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Vacation Okoboji

Vacation Okoboji

By Okoboji Tourism
Explore the fun you’ll find in the Iowa Great Lakes area all year long.
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Pinball Wizards in Training

Vacation Okoboji

Pinball Wizards in Training

Vacation Okoboji

Side-Splitting Theatre
Rebecca & guest host, Laura visit the Okoboji Summer Theatre & review upcoming events!
July 21, 2021
Bouncing Our Day Away!
Rebecca & Laurie visit Bouncelandia, the world’s largest bounce house! They’ll also tell you about upcoming Okoboji area events.
July 14, 2021
Living Their Best Life!
Rebecca & Riley visit a amp Foster YMCA to learn about what makes a week at camp so special!
July 8, 2021
We’re Basically Wind Experts Now!
Rebecca & Laurie tell you about their sailing adventure through the Okoboji Sailing Center. You’ll also learn about upcoming Okoboji events!
June 30, 2021
Iowa Palm Trees
Rebecca, Laurie & Riley tell you about their visit to the world famous Barefoot Bar in Okoboji & what upcoming events should be on your calendar!
June 23, 2021
Park Day: It’s So Pretty!
Rebecca, Laurie, & Riley tell about their day at Arnold’s Park Amusement Park, and upcoming Okoboji events!
June 16, 2021
We Caught So Many Fish!
Rebecca & Laurie went fishing & have quite a few tales to tell! You’ll also learn about upcoming events & fun in Okoboji this week!
June 9, 2021
Special Episode: Iowa Rock ‘n Roll Museum Guided Tour
Join Iowa Rock ‘n Roll Music Association co-founder, Tom Tourville for a tour of the Iowa Rock ‘n Roll Music Association’s Hall of Fame Museum in Arnolds Park, Iowa.
May 28, 2021
Every Costume Should Have Feathers!
Rebecca & Intern Riley visit the Iowa Rock ‘n Roll Museum to learn more about the rich history of music in Iowa!
May 26, 2021
Love-Love: Tennis & Okoboji!
Rebecca & guest co-host Angelia play tennis at Speier Park in Okoboji!
May 19, 2021
An Extra Spring In Our Step!
Rebecca & Laurie visit area parks including East Lake Park in Okoboji!
May 12, 2021
Keep The Disc Level!
Rebecca & Laurie learn to play disc golf at the Okoboji Gold Disc Golf Course. They also share a few tips they learned to help improve your game!
May 5, 2021
We Took A “Neature” Walk
Rebecca & Laurie visit the Kettleson Hogsback Wildlife Management area to explore the trails!
April 29, 2021
Who Knows More About The Maritime Museum?
This week Rebecca & Laurie visit the Iowa Great Lakes Maritime Museum to learn more about lake history!
April 21, 2021
Shake Until Your Fingers Freeze
This week Rebecca was joined by special guest Hannah at The Beach Club Lounge for cocktail tasting & making!
April 8, 2021
Ax-cellent Adventure!
Rebecca & Laurie learn ax throwing at The Throwing Post in Arnolds Park!
March 31, 2021
Holding On For Dear Life
This week Rebecca & Laurie tell you about their adventure trying aerial yoga!
March 25, 2021
Sometimes The Simple Stuff Is So Hard For Me!
This week Rebecca & Laurie visited Riddle Me That escape room!
March 17, 2021
She Was A Cuter Bee Than Me
This week Rebecca & Laurie visited the Dickinson County Nature Center to learn about pollinators!
March 11, 2021
This Is Like A Hug In A Glass!
This week Rebecca & Laurie go on a craft brewery tour, and visit two local breweries in the Okoboji area!
March 3, 2021
We Wanted To Create Art!
This week Rebecca & Laurie visited the Kurio Kastle Pottery Painting Palace to get creative!
February 25, 2021
We Imitated Art, Just For Some Pictures!
This week Rebecca & Laurie visited the Pearson Lakes Art Center.  Rebecca was in her element.  Laurie not as much, but the recap of the visit is fun!
February 18, 2021
Is That The First Mary Kay Car?
Hear about Rebecca & Laurie's latest adventure exploring Okoboji Classic Cars in West Okoboji!
February 10, 2021
The Lake Was Filled With Winter Boats!
Hear about Rebecca & guest co-host, Ali's adventures during the 41st Annual University of Okoboji Winter Games!
February 4, 2021
Pinball Wizards in Training
Rebecca & Laurie compete in a mini pinball tournament & look ahead to the University of Okoboji Winter Games!
January 28, 2021
Siesta or Savasana?
Join Rebecca & Laurie as they tell you about their latest Okoboji adventure - Hot Power Yoga!
January 20, 2021
Here Fishy, Fishy!
Hear about Rebecca & Laurie’s latest adventure in Okoboji, Iowa - ice fishing!
January 13, 2021
Is there ice under that snow?
Rebecca & Laurie go ice skating at the Fish Shack in Okoboji.
January 6, 2021
January 5, 2021
January 5, 2021