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Relationships Therapy and Education

Relationships Therapy and Education

By Valerie Muzelenga
In this podcast am introducing my new Series on Relationships and Educational Theray. My goal is the help couples and families to be able to articulate their needs in a relationship and how they want to be loved. This is an introduction under the umbrella Family life. It will be presented twice a month. Topics will range from relationship, finances, marriage, conflict resolution, parenting, love and intimacy.
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Introduction of the Family life topics under the umbrella Relationship Therapy and Education
Am introducing myself and what I do. Helping couples and families to be able to articulate their needs in a relationship. How I help couples kick divorce from the table and walk in bliss. Help couples with proven conflict resolution system. I provide you with tools and information on how you can express yourself to your spouse/partner and what you need to feel secure and have Relationships fit for heaven. You can download a free guide on how to communicate your needs at
June 24, 2020