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 Virtual Assistants Brunch Podcast

Virtual Assistants Brunch Podcast

By Virtual Assistants Brunch
Virtual Assistants Brunch (VAB) is a virtual community of powerful women building successful virtual assistant businesses while finding the best places to brunch in and around our city. Come sit at the table with us as we share our stories, personal experiences and learn how other virtual assistants are creating and living a #VABulous lifestyle! Learn how to plan, launch, build, scale and SLAY your online business! Join our monthly podcast playlist on our website.

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How Authenticity Attracts Your Ideal Clients with Latrice Prater

Virtual Assistants Brunch Podcast

How Authenticity Attracts Your Ideal Clients with Latrice Prater

Virtual Assistants Brunch Podcast

How to Implement a Monthly CEO Day that Transforms Your Business
Let’s be honest, being an entrepreneur can be a rollercoaster ride with a series of ups and downs. Another three months have gone by and you feel like you haven’t accomplished much this last quarter. In today’s episode, I want to share how I am able to accomplish so much in my business with a simple strategy called a “Monthly CEO Day” What I cover: What is a CEO day? How it  works How to write a monthly CEO report?
August 05, 2021
Building Her VA Business While Having Lupus with Gwendolyn Young
Welcome to our final Episode 34! Today we have Gwendolyn Young from Your Admin Expert on the show. Checkout Gwendolyn's story on the podcast and read about it below. Listen to the entire episode through to the end because I have a huge annoucement I am going to make. So stay tune for that. If you want to know how the Vabulous bossbabe is building a successful VA business a while having lupus, listen to the episode now. What we discussed: What was it like trying to build your VA business while having Lupus What were some of the challenges you encountered? How did you find the strength to push through? What's your core expertise? What type of clients do you love to work with? Download the "Are You In The Genius Zone Checklist" using the code mentioned: Join us for brunch at
August 04, 2021
How to Keep Your Clients Data Confidential Using Google Workspace with Alicia Pierre
Welcome to Episode 33! Today we have Alicia Pierre on the show! Alicia is from Miami, FL, and she is a Google Workspace Specialist. She works with solo attorneys and small law firms to help run their Cloud-Based Law firm. She is here to talk about how to keep your data confidential using Google Workspace. Alicia is dropping gems this entire episode. She’s sharing how she got started and how to best use Google Workspace to maximize its tools and features. If you’re trying to learn more about Google Workspace and how to keep your data confidential using Google Workspace this episode is for you. Reach out! Alicia Pierre Website: Instagram: @legallytechie Linkedin: @legally-techie Listen to the episode and leave a comment below when you're done to share your thoughts and takeaways.  Join us for brunch
April 24, 2021
From Salon Owner to Virtual Assistant to Productivity Coach with Simone Little
Welcome to Episode 32! Today we have Simone Little on the show! Simone is the Business Productivity Coach & Strategist that ALL women CEOs need when they are scaling and restructuring their businesses. She specializes in teaching service-based CEOs how to make efficient and effective decisions in business, so they can get out of the weeds of their business and do more of what they enjoy. She is here to talk about going From Salon Owner to Virtual Assistant to Productivity Coach. Simone is dropping gems this entire episode. She’s sharing what is productivity, we hear it a lot but what does it mean? And why is important for those in the VA field to be productive? If you’re trying to increase your productivity this episode is for you. Reach out! Simone Little Website: Instagram: @thesimonelittle Listen to the episode and leave a comment below when you're done to share your thoughts and takeaways.
April 23, 2021
7 Tips to Using Upwork to Gain More Clients with Silvia Pinho
Welcome to Ep. 31. Today we have Silvia Pinho on the show! Silvia specializes in helping her clients market themselves on both Instagram and Upwork She is here to talk about 7 tips to using Upwork to gain more clients. Silvia is dropping gems this entire episode. She’s sharing breakthroughs on common myths about Upwork and give her best tips to find success on the platform If you’re trying to learn all about Upwork this episode is for you. Reach out! Website: Instagram: Follow VAB on Instagram @virtualassistantsbrunch for episode updates
March 22, 2021
MommyMogul Founder Adriana Richardson on How to Get Your Backend Together Using SOPs
Welcome to Ep. 30. Today we have Adriana Richardson on the show! Adriana assists service-based entrepreneurs with setting up standard operating procedure systems (SOPS) to better manage their teams and businesses.  She is here to talk about how to get your backend together using SOPs. Adriana is dropping gems this entire episode. She’s sharing the importance of having a foundation as a business and how to set one up. If you’re trying to set up SOPs for your business then this episode is for you. Reach out! Adriana Richardson: Website: Instagram: Follow VAB on Instagram @virtualassistantsbrunch for episode updates
March 16, 2021
Upskill to Stay Current with the VA Industry with Olga Gersh
Welcome to Ep. 29. Today we have Olga Gersh on the show! Olga provides dependable, professional, and cost-effective support that allows her valued clients more time and focus to grow their business. She is here to talk about how to upskill yourself to stay current with the industry. Olga is dropping gems this entire episode. She’s sharing How to manage your time when you have a full-time job, family, and a business. As well as, How to find time to constantly upskill yourself to stay current with the industry. If you’re trying to manage your time or find time to upskill yourself this episode is for you. Reach Out! Website: Facebook: mysideva Instagram: Follow VAB on Instagram @virtualassistantsbrunch for episode updates Listen to the episode and leave a comment below when you're done to share your thoughts and takeaways.
March 09, 2021
Tips to Attracting High-End Clients with Jacinta Parris
Welcome to Ep 28! Today we have Jacinta Parris on the show! Jacinta Parris, the success-boosting VA Mentor! She is here to talk about how to find and sustain clients during a pandemic. Jacinta Parris is dropping gems this entire episode. She’s sharing: What attracts high-end clients? and What can new VA's do to stand out? If you’re a new and aspiring virtual assistant and want unfiltered insider secrets that are proven-to-work this episode is for you. Reach Out! Instagram @jacintathevamentor Facebook @lovelifevirtualsolutions Visit to schedule a free mentoring session with Jacinta and download the freebie guide. Listen to the episode and leave a comment below when you're done to share your thoughts and takeaways. Follow VAB on Instagram @virtualassistantsbrunch for episode updates
March 08, 2021
How She Overcame Challenges to Change Her Life with Ana Cordero
Welcome to Ep 27. Today we have Ana Cordero on the show! Ana is a social media manager and email marketer. She helps clients generate leads from Instagram Marketing, how to stand out with visually appealing branding,  and how to maintain an engaging and consistent social media presence. She is here to talk about overcoming Challenges to Change her Life. Being unhappy with a new job, after the closure of a wonderful organization she worked for, for nearly a decade Ana was sort of lost trying to figure out what to do next. She says “My new job was very stressful, I had two miscarriages while working there. That job was really a necessary experience for me to learn several lessons.” Reach Out! Instagram @virtualservicesandsolutions Facebook @virtualservicesandsolutions Listen to the episode and leave a comment below when you're done to share your thoughts and takeaways. Follow VAB on Instagram @virtualassistantsbrunch for episode updates Sponsor: Tasha’s Jewelry Closet @tashas_jewelry_closet & Touched by Touch Massage Therapy @: touched_by_touch and @touched.bynature
February 24, 2021
Season Recap and What's Happening at VAB
Qucik recap on the Season and What's Happening at VAB  For more info and to join the club visit
February 24, 2021
How a Virtual Bookkeeper Can Help you Organize Your Finances with Maci Griffiths
Welcome to Episode 26! We have Maci Griffiths on the show! Maci helps Virtual Assistants, Online Business Managers, and Business Coaches to organize their biz finances so they can focus on profit-maximizing tasks. This will free up more of your time so you can focus on growing your business, and increasing customer service while maximizing profits. I am a mom of a ONEderful baby boy, and I have a very supportive and amazing partner. I love to spend time with my family, and I want the same for all my clients. I am an accountant who is passionate about numbers and loves a challenge. I love to help business owners to analyze their business financially, so they can know exactly what their numbers are saying to them. Maci currently resides in Montego Bay, Jamaica. She is here to discuss How a Virtual Bookkeeper can help you organize and manage your business finances? What we discussed:  1. What are the services that you offer?  2. Are your services customizable?  3. How do you communicate with clients?  4. Do you provide employee training and for what accounting software?  5. Can you deliver strategic insights? 6. What happens when our accounting needs change? 7. What responsibilities do you assign to your clients? For more about Maci and how she can help to get your business finances all the way to get, listen to this episode. Find out how you can sign up for her freebies and bookkeeping tips. And book your free consultation or schedule time for some bookkeeping training. Resources: Link to Profit and Lost Spreadsheet Reach out:  Website: Instagram: @oml_bookkeeping_services Facebook: Listen to the episode and leave a comment below when you're done to share your thoughts and takeaways. Get on the email list now at  Follow VAB on Instagram @virtualassistantsbrunch for episode updates 
November 23, 2020
How She Went from School Teacher to CEO in her Virtual Assistant Business with Corissa McBurnie
Welcome to Episode 25! In this episode, we have Corissa McBurnie on the show! Corissa is a former school teacher who turned her passion for teaching into a full time career as a Website & Graphics Designer. Corissa, also known as Cori Luv, helps growing businesses virtually, socially and personally. She provides web designing and business consulting for social media. Corissa and I discussed how heart failure changed both of our lives and affected us in different ways hut ultimately brought us to a place where we could live life on our own terms, raise our children even amid the COVID-19 pandemic. As a former school teacher she shares advice with parents right now who have to work from home and teach their children, whether it be homeschooling or virtual school with a teacher. And answers to questions like: How do you manage your time? Do you have a favorite productivity tool? What is your favorite brunch spot in South Florida? Be sure to download Corissa’s ebook “Command Your Day or Stay Stuck and Stagnanted” Get in touch Corissa McBurnie
November 16, 2020
How She Started a Virtual Assistant Career After Heart Failure with Katherine Turner
NEW EPISODE 24! In this episode, I speak with 34 year old, wife, mom and #Vabulous part-time Virtual Assistant Katherine Turner @katherineturner_va She lives in the UK and is currently a full time employee while also building her virtual assistant business. Katherine recently launched her VA business amid the COVID-19 pandemic. She is so strong, resilent and determined to live a better life. She took hold of her health and fought to stay alive. Katherine shares her experience of how pregnancy gave her heart failure and how it led to her focusing on her VA career. We discussed: 💎 What is heart failure? 💎 What were the symptoms? 💎 How did it feel to leave our newborn baby? 💎 How long we were in the hospital? 💎 What happened when we went home? 💎 What was our treatment plan? 💎 What was the long term prognosis? 💎 How to change your diet and build your heart to good health? We also discussed life after heart failure and the ways she helps her clients grow their business, giving them more time, support and accountability. Listen to this episode and leave a comment below when you're done to share your takeaways. Get in touch with Katherine Turner for a free discovery call @katherineturner_va Have you ever had heart failure? Share your thoughts and takeaways. Join the discussion in the comments ⬇️ Get in touch with Katherine Turner for a free discovery call.  Email:
November 13, 2020
How She Started a VA Business After Being Laid Off During COVID-19 with Barbara Jacques
Welcome to Episode 23! Did you recently lose your job due to COVID-19 or placed on furlough? Are you thinking about getting a new job or starting your own online business? Today we have Barbara Jacques on the show! Barbara is a newcomer to the VA World. She recently started her virtual assistant business and provides administrative and digital marketing support to entrepreneurs. Barbara was recently laid off due to the coronavirus pandemic. She decided it was a perfect time to focus her attention on starting her own online business. Barbara is here to share 1) what she did to get it up and going 2) what resources she used to increase her knowledge in the field 3) how she was able to focus on her launch and be very productive in business She also talks about what she did when she started to feel overwhelmed during the beginning stages and what she does to manage her time effectively. Today’s episode is really just to help you see how it can be overwhelming to start a virtual assistant business but at the same time taking advantage of some simple steps you can take to get your business up and running doesn’t have to take forever. Our biggest takeaway: starting basically takes research and careful planning. Grab your pen and paper to jot down some notes and inspirational quotes. For more info visit Barbara Jacques Virtual Assistant Services Listen to the interview with a friend. Share this episode. What are your biggest takeaways? Leave us a voice message here
November 13, 2020
How Authenticity Attracts Your Ideal Clients with Latrice Prater
Welcome to Episode 22! I am so excited to introduce you to my next guest. In this episode, I’m talking to The Virtual Pro herself Latrice Prater. She is the CEO of The Digital Solutions Team providing virtual support for Female Business Owners. Her and her team helped multiple female CEO's receive the support they need to not only drive productivity but bring clarity and authenticity to their brand. Latrice is a Wife, Mom, and CEO. She is originally from DC and currently resides in Texas. She launched her VA business in February of this year 2020 and within 30 days had 6 clients and has already started hiring a team. Today, she is sharing her VA journey and we’ll be discussing how authenticity attracts your ideal clients. She also shares a special discount for our listeners today so stay tuned to the end of the show to find out what that is and how you can grab it at the end of the show. For more info visit:
November 13, 2020
How to Rebrand Your Virtual Assistant Business During COVID-19 with Anamika Patel
Welcome to Episode 21! Did you start your business and realized you did it all backwards and have to rebrand and relaunch again? That's what happened to me and so many others VAs who jump right in and start without planning or thinking their brand all they through. Or maybe you did plan and it just isn't working out as planned. So you're rebranding!  In this episode, Anamika Patel who is a creative VA from New Zealand share how she used the time to relaunch her VA business amid the COVID-19 quarantine. Anamika works with solopreneurs and help their brand flourish by promoting their conscious/spiritual lifestyle products and services to the wider world She has spent the past few years living and working in New Zealand and California. She lived in Silicon Valley in 2017 and did contract work at Facebook. In 2018, she launched her VA business but recently relaunched to cater to her ideal clients who are ''solopreneurs''. Some of the things we discussed: How she became a VA Why she decided to relaunch her VA business now? How did she zero in and identify who here ideal clients are? How she is marketing her biz during the pandemic? Plus, some tips for those who want to venture into the VA world She is offering our listeners a Free 1:1 consultation. Checkout the episode now on to take advantage of her offer and let us know in the comments your takeaways. For more info visit
November 13, 2020
How to Gain Clients Locally to Grow as a Virtual Assistant with Inmaly Inthaly
***We do not own the rights to this song. Rhythm of the Night by Ritmo.  This is our One Year Anniversary Episode!! Look ma' we made it to Episode 20. We are live on Zoom. In a bit I will be introducing you to my special guest. But first... Let me just say it feels so good to be celebrating one year of podcasting and hosting my first live show on Zoom. We celebrated with a Virtual Party on Zoom and IG!! #virtualhappyhour We also celebrated the end of the #LaunchBYOP Virtual Summit and Virtual Assistants Day! There is so much to celebrate in your business. Be sure to take the time celebrate your milestones and your wins.  Check out highlights of the #virtualhappyhour on our Instagram @virtualassistantsbrunch In this episode, I decided to give you the raw uncut version of my interview and let you hear everything that went on at #virtualhappyhour Inmaly Inthaly is our guest on the show today.  She is the proud Owner and Founder of Star Assist, LLC based in Alaska. Inmaly provides administrative support, executive assistance and social media management to small business owners, non-profits and executives. She quit her full time job as an executive assistant to pursue her mamapreneur dreams. In the last year, Inmaly has brought on four other independent contractors to help her as she scales her business to take on more local clients. Today we are talking about How to Gain Local Traction in your City to grow as an entrepreneur. We discussed: How did you get started as VA? How did you leverage the relationships you created in your previous jobs to create a client roster? What local opportunities did you take to grow as an entrepreneur and business owner? Why was it important for you to gain local traction before gaining traction in the online community?  Stay tuned to the end of the show. Inmaly has a special offer for our listeners. If you’re ready to grow your business and learn how to network with the local businesses in your hometown, listen to the full episode.  For more info visit
November 13, 2020
How to Let Go and Trust the Process with Sudeen Cleghorn
Welcome to Episode 19! In this episode, we have Sudeen Cleghorn on the show. She is here to share how she was able to put a plan in place in her life and business to make it better. Everyone’s entrepreneur journey doesn’t look the same. Some of us have to put forth more effort than others and some of us want it more than others. The difference is our resilience and finding the help we need to turn our vision to realty. Sudeen describes herself as “The Island girl who stumbled upon Virtual Assistance and never looked back.” How did she learn to let go and trust process to become the Founder/CEO of Onspot VA, managing a team of expert Virtual Assistant Specialists who offer VA Services to scale online businesses. Listen to her journey to find out.  Get in touch with Sudeen if you need more time to focus on what's most important to them.  Get 50%OFF your first purchased package when you mention VAB - No code required.  For more info visit
November 13, 2020
How Virtual Assistants Can Help Support Coaches and Events with Romaine Palmer
Welcome to Episode 18! In this episode, we have a returning guest on the show. Romaine is back to chat with us about 1) how Virtual Assistants can support Coaches and Consultants and 2) how you can also support client Events. We touched a little on how to help clients pivot and take their event virtually as well. Eventually, this pandemic will be over. Now is a great time to learn a new skill or perfect your skill if you’re into event planning so you can serve clients and provide a topnotch client experience for Coaches and Events. With so many companies now postponing or planning their events for 2021, there is a chance the need for knowledgeable Virtual Assistants to help plan, strategize and support client events will continue to rise through this pandemic and even after the pandemic. If you are a Virtual Assistant and you’re ready to support coaches and events, tune in for the tea! Romaine is also on Ep 4: How to Keep Up the Momentum in Your Business Checkout that episode if you would love here how she started her VA journey. For more info visit  
November 13, 2020
How to Send Proposals That Make Your Dream Clients Sign with Khadejah Stegall
Welcome to Episode 17! In this episode, I sit and chat with the lovely Khadejah Stegall from Thrive Virtually. Khadejah is a wife, mom of two girls, and a VA mentor. I love her passion for helping millennial mamas utilize their unique skill set to create additional income. She built a thriving business that eventually replaced her 9-5 within the first year of starting her virtual assistant business. She is here to share how to send proposals that will make your dream client sign and how to stand out as a VA.  We discussed: - How to draft out a proposal that will WOW leads - Tools to use for your proposals - How to prepare for a discovery call - How to follow up with leads She also shares a little about her eBook "How to Make Your First 1k as a VA in The Next 40 Days" and dropped some brunch recommendation in her city.  Download the ebook here For more info Website: Instagram: @thrivevirtually Join our email list here
November 13, 2020
3 Key Touch Points to Help You Deliver a Memorable Client Experience and Grow Your Business
Welcome to Episode 16! In this episode, I introduce you to Jacqueline Howard founder of Jacqueline Howard. She is a wife and mom who is addicted to efficiency and simplicity. She started her journey as an assistant while homeschooling her 4 Children. As an Executive Virtual Assistant, she partners with online business owners to increase their bottom line and better serve their clients by creating a high touch client experience. Jacqueline shares the answers to your burning questions: Why does the client experience matter? 3 key touch points to deliver a great client experience. How to develop yourself to deliver a high level client experience. How to prepare the business to deliver a high level experience. Get in touch with her for a Free 1:1 consult to optimize your client Journey and visual experience. Instagram: Web.
November 13, 2020
How to Move Forward in Times of Uncertainty and Do It Scared
Welcome to Episode 15! Today we have Tiwanna Shipp founder of T Time Virtual Business Solutions, LLC on the show. She is a virtual business support specialist. She primarily supports coaches and course creators with managing their tech, admin, and the Project management aspects of their businesses. Tiwanna also owns a T-shirt line called T-shirts by T, for everyday women and virtual support pros.  At the end of the show, I’ll let you know how you can grab your T-shirt to support this vabulous bossbabe. Plus, listen for the code to receive 15% off your T-Shirts by T.  Tiwanna is passionate about assisting the WWE (Women Who Empower) with freeing their time by managing the administrative and tech-related chaos in their businesses. She is a South Florida native who currently resides in Georgia. She enjoys chillaxin' on the sunny beach with her family -- which is the ultimate dream!  For more info visit Grab a t-shirt and use your 15% off code here @TTimeVBS on Facebook and Instagram
November 13, 2020
How to Use Networking to Grow Your Online Business Interview Jei Davignon
Welcome to Virtual assistant brunch podcast, the show that helps women build successful virtual assistant businesses while finding the best places to brunch in our cities. I’m Nirlande Singleton your host and today we’re talking about “How to Use Networking to Build and Grow Your Business Online and Offline” Grab your pen and notebook to take notes. In this week’s episode, you'll learn: • Tips to Help Grow Your Professional Network • Get a sneak peek of my Interview with Jei Davignon founder of Virtual Biz Solutions. Listen to the full interview inside her Facebook group. I’ll leave the link down in the description so you can check it out • At the end of the show I have a Huge announcement on what’s going with the VAB and The VA Toolbox • Join our email list to get access to our upcoming Virtual Summit
November 13, 2020
How to Leverage Instagram to Attract Your Ideal Dream Clients with Ericka Calunsag
Welcome to Episode 13! Today we have Ericka Calunsag on the show! Ericka is a mom of two, she started her Virtual Assistant business to have more flexibility and spend more time with her kids. Her business started as a side hustle, but got booked in less than a year using Instagram.Todays, she is here to show us how to leverage Instagram to attract your dream clients.  Here’s what you’ll learn: 1) What were some obstacles she had to overcome using Instagram for business? 2) How to use Instagram to attract your dream clients? 3) How to pitch without sounding or coming off as salesy? 4) What are some do's and don'ts on using Instagram for business? For all of you who want tips on how to market your virtual business using social media so you can attract your dream clients and hit those 2019 goals before 2020, this episode is for you. We also get into tools and resources to help VAs and online business owners who face this challenge. Connect and get in touch with Ericka on her site and Instagram: Here's the link to download the guide to Instagram:
November 13, 2020
3 Simple Sales Funnels to Implement with Your Freebie with Sandra Ocasio
Welcome to Episode 12! This week, we have the Sales Funnel queen on the show. Learn the importance of systems implementation and why you need a sales funnel! Sandra is a Digital Marketing Strategist who built her Online Business after moving from Las Vegas, NV to Navarre, FL in early 2016. She spent 12 years in Corporate America, where she was a Payroll Professional and HR Administrator to support corporations such as Caesars Entertainment, VIAD, AON Hewitt & Onward Healthcare. She resigned from her latest position at Caesars after her husband a US Air Force Member received orders to Hurlburt Field, FL. She decided to take all her skill sets and training and start her own path. 4 Years later she has successfully supported hundreds of Online Coaches with 6-Figure Digital Launches. Visit Follow @funnelswithsandra
November 13, 2020
How to Scale Your Business & your Bank Account using Systems with Sandi Evans
Welcome to Episode 11! Today we have Sandi Evans on the show. She is a business consultant & automation strategist with Carter Evans Services, LLC. Her vision and mission is to help empower people to pursue entrepreneurship and help service based businesses gain MORE PROFITS, MORE TIME & MORE PRODUCTIVITY through strategic workflows & systems. What you’ll learn: 1. What is a workflow? 2. How do you implement systems into your business? 3. How do you know if you're ready to scale 4. What are 3 things listeners can automate in their business today? We’ll discuss what she does to stay organized to work more efficiently in her VA business. Grab your Free mini audit Get in touch with Carter Evans Services, LLC Website: Social Media
November 13, 2020
How Personal Branding Impact Your Sales with Tonya Franklin
Welcome to Episode 10! In this episode, I introduce you to Tonya Franklin, The Brand CEO/Owner of MJS Virtual Collaborative Services that is the umbrella company for MJS Consulting and MJS Communications. She is also an author and offers virtual services for small businesses, individuals, and career professionals to help them move to their next success level. Ms. Franklin is also a business empowerment educator for career professionals and aspiring entrepreneurs in personal branding, marketing, as well as start-up business consulting. Listen as she answers the questions: Why is personal branding important? How does this vary for career professionals and entrepreneurs? How much does personal branding impact the sale? Looking to develop your personal brand? Grab this nifty do-it-yourself guide with a checklist and great tips. Grab the Marketing in a Nutshell Toolkit - Brand Guide
November 13, 2020
How to Create a Good Fit Schedule to Support the Life You Love with Danielle Adams
In this episode, I introduce you to Danielle Adams. She shares with us how she is able to manage life, family, and business while also creating time for herself (and how you can too!). Listen to Danielle's VA journey and as she answers the questions: 1) How do you create a good fit schedule to support the life you love? 2) How do set goals and actually achieve them? 3) How to stay productive and not busy? Grab Danielle's Top 5 Organizational Secrets Revealed! Do you always feel so overwhelmed and like there just isn't enough time in the day? If so, this is for you! Inside you will receive access to 5 organizational tips that will change your life TODAY! Download the free guide now __ Get in touch with Danielle Adams at Divine Inspirations Professional Services Book a Call:
November 13, 2020
How Clarity, Organization and Communication are Key to a Virtual Assistants Success
Today we have Lizabeth Wesely-Casella on the show! She is the founder of L-12 Services and she is here to talk about her Virtual Assistant journey and how clarity, organization and communication is key to a Virtual Assistants success. Lizabeth lives in DC and has worked in admin support for 20+ years, and a consultant for 11 years. She has a degree in business administration, with a master certification in LEAN Six Sigma. She also creates systems for clients to streamline their information and activities. Lizabeth Wesely-Casella is the organizational right hand for high-impact leaders who want to reclaim focus on the big picture when their responsibilities threaten to pull them into the weeds. As the CEO of L-12 Services, Lizabeth provides senior-level executive support, program and project management, and administrative systems development services to a range of executives looking for a forward-thinking, fiercely loyal organizational advisor to help them organize, manage and execute. She is going to share her knowledge and how clarity, organization and communication contributes to the success of a VA or online business owner. We’ll discuss what she does to keep herself and clients organized and help clients work more efficiently with their executive assistant or VAs. For more info visit
November 13, 2020
How Tribulations Can Create Unstoppable Triumphs: A Story of Survival with Karma Reese
Today we have the queen of virtual event consulting on the show! Karma Reese is the founder of TruEssence Virtual Assisting and Event Consulting and she is here to talk about her Virtual Assistant journey and how her battle with a chronic illness led her to starting her Virtual Event Consulting business. She is going to share the ups and downs of her journey and how she triumph through her trials and tribulations. We’ll discuss what she does to stay encouraged and how she empowers others to move forward despite living with an illness. For more info
November 13, 2020
How to Overcome Procrastination and Trust Your Ability to Get Things Done with Farita Toney
In this episode, I introduce you to the queen of organization, Farita Toney, the founder of FMT Business Solutions and she is here to talk about her Virtual Assistant journey and how to beat procrastination and trust your ability to get things done in your business. She is going to share a clear action plan to help you get organized and overcome procrastination. We’ll discuss what habits often cause us to procrastinate in our life and business, and you’re going to receive a special offer at the end of the show to work with Farita to help you overcome procrastination. For more info visit
November 13, 2020
Season 1 Recap (Trailer)
Hi I’m Nirlande Singleton the host of VAB podcast (Virtual Assistants Brunch). You can find us on Apple podcast and Spotify. We cover stories and experiences by real Women Virtual Assistants who are building successful VA businesses while finding the best places to brunch in our city. These women are killing it in the industry. Listen to the Virtual Assistants Brunch Season One now.
November 13, 2020
How to Level Up with Systems with Loran Elise Geeter
Welcome to Episode 3! In this episode, I introduce you to Loran Geeter. She a Systems & Automation expert and the Founder of NYLA VA. She works with female entrepreneurs, coaches and consultants, but she also enjoys working with creative entrepreneurs such as photographers and makeup artists. She has been in business officially for 6 months but she’s been doing this work for 10 years. Prior to starting her own virtual assistant business, she spent many years as an Executive Assistant to c-level executives such as CEOs and Vice Presidents. During this time, Loran obtained her Masters in Business Administration. Follow her on Instagram @loranelise_ Listen to the podcast to find out how you can grab her freebie 5 Must Have Systems to Simplify Your Business When she is not virtual assisting, she enjoys spa days, playing with the latest technology, and pouring herself a tall glass of wine (yas, nothing wrong with that) Olivia Pope style! Alright Gladiators... I mean VA Hustlers! Listen to Loran’s story and what it really takes to build a successful VA business.
November 13, 2020
How to Keep Up the Momentum in Your Business with Romaine Palmer The Exec Admin Group
Welcome to Episode 4! In this episode of the Virtual Assistants Brunch Podcast, I am going to introduce you to Romaine Brown Palmer. So this week Romaine shares her expertise and her personal story of how she started her VA business. She is the founder of The Executive Administrative Group a boutique virtual support and project management firm based in Pembroke Pines, Fl. Romaine is also a small business administrative consultant and a Virtual Assistant Coach. In her VA business, she and her awesome team of 4 work with marketing firms, coaches and solo-entrepreneurs to help them manage and streamline their business through the power of delegation. She has also recently launched a tshirt line, especially for digital entrepreneurs that feature empower and funny statements called Black Shirt White Letters. We’ll talk a little about that at the end of the show and share a discount code so you guys can go ahead and stock on some merch. When she is not virtual assisting, she spends her time with her husband and daughter and is a self-professed professional weekender. Let’s hear her story and what it really takes to build a successful VA business.
November 13, 2020
How To Get Clients To Throw Money At You with Melissa Smith Association of VAs and The PVA
Welcome to Episode 3! In this episode, I introduce you to Melissa Smith, the Founder & CEO of the Association of Virtual Assistants and The PVA. She is the bestselling author of, "Hire the Right Virtual Assistant" and "Become A Successful Virtual Assistant". She is a VA Matchmaker. How do you find the right VA and How can VAs find clients? Melissa answer these questions on the podcast. Do you struggle with finding the right words to pitch your business and close the sale? Learn the ONE thing you need to do to attract your ideal clients AND get paid! Download her complimentary guide to "Become a Virtual Assistant" and join the Association of Virtual Assistants today. For more info visit
November 13, 2020
How to Build a VA Business while Working a 9-5 and Coworking with Kids with Shequana Hughes
Welcome to Episode 2: How to Build a VA Business while Working a 9-5 and Coworking with Kids In this episode, I introduce you to Shequana Hughes, Founder of @thesavagroup Just in case you were wondering what makes her the expert in the industry, Shequana has over 20 years of administrative experience working with senior level executives at some of the largest companies in the US. She has been an entrepreneur for nine years. She is a wife and mom. Shequana worked in corporate America raising 5 growing kids as she built her Virtual Assistant business to what it is today. She now has a team of 7 working for her. Grab a copy of her guide “Becoming” which walks you through launching your virtual assistant business. Grab her guide book “Becoming a Virtual Assistant” at Listen as Shequana shares her story and what it really takes to build a successful VA business.
November 13, 2020
What is VAB? Living the VABulous Lifestyle
In this episode, I share details about the VAB life. What is VAB? What is our mission? Who should join? How to sign up and receive our exclusive invitations? And what to expect from the community? Share this episode with a virtual assistant. Follow us on Instagram Text “vablife” to 31996 to join the VIP text club
November 13, 2020