloween! It's Time for Ghost Stories!
EPISODE 26 HAPPY HALLOWEEN! It's Halloween Eve and my guest is sharing some thrilling stories! Tune in to hear Vanessa Gordon from @eastendtaste tell ghost stories! Share some of your own by recording a message on Anchor, commenting on social media or sending them to me via email at I'd love to read a few in the next episode. For video version, search "I Am Tranyce Halloween 2020" on YouTube. Follow @trutalkspodcast on IG! Support TruTalks, CashApp $trutalkspodcast or "Support" on Anchor.
October 30, 2020
The Importance of Having Compassion for Someone with a Different Perspective
EPISODE TWENTY-FIVE In this one, I interview Jodi Chaffee from The Family Culture Movement podcast. Tune in to our conversation for a moment of insight on family culture and how to change some dysfunctional norms. Follow us on IG @trutalkspodcast and @familyculturepodcast To support at any amount: CashApp $trutalkspodcast Spread the word about TruTalks to your family and friends.
October 23, 2020
Is My Bottled Water Killing Me?
EPISODE TWENTY-FOUR Metro Waters is back to discuss things you may be doing that's harming you! Tune in NOW! To support the podcast, CashApp $trutalkspodcast any amount or hit "Support" to get started. Follow @trutalkspodcast and @NashvilleMWS on IG now.
October 16, 2020
Casual Conversation in the Car
Episode 22-Since y'all loved her so much, I brought my mom back! We welcome you to join our car conversation. Hopefully, you relate to us and join us in conversation. Send your feedback at or on IG @trutalkspodcast (originally released Oct. 2nd) I made an update and the published date changed.
October 13, 2020
10 Things Successful People Do Differently
Episode Twenty-Three In this one I review an article that lists the 10 Things Successful People do Differently by Casey I. To support this podcast, sign up for as low as 0.99/month. or you can support with any amount via CashApp $trutalksposcast
October 10, 2020
Why You Need to Vote
Episode 21 We've made it over twenty episodes with ten of them being video now! THANKS SO MUCH FOR SUPPORTING! In this one, I talk to y'all about voting and where to go to receive more information. Meet me at the ballot. Register today. IG @trutalkspodcast email at CASHAPP $trutalkspodcast to support or buy merchandise
September 27, 2020
Mystery of Plumbing
EPISODE TWENTY You can see me and my guest on YouTube by searching "I Am Tranyce TruTalks." Be sure to subscribe while there. #raceto100
September 20, 2020
Reviewing George Floyd Footage with Officer Andrew
EPISODE NINETEEN Officer Andrew is back and we're reviewing the George Floyd footage! Tune in and leave a message on or commenting everywhere else. Watch it on YouTube -> search "I am Tranyce - TruTalks" and subscribe Visit for "Stack of Stories" Follow me on IG @trutalkspodcast
September 11, 2020
Being Black in 2020 is Like...#blacklivesmatter
EPISODE EIGHTEEN Me and Patrick Chappell just talk about what it's like to live in 2020, being Black and growing comfortable with changes! Search "I Am Tranyce TruTalks" on YouTube for video. Favorite this podcast on Anchor and follow TruTalks everywhere else you're listening. Follow TruTalks on IG @trutalkspodcast and Patrick Podcast @thepatrickpodcast for more content.
September 4, 2020
BONUS CLIP #3-Rebranding and Future Projects
This is not an episode but a bonus clip! Y'all tune in and remember, you can catch this on YouTube. Just search "I Am Tranyce TruTalks" to watch. Subscribe when you get there! #raceto50 #subscribers Follow TruTalks on Instagram @trutalkspodcast. Support the podcast via CashApp $trutalkspodcast or at
August 29, 2020
What Really Happens After You Flush?
EPISODE SEVENTEEN, PART II with Metro Waters (monthly) series Metro Waters' Sonia Allman joins me again to talk about where your waste goes after you flush your toilet or pour things down the drain, what you should/shouldn't flush and more. Available on YouTube, search "Where Does Your Waste Go and What You Should/Shouldn't Flush" or  "TruTalks - I am Tranyce" to find it. Find TruTalks on Instagram @trutalkspodcast and myself @iamtranyce If you'd like to support this channel, CashApp me at $trutalkspodcast. All support is greatly appreciated.
August 21, 2020
COVID-19 in the Zoo
EPISODE SIXTEEN Yep, I dropped two episodes in one day! In this episode, I link up with Jim Bartoo, Marketing and Public Relations Director at Nashville Zoo. It is a great place to visit during a pandemic! Tune in to our conversation and remember, you can see us on YouTube by searching "TruTalks I Am Tranyce" to find it. Subscribe once you get there. Follow @trutalkspodcast on Instagram for more exclusive content. Follow @nashvillezoo everywhere. Visit to get "Stack of Stories" for this episode.
August 14, 2020
TruTalks with an Officer, BLACK LIVES MATTER
EPISODE FIFTEEN THANK Y'ALL SO MUCH FOR STILL ROCKING WITH ME! Today's episode is an introduction to my new monthly releases with Officer Charles Andrew. Y'all get to know him in this one and return to join our future conversations. Follow him on Facebook, too. Remember TruTalks is available on YouTube now so you can see me and my guest! Search "TruTalks I am Tranyce" to find it.  Follow TruTalks on IG @trutalkspodcast for exclusive content and more! Visit for "Stack of Stories" links.
August 14, 2020
One Reason Why Diversity and Inclusion is Needed
This week I talk with Hasina Mohyuddin, Assistant Dean of Diversity and Inclusion at Vanderbilt University's Peabody College in Nashville, Tn. We discuss how to put plan into practice and why doing so is essential in ensuring real inclusion, not only on a college campus, but in life. We discuss the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and it's interference in international students' advancement at Peabody College. Take a load off and listen to this episode or watch it on YouTube. You won't regret it. Get TruTalks in audio on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Soundcloud and Spotify, too. Favorite for more on or follow/subscribe everywhere else. To support this podcast, CashApp $urbanthreads615 or hit the "Support" button on #diversity #inclusion #blacklivesmatter #ice
August 7, 2020
Everything You'll Need to Survive Any Catastrophe
Episode Thirteen In this episode, I catch up with Carol Batey from Carol's Vibration to talk about how to get prepared for emergencies. Can you survive being uprooted from your home? She provides us with tips on what we'll need and things to consider. For video footage of this episode, find TruTalks on YouTube and subscribe at Get more information about Carol Batey Carol's Vibration on Facebook Favorite my podcast to get the latest episode on Fridays. Find me on all of my socials:  @UrbanThreads615 If you'd like to support this channel, hit "Support" on Anchor or CashApp me at $urbanthreads615. All support is greatly appreciated.
July 31, 2020
Is Your Water Clean?
TruTalks about Water with Sonia Allman, Manager of Strategic Communications at Metro Waters  This is a new topical series around Nashville water that answers the question, Is Nashville's Water Clean?  Find me on all of my socials: Facebook at Instagram at Twitter at If you'd like to support this podcast, CashApp me at $urbanthreads615. All support is greatly appreciated.
July 24, 2020
Living with Purpose
In episode eleven, I have a discussion about purpose and humanity with Daniel Levin. Listen and record a message to join the conversation. If you'd like to support this podcast, hit support on here or CashApp me at $urbanthreads615. All support is greatly appreciated. You can see me now! Video episodes are available on my YouTube channel at Purchase Danny's book: Follow Danny: Graphic by Black Illustrations More places to listen to TruTalks: Apple Podcast Google Podcasts SoundCloud Spotify Find me on all of my socials: Facebook at Instagram at Twitter at
July 17, 2020
TruTalks about How to Value Life In the Highest Regard
EPISODE TEN We're ten episodes in! I had to do it special by bringing someone on to talk with me about current affairs and offer hope during this trialing time. I hope that you all tune in and listen as me and Prof. Black discuss how we're feeling, systemic racism and more. Follow me on here and all of my socials @UrbanThreads615 for more content. #blacklivesmatter #georgefloyd #breonnataylor #ahmaudarbery #covid19 #humanlife  Stack of Stories' articles: Minneapolis 911 Dispatcher and Eyewitnesses: George Floyd's Brother To U.N. Human Rights Council: 'I Am Asking You To Help Us':
June 26, 2020
TruTalks About How I'm Making It Through This Time
Episode Nine, I hope you feel me on this one. Leave a message or comment wherever you listen to this on. I'll be sure to include it on my next episode. Thanks to all of the new and returning listeners. I truly appreciate the support.
June 19, 2020
Let this week be a moment of reflection for you. I've been on my Selah tip to recenter. That just means I'll bounce back even stronger after the break! So go listen to previous episodes and leave your feedback in a message on Anchor, comments on SoundCloud or review on Apple Podcasts. Thanks for supporting TruTalks. Everything goes into making the podcast better. Follow me on social media everywhere @UrbanThreads615 Chat with y'all next week! Until next time, keep spreading awareness and speaking out. #blacklivesmatter #georgefloyd #ahmaudarbery #breonnataylor
June 13, 2020
TruTalks about the Black Agenda with Rasta Jaffee Judah
Episode Eight In this one I link up with Rastafarian activist, artist and visionary Jaffee Judah to discuss recent events with the Black Lives Matter Movement, the Black Agenda and the importance of living a life of personal fulfillment and spiritual peace. We get our Eco-Drip on in conversation and then some! Give this TruTalk a listen ASAP! Listen to the end to hear this week's Artist Spotlight featuring Jaffee Judah. Follow Urban Threads 615 on here for more interviews and Jaffee Judah for more music! Find me on all socials: @UrbanThreads615 Find Jaffee Judah and his organizations on socials: @rasjaffeejudah, @writtenbyjaffeejudah_ and @recyclereinvestchallenge Music: Eco Drip by Jaffee Judah x Lord Goldie x Big 6 x Solo Graves x Foundation Mecca #blacklivesmatter #georgefloyd #urbanthreads615 #trutalks #jaffeejudah #bang4liberation #ecodrip #nashville #resist #georgefloyd #blacklivesmatter #police brutality #blackagenda #bang4liberation
June 5, 2020
Episode Seven Too many unarmed, black men are killed by the hands of police officers. I'm fed up with it and will not allow any more excuses. If you want to stand on the right side of history, JOIN ME in the fight for justice when I ask you to join. In this episode, I talk about ways for you to get involved in the fight for justice for George Floyd and provide details about the Nashville rally tomorrow. For all other injustices I've covered, listen to my previous episodes. Join the conversation by recording a message on Anchor and commenting on my streaming platforms. I look forward to hearing from you. Be sure to follow me for more content. Follow me on all of my socials at @UrbanThreads615. Get TruTalks on most streaming platforms: Apple Podcasts- Google Podcasts- Soundcloud- Spotify- For all business inquiries and artist track submissions, email me at Links: For Justice George Floyd- List of Black Men Killed-
May 29, 2020
TruTalks about White Privilege with Wade
EPISODE SIX In this episode, me and my guest talk about Netflix documentaries "Self-Made", "Who Killed Malcolm X" and "Love Is Blind." This conversation led to a deeper conversation about race in American, white privilege and recent killings. Head to my SoundCloud to listen to this week's "Artist Spotlight." Join the conversation. I look forward to hearing from you. Be sure to follow me for more content. Follow me on all of my socials at @UrbanThreads615. Get TruTalks on most streaming platforms: Apple Podcasts- Soundcloud- Spotify- For all business inquiries and artist track submissions, email me at Madam CJ Walker History HISTORY OF MADAM CJ WALKER told and preserved,%20Mae.pdf Smithsonian Transcriptions and actual PDF document Stack of Stories Links Hundreds demand justice for Arbery Breonna Taylor story in Louisville, KY Ahmaud Arbery Killer’s Arrested and Have Hired Lawyers Heavily Armed Protesters at Capitol building #malcolmx #whokilledmalcolmx #selfmade #madamcjwalker #podcast #entertainment
May 22, 2020
TruTalks about Breonna Taylor, #JusticeForBre
EPISODE FIVE (originally posted on May 15, 2020, I had to edit some text so Anchor reverted it to a draft the day of my edit) I had something else planned for y'all but it took the backseat to this incident! Breonna Taylor was an essential worker facing COVID-19 everyday, EMT and aspiring nurse. Sadly, she won't become a nurse. She was 26 years old and INNOCENT. I'm tired of us being hashtags. Help me spread the word about this by sharing this and doing as instructed in the episode. Continue to say her name and spread her story! Sign petitions, call and tag officials to press them for answers. WE DEMAND TRANSPARENCY! #StandForBre #JusticeForBre #BreonnaTaylor #CPAC #BlackLivesMatter Find me on my socials @UrbanThreads615 everywhere. Get TruTalks on most streaming platforms: Apple Podcasts- Soundcloud- Spotify- Sources: Justice For Breonna at Washington Post Article on Breonna at
May 22, 2020
EPISODE FOUR Yo, we go there in this episode! I need you to grab a snack, hit the play button and listen to the end. My guest and I talk about COVID-19, crazy incidents around the COVID-19 policy changes and Ahmaud Arbery and racism. Drop a comment below to join the conversation! Follow me for more TruTalks! Apple Podcasts- Soundcloud- Spotify- Find me on all socials @UrbanThreads615 Music: Venomous by Morgan Bosman #covid19 #reopeningnashville #ahmaudarbery  Sources: METRO COVID-19 UPDATE AT TN UPDATES AT OKC SHOOTING AT LEBRON JAMES' RESPONSE AT NEW YORK TIMES ARTICLE AT
May 8, 2020
It's my birthday so no episode this week! Chat with y'all next week about more real topics and conversations with real people. Follow me everywhere @UrbanThreads615 Contribute to this podcast to keep it improving. All contributions are appreciated! Follow me on Spotify for the latest episodes if you're listening on Anchor. W4YjpKxtUWL2gtaSOPtQ
May 2, 2020
TruTalks about COVID-19
EPISODE THREE In this episode, I start the first part of my conversational series about COVID-19 (the coronavirus), a pandemic effecting the world. But more specifically, I discuss it as it relates to Nashville, TN. What is the Music City doing to remain safe during this trialing time? How can we prevent the spread of this virus when engaging with the public? What does Mayor John Cooper's reopening plan entail? I hope everyone listens to this episode in its entirety to remain informed about COVID-19 because I truly believe information is power. Be safe and stay healthy. Together we will get through this. FOLLOW MY PODCAST ON WHATEVER PLATFORM YOU ARE LISTENING TO IT ON FOR MORE EPISODES. SEND THIS TO OTHERS SO WE CAN, COLLECTIVELY, BE ON THE SAME PAGE ABOUT HOW TO LIVE IN A WORLD WITH COVID-19. FIND ME ON ALL SOCIALS @UrbanThreads615 For all business or guest inquiries, email me at EMERGING INFECTIOUS DISEASES® is a registered service mark of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Its Registration Number 4,972,553 is issued by the United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO). "Roadmap to Reopening Nashville" available at
April 24, 2020
TruTalks about "The Clark Sisters: First Ladies of Gospel" movie.
Episode Two On Saturday, April 11th, Lifetime channel premiered "The Clark Sisters: First Ladies of Gospel" movie. Since they have been a significant part of my childhood and adulthood, I thought I'd give my feedback on the movie and invite someone special on to discuss it with me. This special guest is responsible for introducing me to them and a longtime SUPER FAN of the Clark Sisters. She saw them live! My special guest is MY MOTHER. If y'all want to hear her in more episodes, give this a thumbs up and comment below "Bring Yo Mama Back" and I'll make that happen. I'd love to hear your opinions about the movie so comment below. What did you like or dislike? How would you rate it? Did Lifetime and the producers do a good job? Follow me for more episodes. Give this a like and comment if you enjoyed this second episode of the season. Music: "The Code" by @ayywille on Instagram Follow me on all of my socials at @UrbanThreads615. Follow my mom on all her socials at @envisioningwonderland, too. For all business inquiries, email me at
April 16, 2020
TruTalks with Studio NPL
It's real conversations with real people! Episode One For the first real conversation of the season, I sit down with Studio NPL Coordinator Niq Tognoni to talk about what Studio NPL is doing for Nashville's young creatives. Also, hear from the first "Artist Spotlight" of the season by listening until the end of the episode. Music by two young artists and musicians out of Studio NPL. Give this a like and comment if you enjoyed this first episode of the season. Be sure to follow me for more content. Follow me on all of my socials at @UrbanThreads615. For all business inquiries, email me at
April 10, 2020