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Vacation Bible School Podcast

Vacation Bible School Podcast

By Jason Kirk, Emily Kirk
Jason Kirk, Emily Kirk, and friends are finding the Bible is so much better and weirder than we were taught as church kids.

Story by story, we're having fun learning history, religion, literature, mythology, and the amazingly weird stuff. All are welcome! Perfect five-star rating on Apple Podcasts!

Contact us at, if you like! (Sure, it's long! Copy and paste like Matthew did the Gospel of Mark!)
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KING SAUL: Himbo Boss Baby vs. Dungeon Master Dick Cheney
Samuel 7-16! The Bible contains a LOT of genres. Uh-oh, you're now in the middle of a Machiavellian historical novel about Derek Zoolander!  Time for our regular installment of Which Part Of This Story Will White Christian Americans Try To Contort Into Propaganda For White Christian America?  Does this episode include weird math, exaggerated war stuff, confusing prophet behavior, confusing food rules, weird animal stuff, baffling arguments, the total eradication of tribes clearly not eradicated, and women hanging out by a well? It's a Bible episode, so duh!  Know how you've been told you have to believe the Bible is perfect, inerrant, and handed down directly from God? Well, we recently dug some of this section's missing portions out of the ground, and half the translations disagree on how old its protagonist is, so maybe not!  Samuel is the ... ... ... ... ... ... good guy in this story? Really?  Meet David, simultaneously a humble Cinderella boy and a breathtaking Mary Sue warrior-poet!  As always, thank you for listening! You can support this show on Patreon for bonus episodes and stuff, and follow us on Twitter and Instagram!
September 12, 2022
SAMUEL: "The Messiah" and the golden hemorrhoid rats
We're entering a whole new chunk of the Bible, and it might be a surprise chunk! Why we're now in Samuel instead of Ruth, the book that's up next according to Christian Bibles!  Yet another barren womb! As always, when the Bible reuses a story, the variations are everything!  The Bible's first usage of "the messiah" is a fine time to talk about how poorly the average Christian understands the old, complex, ever-evolving concept!  Meet the original Typical Preacher's Kids!  A war catastrophe leads to the Philistines capturing the Ark of the Covenant, which goes very terribly for the Philistines' genitals!  If you like this show, please give us a review on your podcast app, follow us on Twitter and/or Instagram, and consider giving us $1/month via Patreon (or $5.77 for bonus episodes, Discord membership, a sticker, and stuff).
May 30, 2022
JUDGES: Righteous invasion of Ehud (with Jon Bois)
It's time to bring on the internet's beloved Jon Bois to discuss: The Bible's best story book so far, if you have the non-exploding stomach for it: Judges. Meet Ehud, the left-handed sphincter-bursting assassin! Homeschool middle school during the end of the world! Christian culture stuff like Carman, MxPx, Five Iron Frenzy, James Dobson, Amy Grant, Creed, DC Talk, and comic Bibles! Plus Samson, Delilah, Gideon, Deborah, and more Judges stories that get mangled in Sunday school! Intro song: "Don't Save Me" by Haim.  Ratings and reviews on Apple Podcasts are highly appreciated, and you can follow us on Twitter and Instagram. We also have a Patreon with bonus episodes, a Discord, and stuff, plus a $1 support option.
March 01, 2022
JOSHUA: Jericho was an inside job
WAR DADS AND LADY WAR DADS ASSEMBLE. It's a new Bible section!  Joshua is the dude version of LIVE LAUGH LOVE, but also somehow the most feminist book yet.  Rahab, the Bible character whose job is most ignored by church, and also a military mastermind.  THE WALLS OF JERICHO: pretty cool, but mostly for reasons besides those made up by Sunday school, Carman, and Joel Osteen.  How can believers explain this awful book of murder being in the Bible? There's actually a pretty simple way!  What we're talking about when we talk about "history in the Bible."  And setting up the map for three more books of general Game of Thrones behavior!  As always, support for this program is greatly appreciated on Patreon, you can follow us on Twitter and Instagram, and please consider leaving a review on the podcast app of your choice! 
February 03, 2022
DEUUUTERONOMY: Actually super important and mostly really good??
The final book of the Torah, the one we NEVER talked about in church, actually ... kinda rules at times?  In the story, at the edge of Canaan, Moses reframes everything that's happened to this point, retconning the horrors of Numbers and synthesizing the Bible's competing God ideas into one coherent theology that more or less works for everyone on earth (except the despicable Jebusites).  Upgraded lore, now including IRON GHOST GIANTS (and way less murder).  Talmud rabbis vs. Oprah's collected life advice: who ya got?  You want some more weird penis rules? Say less.  God and Moses perform their finale duet, VeggieTales-style.  There are patriarchal parts that really suck, because this was written ~2,600 years ago by a guy with specific bad ideas, and we'll try to talk context.  But for the most part, this is the most coherent and best-written book of the Bible so far. It's also possibly just about the most historically important book in the entire Bible. Yep!   Thank you to scholar friends Brad Haggard, Mike Altman, and Jason Smith for taking a look at our notes. Any errors are the fault of Jason (host Jason, not Smith Jason) and nobody else.  Follow us on Twitter and Instagram, maybe send us a dollar or few on Patreon (with monthly Discord book club, bonus episodes, and a sticker for offer).
November 30, 2021
NUMBERS: Maybe the Bible's worst book!
The fourth book of the Bible! As always, remember the Bible has been written, edited, and interpreted by LOTS of people, and we're under no obligation to treat its angriest voices as definitive of the entire thing.  The actual story resumes! Things are finally happening!  Numbers gives us phrases like "wandering in the wilderness," "land of milk and honey," and "eww girls have cooties!"  There's a reason Sunday school teachers steer WAY clear of all Numbers content besides Talking Donkey and Brave Caleb. Meanwhile, other Christians have used Numbers to justify all sorts of horrendous things!  Aaron asks God the most pertinent question Aaron could ever ask God!  Mommy God and Daddy Moses are fighting again, the Israelites are constantly griping about needing luxuries like food and water, and this is the worst road trip ever!  This is a Miriam stan podcast!  And your support is very appreciated on Twitter, Instagram, and Patreon!
September 13, 2021
Q&A: Heresy reviews, salvation fear, and animal souls
Hi pals! Taking a break from the main Bible storyline to hit some listener questions, such as: What's the Protestant holiday calendar like?  Which Bible verse most contradicts its own book?  There's a Toad the Wet Sprocket song about the apostles being sick of Paul lol.  What are the Bible's best name meanings?  Every Catholic heresy, given a thumbs up or thumbs down!  Do animals have souls?  Do Christians, um, like, kinda, you know, wish for death, um, so they can go to Heaven, welp?  What's the Bible's scariest verse?  A light round of Calvinism vs. Arminianism!  Is it fun or bad when Pop Culture makes versions of Bible stories?  Well, Jason's making a book, how's that going?  As always, support is appreciated by following @VBSPodcast on Twitter and Instagram, leaving us a rating/review on your podcast app, and sliding us a $ amount on Patreon!
July 12, 2021
LEVITICUS: Fight fundie with fundie
Our first attempt at doing an entire book in one episode, and it  happens to be one of the weirdest, grossest, narrative-lightest books. Yay! Spending as little time as possible on the chapters about bodily discharges, we promise. Leviticus has Bad Verses! Drown the Bad Verses in dorky red tape ... ... and/or insist we simply become eco-socialists every seven years, as Leviticus clearly commands. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram, if you please!  Show notes and other stuff available at
May 17, 2021
TABERNACLE: I feel God in this Minecraft tailgate (with Rev. Chris Lee)
Pretty much the whole last half of Exodus, except for the Ten Commandments-adjacent rules and the Golden Calf chapter Why yes, we DID have fun talking about quite arguably the most boring stretch of the whole Bible! Why yes, you CAN recreate a very accurate Tabernacle in Minecraft Let's talk high church "versus" low church Featuring special guest pastor Reverend Chris Lee of St John's With St Mary's Mansfield And! Let's! Finally! Wrap! Up! Exodus, a dude book also about ladies Support the show by leaving us a rating/review on your podcast app! You can also visit us on Twitter or Instagram or even Patreon!
March 10, 2021
GOLDEN CALF: God's marshmallow test (with Jane Coaston)
Exodus 24, Exodus 32, and so forth (there's a whole lot of laws and blueprints mixed within the storyline) ... Think the Bible itself is weird? Wait'll you get a load of church history!  Unchallenged faith: is that really even faith?  Aaron at Mount Sinai: total idiot, good cop, willing scapegoat, nepotism hire, anarcho-pacifist, retcon reclamation, or all the above?  By now, Moses and God are an old married couple ... Oh no, the big dweebs who wrote Leviticus just did a murder spree (for the Lord) ... Why a calf, anyway? Follow @janecoaston and @vbspodcast on the social medias, to exchange blessings, Homefield Apparel for VBS shirts, and your favorite podcast app to leave us a review!  Next up: God's traveling tailgate rig, the Tabernacle
January 25, 2021
TEN COMMANDMENTS: Wife Guy Moses and God's TOS page
Exodus 20! How many of these Ten do we agree to keep today? They all seem pretty simple, obvious, or outdated, right? Well!!  Tried something new: recorded a Zoom with a few of our Patreon Associate Pastors, plus Interfaith Council guests: Michael Elkon (@BravesAndBirds) and Hasan Masood (@hasmas)!  Let's hear it for idols!  Now Lord, when you say "murder," what do you mean by that?  Youth pastors turn every commandment into a rule against making out!   The 10th commandment sees what you're plotting and urges you to consider otherwise!  Also, bonus Fellowship Q&A episode from this recording on the Patreon Early Service feed!
November 25, 2020
SINAI: What's the Bible about? (with Richard Elliott Friedman)
Exodus 19-20ish, the part about Moses leading the Israelites to meet Huge Loud Scary Firestorm God Greatest pyro entrance of all time Is monotheism having a moment? We're joined by Dr. Friedman (author of Who Wrote the Bible and many other books) to talk Prince of Egypt (he did some work on it), the Bible's overall storyline (it has at least one!), "Old Testament God vs. New Testament God" (not really a thing), the origin of the Golden Rule (maybe the story that revolves around Sinai), and a lot more! Support welcomed at! Got some merch and stuff there, and we might like to try out a monthly Zoom call. Let us know if you like that idea!  Follow @VBSpodcast on Twitter & Instagram, subscribe to, review on your podcast app, and may the thunderfire speak to you softly
November 02, 2020
Q&A: Our stories, Christian punk rock, and Baptist spaceships
Support for this program occurs at, where we have stickers, mugs, a Discord, hats (for now), early episode access, and so forth! - Taking a break from the main storyline, where we're making hilariously little progress (but having fun anyway), to talk whatever y'all wanted. - Oh family, it's testimony time!  - Christian punk rock bands, ranked!  - Why were Cain's veggies bad, if most of the dietary laws were about regulating dangerous meat? - Sunday school teachers, youth pastors, and finding God in s e c u l a r culture  - What's the Bible say about refugees? - The terrible Baptist hymn about spaceships is ... on the right track! -  Follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and newsletter town  - And if you like, give this podcast a lil ole rating and review on your listening app!
October 01, 2020
THE RED SEA: First of all, it wasn't the Red Sea
Exodus 13-18, one of the most Google Maps portions Something similar to the story could've happened!  But there's no way to know! And that's ok!  Let's discuss the Indiana Jones of Bible scammers, Jurassic Jesus Park in Kentucky, and ladies being prophets Tips appreciated at Gonna send VBS stickers to monthly donors, for starters Follow @VBSpodcast on Twitter & Instagram  Bonus newsletter at Review on your podcast app, and may waters part marshily before you
September 07, 2020
PASSOVER: From Destroyer to Matzo Hunt (with Charlotte Wilder, Bobby Big Wheel, & Alex Kirshner)
Exodus 12! God's bug-out bag & Mean Tooth Fairy! From mythology to religion, from polytheism to ... ? Jewish friends explain one of their favorite holidays! Follow @TheWilderThings, @BobbyBigWheel, & @Alex_Kirshner Thanks to Mike Altman, Brad Haggard, Scott Alan Johnson, & Ben McCloskey 8-bit "Awesome God" by TECHNO FUN Tips appreciated at! Follow @VBSpodcast on Twitter & Instagram  Bonus newsletter inbound at
August 10, 2020
MOSES: Secret battles of the Mega Man gods
Exodus 1-11! The Bible's Luke/Obi-Wan duo! Made it to Book 2! REALLY important book! Moses rises, falls, rises into one of the world's biggest heroes Plagues are more metal than you've ever realized! Weird circumcision stuff? Yes always Let's talk the movie Prince of Egypt  Tips appreciated at! (Plus maybe merch and/or donor bonuses at that link by the time you see this) Follow @VBSpodcast on Twitter & Instagram!  Bonus newsletter on the Torah's defiant women at jasonkirk.substack.c
July 24, 2020
JOSEPH: Coat is a lie! Genesis recap! Children like Veggie Tales!
Genesis 37-50! It doesn't feel like every third verse is missing!  You can do ANYTHING with Joseph. See: Veggie Tales & Technicolor Dreamcoat  Finished Genesis! It's about lady spies, Babylon allegory, and everything else!  Tips appreciated at! (Plus maybe merch and/or donor bonuses at that link by the time you see this) Follow @VBSpodcast on Twitter & Instagram!  Bonus newsletter on ... well, this one ended up being about football. It's at jasonkirk.substack.c
June 21, 2020
ABRAHAM: Daddy issues (with Rodger Sherman and Shaker Samman)
Genesis 12-35! God's putting together a crew! Faaatherrr Aaabraham, Mother of Dragons  Growing up Jewish! Growing up Muslim!  Quran is pretty cool, btw  So much weird sex stuff???  "The Nature Boy" Jacob "The Snake-ob"  #TeamEsau Follow guests @rodger & @shakersamman Tips appreciated at! (Plus maybe merch and/or donor bonuses at that link by the time you see this) Follow @VBSpodcast on Twitter & Instagram!  Bonus newsletter on WRESTLING GOD at
May 31, 2020
NOAH: Ecoterrorist Russell Crowe (with Ryan Nanni and Michael Felder)
Genesis 6-11! Happy animals with Cap'n Noah (while 99.9% of life drowns)! Catholic-Protestant multiverses NES bootlegs for the Lord Aronofsky's most biblical horror movie, reviewed Please be patient, God ain't finished with God yet! Follow guests @celebrityhottub & @inthebleachers Tips appreciated at! (Plus maybe merch and/or donor bonuses at that link by the time you see this) Follow @VBSpodcast on Twitter & Instagram! Newsletter on ACTUAL best flood myth at
May 15, 2020
CREATION: Dirtbag Adam vs. Rookie God
Genesis 1-5! Release the Sea Monster Cut! Please bear with God, it's His first day on the job!  Wait, how many Gods are here?  Someone please put Eve in charge  Please stop pooping on Cain's rutabagas  Snake might not be Satan btw  Extended Universe lore from John Milton Tips appreciated at! (Plus maybe merch and/or donor bonuses at that link by the time you see this) Follow at @VBSpodcast on Twitter and Instagram  Bonus newsletter on Cain at!
May 04, 2020