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Sensual Power

Sensual Power

By Valerie Schrader
Are you a woman looking to tap into the sexiest, most delicious part of yourself and say YES to loving yourself? This is the podcast for you! Each week we’ll dive into different topics related to women’s health, self love, self discovery and anything else that lights us up and gets us living the most sensual, joy filled life possible!
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This is why I love jade egg!!!
Listen in to understand the science of why I love jade egg as part of a somatic healing practice and pleasure practice!
October 27, 2020
What do butterflies have in common with trauma release?!?
Listen to find out one of my fav exercises to coach on for trauma release and understand more on how trauma lives in our bodies and how we can heal and thrive!
October 23, 2020
Your Trauma Makes You Worthy AF!
When we go through trauma it’s easy to believe that we are broken and don’t deserve the love, sex, relationships or life we want. But I’m here to say that’s BS and in fact you’re beyond worthy of a life and love that’s magically blissful!
October 14, 2020
Talking to your p*ssy will make you confident AF!
Connecting to the energy and voice of your p*ssy is an amazing way to build trust in your most authentic self and desires. Listen in to get the details of how I do this so you can do it too!
October 6, 2020
Tapping into your sacred feminine energy
There’s a voice that lives within us all that can drive us to have the most pleasurable, vibrant, sexy, fun life we’ve ever imaged. Listen in for an exercise to help you find your voice and use it to guide you into magical power.
September 29, 2020
Setting intention with your walk
When you move to carry an electric energy that’s full of intention and purpose? If the answers no listen in for my tips and experiences doing just that!
September 17, 2020
Walk in your power
The way you walk says so much about how you feel about yourself. Listen in for why I find it super important to walk with power and step into your goddess.
September 9, 2020
What are your unmet needs?
Do you know what your unmet needs are and how to evaluate if it’s something you can get from a partner or you need to give yourself? Listen in to some of my best tips on figuring out your needs and how to meet them!
September 1, 2020
Why do I never meet anyone good?!?
You’ve been on every dating site imaginable and find way more frogs then princes or princesses. What gives? Listen to find out the secret of why your not finding the relationship you desire!
August 25, 2020
Why is WAP so controversial?!
If you’ve heard the song and seen the video you know there’s A LOT of talk about it. But why?!
August 17, 2020
What do you desire?
Tune to hear my journey to discovering my desires and making a life worth being excited about! Discover your own and do the same.
August 6, 2020
Do you feel worthy of love?
Do you feel like what you want and what you get when it comes to love and relationships are two different things? Yep I’ve been there too! Listen in to learn more about my journey to discovery my own worth.
July 28, 2020
How do you get unconditional love?!
Unconditional love is one of those things we hear about but do you know what it really is or how to get it? Listen in to find out the truth bomb I discovered around finding unconditional love!
July 16, 2020
What value do you place on your self growth?
How much of a priority is your self growth? Do you do a little work then backslide and forget about it? Listen in to understand what truly valuing your self worth is and how to hold yourself accountable.
June 29, 2020
Answering your question: feeling numb doin the deed!
This week I’ve answered a listeners question on feeling numbness during sex with her partner due to past trauma! Listen in for my advice and send me your own questions to!
May 21, 2020
Delving into your shadow side!
The biggest transformation I’ve ever had was not from just trying to adopt new ways of living but from diving in deep through the muck and working on the shadow side. Doing shadow work is critical to any self development process and to me, the only way to make true transformation. Listen in to find out a little more about shadow work and how you can use it to transform your life!
May 5, 2020
Offering Self Nourishment
Nurturing your body from within can be a powerful healing tool from traumas of shame that so many of us carry within our bodies. Listen for some tips on tapping into your nurturing mother archetype to heal, connect and feel a deep sense of self love and safety.
April 14, 2020
What is self love and how do I create it?
Right now the world feels like it’s upside down and that can totally mess with our sense of reality and our sense of safety and self love. Listen in for some ways to deepen your self love right now and use this time to create a little more love in the world!
March 31, 2020
How do you deal with numbness or discomfort in your body?
Many women struggle with being out of touch with their bodies. Whether you’ve been through trauma or not most of us weren’t taught about self pleasure or to see our bodies as beautiful, pleasure filled beings. In this podcast I give you some tips on how to tune in and ultimately find pleasure in your own body.
March 18, 2020
Struggling to have an Orgasm in Different Positions
How many of you ladies struggle to orgasm or have a specific position you need to be in to experience one? Listen in for my tips on how to find your orgasm in whatever position you want!
March 4, 2020
Manifestation Through Orgasm
So have you ever tried using your orgasmic power to manifest things that you want in your life? If not, this is a powerful practice that can tune you into your body, mind and spirit and bring about immense pleasure. Listen in for details on how to do this!
February 26, 2020
How Do We Break Free of Media Images of Women
Media tells us constantly what our worth as women and it’s time to stop! Listen in for ways I encourage my own clients to break free and discover their own beauty and self worth.
February 18, 2020
Getting to a Place of Self Love
In a world that assumes if you’re single your unhappy how do we navigate feeling immense self love and being enough for ourselves? Listen in as I talk about getting to a place of self love, loving yourself in your darkness and then knowing whether you want a relationship for good reasons or bad.
February 15, 2020
How do you feel pleasure again after abuse?
In the healing process of sexual abuse or assault one thing I find isn’t talked about much is getting to a place of feeling good about pleasure, loving your body again and being able to experience pleasure again. Listen in for the process I’ve done with myself to learn how to find pleasure again and build confidence in my body again.
February 6, 2020
What Jlo and Shakira Did for Women Everywhere
Jlo and Shakira rocked the world at Sunday’s halftime show and it was an incredible message to women everywhere that we are strong, sexy and powerful beings! Listen in to see my full take of it, the backlash and the praise.
February 4, 2020
My Story to Really Good
TRIGGER WARNING...As a sexual abuse, sexual assault and domestic abuse survivor I have been through and battled depressions, feelings of worthlessness, lack of self love and even suicide. But on my journey of self discovery and healing I’ve used all of this not only to get myself to a place of good but to provide space for other women to feel heard, seen and heal. It’s not about perfection but it is about finding the really good!
January 28, 2020
How are you celebrating your fellow goddess?
What do you do in your daily life to lift up, support, show up for and celebrate the women in your life or the women you come across daily? Listen in to this weeks podcast to find out ways you can celebrate the goddesses around you and what that means.
January 21, 2020
Why do we fear desire?
What is is about seeing a woman express her full desire that scares us so much? Listen in and find out where that fear and anger comes from and let’s dive into a journey of pleasure with each other!
January 14, 2020
Date yourself!
When is the last time you really enjoyed your own company? What about tuned in and pampered yourself? Probably longer than you should’ve! Listen to see what I do to date myself and tune in when I need a pick me up!
January 7, 2020
Celebrating Your Wins
How often do you take stock of your accomplishments? Probably not very often and this may be what’s holding you back in your successes. As we start a new decade I challenge you to start celebrating your wins. Listen in on how I do that and let me know how are you celebrating?
January 1, 2020
Mamas it’s time to put yourself first!
We get so wrapped up in our kids, families, responsibilities that we forget the person who matters! Listen in to hear how I overcame this and what prioritizing me did for my daughter.
December 26, 2019
Body Judgment
Ladies it’s time to have a talk! How often do you find yourself judging another woman or putting her down? Do you understand why you do it? Probably not so let’s talk about it! The body positivity movement was first started to promote all women being seen as equally beautiful and worthy in their own bodies. But it’s turned into a movement that’s only celebrating certain types of bodies and not others. Listen in and let’s have a conversation about it!
December 16, 2019