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Utah Lake: Facts, Fiction, Fun

Utah Lake: Facts, Fiction, Fun

By Utah Lake Commission
The official podcast for Utah Lake. Hosted by the Utah Lake Commission, this podcast discusses the facts, fiction and fun to do with Utah Lake. Topics include projects at the lake, answering questions and dispelling rumors, featuring popular recreation activities at the lake and more. Each episode aims to share the works and wonders of Utah Lake.

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Ep. 58 – Research to Reduce Algae Blooms

Utah Lake: Facts, Fiction, Fun

Ep. 58 – Research to Reduce Algae Blooms
Ever asked yourself, “What is being done to fix algae blooms at Utah Lake”? or “What kind of research are they doing”? This episode contains audio from the June 17, 2021 Utah Lake Commission Governing Board meeting. In that meeting, Erica Gaddis, Director of Utah Division of Water Quality reported on the progress of several research projects going on the lake regarding nutrients such as phosphorus and nitrogen and their impact on algae blooms. Core samples to biassay studies and more are being completed to create a comprehensive approach to looking at the sources of nutrients (nutrients are the food for the algae blooms to grow). Links from this Episode: Utah Lake Water Quality Study website Full Video Recording of June Governing Board meeting
November 18, 2021
Ep. 57 – Utah Lake Google Questions
People have all kinds of questions about Utah Lake, and Google has the answers…sort of. In this episode, we discuss the top 6 questions people ask about the lake on Google, and what the answers are. Links from this Episode: Harmful Algae Bloom Website Utah Lake Legacy Documentary Utah Lake Projects page Public Access Points at Utah Lake Great Salt Lake Stink Life Jacket Loaner Program Water Safety at Utah Lake Windy Lookout : wind notification app for Utah Lake
September 11, 2021
Ep. 56 - Water Safety at the Lake
We want you to stay safe out on Utah Lake. We want you to have fun too, but safety comes first. There are some tips and great resources to help you stay safe. Wear a life jacket, download the Windy Lookout app to be notified of wind event forecasts specifically for Utah Lake, get some education from State Parks or a similar organization, etc. There are some basic things that can improve your safety while out on the water. Links from this Episode: How to Enjoy Utah Lake, Safely Windy Lookout app Utah State Parks Boating Certifications
June 24, 2021
Ep. 55 - June Sucker Updates with Russ Franklin
Russ Franklin with the June Sucker Recovery Implementation Program shares the latest updates on their recovery efforts. The June sucker has been downlisted from endangered down to threatened, carp removal is adapting to the reduced number of carp left, northern pike are being monitored to prevent negative impacts on the lake ecosystem and more! Listen in to hear the latest on the June sucker. Links from this Episode: Utah Lake Legacy documentary Provo River Delta project website June Sucker Recovery Implementation Program website
June 10, 2021
Ep. 54 - Scavenger Hunt Tips
Sam and Audrey share tips on what is the Utah Lake Scavenger Hunt, the when/where/why and don't forget, how to increase you chances of winning prizes! Two inflatable paddleboards is the grand prize giveaway, but you'll probably end up playing just for the fun and educational missions that help you learn more about Utah Lake. The scavenger hunt runs June 5-13, so join now to get a head start! Links from this Episode: Utah Lake Scavenger Hunt event details
June 3, 2021
Ep. 53 - Provo River Delta Project Spring Update
Melissa Stamp with the Mitigation Commission updates us on how things are going down at the Provo River Delta Restoration Project. Almost 1/2 of the delta channels and ponds are completed already and they expect to make fast progress again this year. Melissa also shares some cool occurrences during excavation, like finding mollusk shells in the soil that are no longer found in the lake! There are even site tours available, if you want to see the project site. Listen in to to learn how to sign up. Links from this Episode: Provo River Delta Restoration project website Utah Lake Scavenger Hunt details
May 13, 2021
Ep. 52 - Utah Lake Resorts, 20 of ‘em!
This episode discusses the lake as a gathering place. Over the course of a hundred years, there were over 20 resorts on Utah Lake. Swimming, restaurants, excursion boats, races, dancing, a mock naval battle and more were included in these resorts. Listen in for highlights on several of the resorts, their amenities and what people loved about the lake. Links from this Episode: Utah Lake: Legacy online book Utah Lake: Legacy video Utah Lake Water Levels, leave us a voice message! Battle of Midway on Wikipedia
April 29, 2021
Ep. 51 – The Truth About Algae at Utah Lake
What are harmful algae blooms? How can you stay safe while visiting lakes this summer? Is Utah Lake the only one dealing with algae issues? Learn the facts about algae, harmful algae blooms, cyanobacteria, and more in this episode. Dr. Kate Fickas with Utah Department of Environmental Quality answers common questions and concerns about algae. For example, did you know that algae blooms don’t just happen in Utah Lake? Dr. Fickas answers this question and many more to help lake users make educated decisions as they visit Utah water bodies this summer. Links from this Episode:– Harmful algae bloom website Utah Lake Water Quality Study website
April 15, 2021
Ep. 50 – Camping at Utah Lake
Camping is extremely popular of late, might have something to do with people feeling trapped at home and wanting to get outside during the past year??? Utah Lake has 4 different campgrounds that you should have on your list of places to camp this summer! Lincoln Beach, Utah Lake State Park, Lakeside RV Campground and Lindon Marina all have great campgrounds. No long drives, peaceful scenery, great amenities, and it is surprisingly quiet. This episode covers why YOU should consider camping at Utah Lake. Links from this Episode Lincoln Beach webpage Utah Lake State Park website Utah Lake State Park Facebook Page Lakeside RV Campground website Lindon Marina website Tiny Home AirBNB at Lindon Marina
April 1, 2021
Ep. 49 – Targeting Walleye at Utah Lake
Pat Scouten, aka TubeDude, share insights on how to target walleye at Utah Lake. Pat has fished at Utah Lake for over 60 years and is renowned in the fishing community at Utah Lake. He talks about everything from time and place to take and bait to improve your odds of catching one of the elusive walleye in Utah Lake. Listen until the end to hear some sneak peeks on future fishing events and projects at the lake! Links from this Episode: Utah Lake Fishermen Facebook Group Big Fish Tackle fishing forum
March 18, 2021
Ep. 48 – Projects at Utah Lake in 2021
$9.8M is going to projects as Utah Lake this year! In this episode we talk about where that money will be going and highlight 7 conservation and improvement projects that are making progress in 2021. An open-space park, a river delta, trails, new beaches and more are all covered here. Make sure to check out the links from this episode to learn more about each project. Links from this Episode: Walkara Way Conservation Project Provo River Delta Restoration Project Saratoga Springs Trail Improvements Vineyard Shoreline Improvements Phragmites Treatment at Utah Lake Utah Lake Projects Page
March 12, 2021
Ep. 47 - Events at Utah Lake in 2021
Making plans for summer time? There are several events happening at Utah Lake this year from spring through fall. In this episode, we share some details on those events PLUS, if you listen until the end, a sneak peek of a possible new event this year!  Links from this Episode: Utah Lake Photo Contest Lindon Marina Bonneville School of Sailing Timpanogos Yacht Club
February 18, 2021
Ep. 46 - Living on the Utah Lake Shoreline
Clayton Wolf is passionate about Utah Lake, so much so that he spent 12 years trying to buy a lot in Vineyard so he could live with his backyard on the shoreline. In this episode of the Utah Lake Podcast, he shares what living on the Utah lake shoreline is like. Listen in to hear about why he thinks Utah Lake is so great, about how he and friends broke through the ice recently to go wakeboarding and how he helped a buddy propose to his fiancé out on the lake. Links from this Episode Breaking the ice: video of wakeboarding in February
February 11, 2021
Ep. 45 – Winter Fishfest: Tips to Have Fun
The first ever winter fishing challenge is coming next week at Utah Lake! The Winter Fishfest (Feb 8 – Feb 15) is a virtual fishing challenge; you submit photos of your catch online and get points based on species. In this episode, we cover tips to have fun and stay safe while you participate in the Fishfest. Links from this Episode Winter Fishfest Resources 27 public access points info
February 4, 2021
Ep. 44 – Ice Stacks: Where and When to Find Them
Have you seen this amazing photo of ice stacks at Utah Lake? It is one of many such photos. Utah Lake ice stacks are a popular phenomenon in winter. We talk with two local photographers, Wesley Aston and Jared Tamez about the how, when and where of viewing and photographing these amazing ice stacks. Links from this Episode: Wesley Aston Instagram Utah Lake Photo Club Public Access Points Map Jared Tamez Instagram Enormous Ice Stacks at the lake Historic photos of ice at the lake Keep safety in mind while viewing ice stacks
January 15, 2021
Ep. 43 – Bald Eagle Viewing at Utah Lake
Not many know that you can find bald eagles right here in Utah County! Utah Lake is a great place to start looking for these majestic birds. Scott Root with Utah Division of Wildlife Resources and Sterling Moore, a local photographer and Utah Lake enthusiast, talk about viewing bald eagles at Utah Lake; where, when, why and how are all a part of our discussion so listen in to learn all about it! Links from this Episode Ep. 04 - Walkara Way Conservation Project – see our other episodes Utah Lake Public Access Points Sterling Moore Instagram account Utah Lake Photo Club
January 7, 2021
Ep. 42 – June Sucker Downlisted to Threatened Status
BREAKING NEWS: The endangered June Sucker has been downlisted to “threatened” status. With us on this episode is Chris Keleher from the Utah Department of Natural Resources, who has worked on these efforts for over 20 years, to share with us what that means. Links from this Episode US Fish & Wildlife Press Release: June Sucker Downlisting Provo River Delta Restoration Project June Sucker Program presentation on future efforts Ep. 34 – Provo River Delta Features Starting to Take Shape Ep. 08 - June Sucker: Making Progress Ep. 07 - Provo River Delta Starts Construction
December 31, 2020
Ep. 41 Winter Sailing: Ice or No Ice
Sailing is HUGE on Utah Lake, even during the winter. Ice or no ice, these sailors will brave the cold to go sailing at their favorite lake. Special guest Chad Chorniak from Timpanogos Yacht Club tells about the glassy water that happens in fall/winter on the lake, what it’s like to sail in wintertime, and even shares news about a new sailing craft, on skis, that he plans to use this winter on the ice! Links from this Episode Timpanogos Yacht Club Bonneville School of Sailing Video of Glassy Waters at Utah Lake Sailing in the Snow video
December 24, 2020
Ep. 40 – Jim Skates, Skis and Bikes on Frozen Utah Lake
Jim Harris enjoys spending his winters recreating on Utah Lake. In this episode, he shares with listeners his three favorite winter activities at Utah Lake: ice skating, cross-country skiing and bike riding across the ice. He’s got safety tips, unique experiences (like the sounds ice makes when you are out in the middle of the lake, SUPER COOL) and how to enjoy your winter down at the lake! Links from this Episode Lake Ice – informational website on lake ice behavior, safety, etc. YouTube video of Jim Harris ice skating in Goshen Bay Utah Lake Ice Piling Up
December 17, 2020
Ep. 39 – Ice Fishing at Utah Lake
Pat Scouten, a.k.a. Tube Dude, has fished at Utah Lake for over 60 years. He knows the ins, outs, ups and downs of fishing at the lake. In this episode he shares insights on how to enjoy ice fishing at Utah Lake. With Tube Dude’s suggestions on ice safety, lures, locations and more you are sure to enjoy your experience ice fishing at Utah Lake. Links from this Episode Ice Safety How To Make Fliggs with Pat Scouten Big Fish Tackle Forum
December 10, 2020
Ep. 38 – Kayaking Kleanup with Sarah Ryan
Sarah loves kayaking. She also loves kleaning up litter. During this pandemic, Sarah has been out on her kayak down at Utah Lake on a daily basis. While there, she wanted to make a difference by picking up litter she spotted while out paddling. Listen in to hear her story and learn more about why Sarah LOVES Utah Lake. *If you have a story about why you love Utah Lake we want to share it on the podcast! Links from this Episode: Utah Lake Adopt a Shoreline program Jason Robison Instagram profile #UtahLakePhotos #BeautyofUtahLake Life Jacket Loaner Program
December 3, 2020
Ep. 37 – Top 10 Things to Do when Utah Lake is Frozen
If you think lakes are only for summertime, you are missing out! Utah Lake is a winter wonderland, and we’ve got the ideas to prove it. Listen in for our top 10 wintertime activities at Utah Lake, as well as some ice safety tips from Utah Division of State Parks and Recreation. Ice skating, broom hockey, photography, ice fishing and more; Utah Lake is close to home, beautiful and has lots to offer during wintertime. Listen in for some tips from our staff on how to find the famous “ice stacks” along the shoreline. Links from this Episode: Utah State Parks Ice Safety tips Winter recreation activities at Utah Lake DWR Fishing Reports Utah Lake Trail Plan
November 26, 2020
Ep. 36 - 200 People on a Flat Bottomed Boat at Utah Lake
Ever heard of the S.S. Sho Boat? Created in the early 1900’s, this flat-bottomed boat held upwards of 200 passengers, with a full kitchen, orchestra and dance floor! This boat was a central part of leisure in the valley for several decades and we share details of just how loved it was to the residents. Links from this Episode: Utah Lake Legacy, online PDF of the book Utah Lake Legacy on YouTube June Sucker Recovery Implementation Program website
November 19, 2020
Ep. 35 – 5 Things to Do During Fall at Utah Lake
In this episode, we cover 5 things to do during fall at Utah Lake, including: photography, sailing, trails, fishing and waterfowl hunting. We share lots of helpful information and useful links (included below) as well as some of our favorite smartphone apps that will contribute to a great experience at the lake! Links from this episode: Farmer’s Almanac forecast for November Utah Lake current water levels 1. Photography Ep. 32 – Utah Lake Photo Club Photo Club Facebook group Photo club Instagram profile Utah Lake annual photo contest info 2. Sailing Bonneville School of Sailing website Timpanogos Yacht Club Facebook group Lindon Marina website 3. Trails Utah Lake Trail plan interactive map Ep. 4 – Walkara Way Conservation Project Ep. 34 – Provo River Delta Features Starting to Take Shape 4. Fishing Utah Division of Wildlife Resources Fishing Guidebook Reasons to go fall fishing 5. Waterfowl Hunting Ep. 30 – 5 Things you Need to Know about Waterfowl Hunting at Utah Lake Public access points map **Smartphone apps discussed: DWR Hunting/Fishing app Windy Lookout app MyRadar Be4UFly My Sunset Utah Lake Instagram account
November 12, 2020
Ep. 34 - Provo River Delta Features Starting to Take Shape
Melissa Stamp with the Mitigation Commission updates us on the construction of the Provo River Delta Restoration Project. In 4 1/2 months, they've accomplished a LOT! They've excavated 1 mile of new river channels, 4 new ponds, 5 wetland areas; removing about 60,000 cubic yards of material...that's enough to cover 28 football fields! Listen in to hear about the 2020 construction results, lessons learned, cool bits of technology being used and more! Links from this episode: Provo River Delta project website Ep. 07 - Provo River Delta Starts Construction 
November 5, 2020
Ep. 33 - Zions Mount: How Timpanogos Replaced Utah Lake
How much do you know about the history of Utah Lake? Did you know that if you looked at a pre-1850's map of the area, Timpanogos doesn't even show up as a landmark? So why is "Timp" such a big part of society and Utah Lake isn't? In this episode, the Commission summarizes the reasons why based on a book, On Zions Mount by Jared Farmer.  Utah Valley was originally known as "Utah Lake Valley". The lake was central to survival and to society, but all of that has changed. Listen in and you'll be left pondering how that change occurred. Links from This Episode: On Zions Mount book
October 29, 2020
Ep. 32 - Utah Lake Photo Club
Did you know there was a photo club at Utah Lake? We interviewed some of the photo club members talking about the club and why they love Utah Lake. The Utah Lake photo club was started 4 years ago by a small group of photography enthusiasts, of varying skills, who love Utah Lake. The club provides regular education classes on various photography topics, and also enjoys photo outings, when appropriate (i.e. not much during the pandemic). Listen in to learn about the appreciation photographers have for Utah Lake. Links from this Episode: Facebook Group for the photo club Photo Club Instagram account
October 16, 2020
Ep. 31 – Research to Rid Utah Lake of Algae Blooms
What is being done to address algae blooms at Utah Lake? Erica Gaddis, Director of Utah’s Division of Water Quality and Eric Ellis, Executive Director of the Utah Lake Commission discuss the efforts to rid Utah Lake of algae blooms through the Utah Lake Water Quality Study. Listen in as Erica updates us on where the research is at, the management goals for improving the lake’s water quality and more. Both director’s provide answers to the following questions: Why does the lake need a water quality study? What will be the outcome of the study? How will cost of implementation be considered? Links from this Episode: Utah Lake Water Quality Study webpage Utah Division of Water Quality (DWQ) home page
October 8, 2020
Ep. 30 – 5 Things you Need to Know about Waterfowl Hunting at Utah Lake
Special guest Derek Murdock, an avid waterfowl hunter who also works at Utah Division of Wildlife Resources, talks about 5 things you should know before waterfowl hunting at Utah Lake this season. Duck season opens on Oct 3 this year, and this podcast episode will get you all caught up on hunting this fall. Where to hunt, the Utah Waterfowl Slam, projects to improve habitat and access and more! *Make sure to listen to the end, we answer questions that were submitted in two waterfowl hunting Facebook Groups. Links from This Episode: Utah Lake public access points map Utah DWR 2020-21 Waterfowl Guidebook Utah Waterfowl Slam info Lessons Learned by a First-Time Duck Hunter Windy Lookout
October 1, 2020
Ep. 29 – Save-A-Life – Utah Lake Life Jacket Drive
The Utah Lake Commission is excited to announce a life jacket drive to gather life jackets and monetary donations to support a new loaner program in partnership with the families of Priscilla Bienkowski and Sophia Hernandez. Priscilla and Sophia were two dear friends who tragically lost their lives this summer while recreating at Utah Lake earlier this year. This program will provide life jackets at public access points around Utah Lake. The life jacket drive will start Wednesday, September 30 and run until Wednesday, October 7th. Listen in to learn more about the life jacket drive and loaner program and other efforts to improve water safety at Utah Lake, past, present and future. Links from this episode: Donate Online! Life Jacket Drive donation locations Windy Lookout app Utah State Parks Boating Safety How to Enjoy Utah Lake, Safely blog post
September 24, 2020
Ep. 28 – Understanding Water Levels at Utah Lake
Ever wondered why Utah Lake water levels are so low? Drought is one of the largest contributors to lake levels, setting that aside, there are four main reasons why water levels fluctuate. First, upstream water use that reduces the amount of inflow to the lake. Second, changes in the lake outlet, which controls how much water flows out. Third, use of the lake as a storage reservoir, which affects storage and withdrawals. Fourth, evaporation of the water in Utah Lake is a significant factor to lake levels. **Featuring a clip from a 09/17/20 presentation from Central Utah Water on current weather conditions and their impact on water levels. Links from this Episode: Understanding Water Levels at Utah Lake, blog post Tom Bruton, full CUWCD presentation Water levels chart and LIVE water levels link CUWCD website
September 17, 2020
Ep. 27 - What is the Utah Lake Commission? - Membership, Objectives, and More
*This episode is a follow-up to EP. 24 - Wake Up Thinking of Utah Lake with Lewis Billings, where we discussed the history and formation of the Commission.  Utah Lake Commission Executive Director Eric Ellis shares details on the membership and makeup of the Commission, discusses in detail each of the five Utah Lake Commission objectives and why partners are invested in their work with the Commission. The goal of this episode is to help listeners understand the Utah Lake Commission and how it works to protect, enhance and promote Utah Lake as the amazing natural resource that it is. Utah Lake Commission Objectives: 1. Encourage and promote multiple uses of the lake 2. Foster communication and coordination between Commission members 3. Promote resource utilization and protection 4. Maintain and develop recreation access 5. Monitor and promote responsible economic development Links from this Episode: About the Utah Lake Commission Utah Lake Projects page Volunteer Opportunities
September 10, 2020
Ep. 26 - Q & A with Sea Scouts
Did you know your club, chamber of commerce, school or other group can request a presentation about Utah Lake? Our staff recorded the Q & A session with some Sea Scouts. Listen in! If you are interested in having a Utah Lake Commission staff member present to your group, please contact us at our website to make arrangements.  Links from this episode: Utah Lake Commission website
August 14, 2020
Ep. 25 - Snapshot of Current Events at the Lake
Our staff shares updates on 5 current events at the lake: the Provo River Delta construction, the Utah Lake Scavenger Hunt, algae blooms and more! If you like the format of this episode, short updates on several current topics, please let us know! Links from this episode: Provo River Delta Project website Utah Lake Scavenger Hunt Phragmites at Utah Lake Marina Algae Treatments at Utah Lake
August 7, 2020
Ep. 24 - Wake Up Thinking of Utah Lake with Former Provo Mayor Lewis Billings
What is the Utah Lake Commission? Former Provo City Mayor Lewis Billings explains about the creation of the Commission. In 2007, the Commission was created, but before that, there was no entity with Utah Lake as its sole purpose. Lewis Billings shares some of the discussion that led to the formation of the Commission, some early successes and his dreams for Utah Lake. Links from this Episode: Commission About Us page Utah Lake Commission Meetings Schedule Utah Lake Master Plan
July 30, 2020
Ep. 23 - Utah Lake Scavenger Hunt - Tips and Clues
Announcing the Utah Lake Scavenger Hunt! Listen in to get inside tips on missions that haven't been shared anywhere else! Details on how the scavenger hunt will work, how to join the hunt, the main objectives of the game, details on prizes and more!  **Make sure to listen to the end for the 3 Things You Need to Know Before Playing! Links from this Episode: Utah Lake Scavenger Hunt - game details Download the GooseChase app - the app used for the scavenger hunt Instructions on how to join the game
July 16, 2020
Ep. 22 - Marina Algae Treatments
Summer 2020, the Utah Lake Commission and partners are pilot-testing algae treatments at two public marinas at Utah Lake: Lincoln Beach and Lindon Marina. In this episode, Commission Executive Director Eric Ellis provides details on what treatments are being done, the process and timeline for the treatments, the treatments are approved for recreational use, details about algae monitoring and more! Links from this Episode: Marina Algae Treatments Start at Utah Lake: blog post with links to more info on the technologies used in these tests. Utah Lake Water Quality Study website Lindon Marina website Lincoln Beach website
July 9, 2020
Ep. 21 - Kite Boarding at Utah Lake
Guests Leo Chan and Tyler Lyon from the Utah Kiters Club talk favorite kiting spots, how to learn and how to have a great time kiting at Utah Lake. The wind and beaches at Utah Lake are great for kite boarding, the view from the water of Utah Valley is magnificent, and the thrill and serenity of being driven by the wind are all reasons why these two and many more enjoy kite boarding at Utah Lake. Links Mentioned in the Episode: Utah Kiters Facebook Group Uinta Kiting - for kite boarding lessons Utah Snowkite Center - for snow kiting lessons (a good start to learning to kite board) Utah Lake Recreation Video Contest
July 2, 2020
Ep. 20 - Three Places to Staycation at Utah Lake
Are you tired of being stuck inside during this pandemic? There are 3 places to staycation, right here at Utah Lake! Lincoln Beach, Lindon Marina and Utah Lake State Park all offer camping and have amazing amenities and lots of opportunities to enjoy a staycation with your family. Whether its Lindon Marinas sandy beach and new campground, or the fishing spots at Lincoln Beach, or the paddle boarding and disc golf course at Utah Lake State Park, you are sure to enjoy your stay at Utah Lake! Resources from this episode: Three Places to Staycation at Utah Lake blog post Lincoln Beach website Lindon Marina website Utah Lake State Park website Bonneville School of Sailing Epic Recreation
June 25, 2020
Ep. 19 - How and Where to Catch a BIG Catfish at Utah Lake
Our last episode on fishing at Utah Lake (Ep. 14) was so popular that we brought back Mike Packer with Utah Division of Wildlife Resources! He talks all about catfish; biology, where to find them, bait and tackle to use and more! We even pried a few secrets out of him to help you catch a BIG catfish at Utah Lake! The current state fishing record (Utah Lake holds 5 records total) for catfish is 32 lbs, 39 inches. Think you can beat that? Check out this episode of the Utah Lake: Facts, Fiction, Fun podcast. Resources from this episode: YouTube Channel – Catfish and Carp Utah State Fishing Records
June 18, 2020
Ep. 18 - Utah Lake Stories
In this episode, we spoke with Rick Cox, a local businessman and avid Utah Lake boater. He shares stories from his family and his father of experiences they had on Utah Lake. The stories shared range from his father rolling a Model T Ford for fun on the lake bed, tasting carp balls, water skiing in February with no wet suit and more! Links mentioned in this episode: USGS Diver dives 63 feet down in Utah Lake YouTube channel of Utah Lake angler who likes carp
June 11, 2020
Ep. 17 - Provo River Delta Tour
This week, our staff toured the Provo River Delta Restoration Project site, along with several other agencies. We met to discuss weed management, tour the project to discuss specific areas for treatment, and get a better understanding of the progress of the restoration. In this episode, we share some interesting insights we gained about the history of the area, the impressive reuse of materials by the project and more.  Links mentioned in this episode: Provo River Delta project website Map of the delta project Utah Lake phragmites treatment Ep. 07 - Provo River Delta Starts Construction Ep. 08 - June Sucker: Making Progress
June 4, 2020
Ep. 16 - A Wilde Triathlon at Utah Lake
Erika Wilde is a local triathlete who has completed a triathlon ACROSS Utah Lake. Think about that. We literally mean across the lake. She's swam across (5 miles), and she has run and biked across during the winter when it was frozen (10+ miles!). We invited Erika onto the podcast to share her experiences completing this triathlon across Utah Lake.  Additional info: A Wilde Triathlon at Utah Lake - our 2017 blog post on her exploits A Utah Lake Athlete for All Seasons - our 2013 blog post on her exploits Utah Lake Field Trips for 4th Graders
May 28, 2020
Ep. 15 - Meet Your Marinas: Lindon Marina
This is the first episode in a series we are calling Meet Your Marinas. There are five public marinas at Utah Lake: Saratoga Springs City Marina (aka Pelican Bay Marina), American Fork Marina, Lindon Marina, Utah Lake State Park and Lincoln Beach. Ron Madson, manager of Lindon Marina, shares some personal stories about his connection with Lindon Marina and sailing, updates us on the improvement project to create a campground at the marina, details about boat rentals and more! In this episode, we mentioned the following links: Lindon Marina website Lindon Marina Facebook page Timpanogos Yacht Club Facebook page
May 21, 2020
Ep. 14 - Fishing at Utah Lake (An Introduction to Access, Species, and more!)
We discuss fishing at Utah Lake with awesome guest Mike Packer from Utah Division of Wildlife Resources. This episode is a great place to start for a beginner or for someone who isn't familiar with fishing at Utah Lake. Topics covered include: access points, a brief history of some of the stocking efforts, improvement projects that will improve the fishery and access, the most common species to target, state fishing records at Utah Lake, and how to learn more about fishing and teaching others to fish. Links mentioned in this episode: DWR Utah Lake Fishing Seminar 2019 Casting a Fishing Line - a tutorial on how to cast by Mike Packer Utah Lake Public Access Points page Utah State Fishing Records June Sucker Recovery website Heckmann RA, Thompson CW, White DA (1981) Fishes of Utah Lake. Great Basin Naturalist Memoirs, No. 5: Utah Lake Monograph. Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah. Rocky Mountain Bowfishing Club Facebook group Ep. 04 - Walkara Way Conservation Project Ep. 07 - Provo River Delta Starts Construction Ep. 08 - June Sucker: Making Progress
May 14, 2020
Ep. 13 - Paddling Provo River to Utah Lake
Have you ever paddled down Provo River? If you have, chances are it was the section of Provo River in Provo Canyon. We're talking about paddling down the river all the way to Utah Lake. Done that? We recently did, and this episode shares our experience of paddle boarding from the Geneva Road trail head of the Provo River Parkway Trail all the way down to Utah Lake State Park.  Fun little rapids, peaceful waters, tons of birds, beautiful views of the fish and more were a part of this trip. You should try it too! Listen in to learn more. Here are some of the links mentioned in this episode: Youth Paddle Camp - Coming Soon! Ep. 07 - Provo River Delta Starts Construction Epic Recreation website Utah Lake State Park website
May 7, 2020
Ep. 12 - Birdwatching Basics
What is your favorite bird to spot at Utah Lake?? Keeli shares a couple of her favorites in this episode! Keeli Marvel, former president of Utah County Birders, speaks with the Utah Lake Commission about the basics of birdwatching at Utah Lake, good birding (only the cool people call it birding) spots at the lake and more! Utah County Birders (UCB) is a great club and they have several resources (mentioned in the epidode) for anyone wanting to learn more about birdwatching: UCB website UCB Facebook Group Ebird by Cornell University Birding helpful resources
April 30, 2020
Ep. 11 - Kayaking in Provo Bay
Mark Greenwood, a Utah County resident and long-time fan of Utah Lake tells us stories of his adventures kayaking in Provo Bay. He shares some tips on things to know before kayaking at Utah Lake, how to be safe and not get lost and shares some of the cool wildlife encounters he has had while at the lake. Listen in to learn more about kayaking in Provo Bay and you will be ready to get down there and give it a try for yourself! Mark's blog about Kayaking Utah Utah County Kayakers Facebook Group
April 23, 2020
Ep. 10 - A Utah Lake Miracle, Part 2
The story continues! This episode covers a first-hand account of that frightful day’s events was given by Grant Hammon, one of the twin brothers who were rescued. His retelling of the story is harrowing at times and helps us better understand the emotions felt during that crisis out on Utah Lake.  We hope you enjoy the story and stay safe and have fun at Utah Lake!
April 16, 2020
Ep. 09 - A Utah Lake Miracle, Part 1
Every now and again, our thoughts and perspectives are uplifted by a story.  Unexpectedly, someone comes along who unselfishly touches lives and then continues on his or her way, oblivious to the impacts they have had.  Some of these are unsung heroes, who report to work every day never knowing what they will encounter.  This is the story of one of those days. This episode covers the story of two brothers, Grant and Steve Hammon who were rescued during a storm out on Utah Lake several years ago. The story will be covered in two episodes. In Part 1, the story is from the perspective of the Utah Lake State Park rangers who rescued the brothers. In Part 2, we will be sharing the perspective of the brothers themselves.
April 9, 2020
Ep. 08 - June Sucker: Making Progress
In this episode, we speak with Mike Mills, the head of the June Sucker Recovery Implementation Program. He updates listeners on the exciting proposal to "downlist" June Sucker from endangered to threatened, background on carp removal and where it is going in the future, the issue of Northern Pike and more. Listen in, and if you like it make sure to subscribe to the podcast for exciting episodes all about Utah Lake!
April 2, 2020
Ep. 07 - Provo River Delta Starts Construction
In this episode, we interview Melissa Stamp with the Provo River Delta Restoration Project. This project is an effort to recreate the Provo River delta as habitat for the endangered June Sucker fish. Efforts have been underway for over 2 decades, and they started construction in March 2020! Listen in for details on what exactly is happening this year and in future years, answers to frequently asked questions and benefits to the public from this project. 
March 26, 2020
Ep. 06 - Utah Famous Podcast interview
We were interviewed on the Utah Famous Podcast! Sam talked with Utah Famous hosts Jordan and Sarah about algae blooms, Utah Lake history, events happening this year at the lake and more! 
March 12, 2020
Ep. 05 - Utah Lake Monster
Sam discusses the history behind the Utah Lake Monster, covering sightings stretching back to the mid 1800's. He also discusses the Utah Lake Monster lesson from the Commission that qualifies for 4th grade curriculum, and some verified "monsters" caught at Utah Lake. ;) 
February 27, 2020
Ep. 04 - Walkara Way Conservation Project
Announcing a 1,000 acre open-space public park!!! We interviewed Jake Holdaway, the founder of the Walkara Way Conservation Project. This project is an effort to restore a 1,000 acre section of the Utah Lake shoreline in Orem. There are over 25 government entities working together with the private landowners to create this amazing park that will have trails, ponds, bird viewing towers and more. Listen in to get the preview on this project!
January 30, 2020
Ep. 03 - Why Recreate at Utah Lake
Why should you recreate at Utah Lake? It seems there's plenty of reasons not to, but today we're going to help you learn the truth about Utah's amazing! Utah Lake Commission staff share some of their reasons why, but we also interview three individuals who use the lake themselves. Pat Scouten, an avid fisherman who's been coming to Utah Lake for over 60 years; Todd Frye, the owner of Bonneville School of Sailing who has been teaching people to sail on Utah Lake for over a decade; and Joe Arave with Epic Recreation, the concessionaire at Utah Lake State Park all have great things to say about Utah Lake.
January 23, 2020
Ep. 02 - Top 5 Questions about Utah Lake
In this episode, we address the top 5 questions we got about Utah Lake at an educational booth we did over the summer of 2019. The topics include: algae blooms, carp removal, the Utah Lake Restoration project, the Utah Lake Commission and the future of the lake. 
January 16, 2020
Ep. 01 - The Future of Utah Lake
Utah Lake Commission staff discuss the future of Utah Lake, breaking it up into four categories: Water Quality, Habitat and Wildlife, Recreational Access and Amenities and Transportation. Within those four categories there are several exciting restoration projects, trail plans, phragmites removal, marina upgrades and more.
January 10, 2020