Artist with a day Job

Episode 14- Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone

An episode of Artist with a day Job

By Urvashi Patel
Artist with a day job who works evenings, late nights and weekends to fulfill their dream. This my podcast more like vlogs where I will share my experience and whatever I learn along the way. So please stay here and I will share this journey with you all. Let’s start this journey together. I will share all the details and everything I know or learn.
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Episode- 16 Learning Business side of Art
In this episode. I am just chatting about what I am learning from the other side of art which is business. No I am not an business expert. I am just talking what I am trying to learn and implement to make it work for me. If you want to take a look at my website and subscribe here it is
October 16, 2018
Episode 15- Gratitude Giveaway -Inktober Challenge
This episode is just an update of what i have been doing in my artist life. Talking about Gratitude Giveaway and inktober challenge. Here is the link to the blog where you will find how to subscribe -
October 7, 2018
Episode 14- Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone
In this episode i am talking about doing something that makes you uncomfortable in your art journey. How this helps in getting us out of our comfort zone? Here is the link to the blog i mentioned in the episode.
September 23, 2018
Episode 13- A week without painting
This week I haven’t done any painting which made me so sad. But good thing is I have completely redone my website and started writing blogs. If you like to checkout my website. Here is the link.
September 15, 2018
Episode 12 - Colour and it's importance
In this episode, I am blabbing about colours. How colours affect our mood and different meanings attached to colours? Basically talking about importance of colours, its use in art,life and in different industries. I would love to hear meanings of different colours as per you. If you have something to share about colours. Please send me an email at Instagram: @urvashipatelart
September 1, 2018
Episode 11- Reasons of Artist Block and it's Cure
In this episode I am talking about reasons of artist block and how we can cure it. I have mentioned 4 reasons that I have experienced and how I cure them. If you guys have different reasons. Please share it with me. I would love to know how you cure it. If you are going through artist block at the moment then send me an email at and I might suggest you something.
August 25, 2018
How to get back into Art after a long time?
In this episode, I am just sharing How to get back into art after long time break? I am talking on 5 points to get to back in the art game baby. So tune into this episode and get motivated to start again. Follow me on instagram at @urvashipatelart , Facebook- UrvashiPatelArt
August 18, 2018
Episode 9- How to find your style as an Artist?
In this episode, i am talking about finding your own style as an artist. I am sharing the way i found my style as well as how you can find your style by looking at different artists work for inspiration
August 11, 2018
Episode 8- Finding Inspiration
In this episode, I am talking about finding inspiration. All creatives find their inspiration from many things. For me I would say from many things around me I find my inspiration. Here I have listed some of my source of inspiration. I can list many more things but I have listed my top 11 sources. 1. Listening Music 2. Listening Podcast. (E.g. Being Boss, Creative Pep Talk, The Abundant Artist) 3. Watch Documentaries. (E.G. Katy Perry’s Part of me) 4. Go to park or being in Nature 5. Watching Kids Playing 6. Watching pets, birds playing 7. Sit in the Garden and listening to Birds 8. Watching YouTube Video of Artists in different fields(e.g. Justine Leconte(Fashion Videos), Frannerd( Illustration Videos) 9. Dancing 10. Creating MoodBoards on Pinterest(UrvashiPatelArt) 11. Meeting Other Artists. Find me on YouTube as UrvashiPatelArt, Instagram:UrvashiPatelArt
August 4, 2018
Episode 7- Keeping Sketchbooks
In this episode, I share my experience and feelings about keeping sketchbooks. I feel keeping sketchbook makes a big difference in your art. It makes you better versions of yourself every time you sketch in it. There are 4 reasons for keeping sketchbooks 1. Recording Ideas, feelings and your observations. 2. Sketchbook is just for you. You don’t need to show it to anyone. So be brave and make mess. 3. Space for your own discoveries. You never know what You discover in your sketchbook one day. 4. It’s your progress tracker. Check your sketchbook after months or year and you will know your progress. I would love to hear from you about your sketchbook process. If you like to get in touch please email me at or check me out in Instagram @urvashipatelart
July 28, 2018
Episode 6- Finding Balance between your Art Business and Day Job
Today’s episode is about finding balance between your Art Business and Day Job. There are 6 points that I follow and would like to share with you guys 1. Time 2. Give Up to make time 3. Your health 4. Respect your day job 5. Cut down expenses 6. Relationship And last thing guys - I am sorry for the noise you hear at the end of this episode. It’s my stomach making noise as I was really hungry and didn’t have my breakfast. Email me your ways of finding balance at
July 21, 2018
Episode 5- Announcing Personal Project and talking about my artist life status
This episode, is more like an Audio log where I just wanted to give updates on my artist life status :) In this episode, I am just talking about the personal project that I have assigned to myself and some stuff that I am enjoying. Resource I use to enhance my skills. Talking about RedBubble. Here is the link to my RedBubble Shop if you like to see Link to my YouTube Video mentioned in this episode
July 14, 2018
Episode 4- My Travel & Painting Experience
In this episode, I am just sharing my experience of travelling and painting. If you would like to hear my experiences then please subscribe to my Podcast. If you guys do travelling and painting, please share your experiences with me. I would love to hear from you. You can contact me on my Facebook at or Contact me on my email at
July 7, 2018
Episode 3- Artists Get Your Work Out There
This episode is for all those artists who are shy to put there work out and who wants to make living from their art. In this episode i am just sharing my experience of putting work and would like to encourage everyone to do so. Its about how you and work can be discovered. Those who would like to share their work with me, please get in touch via any medium. My email is My facebook page is Instagram : urvashipatelart Website:
June 29, 2018
Episode 2- Talking About Art Licensing and Agent
This episode is about Art licensing and Agents. I am just talking about what i learned and what i have been doing. This is very informal episode, me chatting and sharing some useful stuff that I have been learning
June 16, 2018
Episode 1- Kick your butt and start creating
This episode is about struggle of all creatives to create regularly and make it a daily practice. If you feel like to share your sketches or paintings you create in 1 min or 10 minutes. Please contact me and i will create a space for all of us to share. Here is the link to my facebook. Or email me at Tools mentioned in this episode- 1. 2. 10 minutes watercolours by Hazel Soan
June 9, 2018
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