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Unleashed Unapologetically!

Unleashed Unapologetically!

By Nadeje Montes
I'm your Unleash Unapologetically host Nadeje.

Have you ever asked yourself "how can I build my confidence so I can show up and spark?", "What is the best way to boost my confidence?"
Let's bring back the spark that's inside you. Listen and get inspired to set clear goals, get unstuck and train your brain for success.

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"Start Where You Are" Money Matters

Unleashed Unapologetically!

Stand on firm ground with your mental health, self-care, and self-discovery
She is here to “Raise awareness on wellness…she helps you stand on firm ground with your mental health, self-care, and self-discovery. Australia is a Certified Mental Health First Aid,(4 yrs) Domestic Violence Mentor (2 yrs) and a traveling Pro Makeup Artist(4yrs) & Lash Tech (2yrs). Her motivation is to House Safe Spaces. That is why she invites you to honor yourself and say NO, be intentional and be in a good state. "Grow through the things that you are going through. They are capable of helping you bounce back and become resilient. Take A Listen! To Contact her follow he on IG: Persuaded_Beauty or online:
May 29, 2022
5 Ways to Break Free from Negative Patterns
Making a change is not an easy process. For many of us, changing a bad habit can be one of the most frustrating experiences. But you will have to change, just start with yourself. But once you do, you will be surprised at your ability to make positive changes in your life and the lives of those around you, including how you feel and how others perceive you. Don't be afraid to take a break from your negative patterns. You’ll be glad you did!
March 20, 2022
How Often Do You Get Lost In The HTML or Coding Sauce?
No more struggles with the Tech... Do you find yourself stuck all the time because of technology? Do you ever reach the point of saying out loud "that's it, I need an IT person to help me" Well with no shame at all, I am raising my hands up to the sky.  This is where Charles Johnston comes to our rescue.  Charles is a self-proclaimed 'digital ninja'. He describes himself "a bit of a nerd that loves anything web or tech related". Charles's goal in life is to bring a bit of heart and compassion into IT by softening the blow for small to medium sized businesses and nonprofits needing to share their story.  If you are trying to figure out how to escape the technology traps that you often get caught up on, the team at Heart Wired Digital Solution is there for you. Like Charles says: he is mission-minded and purpose-driven in making the world a little better than he found it. So today he is here to share some of his great tips with you. Take A Listen!
March 13, 2022
"Start Where You Are" Money Matters
Do you struggle with the Symptoms of Chrometophobia? Maybe you're asking what it is! Well it is the fear of money. Some of us are afraid to invest in our finances because of fear. We learn that many people worry about money. They are scared to look at money, touch money, smell money, and accept money. Which can cause a negative impact on your lives. Today, our most wonderful guest and friend is here to give us some tips about managing this phobia which is the fear of managing our finances and monies. Remisha Jones is a Clinician social worker by profession, a Certified Financial social worker, an Entrepreneur by Passion, the Owner of Exquisite Experience Venue located in Chapel Hill, NC; lastly the Founder of Money Matter$ Inc. and Radio Host of Hustle Hard Radio. Take A Listen!
March 13, 2022
"The Time For You To Change Is Now"
This is Unleashed Unapologetically with your host Nadeje Montes and her guest Helen Cummings-Henry. She is the founder of, “Women on the R.U.N. for Jesus”, the co-founder of “A & H Ministries” and of “Righteous Uplifting Nourishing International Inc.” ( a 501c3 charitable organization). and the creator and Host of “Transforming Lives”.  In our conversation today, you'll hear how devoted and passionate this visionary woman is when it comes to helping others make the first step to change their old habits to make ways for better ones. Helen was born and raised in Trinidad and Tobago, West Indies. She migrated to the United States at a young age and was determined to change what was not working for her.  Helen is also the author of three books, “Telling It All From The Heart”, “Women on the R.U.N. for Jesus”. And recently published “Transforming Lives”. Helen has also written and acted in several plays notably, “This Is My Story – A One Act Play”. She has received several awards for her outstanding work empowering women. In 2020 Helen was honored with the “A Woman’s Worth Award”. Helen was called into ministry and received her ordination as a Minister. She a Certified Coach, Speaker, Teacher and Trainer with The John Maxwell Team, a wife to Arthur and a mother to two wonderful young men, Miguel and Edward. She lives her life by practicing those words “No one can do everything; but everyone can do something”. Take A Listen
October 10, 2021
You Have Your Own Dance...Listen To The Rhythm
We took a vow to dance on the rhythm of our own journeys, so today our Unleashed Unapologetically guest Stacy Johnston tells us more about what it is to dance your own dance.  She is the owner of Enlighten Up, a Personal Consulting Firm based in Texas.  She is a John Maxwell Team Internationally Certified Personal Development Coach / consultant, speaker and trainer. Stacy spent most of her precious time working with individuals, families, companies and communities to help them recognize the power of their influence and the importance of the Legacy they leave behind.  Her childhood started in a dancing school, where her mother taught dance classes.  And at a later time in her adulthood she too owned and operated Applause School of Dance for 30 yrs. But it shifted! Stacy encountered some challenges in her journey which caused her to pivot, where she spent 11 years in the adolescent /adult substance abuse and mental health profession as a Family Services Specialist. Take A Listen! Stacy is also the co-host of 2 podcasts; Un-Caped Heroes and Mid-Week Mind Candy.  To connect with Stacy follow her social platforms:  or
October 03, 2021
To Get There , You Must Start Somewhere
Our Unleashed Unapologetically guess today, Dr. Rachel M. Wilson is a profound teacher, a prolific preacher, and a dynamic speaker. She is the founder of Girl Talk International Inc. (GTI), a non-profit organization established with an emphasis on educating young women on discovering their purpose and direction in life. She is the empowered anchor of Rachel Wilson Ministries, Inc.; a ministry committed to hosting various retreats, conferences, and seminars.  Rachel's past experiences and struggles were the dirt she needed to be planted in order to grow strong, courageous and unapologetic. Through our conversation, you would understand why Dr. Wilson constantly ignites the fire and strengthens the inner soul of those she encounters. Her stories can push you to fight through life’s obstacles and finish with expected victory. She is inspiring, resilient and energized. She helps women find their strengths to stand against the odds of limiting beliefs, and helps them see their inner beauties as wives and mothers. She also teaches various classes on leadership, mentorship, education coaching, family planning, financial freedom and spiritual enhancement. "Rachel co-labors along with her husband, Ronald, as Pastor of Kingdom Vision Life Center in Greensboro, North Carolina and has been a faithful leading member for the past 20 years. In August 2013, Rachel, along with her husband Ronald, received an Honorary Doctorate of Divinity from St. Thomas Christian College in Jacksonville, Florida. In May 2014, Rachel also received certifications from IAP Career College as Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Fashion & Image Consultant, and Etiquettes Consultant. Rachel and her husband Ronald have been blessed with three sons, Ronald, Gabriel, and Pierre Wilson and currently reside in Greensboro, N.C. With more than 20 years of experience in ministry, Dr. Wilson uses transparency and realness to break through boundaries people are often trapped in regardless of age, creed, or ethnicity." To learn more about her projects, events and ministries. click this link  Take A Listen!
September 26, 2021
What's That Thing You Can Do All Day Long.
In other, what is it you are passionate about? Sheri Miter is our Unleashed Unapologetically guest, a former Network Marketing Leader and a Gallup Certified Coach who is there to help high achieving leaders like you know how to use the Strengths-Based Strategy to increase confidence & productivity. Sheri believes that we all have a unique set of God-given talents that are the key to finding success and happiness in our careers. Instead of keeping these talents untapped or hidden, let go of the old way of doing things and lean into what makes YOU great - your strengths. Her number one strength is her capacity to help others see the possibilities that exist and not only envision what the coming months, years or decades should be like, but transform their aspirations into reality.  Sheri helps you discover your authentic self, uncover patterns in your life that may be holding you back from reaching your full potential and give you the tools and techniques to lean into your strengths throughout your day.  Take A Listen
August 29, 2021
Time To Be Strategic Increase Your Productivity
It was her 25 years of experience in the field as an HR practitioner, her responsibilities to the employees as the voiceover that got her to show up today to be the coach who will help you be strategic about your leadership.  Executives, this is for you! Our Unleashed Unapologetically podcast guest Margo Garcia is the founder of Great Leader Coaching and GAPAssociates, HR Consulting. She worked as an HR Practitioner, coach and trainer and helped individuals who are looking to demonstrate leadership know-how. And she came strongly to help HR organizations redefine the employee value proposition and bring a powerful “people-first” perspective to business. Margo has led leadership, performance, communication and change management initiatives in a variety of organizations. Her work and consulting experience spans several industries including renewable energy, hi-tech, biotech, financial services and manufacturing within corporate and privately held organizations. Today she coaches accomplished professionals and HR teams who want to have greater influence and impact in their organizations. And she works with managers to help them become great leaders. If you are seeking a way to deepen self-awareness, leverage strengths, enhance your “presence” and increase your leadership effectiveness, reach out to Margo.  She will help you figure out the conversations you need to have to “show up” as the leader you want to be and that your organizations need you to be.  We Had A wonderful Conversation, Take A Listen!
August 29, 2021
"Yes, it may be challenging; yes, it may hurt"
Our Unleashed Unapologetically guest today is a Creative Content Writer, Author, Self-Development Advocate, Visionary, Inclusion and Diversity enthusiast, Firecracker, and a force to be reckoned with. Meet Genesis Amaris Kemp,  this woman of color said, “Enough is enough,” to the corporate world. Her confidence skyrocketed to roof and she is now bolder than ever. Genesis tried to remain silent, but that didn’t work because no change occurred.  And today, she decides to readapt to the current times, make some life-changing decisions and step outside of her comfort zone by speaking up.   Her role as a leader, a speaker and a resilient woman empowers others to speak up for themselves.  Her desire is to encourage others who may not have a voice, find their voices.  Find your purpose in this world.  Take A Listen!
August 22, 2021
Create That Next Level of Success...With The Golden Octopillar
With him by your side, it's fun and laughter all the way.  Our unleashed Unapologetically guest today has over 20 years of experience as a Creative Leader, Executive, and Stereographer on some of Hollywood's biggest films. And with over 10 years as a creative entrepreneur and consultant for global creative companies, he is now using his wealth of experience and knowledge to help creative entrepreneurs and business owners break through to that next level of success, while living a life of freedom. Jeremy Nicolaides combines his film making and business experiences to help you take your business and life to the next level. But how can you do that without feeling burnout? And when you hear the next level of success what does that say to you?  With Jeremy, you will learn to manage your time better.  You will learn about the choices and flexibilities you can create around your schedules and you will able to live like the boss. In all that, you will be able to follow your true passion. Take A Listen!   
August 22, 2021
Resolve Your Mental and Emotional Baggage at the Subconscious Level
Today in our episode of Unleashed Unapologetically, Raquel talks to us about the subconscious and the conscious mind. We go into the effects they have on us especially when we're dealing with emotional baggage. Well! We all have those emotional and mental baggage that we carry around. They are the limiting beliefs, the doubts and fears and the self-judgement. What we don't often pay attention to is that emotional baggage can literally stop us from growing and living our best lives. Raquel believes that when you heal yourself, you heal the world. However, when you fail to heal from your past experiences, fear becomes a constant attribute, it lingers, it affects and limits you. Know that you have the capacity to carry past experiences and learn from them. You can start by letting go of the things you cannot control. Take A Listen!
August 08, 2021
Start With A No Non-Sense Attitude
In this episode of Unleashed Unapologetically our guest is telling us to start with no-nonsense. Meet Pat Honiotes, she is a no-nonsense mentor, an educator, and an author who helps 'rascals and renegades' take risks. Pat encourages her clients to face their fears and build kick-butt businesses... while causing a ruckus and stirring stuff up in the world! Her passion is to support her clients in becoming the “nucleus of their own life”. If you want to become the "nucleus of your own life, the best way is to take charge, clear away the mental clutter and get real. Having a no-nonsense approach to life is a great way to grow and lead, and Pat celebrates those achievements with her clients. Pat’s coaching philosophy and style focuses on giving her clients the opportunity to learn, experience, fail, succeed, and grow (both personally and in their business). With Pat by your side, you will not be deterred, she will mentor you and point you in the right direction. Take A Listen! 
August 08, 2021
"Get Your Sh*8 Together"
He is here to remind you that you need to "Get Your Sh*8 Together" dude. Our Unleashed Unapologetically guest today is on point with his tips. Let me introduce you to Matthew Saparito an Expert Communications Strategist, the CEO/Founder ApexU Coaching. Matthew spent 15 Years as a first responder and an additional 8 Years in Law Enforcement where he learned to develop his communication skills so he can be the communication strategist he is today.  Matthew is an emotional intelligence coach and public speaking expert. who felt the need to help others become better leaders through effective communication practices. The many years spent in law enforcement taught him many strategies, skills and tactics that he implements in the core of his coaching techniques.   Matthew is on a mission to help others succeed as he stated: "My goal is to do everything in my power to educate these individuals on the importance of emotional intelligence and how greatly it impacts their business". Take A Listen
July 25, 2021
You Don't Have To Live With Stage Fright!
In this episode of Unleashed Unapologetically, our special guest Marti MacEwan is a MA, LMHC, a Stage Fright Expert, professional counselor, coach, and speaker. Having to experience Stage Fright when she was asked by her music teacher to sing a tune, Marti decided to learn more about the root cause of Stage Fright. She is now a trainer who shares her Stage Fright Cure method, featuring her original Rapid Relief Process™, in her book, The Stage Fright Cure. Marti has helped hundreds conquer Stage Fright in their personal and professional lives, and now they are better speakers, singers and more. That can be you too, if you sign up for her free 'Rapid Relief from Stress and Distress' live, online class, that she is offering.   To learn more click this link and Take A Listen!
July 25, 2021
Move in The Speed of Culture
Unleashed Unapologetically Podcast welcomes Lynn Power to help us move in the speed of culture.  Her super power is to transform organizations from top to bottom. She is the brand behind the transformation she brings to help companies succeed. She has strong beliefs that the success of a business relies on strong teams, teams that respect and nurtures others.  Having spent 30 years of her career running and transforming agency brands. Lynn decides to leave the corporate world to create MASAMI. It is a premium clean haircare brand which launched in February 2020. Prior to her entrepreneurial move, Lynn was CEO of J. Walter Thompson NY, responsible for the flagship office of WPP’s $1.5B iconic agency (the oldest advertising agency in the world). Her knowledge and expertise led her to work with some of the world’s most well-known brands including:  LISTERINE, American Express, Clinique, Hershey’s, Pizza Hut and Wild Turkey. Her intention is to eliminate barriers and help women find their voices. Be A Part In This Conversation.
July 18, 2021
You Can Overcome Self-Limiting Beliefs
Her journey of self-development helps overcome trauma, and understand the importance of the mind, body, and spirit connection. Let's welcome our Unleashed Unapologetically Podcast guest Devin Grindrod. Devin Grindrod is a strong advocate for empowerment and whole person healing. She is also an evidential psychic medium and Usui Reiki Master Teacher. She is on a mission to help people overcome self-limiting beliefs and learn to trust in the power of their own inner knowing. But she also knows that in order to help others in their healing journeys you have to first heal from your own trauma. "if you are helping people while you're in the trolls of your traumas you can get re-triggered". Take A Listen!
July 18, 2021
Keep The Words Out Of Your Head And Just Be!
We want to welcome Rachel Wuthrich to Unleashed Unapologetically. She is a Positive and Behavior Change Coach, an ACE certified Personal Trainer who helps clients spiral upward in health using the modality of virtual personal training. You may be wondering how it is done, and how can it help me with my current lifestyle? Well, having Rachel will help you find balance and positivity through exercises in your everyday life.  She is driven to help you "live with less pain and more joy".  She is a former professional dancer with Andary Dance Boston, on a mission to have movement stored in the Library of Congress. Take A Listen!
July 11, 2021
That Awakening Moment Was Her Way-In
Our Unleashed Unapologetically guest Frida Soerensen is a mindfulness and Meditation Coach for women entrepreneurs and business owners. Many years ago she experienced burnout, chronic pains and anxiety in the workplace. The kind that made her realize that she needed to focus on herself more before she can give her all to others.  That awakening moment was her way-in to building resilience, mindfulness and awareness. Today, Frida helps women who too are going through the same experience she went through many years ago. She helps them discover their true selves, be uplifted and inspired to focus on their well being and recognize how being in the present moment is the number one purpose in one's life.  Frida finds powerful and transformational allies in yoga, meditation & mindfulness. And today,  she serves women business owners and entrepreneurs transform their hectic lifestyle into a more balanced and calm one. She believes that "We need to maintain our mind, body and our Spirit" by practicing The S.T.O.P Technique "Your life's work does not happen in the way that you want it to unfold if you can not recognize your own value..." Frida Soerensen Take A Listen!
July 11, 2021
Are You The Unfuckwithable Woman
She is the phoenix that rises from the ashes. She is the CEO and founder of TUF Woman. "Who I Was Yesterday Literally Died In Myself Yesterday" Ashley Ingram is a powerful activator, paradigm shifter, revolutionary & piercing spiritual teacher. What got her inspired and determined was to help all women find their voice and power without any fear. Ashley believes that women are "empowered, sovereign, bold, unapologetic and unfuckwithable". Her life experiences taught her many things in which being unshakable, bold, and fearless were the catalyst of her rising to be the leader she is today. Using her TUF framework, Ashley helps women gain clarity, focus & results so that they can begin living a life that is thriving, impactful & authentic. And she is there to help you step into the power of your own being and start seeing yourself as the TUF Woman that you are. Along with coaching, Ashley is a magnetic speaker, future author, TV show host, producer & summit leader.  Take A Listen!
July 11, 2021
You Can Recharge Your Gut...
Let's talk about your health and your fear of dieting.  Our guest today is there to tell us that we can recharge our guts by taking better care of our emotions. Maybe this message is for you because for many years you have been running away from dealing with your healing. Our Unleashed Unapologetically guest Laura Martin is a Certified IBS Nutrition Consultant and founder of Healing to Happy. Her company is an online holistic, gut-brain which helps women suffering from IBS and Anxiety to get back to eating normally without fear of FODMAP's. Laura's passion is to help people heal their digestive issues along with depression, anxiety, and mood swings. For someone who has experienced IBS, hypothyroidism, anxiety, hormonal imbalances, and skin issues, her relationship with food was not a healthy one. She wanted to better herself and find balance without fearing doing the things she loves but to do that, she had to go on a healing journey which brought her to create Healing to Happy Her experiences, her highs and lows in the process taught her many things in which she developed this one method known as the F.R.E.E. method. This method changed her eating strategies and routines. And now she can happily say that method can help you not put any restrictions on your diet. Take A Listen 
June 27, 2021
Your Inspiration To Transform Starts Here
Kristin Larsen is our Unleashed Unapologetically guest today. He is a transformational Health Coach who impacts many lives through his coaching program. His coaching specializes in long lasting healthy habit change. Through his coaching practice you can transform your body and mind. Kristin provides a way for men and women to achieve confidence in their body and mind.  He believes in being present, mindful of who we are and living an authentic life so that we can let go of self-doubt, worry, and self judgement.  Having Kristin as a coach will help you get clarity in your life. You'll find freedom in your thoughts, and build strength in your actions. If you want to try something different in your life and you are seeking long lasting results, get his book "Decision to heal: Pathways from suffering to love". If you are ready to say yes to making yourself a priority and you want to take the next step to achieving your health goals, connect and let Kristin inspire you to transform your body and mind. Stay on the lookout for the second book release Joy of being: Daily moments of becoming present. Take A Listen
June 20, 2021
Transform and Balance Yourself For The Better
You can transform yourself and create a life that is well balanced.  Meghan Jones is our Unleashed Unapologetically guest today. And as an intuitive health and wellness coach she is there to tell you that you can transform your life in a holistic and healthy way.  Her own personal experiences and struggles have been her awakening moments to redirect her to live her life balanced and anew. This is what Meghan tells us as she reached out to a “Peak Performance Coach” for what she thought would just be help & clarity for her orchestra career, was instead an assignment and a breakthrough. She was assigned to begin "reading/learning/searching/finding/craving/seeking greater & greater balance in her life…in everything seen & unseen". She had to be on a journey to discover herself and value her beliefs.  Her awareness about herself changed her life for the better. Why not let that be you? She is the guide you need to help you transform your life, and she will help you tune into your natural mind-body and create a balance in your life. Take A Listen!
June 13, 2021
Heal Your Body, Heal Your Spirit
Our guest today is a wife and a mother, she is the author of "Life After Lupus" and most of all a woman of God.  In this episode of Unleashed Unapologetically, Andrea Lende tells us the steps she had to take to heal not just her body but also heal her soul. Andrea was diagnosed with these autoimmune diseases known as lupus and Grave's Disease. And from there on her journey to be healthier and healed started. In her search to heal and live healthier, Andrea found herself closer to God and she shares her inspirational journey to help others live a life of healing, love, and thankfulness.  Through her story she shares both her successes and failures in seeking health and wellness. Andrea inspires us to build deeper relationship with God. And she believes our thoughts, words, and beliefs have the power to impact our lives and those around us.  Through Andrea's daily prayers and meditations, you will be inspired and uplifted. Her words of inspiration and songs will instill gratefulness in your life’s journey. Connect with Andrea to get your five minute uplift of inspiration, and online Bible studies to continue the never ending journey toward a deeper walk with the Lord. Take A Listen!
June 13, 2021
An Awakened Women Ready To Inspire
She is the founder and sole author behind Awakened-Woman. Yvette Bodden shares her vulnerable self with us in this episode of Unleashed Unapologetically.  Her reason to create Awakened-Woman was to share her stories with those who too were feeling disconnected, tired and depressed. She created this digital platform to inspire many females who are feeling broken and alone.  As the author of "A Journey To Becoming The Best Self", Yvette Bodden writes with endless empathy. "My book wrote me" she says. Her story is shared with many others who have found a voice through the work that Yvette is doing in her community. It is okay to take time to breathe when things seem to be harsh. You are not alone in this journey.  Take A Listen! 
June 13, 2021
Find Yourself Through The Practice of Self-Preservation
She is the voice behind Melanin & Medicine. No more feeling burnout and stuck when wearing those white jackets Doctor Jane Doe our guest this evening will tell you why. This episode of Unleashed Unapologetically is about taking a step back to evaluate where you want to be in the future. Dr. Omolara  Uwemedimo is board-certified pediatrician, an advocate, a professor & researcher committed to ensuring women have an equal right to thrive, mostly she is a career transition strategist. As the CEO and Founder of Melanin & Medicine she is devoting her time to support Black Women Physicians who are transitioning in their careers. Her experience undergoing an autoimmune disease that led her to relearn how to walk, and due to excessive burnout Dr. Omolara decided that she would change the trajectory of how black women physicians value their time and health.  There are many women physicians who endure stress, isolation and burnout due to the exclusion of diversity and equity that exists in healthcare settings. There is a high rate of feeling isolated while enduring severe discrimination due to the color of your skin that you do not hear Black Women Physicians talk about. Dr. Omolara created her company Melanin & Medicine to provide women physicians of color the support and programming they need. As an advocate and speaker to both physician and community audiences she expresses her expertise in the fields of implicit bias in healthcare settings, inclusion and equity for women physicians in healthcare, racism in health, and health of marginalized children and families. No more feeling excluded and burnout Doctor Jane Doe. Take A Listen!    
June 13, 2021
Pain + Presence= Freedom
Freedom is what she teaches and she is Canada’s ONLY Re-Alignment Life Coach.  In this episode of Unleashed Unapologetically, Diana Lockett brings us to the core of mindfulness practice. She teaches us to have self-compassion and teaches us how to properly align ourselves.  Diana is a visionary heart leader who shows up with a gift for awakening others to Re-Align to Thrive™ in their lives and she is the co-founder of several organizations that empower youth. Diana is a transformational coach, who uses mindfulness practices, mindset strategies and embodied exercise to create a map for her clients to experience vulnerable, mindful and authentic practices that results in better health and wellness, increased performance, deeper confidence, healthier relationships and a return to their own authentic loving states of joy. Her experiences in life have taught her to make the commitment to practice Embodied Spirituality. If you feel angry, you can release that anger by embracing the cause that makes you feel angry and then let go of it. This is the same practice she teaches her clients in her Yoga Teacher Training Academy.  With Diana you will experience a new level of spiritual maturity, you will learn to be present and very tender to yourself. Take A Listen!
June 11, 2021
Your Kid Is Your Purpose!
Alysia Lyons is a certified Neuro-Transformational Life Coach, a mom first, a life coach, an author second and an entrepreneur. She guides her clients through long-lasting neurological shifts to help ease their guilt and increase their emotional freedom. She is passionate about helping women/ moms live their lives with more joy, from the inside out. If you ever feel guilty for being a mom first, a parent who is searching for life balance. When you are asked "how are you holding on? you answer ``I just need time for me, it's all because of me". Alysia can relate because she was there too. For many years she carried the guilt of "I am not a great mom. I am the reason this happened. Why me?" She will help you get in contact with your inner self to release the mom guilt. Alysia is the author of the blog, the Mom Support Coach, which focuses on relationships, mom guilt, communication, and lessons she has learned throughout her daily life. Take A Listen
June 06, 2021
How Much Do You Know Yourself?
"The best way to lead is with a team, leading alone feels lonely" (Nadeje_M). In this episode of Unleashed Unapologetically Tracy Ko leads us to understand this tool "human design".  Tracy is a human design chart reader, and she helps growth-oriented entrepreneurs bring more flow into their lives. Through the help of the human design chart, you can be better equipped to balance your life and rid of burnout. You can know yourself and can identify your energy types and know where it is flowing with these indicators:   Generators/Manifesting Generators Projectors Manifestors Reflectors Wouldn't you want to have a balanced lifestyle when you know your strengths and weaknesses?  Take A Listen
June 06, 2021
"Property ownership as a safety net"
It is much more than that don't you think? In this episode of Unleashed Unapologetically Richelle Delia .PhD tells you about the importance of securing a wealthy living and creating a safety net for yourself and loved ones. Richelle is co-founder of Housing Joint Venture. Her real estate education and development firm helps professionals explore income property ownership as a safety net, to diversify or create wealth. In a society where everything requires sweats and grinds how does living your best life on your own terms look like to you, and by the way that's after retirement? Well the conversation today will surely bring clarity to you if you feel that you need to set a foundation for you and your generation to come. No more scarcity around money, wealth and a pretty awesome lifestyle. Take A Listen    
June 06, 2021
Visualize Your Lifestyle In The Home You Built
In this episode of Unleashed Unapologetically, Aryo Falakrou talks to us about lifestyle inside our home. He is an author, an inventor, and an architectural designer.  He has helped almost 1000 clients put “style into their lifestyle”.  His focus is to solve homeowners' problems when it comes to renovating or building their dream homes. "Aryo adds Philosophy and Psychology into the process to create harmony, functionality, and beauty in homes that stand the test of time".  He stands on his ground to help those who believe that they can visualize the lifestyle they want by the way they build or organize their home. Aryo stays away from routine and cookie cutting approaches! His mission is to motivate his clients to build environmentally friendly homes! Take A Listen!
May 23, 2021
Take One Step To Start
If you have big dreams to create the life you want and you are not sure what to do, just take one simple step forward. In this episode of Unleashed Unapologetically we're introducing you to Tom Stepkoski who knows just how to teach us about taking steps. Tom is a Coach, a Counselor, an Educator and Author of “Ready? Fire!! Aim Later.” who pours into others his knowledge, wisdom and passion for what he does. He continues to touch the lives of many through his masterminds "The Entrepreneurial Educator Circle". He is the Founder of TOM STEP COACHING where he teaches his own brand called “S.T.E.P. BY STEP” tips for what he calls STEP UNIVERSITY. In our conversation today you'll hear the encouragement from him to believe in yourself and be curious each time you have the desire to do something that scares you. Like he says: It's "80% mindset and 20% tactical. When you believe in yourself and trust that you can do what your heart calls you to do, just take the step. If you are feeling stuck and you just want to get unstuck, Tom is known for working strictly with people who have become "stuck,". All you'll need to do is "take a little step" like he said "A step in the right direction is a step in the right direction".  Take A Listen! 
May 23, 2021
It is his DNA not a disease!
What we do matters to many, so be intentional with our actions and words. In this episode of Unleashed Unapologetically Jimmy Clare speaks about his reasons for being the CrazyFitnessGuy. Jimmy is an Autism advocate, and a motivational speaker who conveys messages that are specific to help us educate ourselves better. He is determined to help you know how to be present and listen to someone with Autism. Like he said; it is his DNA, not a vaccine, not a sickness and certainly not a disease. Take A Listen 
May 16, 2021
A Bone-Deep Longing For Soul Search
Deep down, what you believe about yourself is essential. So within each one of us lies a bone-deep longing for success, freedom, self-confidence and Soul search.  In this episode of Unleashed Unapologetically we are talking to Elisha Halpin who is a sacred life mentor and embodiment coach for visionaries, creatives, healers, and coaches. To fully live our lives and express self-love, self-respect and self-compassion we need to allow the longing for it. It is natural, it is powerful and it is promising. When talking to Elisha we understand that if we do not have a healthy outlet, our paradigm is not positive rather negative, that desire for self-support, self- love, self-respect and self-confidence will degenerate to the dark night.  Elisha is a channel of Divine Feminine wisdom   "As the Priestess behind the Leader, Elisha facilitates sacred leaders into the embodiment of their Soul's Essence allowing them to trust their power, create their sacred service to have an impact, and authentically express their truth". Elisha is the Teaching and Learning Coordinator and the creator and teacher of the Advanced Practitioner program for Embodiment, At the Institute for Intuitive Intelligence. She is also a certified Intuitive Intelligence Trainer and Teacher. She partners this work with Somatics, Breathwork, and Neurosculpting for a whole system approach to transformation. Elisha is also a tenured professor at Penn State, and an embedded faculty member in the Arts and Design Research Incubator with her research into somatic interventions for trauma and stress. Take A Listen!
May 16, 2021
What The World Needs To Know
In this episode of Unleashed Unapologetically, I introduced Sariah Hastings to you the Founder/Director of Ashes 2 Beauty New England. She is a survivor of human trafficking, someone who experienced trauma at a very young age.   Right here in the United States, she was being used and abused. She was exposed to prostitution and drugs. And lived her life trapped physically and emotionally. For many years in a mental jail she was not able to escape.  Twenty years of entrapment in “The Game” Sariah needed a rescue from the life she was living. And she found it when she gave herself to Christ who made a way for her to be free. The life she lived is her story to tell and she is doing so by being an advocate, a helping hand to others who are physically and mentally trapped. Sariah tells her stories through book “No More Games,” and teaches us about the danger behind human trafficking. Take A Listen 
May 09, 2021
Challenge Yourself Every Day!
She recently published, The Art of Assisting Aging Parents: Discover the Journey to Honor Your Parents, Create Treasured Memories, and Live Life to the Fullest. In this episode of Unleashed Unapologetically, Teresa Moerer tells us about the strategies she uses to help aging adults and professionals exude their zone of genius.  Teresa is a Physical Therapist, an Author, Coach, and Speaker who believes that people worldwide can use her Experi-Age™ training as they face the challenge of keeping their parents healthy and aging in place while continuing to manage their professional and personal lives, as well as their commitments. Based on a 35-year career as a physical therapist and experience caring for her parents, she found a system of building the body, brain, and spirit to achieve superior mobility and personal life.  Her multidisciplinary group therapy supports group face-to-face interactions on health and well-being. Her unique Experi-Age™ training helps people of all ages find their strengths and life visions, set goals, target concrete activities to achieve their goals while taking part in group interactions, and enjoying life. 1. Book—The Art of Assisting Aging Parents  2. BOSS Caregiver Blueprint online course  3. Group Therapy continuing education course for physical, occupational, and speech therapists  4. Speaking and coaching for creatives Take A Listen!
May 09, 2021
"Wherever You Are In, Get Support"
Put yourself in those uncomfortable situations to start telling your brain what you really want and how you want it.  If there is anything to learn, Oninye got it for us in this episode of Unleashed Unapologetically. Onyinye Anike is a Certified Confidence/ Personal Development Coach & Online Business Strategist. She is an International Bestselling Author,  a Speaker and Host of “The Imperfect Mompreneur Coach Podcast”. Her journey and her determination to thrive and to help others do the same are the inspirations we all need when working on our businesses especially the mompreneurs. She thought of you women who are grinding day in and out while having to wear many hats outside of the daily hustle.  Onyinye is committed to helping women identify and overcome the mindset blocks that often keep them stuck, unable to step out of their comfort zones and holding them back from their full potential in life and business.  She has shared her passions, her challenges and her victories with others, and today she is sharing with you some key elements you need to get started. It all start with the mindset! Take A Listen
May 02, 2021
What is your gut telling you today?
She is "The Feel Good Gut Coach" This episode of Unleashed Unapologetically Trish speaks to us about lowering our stress levels with some mindfulness practices.  She is a holistic health specialist, a stress expert and intuitive eating advocate who became a certified coach to help herself after years of struggling with IBS.  Trish Whetstone is now helping others understand how the brain in their guts can send signals to the brain in their heads. Her ways and strategies help us understand better the gut's functions. And how the gut is the only organ to boast its own independent nervous system.  Are you looking to feel good about yourself through nutrition, stress management and lifestyle change? Take A Listen
May 02, 2021
Find Joy In What You Do
In this episode of Unleashed Unapologetically, Jenelle Tremblett brings us the excitement of finding joy in what we do... She is a real estate agent based in Toronto, Canada and host of the Ebb and Glow podcast. Like many others she stepped out of the employee mindset to hone into the CEO mindset by leaving the jobs she never felt fulfilled in. "Jenelle realized leaning into her innate skills of connecting with others would give her career fulfilment". She decided to do the things that bring joy to her and to those she serves. Having the ambitions to pursue her passion, she went on a journey last year and discovered that her joy comes when someone falls in love with their first and/or dream homes.  Jenelle is s lover of freedom and simplicity. Take  A Listen!
May 02, 2021
It's okay to want something you deserve
In this episode of Unleashed Unapologetically, Prer Bania empowers us to design the dream careers and businesses we always wanted without feeling burnout or undeserving.  She showered us with some great tips that can take us from sitting and wondering if we can have what we want, to actually getting what we want and deserve. But all that requires for you to have your mind set. Also have the will to believe in the possibility that exists when we do something we love and we're passionate about.  Prer is a Success Coach and Mentor who through her programs coaches you to step into your most confident self and know how it feel if you: · complete clarity on what to do next. · manage time for things that you love. · Feel financially comfortable and safe. · Know how to monetize your strengths so you can create impacts. Take A Listen
April 25, 2021
Laughter is good for the soul
She reminds us that laughing heals the soul and it helps empty the most busiest parts of the brain. She is Cathy Nesbitt a certified Laughter Yoga Leader, Teacher, the host of Cathy’s Laughter Club and an appointed Laughter Ambassador. In this episode of Unleashed Unapologetically, Cathy helps us see laughter with a new approach. She is that laughter guru who believes that laughter is the remedy we need in our lives while going through the process of becoming our best selves.   Known as “The Crawly Laughing Bean Queen” She is a Worm Advocate & Founder of Cathy's Crawly Composters (est 2002). Her business specializes in vermicomposting, and her environmental enthusiasm inspires many to dig through the dirt of worms. Yep, she educates many through her workshops about worm composters and sprout growing. Take A Listen
April 25, 2021
You are beautiful just as you are.
Aging is beautiful... Yet we let society define our beauty by telling us what to do or not to do. In this episode of Unleashed Unapologetically, Judith Pluviose wants every colored women to love who they are and embrace their femininity. She  is an attorney and a certified skincare formulator. Within her 9 years practicing law, Judith says "I have never felt like I belonged in the legal profession". In the midst of her soul search, she taught herself to paint in order to cope with the overwhelming stress that she was experiencing as an attorney who is also a black female immigrant.  While unleashing her inner artistry, she discovered that her true passion was to inspire women to engage in self-love and self-care practice. She wants to empower all colored women to learn to accept their unique features.
April 18, 2021
"Success Guaranteed"- 9 Lies Online Entrepreneurs Need to Know
And if you think you have to lose yourself trying to figure it out, meet Dawn Marcotte. She is an author and speaker who loves to share her insights in building a successful online business with new entrepreneurs.  Not all sizes fit everyone, and once you get that you have been saved from your struggles. Dawn thinks of herself as "the kind of kindergarten teacher for online entrepreneurs" instead of learning to read, you will now read to learn the steps you need to help you move forward in your business.  She has been through it and knows very well that to help your clients move past their struggles you have to walk the walk and talk the talk. You have to be true to yourself and show up with authenticity.  Take A Listen
April 18, 2021
Replace Judgment With Curiosity
She is a transformational Coach who has experienced the sugar rush exhaustion and the impact it has on the body and the well being. Today in this episode of Unleashed Unapologetically, Melissa Rohlfs tells us about her journeys dealing with stress, PTSD and emotional traumas that got her to indulge in sugar as comfort foods. She tells us about the steps she took to overcome and break free from the habits. Without realizing it, we silently and secretly hide ourselves in a box of oreo cookies because we have not coped with the stressors in our lives. And there are ways to break free from that with Melissa. She will guide you one step at a time through the process so you can identify what is making you binge on a box of sugar which is causing you to feel depressed, not productive and angry. Take A Listen Take A Listen  
April 18, 2021
You can have a Healthy Mind, and Brain
In this episode of Unleashed Unapologetically, we are meeting with Alexi Bracey a dementia Prevention Coach, Plant-Based Chef, and Healthy Environment Educator who devotes herself to help others develop "Healthy Mind, Healthy Brain". After a career change due to a cancer diagnosis more than 20 years ago, Alexi has focused on holistic health and healing, and then another life changing experience at a nursing home where she experienced the horrific effects of dementia with some of the residents, shifted her direction to empowering mature women (because we are 3x's more at risk) to maximize the brain health to stop and ward off dementia.  Hear what she has to say. 
April 18, 2021
Find alignment in all you do
In this episode of Unleashed Unapologetically, Sara Kubica tells us why we need to find balance and create alignment with our thoughts, words and being. Sara is an Alignment & Mindset Life Coach, who embraces everything about personal development, healing and growing.  In our conversations this evening she helps us know how important it is to find alignment and when our thoughts, feelings, energy and actions are all moving in the right direction together we find balance and clarity.  "Sara helps people get past that which is holding them back and supports them as they take action and create a life aligned with their values, passion, and desires".  Take A Listen
April 11, 2021
"Breathe Is Life"
In this episode of Unleashed Unapologetically Pia Prana talks about her intentions and mission as a Women’s Personal Mastery and Leadership Coach, a Holistic Counsellor and Biodynamic Breathwork and Trauma Release Practitioner. Pia's passion is to help create personal freedom so you can stand in your own truth and share it in love, courage and dignity. "Her purpose is to create a learning space where people feel seen and heard in a way that opens up to a more authentic self-expression". In her words  "I would love nothing more than to see women embracing their true authentic voice and speak up about what they most want to share with the world!" Take A Listen
April 11, 2021
Your closet will thank you for this
Meet our Fashion Specialist on this episode Unleashed Unapologetically. She created a mobile app called R Reflections, which is virtual clothes fitting room app. She designed, developed the app, and launched it 2020, and now she is coming to you to help you set your closet.  Her mission is to guide everyone without discriminating. No more feeling overwhelmed and fed up when shopping online and not receiving what you ordered, let alone they do not fit. "R Reflections is a virtual clothes fitting room app which allows you to virtually try on clothes before you buy them, enabling you to determine whether an item of clothing suits your skin tone, body shape and size." All you need to do is upload the app and the rest is icing on the cake. Take A Listen
April 11, 2021
"Start Becoming Aware Of What's Going On Around You"
Aimey Giacinto is our Growth Coach who will help us know understand why you always need to push yourself to the next level.  In this episode of Unleashed Unapologetically, Aimey tells us what her WHY was that pushed her to the next level. Her daughter was her next level and from there on nothing could stop her from growing and expanding her vision, passion and purpose. She is on a mission to guide women who have let their past define them, break away from old thought patterns so they can live a life of fulfillment and free of judgement. In breaking away from these old thought patterns she tells you, that you will find your passion and purpose. As your guide she will help you find all that are already inside of you.  Take A Listen
April 11, 2021
Take ownership of your life
In this episode of Unleashed Unapologetically, Jessica Powell speaks about the struggles she went through after gaining over 50 pounds from her first pregnancy. That impacted her health, her relationship and her mental states. Jessica began her journey of letting go of what was holding her back after she attended a conference led by Tony Robbins. Since, Jessica made it her passion to help other women who too are feeling stuck. In her words, "My goal is to give women permission to get off the backburner and take care of themselves to live life with purpose." Take a Listen!
April 04, 2021
“The multi Hyphenated artist”
He was given this title "The multi Hyphenated artist" because he is all in one. Bobby Hedglin-Taylor is Trapeze artist-actor-dancer-singer- acrobat - impressionist-author- officiant- aerial sequence choreographer- stand up comic - mixologist - teacher - coach.   Nope, I did not stutter.  In this episode of Unleashed Unapologetically, Bobby introduces us to his creativity. During the pandemic, there were many events that happened in Bobby's life and one of them was the loss of his best friend, his mother". This events along many others, directed him to discover another part of his creativity.  In the midst of being a Covid-19 survivor,  he found focus in writing a cookbook "Escape The Ravioli Mountain"-a memoir in food. In his words he would say "I am first and foremost an artist no matter what medium of art or canvas I use." But that did not stop him from discovering himself as an author. He wrote about his mother, his life growing up and the recipes that he remembers from his childhood growing up on a family farm on a mountain top in rural PA. Take a Listen 
April 04, 2021
Reconnect with Movement and Gain No Pain
Many of us do not know how to identify the pains that are in our bodies, so we struggle a lot trying to tell our primary care doctors what it is we are feeling. How can we release stress in our muscles, release tension and improve our mood, health, and wellbeing?  In this episode of Unleashed Unapologetically Gabriel Shaw is telling us about how we can gain no pain through movement and breathing. If you want to learn how to use relaxation techniques "Learning how to do deep breathing can benefit a lot of mental stress symptoms"... He is a kinesiologist, exercise physiologist and Tai Chi instructor, with diverse experience in movement and exercise. Gabriel's view on exercise is different than many professionals. His Tai Chi and neuroscience background adds an element of mental health and motor learning which can benefit many. Gabriel mainly works with dancers and recreational athletes to help improve their posture, strength, mobility and pain through integrative training - Take A Listen Visit the site:
March 28, 2021
It's the thoughts about the thoughts
Having the mind of a free thinker and speaker is something we all want to acquire, and it is one element we need to help us build confidence. But we find ourselves diving into the thoughts beneath the thoughts which often leads to cliches. In this episode of Unleashed Unapologetically we get to hear from Dr. Lee Pierce or @rhetoriclee diving deeper into ways we can all reach our listeners' ears and get our points across and not be offensive nor judgmental. In so doing, being able to understand our thoughts behind a great debate is icing on the cake.  Dr. Lee Pierce is a rhetorical scholar at SUNY Geneseo outside of Rochester New York who specializes in protest speech, language, and culture. She has an interesting take on Confidence as a rhetorical theorist "it’s a myth invented by capitalism" and she is ready to tell us lessons about embracing tension and internal conflict rather than trying to eliminate internal conflict. The purpose of having dialogue is to provoke thoughts and intrigue the listeners to transition into debaters. Something to know about her, is that she also hates cliches. "They are the enemies of enemies of critical thinking and creativity" Dr. Lee Pierce.  Take A Listen
March 28, 2021
"When the learning happens, the challenge becomes the change"
In this episode of Unleashed Unapologetically Divya Dhawan shares her experiences about Sjogren's Syndromes and how it affected her at a very young age. Divya Dhawan is a Certified Integrative health coach who loves working with women who suffer from Sjogren's Syndrome. Sjogren is an immune system disorder which causes our eyes and mouth to dry. After her diagnosis, Divya feels that it is her calling in life to help women, and the best way is to do that is by sharing her own experience and healing journey. One of the ways is by using a holistic approach to heal and help others. Take A listen! Visit the site here Join the jogrenscommunity Contact Here
March 28, 2021
Entrepreneurs are the backbone of the economy
She believes that entrepreneurs are at the very heart of a healthy economy. In this episode of Unleashed Unapologetically, Jan Cavelle introduces herself as a speaker, author and coach. She is an entrepreneur for entrepreneurs.  She teaches businesses, entrepreneurs and companies how to start and scale. She shares her knowledge of running a business; and how to learn through the challenges, the frustrations, the moments of triumph and the stresses that keep all entrepreneurs pacing late at night. Jan is like many other entrepreneurs who decided at an early age she would run her own business because she disliked the thought of working for other people. Her book "Scale for Success" is the strategist that teaches entrepreneurs how to start smart and scale successfully so they can have the life they dreamed of. Take a listen!
March 21, 2021
She is the Joy Catalyst...
Mary Dee is The “Joy Catalyst”, she is an International Speaker, Best Selling Author and trusted Business Advisor, She's been in the digital space for over 20 years helping impact driven businesses create a winning strategy with the right tech, teams and mindset. She’s built multiple start-ups from an idea into multi-million dollar enterprises and she’s a world class problem solver. Mary Dee is the Chair of the Board for, a non-profit community that supports young women affected by breast cancer with resources, encouragement and connection. For more great stories, inspiration and magic In 2018 Mary healed from Breast Cancer holistically and she helps those on their own journey with cancer move mountains. She is is there to help us change our mindset to be in the moment and live life authentically.  Take A Listen
March 07, 2021
Live your life in an holistic and plant base way
How much are you taking care of your body?  This episode of Unleashed Unapologetically Yuri and Ashley are educating us about the holistic way to keep our bodies healthy. They have been on this journey for a year and together they have lost over 150 pounds. And now they want to help people with a plant based approach to holistic health and weight loss. Ashley did not want to stay with chronic pains and constipation and Yuri was not going the path of having heart attacks and high blood pressure. So together they got on the journey to be better and healthier. Now they are here to help you identify the cause of your pains and suffering. If you are feeling bloated, you want to lose weight or you want to be educated about the right process to be healthy in an holistic way. Don't get stagnant in your own way, stay hydrated and take the step to eat healthy and exercise as much as you can. Take A Listen
March 07, 2021
Stand up in your Hallelujah!
She is Trailblazer and connector. Where ever she sets her feet magics happen and energies rise up to the roof.  This week's episode of Unleashed Unapologetically we are talking to Gayle Edwards. Gayles brings joy, lights and energies. She is a personal brand and communication strategist, a trainer/ educator, an inspirational speaker, an author and a trailblazer. Gayle knew that she wasn't going to work for anybody else again in her life after she attended a conference in Westchester, New York. Gayle reminded us that is "if you're a starter, you're big picture person, you're a visionary, you like big ideas, you like to start things, there is nothing wrong with that."   Gayle is an Award-winning global purpose, impact and Profit Strategist who teaches an empowers Intuitive Entrepreneurs and purpose-driven organizations to: magnify their messaging, amplify their personal brands, multiply their profits, build their brands and businesses with ease and grace. Her big vision is to empower 10 million entrepreneurs and leaders who feel like square pegs to “stand up in their own hallelujah so they can contribute to the Human2Human economy through their work and passions. Take A listen
March 07, 2021
The Fearless Revolution by Sandy Gledhill
In this episode of Unleashed Unapologetically, Sandy Gledhill is teaching us about being fearless. That thing that makes us always critical about ourselves even when others do not really give a damn about how we really feel has got to go.  Sandy Gledhill has dedicated her career to helping high performing leaders unlock the secrets to even greater levels of success. As a Corporate Problem Solver, she spends her years coaching executives, entrepreneurs, and influencers uncover a dirty little secret harbored by many high achievers. And her two best tips for us are: 1) Stop disqualifying ourselves and 2) Take actions, and do something. In her book "The Fearless Revolution: Secret Secrets To Become Fearless". Sandy tells us that there are seven secrets in the book and each one comes with an action step. Her passion is "walking people out of the bondage of fear and into the freedom and the liberty that fearlessness brings".  Take A Listen!
February 28, 2021
"Everything happens for the absolute best"
In this episode of Unleashed Unapologetically Lucy Liu is doing a lot less in order to accomplish more. She talks about self-development in a way that will help you be unshakable and live your best life.  Lucy Liu is a certified life coach who helps women in life transitions get unstuck, beat overwhelm, see clarity, reach new goals, live a happier fulfilling life and thrive! "Don't give yourself pressure either...On this climb to the mountain top enjoy the journey" Lucy is an unshakable optimist, wife, mother, easy-going entrepreneur, women empowerment workshop facilitator, motivational speaker who wants us to know that "Everything happens for the absolute best...The best is always coming".  She makes it her passion to help other women rewrite their life story and she also inspires as the host of her weekly podcast The Lucy Liu Show. 
February 21, 2021
Her role model and inspiration is Oprah.
Her hope and aspiration came from watching Oprah at a very young age. While other girls in her town was watching cartoon, her mother ensured that Lola and her siblings watch the Oprah show so they can learn and be inspired so they can see themselves as leaders and strong women of values.  In her now adult life, Lola Oyafemi is a Messaging and Copy Writing Coach, wife and mom. She provides support for female entrepreneurs who want to leverage social media, Attract & Close High-Ticket Clients without being sleazy. She's an eternal advocate of live, love, learn, and she believes that to succeed, one must have the courage to take action.
February 14, 2021
Get unstuck and get the ball rolling
They may be in separate countries but one thing they know is how to get you unstuck if you are just starting your solopreneur journey. They have been there too and what they discovered is that you cannot do it alone but you can always start slow, start small and start smart. Josh's best advice is to start slow and start smart and as you begin to grow and expand get extra support so you can expand your wings in your area of expertise.  In this episode of Unleashed Unapologetically we had the privilege to interview Celestina Brunetti and Josh Bien the creators of Unstuck Institute. Celestina is a solopreneur and owner of Wellness Cucina; she is a dietitian and a personal chef who loves to help clients throughout the US blend their worlds of nutrition and good food. Josh on the other end is a serial solopreneur, owner of J-BIT Tech, consulting and computer repair business designer. Together they help people plan their small businesses and work for themselves.   At Unstuck Institute you can build your passion!
February 14, 2021
It is about your inner being and inner feelings
She knew one thing, that at the age of 7 she was not going to let the doctors dictate how her life would turn out to be. They may have told her mother that she was not going to make it due to her traumatic head injury from a car accident, she was determined to show otherwise.  In this episode of Unleashed Unapologetically, Beata reminds us that we have choices in life. We can either decide to let others write the end or our life stories or we end write it ourselves. From Poland to USA her accent, her past relationships and her childhood trauma story were not the end of her story, they were just the beginning. And that is what she is reassuring us today: whatever happened to you is just a lesson to prepare you for better things, don't beat yourself up. Instead make the best of it, learn, take notes and apply what you learned step by step towards your success.  Be the author of your own story! Take a listen 
February 14, 2021
"Move better, feel better, and live better"
Her mission is: "Helping you move better, feel better, and live better". Moving our bodies around helps us strengthen our muscles, it improves our stability and balance. However, even when we know the gits of it all, moving around is still seen as a luxury than it should be as a healthy living practice. Not everyone, likes to exercise and that leads us to the conversation we held with our guest Janis today.  Moving around should be a healthy practice not a luxury.    Inside of her "My Body Couture", a one-on-one private studio, Janis provides customized, individualized movement and nutrition coaching. It is with her "discipline-agnostic" approach that she helps hundreds of people navigate their body issues through education and movement techniques to full body sustainability.
January 31, 2021
Have the courage to love money it your creation
In this episode of Unleashed Unapologetically, Guerda reminds us that we should be able to recognize that money touches everything. "There is so much stigma and limiting beliefs and judgements that's all projected on into money". So we should love ourselves enough to create the abundance that we desire "Having money is an act of self love...that is a radical act of self-love". "You are here to evolve...stop looking behind" When you love what you are, you are rich. One of the things we failed to do is loving our creations. In this episode Guerda tells us why we should have the love for money. You were created and given the intelligence to produce goods, and producing goods brings us money. If our mindset hides behind the love for the things we created, than we blocking our abundance. Take A Listen
January 31, 2021
No more thinking about what could've been...
Natascha Hebell helps people discover their body’s healing potential by creating a safe and gentle space for restoration and healing. And balancing their Nervous System with natural approaches. In this episode, she told us about her number one trauma that was impacting her emotions, feelings and wellbeing. "I realized there was a trauma that I'd never dealt with...that was being childless"  One of the three tips she shared with us in the podcast is to find those things that really bring us joy. "When you get into that frequency of joy you kind of get more and more into the state of acceptance". She strongly believes that connection is really important. When we connect with other women who are experiencing the same thing and understand what we’re going through, the healing process gets better. No more thinking about what could've been, think about how you can serve your purpose as you are. Take A Listen 
January 31, 2021
She brings life and hope to those who need inspiration
Her story is powerful. it brings hope to many and empowers them to stand up for themselves and start living purposefully. She brought light to this platform and showered us with her grace. Paulette shares her story about her hardship due to a divorce, and how she overcame the challenges and built strengths to go on and minister for God.  She now uses her gifts to inspire others to trust God, dream big, and never settle for anything less than God’s best for their lives. Paulette's mission is to help women find hope through transformation, restoration and reclaiming their lives via workshops, conferences, and seminars. As an Amazon #1 two-time award-winning, best-selling author, she devotes her life to sharing the message of hope on as many platforms as possible. Take A Listen
January 31, 2021
Spiritual messages are sources of insights into how we can live our lives... She had a message
The year 2020 was a difficult one for her, but it taught her that we’re all connected. It was the year that allowed her to stop and think about what she want to do with her life. Chiara suffered from postpartum depression and anxiety and what helped her overcome this challenge is the use of the chakra system as a roadmap to her healing. After overcoming this challenge, Chiara felt called to combine her love for writing and spirituality into the "guidance project" to help professional women connect with their spiritual side. One of the most important lessons that Chiara learned is that "healing needs to occur in the energetic body".
January 31, 2021
Significance + Service = Success
His motto in life is “to live fully, love openly and be Yourself”. He shares his journey behind the wheels with us and he teaches us that in the mist of the hustle and the bustle of the new journey, he went through lots of hardships and struggles, including Discrimination, Depression, Divorce, Being Single Dad, Addiction, and Rejection. But, through all that Rejections he found his Direction and his “WHY” in life.  Ali walked the talk and now he wants people to find their voices so they can work on their vision and find their WHY so they can live purposefully, with intention, connection, balance and fulfillment. His book” ” Just a cab driver”, My journey from Behind the Wheel to Behind the Microphone”, is his first book Which is scheduled to be released in February 2021. It is about his journey and destination from rejection to direction and from Point “A” to Point “B” Ali found his “Y?” Take A listen
January 31, 2021
"Whenever you pull in a parking space, know how you're gonna get out before you get in"
Jill comes from an elementary education career for over 25 years. She has done a lot of personal growth work particularly with self-esteem, self-worth, attachment wounds, developmental emotional trauma. " When it's a calling and God is asking you to do, you have the stuff to do when the time is right". Jill received a great deal of professional development including kinesiology, learning styles such as kinesthetics. "My teacher piece is what really helped me to grow finally, to get that self-esteem, to get that self-worth. I kinda know that it was there but I couldn't really stand on it". She mixes her creativity & love tech to help retired women to heal old emotional wounds, identify their heart’s desire, to live a life they love, & to leave a legacy true to who they really are.  Take A listen
January 24, 2021
"I know it was a natural gift"
Wife Tripe is a Community for single, married, divorced women. In this episode of the podcast Era Nichole talked to us about her challenges were turned into triumphs.  Era Nichole Williams is an Executive Life Coach, who has spent years ministering to women, empowering them to become what God sees not the world. She is redefining what it means to be a virtuous woman in the modern day. Here are some powerful thoughts she shared with us: "I know it was a natural gift...throughout the years I learned that it was actually a calling" She believes that marriage is the most important role a woman will have in her life. With her passion to spread the message of Jesus Christ she is connecting women from across the globe to refine their identity as a woman of God. Her message is clear we are ambassadors of Christ, set apart to change the generations before us. Alongside with her husband she serves in their ministry Lamb Related Ministries in Atlanta, Georgia. She is a mother of 7 children, the Author of “Daily Devotions of Survival” where she gives her personal life devotions to obtain a closer relationship with God.  "God told me that I was going to be married to a minister...I always knew that I was called in that way, but my life did not mirror it. So even though God had spoke it I did not see it at all, but I always kept it in the back of my head, and I always believed regardless of what my life looked like." As a survivor of the enemy’s tricks Era has dedicated her life to creating bold leaders of Christ, by establishing godly marriages, illustrating purposeful living, and building the life God wants for us through covenant. Take A Listen!
January 24, 2021
"If I can make a good difference in a small way"
Robbie Lee is a shamanistic mystic, spiritual poet, a Star Finder and a Trail Blazer guide. He is is also transformational Law of Attraction, Life Coach certified. In this episode you will hear why Robbie Lee is a Trailblazer. He wants to empower people to reawaken, and to play with their creative inner child again.  He shared those powerful words with us to teach about the power of shift. Where he was then comparing to where he is now: " Everything did have a purpose and a reason... for a long time I just felt there was nothing, there was no divine planning. I even felt that in times I was watching my life goes by"  "Old fashioned generational program that was ingrained in me".  Transformed him to believe this: "I know I'm only gonna be here for a short while... and I felt inside that the reason I must be her... If I can just make a good difference in a small way by helping other people, what an amazing concept, and that felt good to me" Robbie Lee is helping you live your life fully and with purpose, leaving a lasting legacy, by finding and following your destiny. Take a listen!  
January 24, 2021
Create it, trust it, know it, believe it are her tips!
We could not help it in this conversation to touch the deepest part of our emotions.  This episode with Terrie is an awakening moment for us all. This is what she says: "Trust what you are experiencing that is creating what it is you are setting your intent to create".  Terrie Christine is an internationally recognized Intuitive Energy Healer; TV Personality; radio and podcast featured expert; and author of “The Secret Power of You: A Guide to Mastering Your Inner Greatness” which is endorsed by Don Miguel Ruiz, author of the New York Times best-seller “The Four Agreements.”  For over a decade as a practicing Intuitive Energy Healer, Terrie has helped thousands like you access clarity, results, understanding, and a sense of peace and freedom.   Terrie helps her clients reconnect with the deeper forces and powers within themselves to create a fuller, more satisfying life.  She helps pin point what you cannot easily see for yourself.  She believes " the more you trust that... as you created your life to be where you are today do that and know, and be excited right here, right now". Take A Listen
January 17, 2021
Don't let your ego dictate you!
In this episode of Unleashed Unapologetically, Kristin talked to us about how he changed his mindset to overcome the challenges he once faced. You are presented with many opportunities to pursue your purpose in life, don't let ego tell you otherwise.  Kristin Kristin Larsen is a Transformational Health and Life Coach. He helps HR Directors increase productivity and performance by 150% while reducing employee absenteeism without sacrificing their health and wellbeing through the Perform2Purpose system method.  He helps people ignite their belief and trust their inner leader to achieve what they want in life without limitations so they can step into being the best version of themselves and start living the fulfilling life they envision. Listen to the conversation 
January 17, 2021
If we can change one life! We can BLESS many lives
In this episode of Unleashed Unapologetically meet Tara Eusebi, she is the Founder and Chief Blesser of Bless. Tara was driven to start a mission where she thought if she could bless one life at a time she could change the world.  On a mission to empower and help many, Tara stepped away from a successful career in corporate America to pursue her passion for helping others. And this pursuit led to the creation and development of Bless. Bless is a mobile application that is bringing communities together to help one another in every part of the world. In our conversation, Tara told the audience BLESS is there to change the world and, how this company teamed of one would do that, is by inspiring people like us to "Share A Need, Give A Need" and it is by uniting humanity and impacting generations through the power of Bless! Be inspired and encouraged to discover your passion and go after your dreams. Take A Listen
January 10, 2021
Learn The Steps to Mindfulness
If you are a woman of color, this episode is for you. Awande Mabaso is a Mindfulness and Mindset Coach to Black, Indigenous, Women of Color.  Her drive and passion are to create mental and emotional freedom in the lives of those she touches. Her discovery of mindfulness started after she suffered severe anxiety, depression and traumas.  She realized that her mental wellbeing couldn't take a back seat any longer, and she went into a self-discovery that led her to finding Mindfulness and after leaving a toxic work environment, she knew that other women who were just like her needed the wisdom she learned through the practice of Mindfulness.  Awande believes that we can all learn to create moments of joy and happiness for ourselves. And that we need to stop doing, press on the pause button and learn to be meaning to know where we are and that our true self is in the here and now... Take A Listen
January 10, 2021
Learn to set boundaries, say No to what does not serve you and Yes to you...
Tracey helps high achieving black women heal from trauma to embrace their authentic self, ignite their purpose, and reclaim their worth. What is empowering is to know sisters that you are a plant that is flourishing to be strong, fertilized and powerful.  Her experience in the corporate sectors after being terminated for being a black, educated, highly achieved woman made her stand up for many black women who have been wrapped around the generational cycles led by their great, great great parents to believe that they cannot lead There are ways to connect with Tracey Forde simply click this here 
January 03, 2021
Are there hidden truth in our world?
Margaret O’Connor is an author who devotes herself to help women change their individual faith-lives and spirituality in a positive way. She will help you understand women and their past roles in the Catholic Church of past histories.
January 03, 2021
To what cost does your health matter
Delia is a retired nurse, a blogger and health technologist. She is a promoter of the truth about avoidable errors and unexpected costs that lie in the health care system.  She also supports those who want to find solutions to know more about the "medi-tech geek world. Her plan is to educate many about the measures that can be taken to avoid over charged health care especially low income patients, some of those measures refer to finding low cost concierge doctors, overseas care treatments and more. Take a listen to this conversation she an I had. And please leave us your comments and suggestions they are appreciated. 
January 03, 2021
There is a way to help your dog find calm
If you're ready to live a fuller life with a calmer, more relaxed, and well-behaved dog. Grace helps you teach your dog how to be obedient. But not only that, she teaches you the right way to help your dog unlearn the bad behaviors so they can learn the right way to adapt to changes.  Take a listen about the journey that got Grace to decide that she needed to leave her 9 to 5 to start her dream company. 
December 27, 2020
You can a have a PurposeFull Day if you set your mind to it.
Viktoriia supports mission-driven entrepreneurs with their daily purpose and helps them create an optimal routine with PurposeFULL Calendar Tool. In this episode you will get to hear hear talk about the strategies she uses in her daily life to help her manage her business, organize her summits and coach hundreds of business owners to do the same. Take a listen 
December 27, 2020
The circle I am in does not help me grow
Tanique thought it through because it was not working for her anymore. She had to identify what her WHY was to decide what she could do about it. So decided to become a Personal Development coach and strategist. Sometimes we have to face our fears to do the very things that scare us the most. Sometimes we have to turn the loud voices around and make decisions that will help us grow and be better. Tune in to this episode of Unleashed Unapologetically to hear the tips Tanique shared with us. If you have to do something count back word and apply the five second rule. Read books that inspire you to work on your personal development and love yourself first.  Take a listen and don't forget to connect with Tanique
December 20, 2020
Stop focusing on the smallest details...Innovate yourself
Paul did not let Cerebral Palsy defeat him. He turned it around by joining football, made through varsity and finishing college even after a principal at a catholic school told his mother there was not hope. In this episode of Unleashed Unapologetically, listen to Paul sharing his personal stories, the challenges that came his way and the triumphs that celebrated.  That was his innovative self that got him from where he was to where he wanted to be.  Today you can start focusing on innovating yourself so you can create breakthroughs in your live over and over.  Take a listen P.S: don't forget to connect with Paul
December 20, 2020
Enrollment is Starting soon!
Support the podcast, what you support us with is helping us with finding better resources and equipments for the show. We are in this for the long run. And we want to always show up and the best way we can continue to do so is through your support.  Visit the website here Ladies you can join me in the closed group on Facebook or you can follow me on Instagram If you are working on your personal development and you want to expand your leadership in your business click here to schedule a consultation
December 13, 2020
She is the Phenomenon Lady
You are not your husband's, your work, your children's identities; you are your own identity. Stop allowing others to define who you are with a tag. In this episode, Beverly Zeimet teaches us about the RARRA System that she applies in her own transformation and how it helps her take power of her own identity. She is motivated to keep going and helping that one person who is seeking for a transformation, and if that is you connect with her today. RARRA System PDF for the active audience.
December 13, 2020
You Don't Have To Do It Alone, Step Into A Community That Can Grieve With You
Her over 20 years journey with grief has led her to experience, research and educate herself on grief. When She went over the many losses that affected her life, she had no one to educate her about the importance of grieving.  Fiona is passionate about helping people like you have companions, mentors, and guides to walk along your side when you are grieving a loss. In this episode she will tell you how she had to learn to grieve well, and why grieving can help move forward with your life when it is done accordingly. 
December 06, 2020
Don't Let The Good Opportunities Pass You By, Be In The Moment!
Age is just a number is what we learned in this episode. She did not let her age define her creativity, she was bold enough to take matters in her own hands and start her business when she was only 21. Her knowledge and your dreams are designed around strategy, administration, contractor, and client engagement. This is what she is here to tell you today.  In this episode,  Natasha made it her own to start her firm and her practice at a young age. But while diving deeper in her success, she realized that was not all she was there to do so she move cross country to learn more about herself to fulfill her purpose.  Take a listen
December 06, 2020
Overcoming The Obstacles Of Keratoconus
In this episode Arthur shared his stories with us about his disabilities and his determinations to overcome the challenges. Being diagnosed at the age of with an eye disease called Keratoconus, an eye disease that presses on your pupil causing blurriness to your vision. He went through many surgeries, he was bullied in school, and he faced the hardest challenges but none of that stopped him from believing that he was bold, confident, genuine and a man of purpose. He leads youth to learn about living through their purposes.  Arthur Mitchell is on a mission to empower many youths and he is telling diseases and disabilities have nothing on him.
December 06, 2020
We All Have A Savage Within Us!
Lili Gordon is a clarity coach and a host of the podcast Awaken the Savage. In this episode, she shares with us tips we can use in our daily lives so we can be who we truly want to be. Her philosophy is that whether you are on the cover of a magazine or not, live in a gigantic mansion or not, have million dollars or not, you are worthy, you are enough, you deserve to be here.  Lili believes that as long as you breathe, you have the opportunity to create the change and the life you desire and impact those around you. That is why she chose to guide women to find their clarity and break through limiting beliefs and energy blockages so that they can transform their life and their business. To connect with her click here
November 29, 2020
Make The decision To Move Forward In Your Life...
This episode is about getting kicked in the butt to make the decision today. Meet Celine, she is here for the ones who are ready to step outside their comfort zone, grab the bull by the horns, and live the life that they TRULY want to live.  If you want to get your butt (nicely but firmly) kicked, and step into your purpose, and do what you know you’re MEANT to do, check Celine's website here:
November 29, 2020
Figure Out Who You Are, And Be Able To Articulate It To Your Future Spouse
Marshaun is a Life and Relationship Strategist who decides to show up confidently and unapologetically so she can help at least one person get out of the rut. Yes! her experiences through her past relationships and her first failed marriage took her to school to rediscover who she was, what she wanted in life and how she wanted to show up in her relationship.  She even interviewed her ex's to figure out why they did not go further.  So today she is showing up to teach and coach many who too are struggling in their relationships know how to articulate what they want. Don't let the chance to learn more about building a strong marriage and relation with your spouse or partner passes you here
November 29, 2020
Her priority was to first be a role model!
In this episode of we are talking with Erin Saunders, who is committed to help women of all ages to discover and use the tools that can help them achieve the dreams and goals they’ve put aside in their lives and are ready to commit to now. Erin started her journey in entrepreneurship to be a role model for her daughter and show her what’s possible. To connect with Erin click here
November 29, 2020
She Is Designed For Distiction
Today's episode I speak with my friend Kerry-Ann who serves as a mother, daughter, wife, educator, leader, mentor, and sister-friend to her community. To her it became quite apparent that both adolescents and adults, particularly women, were walking around completely unaware of their greatness! She decided right then and there that her classroom would be a space where her students would walk in with self-doubt and walk out with an understanding that they were born with gifts, talents, and blessings that the world needed. Why not tune in to listen to her and be inspired by the lessons she teaches us all? Kerry-Ann is an inspirational speaker and Christian life coach, who makes it her mission to help others discover their brilliance and decide to live their divine purpose for which they were created. 
November 22, 2020
Be Unafraid To Get To Know And Fall In Love With Who You Are
Why not let her teach you how you can also Master your Feminine Power! Susan is a woman who has mastered her feminine power. She is a life coach who works closely with high achieving women to step into their own beauty and power, to embrace life with fulfillment, pleasure and meaning. She overcame self-abandonment issues and worked to identify her real desires, and discovering her purpose in life. She now guides and elevates women to awaken to their deep inner calling to live their lives with complete fulfillment, authenticity, connectedness, pleasure and purpose.  Click Susan to find out more about her work and how she can help you fulfill your life.  
November 22, 2020
Accepting Where You Are And Just Thrive For More
She is a motivational speaker who specializes in empowering women during their healing journey after a life crisis. Lori Marini is a warrior and in this episode she will tell you why. She is determined to help you go beyond fear and find the courage the live the life you want on your term.  As you tune in to listen to this episode take notes and listen to the tips that she is sharing. And know that you are not in it alone, there is a community where you can find a (friend, peer, cheerleader, coach, mentor).  Connect with Lori Marini here and get your free download of 10 Daily Habits To Wellness.
November 22, 2020
Learn how to embody your power and light.
In this episode, Anne speaks about her passion in teaching others how to live an authentic, soul-aligned life. She also mentors those who are committed to speaking their truth while sharing their story with the world. Anne Livingston is a published author and spiritual mentor and a teacher who recently ended a three-year nomadic journey, living solely based on her intuition. If you want to live your authentic life and learn to embrace your intuition click and connect with Anne Livingston The Nomad
November 22, 2020
While on the journey, know that it is okay to lose people
This episode is for moms who are working on becoming their best selves.  Kathy is a mom and a life coach who helps women breakthrough limiting beliefs and improving self love. She has a podcast called "It's all about evolving".   Her experiences has shown her how she could turn her doubts into integrity and strength. And today, she is there to help you know that you too can turn your limiting beliefs to evolve and be your best self.  As you tune in to listen, support and subscribe this podcast and start elevate and motivate to transform yourself. 
November 15, 2020
Do not let the disability fool you!
She is a girl that wants to share her story to as many people as she can hoping to help just one.  After having to use a walker at age 22, she developed a business called “WalkingByDesign” which customizes medical accessories.  In this episode you are learning to be unique and be bold, and not to let your disability control your efforts. It is not a label, it is your super power cape to help you push through and go beyond your imaginations.  Dominique is a business owner with a disability and she is a fighter with muscle weakness. And she is telling you "Don’t let the disability fool you..." she contradicts every rule out there!!  As you tune in to listen, subscribe to support the podcast. It is where we show up to empower many.  
November 15, 2020
Build equity and inclusion through courageous conversations and the promotion of self-love
Today we are encouraging you to embrace body positivity, own your story and living life fabulously with Thee Diversity Diva Aubrei Hayes. As we are building ourselves we must embracing our bodies with all the flaws. And in this episode, you will hear Aubrie spreading awareness about body positivity while building equity and inclusion through conversations.  We are the platform that brings you encouragement, motivation so you can elevate with purpose to transform yourself.    
November 15, 2020
It is time to chase Stormi.
Stormi Lewis is your typical girl next door and she has something you'd love. The challenges and obstacles she went through from an abusive marriage have made her stronger to face life with a new perspective. She chose to chase after herself to discover her creativity and talents. Today on her birthday she decided to release The Key and you too can chase a copy of this book today.  If you want to know when the next book from the trilogy will come out, go to
November 08, 2020
She is the cultural stripper and shift disturber you want to listen to.
Maybe you are working on transforming yourself but you do not know how to! Well this episode our guest talks to us about what you can do as you are stripping off the old ways and setting up clarity for a much better lifestyle. She is straightforward in helping you know how to stay grounded to reconnect with yourself and boost your productivity.  To benefit from the tools Farah is openly sharing click 10 powerful grounding techniques to reconnect to yourself now. You will not regret taking this initiative to start your personal shift.  Want to know more Reach out to her,  Connect, Book a session  Hang with her more.
November 08, 2020
Having to wear many hats as a mother can be overwhelming, don't you think?
Kristina is a mother first, and a teacher. She has been in the field of education for 20 years and those years in the field brought clarity for her to be an impactful parent.  After many years of teaching, Kristina saw a need to help children from the source- THE HOME! With great enthusiasm, Kristina quit her teaching job and founded the organization The Impactful Parent. Now, Kristina helps parents of school-aged children by providing parenting tips, resources, and community to those that follower her.  Tune in and listen to what she's done and the strategies or pillars she used to help build resilience and self-esteem in children. 
November 08, 2020
You Can Avoid Being Burned Out, But You'll Need To Have A Strategy
It is always about having a great time with powerful conversation. In this episode of Unleashed Unapologetically, our guest Loubna Zarrou talks about gaining  clarity, focus and momentum with lightning speed so you can have a productive business and lifestyle. She did not shy away to tell us how timid she used to be at a very young age, but all that had to change when she recognized who she really was inside and out.  That can be you too when you start looking into life with a different, more focus and clear mindset. Loubna was able to hone and utilize her expertise in helping people enhance their happiness at work, as well as strategies for more success in the boardroom. Get to know her more and reach out to her.  Connect with Loubna Books: Author page on Amazon 4-part series: How to Get More Done Part 1: the 4 reasons you are struggling with being more productive  Part 2: How to Discover Your Productivity Zone Part 3: The importance of Recharging 
November 08, 2020
They were able to quit their full time jobs in 4 months
Stefanie and Chelsea are the Co-Founders of CS Planners. They help solopreneurs launch and grow their online business by teaching people how to network online, brand yourself, and through your mindset.  But all was well until they faced the burnout at work that got Stefanie second guessing if she should go on or stay home with her child, and Chelsea developing high blood pressure from having to feeling overwhelmed at work.  So they left their burnout job, got their first client in the first week of launching, and grew a team during the pandemic. They are here to help others do the same! and inspire people to live their dream life no matter what the struggles. Take a listen!
November 01, 2020
Keep yourself balanced and never say you can't was what her mom taught her!
In this episode of Unleashed Unapologetically, Ruth Michel Dupoux sets her fire and intentions to help you know how to balance your life. She is the CEO and Founder of Lady R. Creations Co. which is a lifestyle company where everything about life is discussed, to help women and men understand how to create a better life for themselves.  BOSS lady R. is known as the host of Lady R Show "Coins Des Entrepreneurs" broadcasted live on Diyosa station, Facebook, YouTube and ITune.  She continues to unleash herself by bringing "Fritay Faktory" which is a healthy seasoning and spice to help you plan your cooking fast and healthy, and Ozun Water where water is filtered smoothly and seamlessly at home or in your office.  Take a listen!
November 01, 2020
"Life Is A School" Says Scott Manduck. And We Are In It To Learn
In this episode we welcomed Scott Manduck who is the president of Manduck Media INC. Scott and I could not resist having this conversation and actually bring it to you as well. We know how important it is to focus on our transformations ladies and gents? and one of the best way we do that is through learning, and being inspired by others' experiences.  Well Scott brought us that in this episode by sharing his wife's healing journey.  So today, he is an advocate for self-directed health care & prevention for people around the world. Take a listen!
November 01, 2020
We Brought Kasey Back!
In this episode, coach Kasey speaks to us about understanding the values of setting goals. Not letting the distraction get in the way. What you are learning to understand here ladies and gents is that whoever you are and wherever you are in life it will not be easy to do but, it can be achieved. As you would hear her super power cape was on and she had to do many tasks while engaging with us.  Take A Listen 
October 25, 2020
We Are On An Empowerment Retreat With Lauren Santora
In this episode of Unleashed Unapologetically, we welcomed Lauren Santora to tell us what inspires her to empower others. Lauren loves connecting and bringing others values they can use in their everyday lives.  What you'll learn is how you can start working on yourself through finding support and connecting with many. That is why she created The Empowerment Retreat, it is to help you present yourself out there and share your values with many.  Take A Listen!
October 25, 2020
Unleashed Unapologetically With A Special Guest Win Charles
This episode is for you ladies who are being abused mentally, physically and emotionally. You are being seen as a paper weight at your job. You are feeling discouraged because no one sees the values you have in you. Hear it from our guest today. She is inspiring and nothing stops her from reaching out to live her dream.  Take a listen and don't forget to leave me your comments and connect. 
October 25, 2020
Self-Validation Helps Motivate The Mind
In this episode, we learned about self-talk. Mainly about standing and starring at ourselves in front of the mirror. Mirror talk is a practice, and the more you practice it the more comfortable you get at embracing and fixing that tilted crown.  You have it and you can do it, sweetheart. Allow yourself to simply stare at your other half in that mirror. Are you looking to be a guest in the podcast click HERE
October 18, 2020
A Friday Evening With Ebony Langston
If you are feeling stuck, uncertain about maintaining a healthy lifestyle and following a routine that will work for you she is the Health Coach to guide you. Having to experience life changes, and health crisis herself gave her the ability to work on greater strategies and fitness goals for you to implement in your life as well. She knows well what it takes to persist, believe and achieve because she was there too. In this episode you will learn how to build a health life with confidence.  Our Manifest With Momentum Masterclass launches on October 15th. If you have not signed up yet click Here to register there are very few spots left and I would love for you to enroll as of today. 
October 11, 2020
Slay and skyrocket your self-confidence so you can create the life you want.
Meet Kasey Marie Cooper; she is a Life Coach, Mentor, Speaker, and Writer. Kasey is the Founder of and She helps women overcome anger, anxiety, and depression to build their dream life.  Tackle your goals by writing down what you want to be done at the end of this episode. Five things you wish to accomplish, tune in to listen to coach Kasey Marie Cooper to discover how you can achieve your goals confidently. Manifest With Momentum is launching October 15th. Sign up to register and reserve your spot now.  You can also click Here to support our growth. Or visit the website Here. Go register now and save your spot.
October 04, 2020
Feel Confident In Your Own Skin
In our today's episode we have with us a special guest Andrea Befus who is a health and confidence coach. Andrea believes that women everywhere can feel confident in their own skin through mastering their thoughts, understanding their heart and optimizing their health. Are you a woman who is looking to follow the three steps proven to be working exponentially well by our today's expert? If you are, I invite you to tune in and take notes as we go through learning how you can work on your health and mindset to be the best version of yourself. I am inviting you to support any way you can. I count on you to share the link with other women or join us in our meetings at The Coach Corner Saturday happening every second and fourth Saturday. Click Here to support our growth. You can visit the website Here. What additional support would you like in your growth? click this link and schedule your breakthrough discover session. Leave me a voice message and I will reach out to you.
September 27, 2020
Building Resiliency When Facing Life's Demands
Staying stagnant does not help you achieve your goals. It may be a hard task to achieve, but what works is to have the will and the want to do it. No one says that it will be easy, only your fixed mind is telling you that the road is easy. But if you choose to shift to a growth mind you will understand achieving success in life is a process. You will have to go through it by building courage, being resilient, believing that it will get done. Don't stop yourself from growing. Get unstuck. But first, I am inviting you to support any way you can. I count on your share when you invite other women to take a listen and or you join us in our meetings at The Coach Corner Saturday happening every second and fourth Saturday. Click Here to support our growth. You can visit the website Here. What additional support would you like in your growth? click this link and schedule your breakthrough discover session. Leave me a voice message and I will reach out to you. 
September 25, 2020
The Lessons Of Life Can Help You Grow
Today is episode 17 of our podcast, and we are taking the lessons life has taught us to help us grow.  Through the lessons of life, we get to learn from our mistakes. We can use the valuable lessons to change the lenses and shift our mindsets. While we are on this journey, we have to embrace any life success and setbacks that is how we will grow to be the best version of ourselves.  Today I want invite you to support any way you can. I count on your share when you invite other women to take a listen and or you join us in our big conference that will be happening starting Oct 19 through the Oct 25. To attend the conference, if interested you can purchase your ticket through mentallycharged.  Click Here to support our growth. You can visit the website Here. What additional support would you like in your growth? click this link and schedule your breakthrough discover session. Leave me a voice message and I will reach out to you.
September 13, 2020
Aren't You Sick And Tired Of Being Sick And Tired?
In this episode we are talking about the things we do over that got us no results. Aren't you sick and tired of being sick and tired? This is unleashed unapologetically and in this seventeenth episode of our podcast I am going to talk about the things that make us feel sick and tired of doing the same thing over without getting any results. For sometimes that was how I was feeling and I know many of you can relate.  But first, I am inviting you to support any way you can. I count on your share when you invite other women to take a listen and or you join us in our meetings at The Coach Corner Saturday happening this weekend.  Click Here to support our growth. You can visit the website Here. What additional support would you like in your growth? click this link and schedule your breakthrough discover session. Leave me a voice message and I will reach out to you.
September 06, 2020
Know The How And The Why To Set Goals
We are on episode 16 of our Confidence Journey podcast. Women, ladies, Gen X, Gen XY and Z you are working on building your confidence and you want to be the best version of yourselves. If that is your goal and that is the purpose of the life you'd want to live, I am the girl who would help you set up this goal. So, today we will be talking about The Most Important Factor About Setting Your Goals and why should you set SMART goals.  It is about setting up goals and why you need to understand the importance of it and how necessary it is to set up your goals. Often we say we are going to do something and we get caught up in the life cycle of want to do it, say you're gonna do it, but never do it. So we will be talking about How and Why it is important. Here is how you can support this podcast ladies, Click this link support our growth. You can visit the website here at What additional support you would like in your growth? click this link and schedule your breakthrough discover session Leave me a voice message when you click this
August 30, 2020
5 Ways You Can Empower Other Women In Your Community
Here we are on episode 15 of our podcast and we are sharing our 5 Ways You Can Empower Women In Your Community. One of the number one thing we want most in life, is to be empowered and motivated. Think about how you feel when you are supported by others. Well, in today's episode we are talking about how you too can support your community. Your community does not have to be a large one for you to share your knowledge and expertise. Take some notes on how you can empower other women.  I mistakenly stated episode 14, my apologies to you all. Lovelies!  Your support will bring value to the podcast click this link support our growth. You can visit the website here at What additional support you would like in your growth? click this link and schedule your breakthrough discover session Leave me a voice message when you click this
August 23, 2020
What is the # 1 thing women building confidence fear the most?
When it comes to what women building confidence want the most, they say leaving behind the misconceptions. They don't fear success or failures. They don't want to dive in a pool of negativity. In this podcast, I asked you three questions. I want to read your response to those questions. When you are on the journey to be the best version of yourself, you do not want negative blockages and you do not want to self-sabotage what you do as well. So let's connect if you feel that you are ready to get a breakthrough session with me to identify the areas you want to work on.  Lovelies, your support will bring value to the podcast click this link support our growth. You can visit the website here at What additional support you would like in your growth? click this link and schedule your breakthrough discover session
August 16, 2020
What intrigues you to go on in life?
We all have that burning sensation to try new things, go to places we've never visited before and even meet people. So what calls your heart and brings you passion to live curiously?  This is what we are talking about today in this episode. That curious feeling you have makes you want to know more. So, of the two options you have in life choose to say I can live curiously. That is you living boldly sis. Lovelies, your support bring value to the podcast click this link support our growth. You can visit the website here at What additional support you would like in your growth? click this link and schedule your breakthrough discover session   
August 09, 2020
Why Do You Say "I'm Okay" When Deep Inside You Are Struggling?
Sometimes as a women community we hold our feelings. We fear expressing what is really hurting. Sometimes, we don't express how we feel because others perceive to see us as strong all the times, and we don't want to fail them.  What are your views on that? In this episode we talked about some of the reasons why we tend to say we are okay when truly we are not. Listen to this episode and bring your support by sharing the link in your community, let it spread for others to hear.  Lovelies, get unstuck with me as your coach. Your support bring value to the podcast click this link support our growth. You can visit the website here at What additional support you would like in your growth? click this link and schedule your breakthrough discover session You can join us here https://ww.
August 02, 2020
What You Need To KNow About Having A positive Circle
In our growth, having the right circle is also required. Having a support system helps with accountability. However, what works is to have people who can push you and motivate always. Sometimes, you have to adjust your circle, and know that a relationship that pushes you up is positive and healthy. In Your Confidence Growth You Need To: Know how you can improve your circle. Identify if support is mutually shared in your circle. Tips to build a positive circle. Discover if your circle is a good or bad one for your personal growth. Lovelies, get unstuck with me as your coach. Your support bring value to the podcast click this link support our growth. You can visit the website here at What additional support you would like in your growth? click this link and schedule your breakthrough discover session You can join us here https://ww.
July 26, 2020
No Girl! No Excuses
So today we are talking about how you see yourself. Are you in the darkness thinking that all is happening to hurt you? Are you there imagining the worst for yourself, about your life and your business?  Well we all have a journey to go through we can choose to stay stagnant or move forward. Being in the dark will not bring the light, but if you decide to just get out of it and walk forward you will get to the end of it.  Lovelies, get unstuck with me as your coach. Your support bring value to the podcast click this link support our growth. You can visit the website here at What additional support you would like in your growth? click this link and schedule your breakthrough discover session You can join us here https://ww. This personal development at a new level, that is why I want to invite you to join the 7-Day challenge that will be happening next week in my facebook closed group. Here is your chance to register for Unleash Your COnfidence In 7 Days Challenge  
July 19, 2020
The Power Of Reinventing Yourself
This episode talks about reinventing yourself. And what you ladies are learning through the reinvention is that you need to build resiliency. Be willing to show how vulnerable you are as you are embarking on this journey. Practice self-care every day to help you embrace the part of you that you is awakened. And Lastly, you must find support from others and not staying to yourself. A great way is through the help of a Life Coach or a Mentor. If you wish to start working today, I have 8 slots open for you if you know that you are ready to reinvent yourself, better yourself and create the life you want.Lovelies, get unstuck with me as your coach. Your support bring value to the podcast click this link support our growth. You can visit the website here at What additional support you would like in your growth? click this link and schedule your breakthrough discover session You can join us here https://ww.
July 12, 2020
No Need To Be Sad, Celebrate The Memories
This episode talks about how you can take the lessons of life with a new perspective. I talked about when you are going through a loss, as I lost one of my uncles this week. We must not fight with ourselves, instead embrace the memories.  Lovelies, get unstuck with me as your coach. Your support bring value to the podcast click this link support our growth. You can visit the website here at What additional support you would like in your growth? click this link and schedule your breakthrough discover session You can join us here https://ww.
July 05, 2020
How Do You React When Someone From Your Past Shows Up?
When someone from your past shows up do you react angrily or humbly? Sometimes the past comes in our lives just to check in and teach us about life. When someone from the past comes in set your boundaries from the start. You want them to know where you stand. When you have worked on your healing process for many years, the last thing you want is for a bad storm to come in. But what is they are not bad storms? Let's Dive! Lovelies, get unstuck with me as your coach. Your support bring value to the podcast click this link support our growth. You can visit the website here at What additional support you would like in your growth? click this link and schedule your breakthrough discover session You can join us here https://ww.
June 28, 2020
You Got What It Takes
It's "Father's Day" and we are celebrating you ladies who thought that you have been doing it on your own for many years. You are not it alone! You are invited to change the narrative and doubts. Believe that you have courage and strength to be confident, limitless and a beautiful queen.  Lovelies, get unstuck with me as your coach.  Your support bring value to the podcast click this link support our growth. You can visit the website here at What additional support you would like in your growth? click this link and schedule your breakthrough discover session You can join us here https://ww.
June 21, 2020
How The Feeling Of Falling Behind Wraps Us On A Mindset Trap
In this episode of Unleashed Unapologetically I am telling you what we often do. We listen to all those self-limiting beliefs, those negative voices in our heads that are saying "I am feeling like I am falling behind". You are not falling behind, you are going on the pace that you are supposed to be. It is when you stop telling yourself lies, stop comparing yourself to what others do, and you stop associate yourself with people with a fixed mindset that you will get unstuck.  I am inviting you to join many women who chose to get unstuck. They decided to change their mindset so they will not feel trapped. Lovelies, get unstuck with me as your coach. Your support bring value to the podcast click this link support our growth. You can visit the website here at What additional support you would like in your growth? click this link and schedule your breakthrough discover session You can join us here https://ww.
June 14, 2020
Enough Is Enough!
In this episode I am reminding you that you've worked hard to be where you are in life. And no one should try to take that from you. We are now at a point where we are tired of being treated so blatantly bad. And one of the ways that we can stop it is simply by shouting out loudly: Enough is enough! When does it end?  Now is the time for us to work in solidarity and stand with our people. No more kneeling on our necks. We are building ourselves to be stronger, courageous and confident.  Lovelies, your support bring value to the podcast click this link support our growth. You can visit the website here at What additional support you would like in your growth? click this link and schedule your breakthrough discover session us here https://ww. 
June 07, 2020
Open Pandora's Box. Why Must You Take A Leap Of Faith
Ladies you must be ready to take risks with a "Feel The Fear But Do It Anyway" attitude. Learn to cultivate your curiosity to do the things you've never done before.  Whatever it is that intrigues you, yet makes you feel happy do it. That is how you can discover your best self. Lovelies, your support bring value to the podcast click this link support our growth. You can visit the website here at What additional support you would like in your growth? click this link and schedule your breakthrough discover session
May 31, 2020
Unleash Your Confidence Intro
Hey Diva!  I am Nadeje your host. This episode is a quick intro.  Today, we're exploring what Unleash Unapologetically is about. Let go of the fears and stop worrying about ever being yourself, I decided to start isn't that what taking risks is about? What are the factors of doing something you've never done before? We will definitely dive in deeper as we learn in the tips that I'll be sharing with you.  Lovelies, your support bring value to the podcast click this link support our growth. You can visit the website here at What additional support you would like in your growth? click this link and schedule your breakthrough discover session Join my facebook group when you click this link   
May 24, 2020
May 24, 2020
May 24, 2020