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UX in the World

UX in the World

By UX in the World
UX news, handy tools, and Case Studies. Your go-to hub for all things UX! ✍🏻πŸ‘₯πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’»πŸ“±πŸ’Έ
Host: Austin Fisher | This podcast was created in Anchor.
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(Off-air) iOS 11 Review!
I discuss the upcoming iOS 11 updates to be revealed in September 12th, the UX of them, and why I'm so excited for Apple. Host: Austin Fisher
September 3, 2017
(Off-Air) The Apple Event!
Discussing the iPhone 8, the new features, the UX of them, and some iOS improvements. Tune in on Anchor! Host: Austin Fisher
September 1, 2017
YouTube! (feat. Abbie Goulet)
[PART 2/2] Abbie and I discuss the different videos we watch and gossip on the latest YouTube scandals. (part 1 on her station!)
August 1, 2017
The UX of Mail!
From Seinfeld to tech disruptions, discover how mail is an outdated system in need of an upgrade. Host: Austin Fisher @stuxain
July 22, 2017
Customer Service on Twitter
Discussing Chatbots, different social media, and the disruption of the 9-5!
July 21, 2017
UX of the Gym!
I discuss how beginners are treated, intimidated, and unprepared for the gym, and how that can be changed with some good UX.
July 12, 2017
Intimate Technology (off-air)
Japanese sex robots, and Virtual Reality weddings, discussing the concerns of intimate technology.
July 8, 2017
How to be Happy
This time we apply UX principles to improving personal happiness. The world is filled with users, and it's our job to satisfy them. What better way than to be happy?
July 7, 2017
Cars in Society!
Cars aren't efficient in cities. Autonomous/electric cars don't solve that problem. Are these even worth the investment, then? Should cars be eliminated from cities completely? Host: Austin Fisher
July 4, 2017
GBDA β€” The UX Undergrad
Anchor is Awesome! More than just a podcast. β€’ INTRO 🎢 β€’ WELCOME! We have episodes now! β€’ TODAY: GBDA - the UX undergrad program you've wanted. β€’ GBDA - A UX program with many creative disciplines β€’ Karin Schmidlin, UX Professor (GBDA 101): β€’ GBDA grads have a wide skill set for MANY situations. β€’ What would a UX Researcher or UX Designer do? β€’ UX Writer β€”Β Marketing, Scriptwriting, Personality & Humanity. β€’ HIRE ME! - *UX Writer*, Editor, Researcher, Designer β€’ UX Professionals are adaptive, a
June 29, 2017
UX in Cooking: IKEA Recipes
TODAY: IKEA Recipes and Tasty videos redefine the way we cook. Why video and other visuals supercede written instructions. Discussing the future of cooking and technology's role.
June 29, 2017