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I Know This Place - Ute Junker

I Know This Place - Ute Junker

By Ute Junker
I Know This Place is a podcast about the world’s most interesting places, seen through the eyes of the people who know them best. Join travel writer Ute Junker on the road as she talks with chefs, architects, historians and more about the places that are special to them.
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I Know This Place - New Orleans with Liz Williams

I Know This Place - Ute Junker

I Know This Place - Bali with Bill Bensley
He’s designed some of Asia’s most luxurious resorts, but what Bill Bensley loves best about Bali is the rich spirituality that infuses daily life. Well, that and fossicking in the junk shops.
November 15, 2019
I Know This Place - Ancient Egypt with Dr Kara Cooney
The great pyramids at Giza are simply awe-inspiring - and they’re just the start. The ancient Egyptians left behind a dazzling collection of temples and tombs; in this episode, Egyptologist Kara Cooney takes us to some don’t-miss destinations, and tells us more about the civilisation that built these incredible monuments.
November 6, 2019
I Know This Place - New Orleans with Liz Williams
When you go to New Orleans, bring your appetite with you. From gumbo to jambalaya to red beans and rice, New Orleans cuisine is intricately bound up with its history, as food historian Liz Williams explains in this mouthwatering episode.
October 29, 2019
I Know This Place - Sri Lanka with Peter Kuruvita
He’s a chef, restaurateur and TV presenter – but what Peter Kuruvita is most passionate about is Sri Lanka. In this episode, he talks about his earliest memories of the country, about what sets Sri Lankan food apart from every other cuisine, and about his favourite places to visit, from ancient rock citadels to verdant national parks. 
July 23, 2019
I Know This Place - Rome with Cristina Bowerman
After 14 years of living in Rome, Michelin-starred chef Cristina Bowerman says that she knows every cobblestone of her favourite haunts. Here she leads us on a virtual walk through her favourite neighbourhoods, taking in not just some of the city’s most memorable sights but also some of its best bites – and explains what the one must-try Roman dish is. (Surprise: it’s not pasta carbonara.) 
July 23, 2019
I Know This Place - Russia with Alla Wolf-Tasker
 The world’s largest country is not top of most people’s must-visit lists; in this episode, Australian chef Alla Wolf-Tasker, the child of Russian émigrés, tells us why it should be. She talks about the Russia of her past – from childhood feasts to grim Soviet-era canteens - as well as the highlights of today, and why the midnight train from Moscow is an experience to remember.
July 23, 2019