Version Eight | Digital Marketing Tips and Strategies For SME's

Version Eight | Digital Marketing Tips and Strategies For SME's

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Omni-Channel Experiences and Facebook Ads
Have you ever browsed on your phone, landed on a website you were keen to check out but quickly realized it’s not mobile-friendly, bounced off the site and finding yourself on the desktop version for a better experience? Well, you’re not alone, though most web traffic is mobile, not all actions are taken on your site like making a purchase come from mobile, they’re on a desktop or laptop. In Today’s Podcast We’re Going to Look at: The importance of creating a great experience both on mobile and other devices. Why the Bounce Rate (the rate at which people land on your page and immediately leave) is no longer just a google thing. How your Facebook ads performance is being affected because of poor user experience and costing you dearly. Instant Gratification is the reason behind why your landing pages need to load faster, young Millennials and Gen Z want things NOW. We live in a world that moves at an increasing pace and that’s been exacerbated by access to technology. Many of us go online to a Zando or Takealot, order something and expect it to arrive the next day with some choosing the option of Next-day Delivery – we want it now! On social media, we post a picture of us hanging out with family and friends or a recent holiday, immediately we expect a ton of likes, shares or comments: We want it now! People have very little patience and getting things at speed is the name of the game. Page Load Time And Your Website This brings me to why the time it takes for your page to load is important, here’s a Google study of mobile page speed done in 2017 and the results. It’s clear that for every second longer your page takes to load, you’re losing more people. If you couple that with a bad user experience, people will be dropping off like flies. If someone is going to have a bad experience on their mobile, they’re likely to visit your page from a desktop or tablet, assuming your product or service is something worth checking out again. But when people start to leave for the desktop experience instead then your bounce rate will increase which is a negative signal not only to Google, but now to Facebook as well. People use multiple devices today to access your website and that’s why you must look at your omni-channel experience. Does my mobile landing page provide the same great experience as the website version? Is it difficult to find the ‘Buy Now’ button or does it struggle to show all the items you have in your shopping basket? Facebook is Penalizing Ads (or advertisers) That Send People to Pages That Load Slowly AND Present an Overall Bad User Experience. The social giant wants to continue giving its users on the platform a great user experience, from the time they’re on the network right through to clicking an ad and leaving. This is both good and bad. The good 🙂: Facebook users will continue visiting and using the social network more often (more eyeballs for advertisers) because the experience even with ads continues to be a good one, they want users to keep coming back more often. The bad 😟: Advertisers need to work a lot harder to get their ads delivered and two things will happen 1) Your advertising costs will rise because of the negative ad experience. 2) They will be seen by less people because it will get minimal reach. If you thought the After-Click experience didn’t matter, it’s time to seriously rethink which site you’re sending people to. So, How Do We Know Whether We’re Sending People to a Great Experience or Not From Facebook? You need to focus on Landing Page views vs Link Clicks, in addition to the Relevance Score your ads are given this will tell you how well your ads
February 26, 2019
Facebook and Instagram Stories - More Leads, Lower Costs??
With the newsfeed becoming so competitive, both on Facebook and Instagram, stories look to be the next best thing when it comes to lowering your overall lead costs and spiking engagement. In this episode, you’ll hear mixed results about stories, based on what we’ve seen in the agency after experimenting with them for a couple of our clients. I Dive Into a Few Crucial Things Namely: • Results differ according to the industry or market you’re in with other factors like the age group and demographics playing a key role • I speak about the differences in lead costs between two differing sectors • Where the higher engagement comes from and why As you’ll hear, I use the example of one client who is in the education space vs another in the health and fitness sector. Where one focuses on parents (25 - 45 years old) while the other a health club with a much broader age group (18 - 55 years old); the responses to story ads are different with young Millennials and Gen Z responding more to the story ads from the fitness space. Yes. Not everyone is as excited for stories as this younger bunch. The reason for this as you’ll hear is in the ‘story’ I tell (pun intended), about the mode of communication. Take as an example the way you might communicate with your grandmother (if she’s as traditional as mine), you’ll know the best way to get a response from her is face-to-face conversation or a phone call rather than a Whatsapp or voice note - right? The younger generation, however, is more adoptive of such popular features as they love telling stories and tend to relate better to brand stories in this way when they see them. If stories aren’t working, it might just mean the audience isn’t a perfect fit for them at the moment. There are so many excellent ways that social media allows brands to market on the different channels, but it does come down to testing, knowing your audience and trying different methods to reach them. Just because stories didn’t necessarily work in the education space, doesn’t mean a similar strategy won’t work ten years from now when Gen Z are the ‘new parents’ on the block. Stories are hot right now and worth a shot, if we never tried them for the health club, we wouldn’t have seen the R20-25 lead costs. Hope you enjoy the episode. Feel free to reach out to us and let us know what you thought of the podcast.
February 1, 2019
8 Burning Questions Answered About Facebook Marketing
Here are 8 burning questions people have about Facebook marketing. 
January 17, 2019
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