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Us Redefined

Us Redefined

By Robin
Join Robin, a Harlem born, Bronx raised Gen Y-er/Millennial, serial entrepreneur, real estate professional, and creator of the healing movement Redefining Soft for a bi-weekly podcast about re scripting what we know and believe about the subjects that define our lives, so we can rewrite our own narratives and create a powerful legacy. Robin will bring her straight forward and at times humorous perspective on topics such as gender expression, relationships, health, money/wealth, therapy, and more, offering ways to upgrade outdated beliefs.
Managing Your Money During COVID-19
These past couple have weeks have been tough on everyone in various ways. Whether you are still employed, have been laid off, furloughed, or struggling to keep your business afloat, COVID-19 has thrown a monkey wrench in everyone's plans. Lifestyle, health, and financial. Depending on your history and relationship with money, and the things you have been taught thus far, those behaviors and/or actions are what many are relying on to get us through. With an uncertain economic reverberation soon to come, there's no telling what things may look like once it's all said and done.  On this episode, we. hear from financial educator Victoria Juste as she shares some great tips on step during this time to work towards some semblance of stability for now and the future post COVID. Resources: "The Heart of Money" By Deborah Price "The Energy of Money" By Maria Nemeth  "The Financial Diet" By Chelsea Fagan and Lauren Ver Hage "The Simple Path To Wealth" By JL Collins "The One Week Budget" By Tiffany Aliche "Napkin Finance" By Tina Hay
April 07, 2020
Recovering From Financial Screw Ups
It's always a good time to talk about finances. Especially when so many of us are facing financial set backs with the COVID-19 pandemic. Some are planning fro the future, some are day to day, but wherever you are on the spectrum, knowing exactly where you stand financially is critical. Whether you got good financial advice from your folks and just didn't use it, or growing up you didn't get much financial help or advice at all, here is some advice on how I recovered from my financial screw ups using what I knew, getting real with what I didn't know, and devising a plan.  Resources referenced in this episode: APPS Self PODCASTS Two Black Guys With Good Credit Paychecks & Balances Black Real Estate Dialogue BOOKS Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert T. Kiyosaki The Simple Path to Wealth by JL Collins
March 23, 2020
Allow Me To ReIntroduce Myself
Hello listeners! Living this self quarantine life, I’ve created a few things including this podcast! This is my first solo podcast ya'll YAY! Here's a short introduction to The Us Redefined Podcast. Whether you are a Gen X-er, Gen Y-er (like me), a member of Gen Z, or even a Boomer! This is a show for those who like to question, discuss, and make space for community conversation about the subjects that shape us, and challenge what we think we know while leaving room for what more we can discover. Check out this quick intro to learn more! Peace. Robin/ 'Robbie' 
March 22, 2020