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Use Your Words

Use Your Words

By Use Your Words Pod
Join Jillian & Maria on a journey of exploring broad topics related to raising and working with children. We will be sharing our experiences as a stay-at-home mom (Jillian) and a nanny (Maria), and what we have learned—and continue to learn—from our respective roles in children’s lives. We are endlessly fascinated with the ways in which grownups interact with children and believe that self love is at the root of everything we do (and don’t do). We will be covering broad topics related to children, and being humans in the world today. We are so excited to have you join us on our journey!
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This One Wild & Precious Planet
In this episode, we share our conversation about the climate crisis and the ways in which we try to live more sustainably. While reading Sarah Wilson’s book, This One Wild and Precious Life, we began discussing what we were learning about the climate crisis and what we can do on an individual level to create real change. We encourage everyone to read this book, and challenge yourself to make any small change you can in order to set us all in a brighter direction. Saving our planet is not a political stance; it’s not an opinion; it is necessary in order to ensure we all have a future, and can live our healthiest lives on this pale blue dot we call home. Thanks for listening! Sending you all our love and gratitude as always—Jillian & Maria
June 9, 2021
Vulnerability W/ Coach Cahill
We are very excited to share our conversation with our first guest, our friend, Sean Cahill. Sean is a business coach and has been a girls volleyball coach for several years. We talk to him about his career journey as well as his journey with vulnerability and what he has learned through all of it. We hope you enjoy listening to him as much as we enjoyed talking to him. Thanks everyone!
April 19, 2021
2020: A Year of Reflection | Part 2
In this second part of our quarantine conversation, we discuss how the lockdown last March impacted our roles as a nanny and SAHM. And how we feel the restrictions continue to affect us as well as the the children in our lives. We talk about what got us through the isolation (spoiler: it’s Beyoncé). We hope you enjoy! Warning: We are very new at this so there are some minor audio issues that we ask for your patience with. Please bare with us :) Thanks for listening!
April 2, 2021
2020: A Year of Reflection | Part 1
In the first part of our quarantine conversation, we reflect on the the past year and how we coped with the isolation. We also touch on some heavier topics related to the Black Lives Matter Movement and the murder of George Floyd last summer. We talk about how politically charged the year has been and what we learned through all of it. Thanks for listening! We hope you enjoy!
March 29, 2021
Self Care
This is our first full length episode! We talk about our journey’s with self care and self love and what the terms mean to us. We also talk about the ways we try to teach self care to the children in our lives. We discuss lessons we’ve learned through our struggles and experiences and what happens when we don’t keep up with our self care practices. Thanks for listening!
March 15, 2021
Welcome to USE YOUR WORDS!
Welcome to Use Your Words! In this brief episode, we (Jillian & Maria) introduce ourselves. We talk about how we came up with the idea for this podcast and what inspired us to start this journey. Thanks for listening!
March 8, 2021
Use Your Words Trailer
We wanted to share a brief description of our intention behind the podcast and what you can expect to hear. We can’t wait to get started. Thanks for listening! with love and gratitude, Jillian & Maria
February 19, 2021