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By Wojtek Kutyla
Tips on running UX activities, developing your career and making digital stuff work. Interviews, commentaries and general observations. By Wojtek Kutyla, Independent UX Consultant and Trainer.
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Jaime Levy on UX Strategy (second edition!)
Jaime Levy is the UX Strategist and Author of one of my favourite UX books — "UX Strategy". Now in its second edition, the book simply rocks. Listen to our chat and discover what has changed since the last edition and why is it important to think about strategic themes in your work. UX Strategy at O'Reilly Jaime on Twitter Jaime's UX Strategy Masterclass Lectures (the actual class is now sold out).
May 12, 2021
Jim Kalbach on Jobs To Be Done
Jim Kalbach wrote a book. And that book has shook the world of those of us who practice Jobs To Be Done (JTBD) — an amazing research and ideation method focused innovation space discovery. I've met Jim some time ago and decided to talk to him about his experiences of working with Jobs To Be Done. Listen to this; it'll help you in your practice of JTBD and in your design practice in general. Links: Jim Kalbach on LinkedIn Jim Kalbach on Twitter Jim's website Jim's book: 'The Jobs To Be Done Playbook' Jim's training: JTBD Toolkit (check'em workshops out!) Podcast mastering: Chris Kutyla
January 26, 2021
Andy Lobban on getting your dream job, part 2/2
After chatting with Andy Lobban, the VP UX & Design at FanDuel I got a number of emails from you — asking for more. So here it is.  Here's my friend again, talking about mentoring, necessary business-related skills for any UX designer to have and a few other things. You can find Andy on LinkedIn And listen to the lovely jingle. ;D Mastering: Chris Kutyla
January 26, 2021
Andy Lobban on getting your dream job, part 1/2
Finding a job that you like is hard when you're just starting in UX. I've asked my friend, Andy Lobban, a VP UX & Design at FanDuel for some tips on how to make it work. Listen to his advice.  Here's Andy on LinkedIn: Keep in mind that this is just my first chat with Andy — and the first podcast I've ever recorded. The second part, and future podcasts are also worth your time. Check them out! :)  
January 26, 2021