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The UX Hustle

The UX Hustle

By Amanda Worthington
This is a show about crafting a badass UX career and refining your UX process to become better at what you do. We'll also talk about applying UX to your life to get more done—with less stress.
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Episode 2 - Do the UX Chillhop with your Customer Service Team

The UX Hustle

Episode 26 - Taking on Big Challenges and Skyrocketing to UX Leadership with Amanda Worthington
Amanda Worthington is a UX Researcher and Designer with a background in civil engineering. She is organizing the third annual UX Hustle Summit, the world's only virtual UX career conference, and she has signed-on to become the next host of the UX Hustle Podcast. In this episode of the podcast, Sophia's final episode as host, Sophia and Amanda discuss the importance of daily affirmations, how the lines between work/life balance have become blurred over the past year, the overwhelm of opportunity in the UX field, and the importance of sanitizing your conference ball pit in a post Covid world. Enjoy! LINKS: Follow Amanda on Twitter: @amaeworthington Connect with Amanda on LinkedIn: Keep up with Amanda on her website: Earl Nightingale, "The Strangest Secret," mentioned in the episode: Subscribe to The Object-Oriented UX Podcast: Join the Rewired UX Newsletter: Learn more about the UX Hustle Summit: Get your UX Hustle Summit tickets here with a massive 40% off discount:
September 10, 2020
Episode 25 - Making Content Accessible with Tara Codrington
Tara Codrington is a Web Project Specialist with the Government of Alberta, Canada. She began her career in television, but followed her knack for breaking down complex problems into the online world, where she discovered a passion for accessible design and inclusive writing. In this episode, Sophia and Tara discuss defining who your project really serves, guerrilla user testing, and advocating for those who can't advocate for themselves.  LINKS: Connect with Tara on LinkedIn: Follow Tara on Twitter: Become a Certified OOUX Strategist:
September 3, 2020
Episode 24 - Starting a UX Project with Object-Oriented UX: an Audio Workshop
This episode is a little different! Sophia will take you through the basics of OOUX and the ORCA process. Then, together, we will take an example project through the first round of ORCA, the Discovery Round. Grab a pen and paper and get a hand-on lesson in this awesome way of kicking off your UX design efforts. GET YOUR DISCOUNTED SPOT FOR THE OOUX WORKSHOP: LEARN MORE ABOUT GETTING OOUX-CERTIFIED: OOUXy Psychology Articles: Don’t Dead Him: Why Verbs are Hard and What it Means for our UX Process: The Object-Oriented User: PRINT ME! Noun Foraging Document:
August 14, 2020
Episode 23 - Fostering Simplicity and Finding a Shared Language with Kamilah Benjamin
Kamilah Benjamin is a creative director and UX designer at Statefarm Insurance, a freelance brand design consultant, a leader and mentor in debt management, healthy living, and decluttering. And if that wasn't enough, she spends her free time practicing photography, designing typography and doing floral arrangement. In this episode of the podcast, Sophia and Kamilah discuss how to navigate corporate acronym overload, the importance of mindset while living amid the sometimes abrupt changes of the post-Covid world, and how to keep all the details in high complexity UX projects from falling through the cracks.  LINKS: Follow Kamilah on Twitter: Connect with Kamilah on LinkedIn: Keep up with Kamilah on her website: Sign up to attend the Object Oriented UX Happy Hour: Join OOUX Summer School: Become a Certified OOUX Strategist:
July 31, 2020
Episode 22 - Practicing OOUX in the real world with Amber Hicks
Amber Hicks is the very first Certified OOUX Strategist to be on the podcast. She was an elementary school teacher before changing careers to become an OOUX Designer for Norfolk Southern. In this episode of the podcast, Sophia and Amber talk about how OOUX gives you the tools to iterate on literally anything, how using storytelling can help you get buy-in more quickly when selling clients and engineers on the intention behind your designs, and whether or not we should be teaching UX to third graders. Enjoy!
July 16, 2020
Episode 21 - Designing, leading, and trail blazing with Angel Banks
Angel Banks has worked as a product manager and UX designer. She's also a speaker and organizer for the Atlanta tech community where she works to ensure an inclusive environment for the marginalized and underrepresented in tech. In this episode, Sophia and Angel discuss making the tech industry safe and inclusive for all, whether UX designers should learn to code, and job hunting as a woman of color. LINKS: Angel Banks REFACTR.TECH 7/12 90's Netflix Party: Clueless 7/22 REFACTR.TECH Rerun with Henri Helvetica 8/9 90's Netflix Party: Mortal Kombat Women Who Code 7/7  Find Your Tech Talent / Co-Founder / Curiosity Lab + Women Who Code Atlanta Women Techmakers Kim Crayton Intro to Being an Antiracist (video) 8/29 - Being an Antiracist at Home 10/31 - Being an Antiracist at Work Your Black Friends are Tired OOUX Summer School Rewired UX Newsletter Signup
July 2, 2020
Episode 20 - Stories from COVID-19, Learning to be an Ally, and Announcing Cohort 3 of the OOUX Strategist Certification
In this episode of the podcast, Sophia gives updates on all the changes happening: in her business, in her personal life, and in her mind.  You’ll also be the first to get the scoop on Cohort 3 of the Object Oriented UX Certification Program. LINKS: OOUX Strategist Certification Program—Early Bird spots are on sale!  (Sept 30th through Dec 2nd) OOUX Summer School (August 22&23) (You’ll get a $497 discount code to the OOUX Certification program with this purchase.) SHANNON SCHOLARSHIP Get 95% off OOUX Summer School (unlimited spots) and the chance to get 75% off the OOUX Strategist Certification Program (3 spots). Email with a link to your Linkedin and your 1-2 sentence story. We’ll email you a discount code within 48 hours! Sophia’s letter: Examining my Complicity (Without self-loathing)
June 18, 2020
Episode 19 - Taxonomy, Folksonomy, and Knowledge Graphs with Ahren Lehnert and Bob Kasenchak
In this episode of the podcast, Sophia, Ahren, and Bob discuss how taxonomies differ from folksonomies, how folksonomies differ from ontologies, and how common vocabularies keep design projects on track. Ahren Lehnert is a knowledge management professional who has worked across many industries including  marketing, health care, Federal and State government agencies, commercial and ecommerce, geospatial, oil and gas, telecom, and financial services. Bob Kasenshak has worked in business development, product development, and as a taxonomist since 2012. They are both senior taxonomists at Synaptica, an enterprise taxonomy and ontology management software company.  LINKS: Follow Ahren on Twitter: @ahrenlehnert Follow Bob on Twitter: @taxobob Keep up with Synaptica on their website: Synaptica Follow Synaptica on Twitter: Synaptica
June 5, 2020
Episode 18 - Supercharge Your Side Hustle (#UXYourLife Series)
Sophia has found success as a UX designer, speaker, Object-Oriented UX workshop facilitator, UX community leader, writer, and podcaster. In this episode, Sophia discusses leveraging your day job, calendar blocking, teaching what you want to learn, creating personal accountability, being the "8-bit" version of whatever you want to be--all the methods she has found useful in bringing her endeavors to fruition and how you can use them to achieve your own side hustle success.  Course for free for 3 days, until May 24 Course for $10, Expires May 26 More links! NewStory Charity: Sign up for the UX Hustle Newsletter: Online Course Masters Podcast: Sophia on User Defenders:
May 21, 2020
Episode 17 - Designing systems to practice UX without the stress with Ben Simmonds
Ben Simmonds is a senior UX practitioner with 20 years of experience making technology better in London, Sydney, and now in Bristol as an independent consultant. As a compliment to UX Design, Ben is also a certified Performance, Stress, and Productivity coach. He runs "UX Without The Stress" workshops to help teams and individuals navigate complex, demanding projects. In this episode of the podcast, Sophia and Ben discuss teaching what you want to learn, the information architecture of stress, and how Object-Oriented UX deconstructs complexity to enable better design. Enjoy! Sign up for Ben's next online "UX Without The Stress" workshop, scheduled for May 23, at the link below.  LINKS: Keep up with Ben on his Website: Follow Ben on Twitter: @bensimmonds Connect with Ben on LinkedIn: Sign up for Ben's "UX Without The Stress" workshop!  Read Sophia's A List Apart article on OOUX:
May 8, 2020
Episode 16 - Finding flow in life and in workshop facilitation with Matt Trinetti
Matt Trinetti is a writer, publisher, speaker, and workshop facilitator who specializes in helping people and companies live and work deliberately. He's also a dear friend of Sophia's and a fellow Georgia Tech alum. In this episode of the podcast, they discuss how to listen to and act on those "quiet dreams" we all have, how to prototype the big life changes that can come from that, and how to formulate great workshop facilitation. Enjoy! LINKS: Learn more about living deliberately by following Matt's blog: Follow Matt on twitter: @trinetti Interested in going down the rabbit hole with OOUX? Get certified! OOUX Strategist Certification:
May 1, 2020
Episode 15 - Exploring the Information Layer with Bram Wessel
Bram Wessel is a Principal and Founder at Factor Firm, an information architecture consultancy out of Seattle, Washington that has done work for a few brands you've probably heard of including Adobe, Amazon, Disney, Intel and Microsoft.  Bram has spent more than 20 years as a human-centered design professional, thought leader and speaker advocating for the IA/UX discipline. As if he wasn't cool enough, he also teaches the discipline to the next generation via his advanced User Experience and certificate Information Architecture classes at the School of Visual Concepts and as a guest lecturer at the University of Washington’s MCDM and MLIS programs. In this episode of the podcast, we discuss how UX designers really are modern day philosophers, how that all-important sweet spot between technical development and design expression, the information layer, has been neglected for far too long, and how Agile development is an unattainable goal. Be warned, this is a geeky one! Enjoy! LINKS:  Bram’s IA Shop: OOUX Strategist Certification: OOUX Free Webinar: Enterprise Experience Conference:
April 24, 2020
Episode 14 - Object-Oriented UX in Business and in Games with Caroline Sober-James
Caroline Sober-James has journeyed from database architect to UX designer to a fellow object-oriented UX evangelist. She’s the UX Director at Acumium in Madison, WI, where she strives to lead her team with “radical candor.” We discuss how leaders can create an environment for innovation and how team members can demand it. We look at how OOUX can help with client meetings as well as debate how OOUX applies to fantasy games, board games, and classic Nintendo. Enjoy! LINKS: Radical Candor: M+DEV Conference: Caroline’s slides: Coming up! EntreFEST (June 4-5, 2020) in Cedar Rapids, IA ***Sign up for Sophia’s newsletter to get notified about upcoming OOUX Certification Courses!
February 19, 2020
Episode 13 - Building Design Systems and Systems for Building Designers with Ben Callahan
In this conversation, I talk to Ben Callahan, Sparkbox founder and design system expert. At Sparkbox, Ben has created an amazing workplace that facilitates learning, exploring, asking questions, and pet projects. We talk about how that awesomeness came to be and what’s working well today. (Team leaders, please take notes.)  We also talk about taking time to tinker and figure yourself out—while the world seems to change right underneath your feet. Of course, we get into design systems, too.  We nerd out on documentation and discuss how being on the “design system team” can be a great part of company hazing >cough, cough<  onboarding. If you are revved up to apply for Sparkbox’s apprentice program, here’s your link: Connect with Ben on Twitter:
December 30, 2019
Episode 12 - Jason Ogle: The Defender of User Defenders Everywhere
If you listen to the UX Hustle Podcast, you probably also listen to the User Defenders podcast, amiright? In that case, you might think you know Jason Ogle. Think again. In this super-candid episode, I interview THE interviewer. We get into his rocky path to becoming a UX designer and leader within the UX community. We talk about habit forming, design’s role in business, web design in the ’90s, the most important thing to communicate in a UX interview, the AI takeover, and so much more. We also talk about mentoring and the importance of community.  If you didn't already know how much Jason truly cares about his User Defenders and their success, you'll hear that passion shine through in this conversation. On that note, please check out Jason’s awesome User Defenders Community. The first 7 days are free, so there’s no reason NOT to give it a go: Here’s what it’s all about: Caring & Genuine UX Community of 500 (and counting) A safe place to connect, grow, and inspire Benefits include early ad-free User Defenders: Podcast episodes, FREE members-only training sessions/AMA's from some of the biggest names in UX, Impactful Book Club We choose an inspiring design or growth-related book and discuss as a group through video-conference afterward, No Mark Zuckerberg or Jack, and countless irrelevant ads. Just an intuitive social network, entirely focused on UX and personal growth, with other wonderful, helpful humans as passionate about these topics as you are! Resources mentioned in this episode: The Miracle Morning Deep Work Pat Flynn’s Podcast Atomic Habits Humane Tech Mindful Technology
November 27, 2019
Episode 11 - UX Research, Personas, and Career Specialization with Beth Godfrey
In this interview with Mailchimp UX Researcher Beth Godfrey, we talk about career, personas, socializing research, and public speaking for introverts.  We get into how Beth transitioned from a UX generalist within an agency to focus on what she really loves: user research. The episode of full of belly laughs and golden nuggets—enjoy! Helpful Links: Beth’s Linkedin: Designing for Emotion book: NNg Newsetter: Calm Technology Book: Microinteractions book: Design for Sustainability book: Join the UX Hustle Newsletter!
October 31, 2019
Episode 10 - The IA of Pants...and a UX Portfolio
Paul McAleer is the Content Strategy Director at Bouteous, an award-winning digital innovation agency. He joins us today to talk about the infuriating information architecture of pants (or lack thereof) as well as how progressive disclosure can help the usability of a UX portfolio. We also get into the distinction between IA and Content Strategy and where they overlap. Enjoy!
October 11, 2019
Episode 9 - Pro-Troublemaking with Stefanie Krievins
Stefanie Krievins is a big hearted, tough love professional career coach with lots of wisdom to give. Fair warning, a few F-bombs are peppered in with that wisdom! She specializes in change making within organizations and that’s why I wanted to have her on. For UX designers to do their job, they have to foster an environment that’s open to change. Because that’s what we do, we go in and make waves. In this episode Stefanie talks about how important it is to define success upfront, what type of questions to ask in a UX interview, and how to reframe the skills of a past career when you are transitioning into UX. Stefanie will also be giving a lecture and mini-workshop at the UX Hustle Summit on Saturday Sept 7th.  Go to to learn more about the conference and when you get your ticket, enter uxhustlepodcast all lowercase. HELPFUL LINKS: Sign up for Stefanie’s course and join her community: Stefanie's Pro troublemaker worksheet: $50 off the UX Hustle Summit: The Secrets of closing the sale by Zig Ziglar Million Dollar Consulting by Allen Weiss TED Talk recommendation: Self-Love, be Intentional  by Caitlyn Roux
August 30, 2019
Episode 8 - Moving from graphic design to UX design (with a little help from OOUX)
In the course of just a few years, Gabriela Ospina has transformed her career.  She's transitioned from designing print graphics to digital graphics to complex user experiences. We when spoke in December, she was working on the JP Morgan Chase investments mobile apps as a senior UX designer. But recently she’s moved onto a product design role at Namely, a company that builds software for Human Resources and payroll. As if finance was not complicated enough!  In this episode, Gabriela and I talk about her UX journey and how object-oriented UX has played a part. Along with some sharp OOUX skills,  she’s also fueling her her trajectory with cross-fitter work ethic and a love of learning.  ANNOUNCEMENT! For those of you coming to the Generate Conference in New York City on April 24-25, Gabriela will be making a cameo appearance in our full day OOUX workshop. How exciting!  Books recommended:  Leadership by design The Hard Thing about Hard Things
April 13, 2019
Episode 7 - Reframe the Check and Find the Joy of Doing (#UXyourLife Series)
It’s the second installment of my #UXyourLife series! In this episode, I’ll help you get more done with less stress. You’ll learn how to end your day feeling satisfied with what you’ve accomplished and set clear boundaries so you don’t take on more than you can handle. It’s time to fire your todo list and give your calendar a big promotion.  Book a 3-session private coaching course to help you implement calendar-blocking in your own life ($199 for THREE hours of private productivity coaching!)  Affiliate links to book resources:  GRIT  Deep work  Atomic Habits  Essentialism  You are a Bad Ass  Amy Landino’s Calendar Blocking video (and her entire channel, really)  Jenn Carrington Podcast: Chapter 10: Your are the vessel through which your work comes to life  “Don’t judge everyday by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds you plant.” Yes, that’s Robert Louis Stevenson! 
March 15, 2019
Episode 6 - Alexa Wrangling, AI Celebrities, and #ElderMillennial Nostalgia with Paul Jackson from the BBC
The BBC is sharpening the cutting edge of voice UI. In this episode, I talk to Paul Jackson, a senior UX Designer on the BBC's Voice+AI team. We discuss the joys and pains of being an #ElderMillennial, the sounds of the Tokyo train system, and aspirational voice UI projects. Geek out with us on “voice-first” design, user testing for voice, and how object-oriented UX might help make Alexa more intuitive.  Also, learn one great way to break into the emerging field of voice UI. Here’s Paul's Tokyo train sounds for your workday focus: Paul on Twitter:  And Sophia’s OOUX your UX Portfolio Workshop in Atlanta: 
February 21, 2019
Episode 5 - Crypto Kitties, Magic Sticker Albums, and Object Oriented UX
Lili Feyerbend’s a UX designer with some serious geek street cred. She’s the cofounder of startup CryptoDecks and she’s also got a law degree tucked away in her resume. Lili is a practitioner of my object-oriented UX methodology and gave a lecture on OOUX at the Nifty Conference in Hong Kong this summer. In this episode, we talk about contextual navigation, crypto-assets, and her favorite rare Pepe. WARNING: We get into the weeds…you might want to avoid multi-tasking on this one. I hope you learn as much as I did! When your are ready to get started with NFTs, make sure to visit PS! If you are interested in learning some of the hard skills around OOUX, check out the online event happening Feb 2nd, 2019. Use discount code UXHUSTLE for $30 off.
December 18, 2018
Episode 4 - West Coast Design Systems with Devon Alkire-Cussen and Karl Schultz
In 2017, Karl Schulz brought me and my Object-Oriented UX workshop to the design team at One of the designers on the team was Devon Alkire-Cussen, who immediately clicked with OOUX. Today, Karl is bringing object-first thinking to Atlassian and Devon is bringing OOUX to CreditKarma. In this conversation, we sit down in my beautiful San Francisco Airbnb to talk about the twists and turns of their UX journeys, what makes a great UX designer, the challenges of OOUX, and the future of our industry. Make sure to check out the swimwear company that Devon works with
December 10, 2018
Episode 3 - Seven Ways to Take Action on your Dreams (#UXyourLife Series)
At the end of every episode, Saundi reminds us: "Don't wait for inspiration to act, ACT TO GET INSPIRED." Why does this statement always wrap up the Hustle? Because without this way of thinking, the UX Hustle podcast wouldn't exist. In this solopisode, I'll take you through 7 principles that have revolutionized my ability to get shit done with less stress and more joy. Get out of your endless vortex of thinking, planning, ideating, sketching, researching—so that you can actually manifest all your ideas into the world. Recommended further reading from this episode: Miracle Morning (BOOK): War on Art (BOOK): Better than Before (BOOK): Calendar Blocking and Amy Landino (YouTube):
November 27, 2018
Episode 2 - Do the UX Chillhop with your Customer Service Team
Havana Nguyen, a UX designer at Commissions Inc, first experienced the magical power of the Internet at age 12 when her Sonic the Hedgehog website became one of the top fan sites for this speedy creature. From there, her path to UX took many twists and turns, all of which have influenced how she works today. For example, after working as a customer service representative, she has a unique view on how to involve these roles in the design process. We also have a ton to learn from Havana when it comes to managing our creative impulses and boundless curiosity (the curse of many UX designers). She’s a character artist for an award-winning comic, a YouTuber, a jujitsu fighter, and a blogger. But with some simple hacks, she manages to give all her interests the attention they deserve. Not only is Havana’s story fascinating and inspiring, it’s incredibly useful. Enjoy! Resources and links... More on Havana: Kamikaze: NNG Newsletter: Havana’s interaction flows article: Micro interactions by Dan Saffer: Steal Like an Artist by Austin Kleon: Sophia's force prioritization (OOUX) article: Chill hop for your Workshops:
October 22, 2018
Episode 1 - Vintage Chatbots and Problems that Talk Back with Zach Pousman
In the very first episode of the UX Hustle Podcast, Sophia talks to Zach Pousman, CEO of Helpfully, an innovation and UX firm in Atlanta. Sophia learns about WIMP and the magical 1-3-5 to-do list hack. They discuss the parallels between the command line and chatbots. Down the rabbit hole, Sophia and Zach explore the design challenges found in the blind void of voice UI. Zach gives sage advice on designing within constraints—when and how should you push the boundaries? He also talks about the philosophical difference between breaking down an engineering problem and a design problem.
October 11, 2018
TRAILER: Introducing the UX Hustle Podcast
This is a podcast about having fun doing better UX design and also crafting an intentional career in UX. Listen to this brief intro to get the deets and figure out if the Hustle is right for you.
October 8, 2018