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Helping you find relevance in the economy of NOW.

Hosted by online instructor and entrepreneur, Mike Wheeler.

As founder of Mike Wheeler Media+ with hundreds of thousands of students, Mike gravitates toward tools and tech that enable you to create something new, advance your career, and find the intersection between attainable and essential.

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The Three Pillars of a Successful Salesforce Career


The Three Pillars of a Successful Salesforce Career


10 Salesforce App Ideas for Your Portfolio - Part 1
Now it is more important than ever to have a Salesforce App Portfolio. This is useful to exhibit your skills and experience on the platform. In this episode, I share with you ten different apps you can build for your own portfolio. Next week, for Part 2, I will share how you can distribute your portfolio and build your personal brand. References: Mike Wheeler Media+ Create a Salesforce App in 12 Minutes -
September 15, 2020
Salesforce Lessons from the Coen Brothers
In this week's episode, we draw inspiration from a Western Anthology by the Coen Brothers - The Ballad of Buster Scruggs. In the 'Forever Gold Mountain' chapter, we meet two different type of people and how they react to identifying oppotunity. The Prospector The Skunk In the Salesforce ecosystem, you will also find two types of individuals - those that are willing to put in the work and earn their rewards, and then you will also find lazy, talentless hacks that resort to using Salesforce Exam Dumps and cheating their way to certification. This episode is my attempt to provide a cautionary tale as to why you should earn your certifications instead of trying to fake it 'til you make it and resorting to utilizing exam dumps. Resources: The Ballad of Buster Scruggs -
September 8, 2020
Salesforce is Growing Like Crazy During Covid
Salesforce recently had their latest earnings call and revealed that their revenue grew 29% compared to the same quarter last year.  Salesforce was also recently welcomed into the Dow Jones Industrial Average. They are now one of only thirty companies in the world with that honor and distinction. In this episode, in light of these amazing results, I discuss just how well Salesforce is positioned to weather these uncertain times. I also discuss the various paths available to you in fashioning your own cloud career with Salesforce as the vehicle to get you there. Resources: Seeking Alpha Article - Salesforce Added to Dow Jones Industrial Average - Salesforce Career Paths on Trailhead -
September 1, 2020
Fundamental Five Salesforce Certifications to Six Figures
In this interview, I chat with Monika Crooks   Monika shares her journey into a Cloud Career by learning Salesforce, attaining multiple certifications, attending Dreamforce, studying Trailhead, and more.  Monika shares how she landed a job in the Salesforce ecosystem making a six-figure salary! This is a journey that took her less than a year and a half and led to an increase of over $50k more per year.
August 25, 2020
Lessons From the Luddites in the 4th Industrial Revolution
In this episode, we learn about the Luddites and their war against the machines that threatened their livelihoods some 200 years ago. We find that the more things change, the more they remain the same, as we find modern-day Luddites resisting the onslaught of automation and AI in the 4th Industrial Revolution. The answer is to pivot early (and likely often) when faced with uncertainty and the inevitable changes that life and the marketplace always bring. In this quest of finding the intersection of attainable and essential, I discuss how to get started in learning the fundamentals of key cloud technologies that can help you find relevance in the economy of now. Resources: Luddite History - 4th Industrial Revolution - Mike Wheeler Media+ Trailhead by Salesforce -
August 18, 2020
The Curses of Comfort and the Gifts of Hardship in the Salesforce Ecosystem
Prior to COVID-19, it was the best of times and it was the best of times for Salesforce professionals. Jobs were plentiful and the supply vs. demand ratio was tilted in the favor of the talent. But we now find ourselves in the Next Normal, stumbling into the 4th Industrial Revolution, and faced with record unemployment. In this episode, I explore how to respond to the hardships we find ourselves facing today in the Salesforce ecosystem. I discuss the necessity of building a portfolio, growing where you are planted and making your own experience. Resources: Leave a Voice Message for Mike - Free Salesforce Account - Create a Mileage Tracker App in 12 Minutes - Bootcamp Courses (includes 6 apps for your portfolio) -
August 11, 2020
The Three Pillars of a Successful Salesforce Career
Every successful business must master the three pillars of business: Marketing Sales Service In this episode, I explain how to apply these three pillars to your own career. These three pillars of business can be equated to: Attract Attain Retain We look at practical steps you can take to attract attention, attain jobs. We finally discuss how to retain jobs while looping  back into the marketing side of this process to expand your footprint, visibility and unearth new opportunities...whether you are currently employed or not.
August 4, 2020
From Homeless to a Salesforce Administrator
In this episode, I am very excited to share the story of Cooper Pond. Cooper shares his story of how he went from being homeless, to landing a job with a company that used Salesforce. He started out as an end-user of Salesforce. But over time, Cooper discovered that there was a lot to learn and work on the back-end of Salesforce. Through hard work, study and dedication, Cooper eventually passed his Administrator Certification and landed a job as a Salesforce Administrator. You will want to listen to this inspiring Salesforce success story. Leave a Voice Message - By leaving a message, you agree to potentially being featured in an upcoming episode. Resources: Mike Wheeler Media+ Full Interview Video with Cooper Pond
July 28, 2020
Changing Lanes and Finding Something New
I have sprinkled several different analogies from life and film into this episode. We cover various topics, such as: Check Your Blindspots Your Goals are Closer than They Appear Embrace Your Past to Inform Your Future Avoid Distracted Driving Towards 'You 2.0' Finding Your Super-Power Career-Scaffolding Resources Mentioned in this Episode: Find Something New – Ad Council Video Ad - One of my students, Aaron McGriff, is featured prominently in this ad campaign. I first interviewed Aaron a couple of years ago, and here’s a clip on how he found something new - In Aaron’s journey, he quickly went from passing a certification to landing his first Salesforce job - Sunk Cost Definition on Investopedia - Deep Work by Cal Newport - Leave a Message Link - Ask a question or leave a comment (1 minute limit) to potentially be featured in an upcoming episode. By leaving a message, you are giving me permission to share your voice with the world. Also, please share your name and where you are joining us from in the voice message as well! I further expound on the concept of Career Scaffolding in the article ‘Make Your Dent in the Universe’ on LinkedIn ·
July 21, 2020
What is Urelevant?
In this inaugural episode , I discuss what it means for YOU to find relevance in the economy of NOW...which is finding Urelevance. In this episode, I cover the following topics: What is Urelevant? How to Pandemic Proof Your Career Finding the Intersection of Attainable and Essential Three Types of Salesforce Jobs The Start of the 4th Industrial Revolution Remote Life Has FINALLY Crossed the Chasm Into the Mainstream (and the burgeoning irrelevance of the 'On-Site Mafia') Pivoting from a Consumer to a Creator Artisan Life - Your Work is Your Art (if you wish to succeed) There's a few things I reference in this episode, such as the book 'Crossing the Chasm' by Geoffrey A Moore.  I also reference a quote from Mary Kay, which is more accurately quoted as the following, "Ideas are a dime a dozen. People who implement them are priceless". Also mentioned in this episode is my learning platform, Mike Wheeler Media+ I reference a couple of tools that make creating easier: Kartra and Wordpress I also discuss a recent study that found that 37% of jobs can now be performed remotely. Please subscribe, share and review this podcast, wherever you may be listening. You can also send me a message or ask a question to potentially be featured in a future episode! Happy listening! Mike Wheeler
July 14, 2020