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By Varanida
We're for a Fair and Transparent Digital Ecosystem.

Currently building a better Internet through a decentralized advertising solution.
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[Update] VARANIDA CEO talks about Acquisition & ICO (September 2018)
Today, we're sharing a discussion and annoucement with our CEO Anji. First, Anji talks about our acquisition of Secret Media: Then, we discuss some changes to our ICO:
September 11, 2018
Varanida Chat with Steve Amani of Comcast Universal
Our founder Anji was in NY a few weeks ago to take part in Blockchain Week. During the course of the week, he met with Steve, in charge of Strategy and Finance at Varanida. They chat about all things data privacy, advertising, and Varanida.
August 13, 2018
#09: Henok 'Hen' Tekle of AlphaChain
On this episode, I am joined by our advisor Hen. He is the founder of AlphaChain and an experienced and accomplished influencer in the world of blockchain who’s been invited to talk about this industry all around the world. ===== Before we get started two little things to share with you: - First, our token sale is now open and if you’d like to participate or learn more, we invite you to check it out at - Finally, before we get started, I just wanted to apologise for the lower audio quality this week: Sometimes it’s hard to coordinate for these interviews, especially with Varanida being a fully remote company with team members and advisors traveling around the world. I've done my best to make sure the interview is clear enough and while there may be some small problems here and there, the conversation itself is really worth paying attention to.
July 12, 2018
Varanida Update: Announcing our Token Sale
On this episode, our CEO and co-founder Anji join me to give an update about the progress made on our product, on our growing community, and announces the launch of our token sale ! For more information :
June 28, 2018
#08: Interview with Natalia Martinez-Winter
In this new Varanida Interview, our advisor Natalia Martinez-Winter (founder of "Innovation for a Cause") joins us to talk about how the Blockchain world echoes some of the values from the Open Source communities and how marketers can improve by looking at Decentralization, Transparency, and more.
June 21, 2018
#07 An Update and a chat with our CEO
In this episode, Anji joins me to for a chat about what's been going on in the past few months: there's been a lot of progress, new hires, new advisors, and both our Browser Extension and our Whitepaper are live!
May 18, 2018
#06: Interview with Frederic Montagnon of LGO Exchange
For our latest Varanida Interview, our advisor Fred Montagnon (CEO of LGO Exchange) has to say about the Media landscape, bad Advertising practices, and how to be successful building businesses on the Blockchain.
May 07, 2018
[Update] We're back from Blockchain Expo
Just some quick news this week... The team and I are back from Blockchain Expo, in London. Hear our latest news, and learn more about the progress weve made on the whitepaper and the Varanida browser extension.
April 27, 2018
#05: Jean-Christophe Conti on Publishers & Advertising
On this episode, I am joined by our advisor Jean-Christophe Conti. Jean-Christophe has over 20 years of experience working with advertisers and publishers and he understands the challenges faced by both parties. As such, it was really fascinating to hear from him about how Varanida can help solve these problems.
April 10, 2018
#04: Advisor Interview: Ben Arnon
Ben Arnon has been advising and investing in blockchain startups for several years. He is also an experienced professional in the advertising and media space. For Varanida, he is sharing his views on the whole industry, some tips and also mistakes to avoid when launching a blockchain company.
April 05, 2018
#03: Anji Ismail: Live chat with our co-founder and CEO
This week on the Varanida podcast, we're switching away from our usual format to share a conversation about the current issues faced by internet users, publishers and advertisers, and how blockchain technology can help. Learn more and Follow us on
March 22, 2018
#02: The State of Digital Advertising in 2018
This week, we’re talking about what the Digital Marketing landscape looks like in 2018, including its biggest challenges!
March 13, 2018
#01: How the Blockchain can change Marketing forever!
This week on the Varanida podcast, we’re explaining what the Blockchain is, and how it could be used in the Marketing world. ——————————— Here are your show notes: - [Video] “Blockchain explained in 2 minutes”: - [Infographics] Catalyst Companies Blockchain Infographic: - [Blog] An article by Charlotte Rogers for Marketing Week, about Blockchain & Marketing: ——————————— If you’re listening to this as a podcast on iTunes, Google Play, or Spotify — make sure to subscribe! Otherwise, catch us on Anchor under the username @Varanida or On Anchor, you can interact with us and share your questions and thoughts: every few weeks, we’ll take your questions and respond in a Q&A. Make sure to follow us on Twitter at @Varanida_VAD or
March 08, 2018
This is a Teaser for the Varanida Podcast. Subscribe on, iTunes, Google Play and Spotify. Find us at!
February 26, 2018