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By Andrew Quarrie
Conversations, sharing of ideas about conscious urban development, and vision casting for localized impact entrepreneurship.
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Episode 12\\ A Conversation with Artist, Axel Void
Guest\\ Axel Void Axel Void (Alejandro Hugo Dorda Mevs) was born in Miami in 1986 to a Haitian mother and a Spanish father. He was raised in Spain from the age of three, where he was strongly influenced by classical painting and drawing. Axel Void has been in contact with graffiti writing since 1999. He studied Fine Arts in Cádiz, Granada, and Sevilla, and based himself in Berlin until moving to Miami in 2013, where he currently resides. Axel is a multimedia artist driven by a passionate interest in the art of storytelling. Inspired by truth in all its forms. Whether exploring the visceral realness of an uncomfortable reality, or the hazy delight of nostalgia, each work documents sincerity, presented with an almost journalistic intrigue. Axels area of interest lies in the untold stories of ordinary people, everyday moments without facade or flair. Inherently familiar, through his stories we experience our social constructs, our families, our fears and triumphs; his characters ascend to metaphors for the human condition; mourned or celebrated through our collective memory. Read more... About URBLANDIA Connecting Black Indigenous People of Color (BIPOC) developers, urban planners, architects, designers, and community stakeholders with urban development projects and opportunities throughout the US. Learn more at
August 06, 2020
Episode 11\\ An Architectural Visualist and His American Experience, Azeez Bakare
Born of Nigerian heritage in the United States, Azeez chose the career path of architectural visualizations and photography as his storytelling and purpose-driven medium. Here is a slice of his American experience so far. Guest\\ Azeez Bakare Azeez Bakare is a 3D Artist, Photographer, and Videographer who helps firms, agencies, developers, and solopreneurs translate their ideas into high-quality visualization. Spending over 9 years in the industry, Azeez knows that quality in visualization matters. Azeez secured a lead role at top Architecture/Engineering firm, HOK, and 3D visualist position with emmy-award winning agency, DBOX. Since starting his own virtual studio team in 2015, Azeez has landed production contracts with top international companies such as Nike, Airbnb, Google, Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG), and the Miami Dolphins. He’s landed coverage in print with A+U Magazine, Miami Magazine, and Ocean Drive. His work has been featured in broadcast outlets around the world including CNN Style, Architectural Digest, TMZ, Wallpaper Magazine, and ArchDaily. In addition to his work experience, Azeez is an official ambassador with Google, selected as a top 50 creative out of 2,000+ members internationally. A certified visualist, recently presenting on the topic of 3D Visualization at the National Conference of NOMA (National Organization of Minority Architects). He is a member and advocate of Black Architects in the Making (BAM), an equal opportunity program focused on enhancing students’ awareness about architecture. Run through the Miami Center for Architecture and Design (MCAD), the program encourages young Black students to consider architecture as a career. Azeez is was awarded locally for visualizations used in the Wynwood Greenhouse competition in Miami, FL. Azeez holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Architecture, and minor in Visual Communication Design from The Ohio State University. About Urblandia Urblandia is an emerging platform focused on amplifying positive impact entrepreneurship. Join us on
June 13, 2020
Episode 10\\ Architecture and the Social Justice Narrative, Germane Barnes
A conversation about the current state of the architectural design profession and its institutional and educational biases.  How far has the profession evolved and the work that still needs to be done within the context of inclusivity and social justice? Listen and join the conversation - leave your comments and questions. Guest\\ Germane Barnes Germane Barnes is an Assistant Professor and the Director of The Community, Housing & Identity Lab (CHIL) at the University of Miami. He is also the Director of Studio Barnes, a research and design practice that investigates the connection between architecture and identity. Mining architecture’s social and political agency, he examines how the built environment influences black domesticity. His design and research contributions have been published and exhibited in several international institutions. Most notably, The Museum of Modern Art, The Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in the Fine Arts, The New York Times, Architect Magazine, DesignMIAMI/ Art Basel, The Swiss Institute, Metropolis Magazine, Curbed, and The National Museum of African American History where he was identified as one of the future designers on the rise. About Urblandia Urblandia is an emerging platform focused on amplifying impact entrepreneurship. Join us on
June 09, 2020
Episode 9\\ Reforming the Fashion Industry, Jordana Guimarães
A conversation about sustainability and inclusivity challenges within the fashion industry.  Guest\\ Jordana Guimarães, Co-Founder at FASHINNOVATION Over 15 years experience as a Marketing, Sales & Public Relations Director in the lifestyle & fashion industries and recently co-founded FASHINNOVATION: a platform showcasing innovations via ways of technology, shaping the fashion industry. Strong focus on sustainability, women empowerment & inclusivity. About Urblandia Urblandia is an emerging platform focused on amplifying impact entrepreneurship. Join us on
June 05, 2020
Episode 8\\ Why It Takes a Village, Melissa Meade
We tend to have many blind spots when it comes to identifying and prioritizing problems within our cities. Sometimes this can be attributed to a lack of awareness, not just personal or institutional interest.   "It takes a village" is more than just a famous African Proverb used on email signatures and distributed by memes on social media, but its literal meaning could help tackle issues such as foster care challenges within our built environment. Community impact also requires careful "village" planning in urban development. Listen as we explore some of the nuances of creating impact within the foster care system. About Our Guest Melissa Meade joined FFCR in November 2018 as our Communications & Development Coordinator. She is a graduate of the University of Miami with a triple major in Economics, Ecosystem Science & Policy and International Studies and a minor in Business Administration. Melissa brings with her a decade of professional experience working primarily in wealth management and has extensive experience supporting communication and operational efforts for community organizations, entrepreneurs, and small businesses. Most recently, she served as the Campaign Operations Director for a South Florida candidate for Congress. About Urblandia Urblandia is an emerging platform focused on amplifying impact entrepreneurship. Join us on
May 23, 2020
Episode 7\\ Hyper Localization and Community Redevelopment, Keon Williams
Disparities exist almost everywhere in our global society. In this episode, we take a look at how community redevelopment factors into the future of underserved local neighborhoods, such as Overtown - located in the heart of Miami's urban core. About Our Guest Keon Williams is a native of Miami, Florida, born in the heart of one of Florida’s oldest Black communities named Overtown. Mr. Williams is a 2008 graduate of Bethune- Cookman University with a degree in Politic Science. Mr. Williams also holds a certificate in Community Real Estate Development from the University of South Florida. Mr. Williams has over 15 years of relevant experience in Non-profit Management, Business Development, Business Financing, and Issues-based Advocacy. Mr. Williams currently serves as the Assistant Director for Urban Philanthropies, a non-profit dedicated to transforming distressed urban communities in South Florida through economic and community development activities. Mr. Williams latest initiatives include navigating Urban Philanthropies through the successful startup of a Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI), to provide financial and technical assistance to small and emerging nonprofits in South Florida’s urban communities; The Overtown Business Boot Camp, providing residents with startup capital and technical assistance to assist with creating a new business; and the launching of The Urban, a new 58,000 square foot food market and entrepreneurial venue located in the heart of Overtown that will feature local food trucks, in addition to custom-designed shipping containers for a centralized bar, retailers and art installations. When Mr. Williams is not working, he serves as the Chairman of the Overtown Community Oversight Board, whose purpose is to encourage and support housing, job creation, economic and business development, educational opportunities, historic and cultural preservation, and to provide written recommendations to the City Commission regarding those activities; The Chairman of The Overtown Optimist Club Inc., a non-profit located in Overtown, tasked with overseeing the participation of 500+ youth and 50 staff members in transforming the next generation through education and sports related activities. Mr. Williams has been a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc., since 2008. Mr. Williams credits the motto “Enter to Learn, Depart to Serve,” as the bedrock of his dedication and commitment to advocating for disenfranchised communities. Mr. Williams currently serves on the following community boards: Community Reinvestment Alliance of South Florida, Overtown Children and Youth Coalition, Overtown Community Oversight Board, The Black Collective, Nyah Project, The Equitable and Advocacy Collective, Overtown Optimist Club and Bethune Cookman-University Miami-Dade Chapter. About Urblandia Urblandia is an emerging platform focused on amplifying impact entrepreneurship. Join us on
May 17, 2020
Episode 6\\ A Vicious Cycle by Design, Derrick Scott, Ph.D
On this episode we take a look at how the state of political and economic systems keep abusing its greatest asset, the human capital. This is often made more apparent during times of crisis, not just during a pandemic.  Derrick Scott, Ph.D Lecturer | Steven J. Green School of International & Public Affairs | Florida International University (FIU) Ph.D University of Maryland College Park GIS, Urban Geography, Geo-Economics/Politics, Housing issues, New-Urbanism, Smart Growth, Areas; West Indies, US Cities, Sub-Saharan Africa. Urblandia is an emerging platform focused on amplifying impact entrepreneurship. Join us on
May 09, 2020
Episode 5\\ Reframing the Future of Public Spaces. Guests: Meg Daly, Clyde Higgs, and Arnaud Karsenti.
The lasting psychological impact resulting from the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic will undoubtedly challenge our future societal behaviors, especially how we gather. We explore how public spaces could strategically and reassuringly reopen for use and programming; serving as a catalyst for the mental healing and well-being of our communities to safely reconnect. Joined by Meg Daly (Founder of Friends of the Underline), Clyde Higgs (CEO of Atlanta Beltline), and Arnaud Karsenti (Managing Principal of 13th Floor Investments). We discussed reframing the future of public spaces. Listen to the conversation now.   Urblandia is an emerging platform focused on amplifying impact entrepreneurship. Join us on
April 29, 2020
Episode 4\\ Social Impact Urban Development, Avra Jain
About Avra Jain With a career path that has taken her from bond trading on Wall Street to developing properties along some of Miami's trendiest streets, Avra Jain has earned a reputation for identifying the next it neighborhood. The recipient of three Sundance Film Awards for the documentary Dark Days, this industrial engineering graduate from Purdue University develops projects based around two of her favorite pursuits: art and architecture. Jain suggests “Through art and architecture, life and lifestyle are integrated. Through life and lifestyle, communities and neighborhoods are created.”  To date, that vision has resulted in numerous boutique projects that range from converting a 100,000-square foot warehouse to luxury loft condominiums in New York's Tribeca neighborhood to the remake of The Vagabond, from Motel to Hotel on Biscayne Boulevard. When Avra is not re-imagining skylines, she spends time with her 13-year-old daughter Alexandra, whom she affectionately refers to as "my greatest accomplishment". Some of her most recent recognitions include: Urban Environment Leaders “2014 Orchid Award for Historic Revitalization”, Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce R.E.A.L. “2015 Winner of Developer Commercial Category”, the Women’s Chamber of Commerce “15th Thelma Gibson Award of Excellence”, the AIA Miami “Developer of the Year 2016”, and the "2017 Community Catalyst Award", amongst others.  Avra serves on the Miami Foundation Board, Dade Heritage Trust, Locust Projects, and University of Miami's Master of Real Estate Development + Urbanism Advisory Boards. Visit for more updates.  A place for impact entrepreneurs and local community builders. Also, check out Night Young Music for the tracks featured in this episode.
April 22, 2020
Episode 3\\ Sustainable and Resilient Architecture in a Post-Pandemic World. Featuring Jaya Kader, AIA, LEED AP
The future of sustainable and resilient architecture in a post-pandemic world - while preparing for pandemics or system shockers.  About Jaya Kader Jaya Kader is the founding principal of KZ architecture. Born and raised In San Jose Costa Rica, she spent 15 years in Boston before moving to Miami. She earned a Master of Architecture at the Harvard Graduate School of Design in 1988 and is currently a member of its Alumni Council. Throughout her professional tenure, and under the tutelage of world-renown mentors, Jaya has worked on numerous projects including public libraries, schools, municipal centers, houses of worship, residences and resorts. Jaya has been an advocate for sustainable design since the inception of her practice in 2003. She is a member of the International Living Future Institute and the US Green Building Council as well as a LEED accredited professional (One of her projects was the first LEED certified residence in Miami). Recently, her firm won a Resilient Housing Competition organized by Build Academy and sponsored by the World Bank and the United Nations Habitat for a better Urban Future. The vision of the project highlights the power of design to help manifest sustainable practices that address environmental, social and economic concerns. Jaya weaves many of her core interests and values into her work, including nature, yoga, diverse cultural perspectives, mindfulness, art, healing and spiritual yearnings. Visit for more updates.  A place for impact entrepreneurs and local community builders. Also, check out Night Young Music for the tracks featured in this episode.
April 15, 2020
Episode 2\\ COVID-19 and the Future of Real Estate Development. Tony Cho, Founder & CEO of Metro 1
In this episode, we explore the future of "impact entrepreneurship" and its role in real estate investing and development. About Tony Cho Impact Entrepreneur, Real Estate Innovator & Community Builder Tony Cho is the founder and CEO of Metro 1, a forward-thinking real estate brokerage, management, and development firm focused on shaping neighborhoods and developing sustainable cities in South Florida and beyond. The company has completed over $2.5 billion in real estate transactions since 2005 and has been recognized every year since 2011 as one of the top 25 commercial real estate firms by South Florida Business Journal. Learn more... is coming soon. Stay tuned. The future of cities, their makers and dwellers. Also, check out Night Young Music for the tracks featured in this episode.
April 07, 2020
Episode 1\\ Mitchell Joachim, Ph.D., Assoc. AIA, Co-founder of Terreform
I'm excited to kick off our first season and episode of Urblandia with guest Mitchell Joachim of Terreform, NYC! Listen as we discuss the future of urban development within the context of putting people and the planet first. About Terreform Terreform ONE [Open Network Ecology] is a nonprofit architecture and urban design research-based consulting group. We endeavour to combat the extinction of all planetary species through pioneering acts of design. Our projects aim to illuminate the environmental possibilities of habitats, cities and landscapes across the globe. Also, check out Night Young Music for the tracks featured in this episode.
April 01, 2020