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By Vasile Stoica
The UPSTART podcast aims to provide blog post insights in an audio format on Spotify.
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How to Build Your Social Media Presence
It is no secret that the majority of online users check social media websites every day. Social media has become the easiest way to connect with friends and family. Forward-thinking businesses know that these websites provide an interactive way to engage with current customers and attract new ones if they can only make themselves stand out from the crowd. Social media branding is an efficient way to develop your overall SEO. Here are some of the key starting points. Building Profile Pages Don’t limit yourself: One of the benefits of the internet is that an incredible amount of platforms exist concurrently and most people regularly visit multiple sites. Put your business out there on as many social media sites as you can. Increasing your visibility can only help you. Include links back to your website: This will help build your off-page SEO by providing an array of sites that have links to your main page. It also gives new customers an easy way to learn more about your business. Getting Your Tone It is not enough to simply create a profile page and then let it gather dust. We call it social media for a reason — it is meant to be interactive and people are not going to find your business unless you are providing regular updates and ways for them to interact. Diversify your posts: People visit different social media sites for different reasons. Post articles, videos, new product releases, photos, reviews, and anything else you can devise. Not everything will appeal to everyone, but all you need is for one thing to attract someone to your website for them to become a potential customer. Know your goals: Though the previous point still holds, be sure to know which types of posts bring your brand the most visibility. If you develop innovative computer software, most customers will likely look for product reviews and demonstrations. If you provide more personal, customer-interactive services, make sure that the tone of your updates appeals to your ideal customer. Cast a wide net, but make it easy for your typical audience to find what they expect from you. Essential Tools There are multiple tools and services available online that will help you manage all of your profile pages. Post once, everywhere: There are dozens of services that will allow you to post updates or new content once and have it automatically sent to the rest of your profiles. Some of the bigger websites, such as Twitter and Facebook, already have this function built-in. Tracking your stats: Tools like HootSuite and Mention will track who visits your profile pages, how often they visit, and what they do once they are there. Knowing the details of your visitors’ behavior is vital to turning those visitors into customers and to evaluate the effectiveness of your page. If people are not following the link to your website, maybe it needs to be more visible. If the number of visitors on your Twitter page is low, you might need a more visually-appealing background. You want to allow people to see how exciting and useful your business is. Make sure that your profile pages accomplish that goal. The internet is constantly updating and reinventing itself. Don’t be afraid to try new things to reach your customers. Please share below your most successful experiences with social media marketing!
January 18, 2021
What You Know About Apptivo And What You Don’t Know About Apptivo
One of the strengths of small businesses is their ability to personally connect with customers and provide them with quality service that they do not receive from larger businesses. However, as your business grows and the number of your customer relationships increases, it can become difficult to maintain the necessary level of customer relationship management with the same care and efficiency. Apptivo has developed a series of integrated business applications that are designed to help small businesses manage their information more efficiently. Their Customer Relationship Management application, or CRM, allows businesses to add and nurture customer relationships so that you can continue to provide the excellent service necessary for jumpstarting your business. Their bundled application packages allow you to take the services that you need and leave the rest for another time, guaranteeing that you will not waste valuable resources. Overall, Apptivo streamlines business management so that your time can go towards growing your business, not trying to navigate obscure programs. 360-degree View Under the 360-degree Customer View application, you can view every detail regarding your customers, including any projects to which they might be currently linked. The main features are as follows: Assign an account manager: Customers connect better with your business when they are consistently talking to one or two key liaisons. By assigning an account manager to each customer, you ensure that the customer develops a relationship with the same person. Details: Store notes, documents, projects, and sales opportunities associated with each customer in the same place as the rest of their contact information. Do not risk missing out on a follow-up or forgetting a detail when you can have it all organized in one navigable place. Cases The Cases application specializes in solving customers’ problems for the best customer satisfaction. Use this application to: Record issues: Customers want to know they are being listened to and that their issues are being taken seriously. The Cases application helps you keep detailed records of any issues that customers might report to you, including technical issues regarding your website. Communicate progress: After assigning an employee to handle the issues, the Cases application allows you to report that progress to customers so that they know that their problem is being dealt with swiftly. Communication is always an integral part of effective customer relationship management. Leads Apptivo’s CRM is not just about managing existing customer relationships. The Leads application also provides a way to pursue new customers by assigning priority levels and concrete steps for turning those leads into sales opportunities. Its integration with the Opportunity application allows you to instantly convert a customer under the Leads category to the Opportunity category, giving you a more specific set of tools to manage this shift in the relationship. Hopefully, you now have a better understanding of how Apptivo can help your business better manage its customer data. Please share your thoughts or questions about this wonderful tool below!
January 18, 2021
Tips for Building Your Local Search Results
It is becoming increasingly popular to support local businesses rather than large corporations, especially with people who crave the intimacy and customer support that small businesses provide. Most small businesses, even ones meant to be multi-regional or national, will find that a significant portion of their customers comes from their own front yard. Here are some tips for local search optimization to help you ensure that these valuable customers can find you easily online. Create Your Profiles The first step in local search optimization is to build profiles for your business on websites like Yelp and Foursquare. Some people use these sites to search for local businesses directly, but even if they use a general search engine like Google, these pages will come up in the search results. Relevant web sites: Not sure which websites you should focus on? Do a few searches that are relevant to your business (for example, “Italian restaurants + Los Angeles” if you own an Italian restaurant in Los Angeles) and see which context-specific websites come up first. Getting the details right: Pay attention to what details you are looking for when you search for businesses and make sure that you have them on your own pages. The most crucial ones for local search optimization include contact information, local address, business hours, and a link to your main website. Ask for Reviews Asking for reviews can be tricky for two reasons. One, some customers don’t like to feel nagged for reviews. Two, you easily invite bad reviews, sometimes from people who didn’t even try your business. However, you will find that many customers who support your company love to share their positive experiences and will be happy to provide thoughtful reviews so that other people can discover them. Responding to bad reviews: Bad reviews can be frustrating, but how you respond to them is important. If a customer truly had a negative experience, respond to their review by reaching out to them and trying to make it right. Apologize and offer them a discount for the next time they come in. They will appreciate the effort and might even change their review because of it. Incentives: Offering incentives for reviews never hurts. If you are having trouble picking up reviews, consider running a short promotion that rewards customers for reviewing your business. On-Site Optimization Local search optimization still requires you to have a killer website that draws people in. You want curious customers to follow a link back to your main website so that they can find more information. Make sure that your page easily answers any questions they might have. Local search optimization also requires a couple of extra nudges to move you up in the rankings. Meta descriptions: Go into your coding and make sure that it is easy for search engines to find your local contact information. Google can’t tell people about your local flower shop if your website doesn’t say where you are located. Mobile site: An increasing number of customers conduct searches for local businesses via mobile devices. It makes sense; most of the time, they are searching for something local because they are already out and want to find something nearby. Make sure your information is readily accessible by a mobile phone. Hopefully, this information will help you connect with more local customers. Please comment and share your thoughts below.
January 18, 2021
Why is Content Marketing the Future of Effective Marketing?
The exorbitant amount of content introduced over the internet every minute. With such huge content, it is easy to say that “Every person over the internet is a content marketer and every single organization is now a publisher”; though it sounds right it is absolutely wrong! The internet is awash with both types of content – fantastic and weak. Content marketing deals with a broader subject of content ideation and effective content distribution. Here are some points that help you know content distribution as an ideal marketing mantra of the future: Cost-Effectiveness Organizations today are more content savvy to use it to its extreme capacity. The current trends in content marketing are hard to ignore. Many small and medium-sized businesses are directly using content for online marketing because: 1. Business owners can easily do it themselves; 2. It is a cost-effective option for advertising; Why content marketing is the future of effective marketing – one of the biggest points is that the lesser cost of content distribution enables business owners to either decrease the product cost or to pass on the benefits to their customers in other forms. This creates a win-win situation for both. So, content marketing tends is the most prominent and cost-effective way of marketing in the future. Usefulness Apart from being a huge money saver, it also is a very scalable strategy that can easily be tracked and optimized for the purpose. There are several tools (most of them are free to use) available in the market to check the effects of content marketing and to better calculate its ROI. Better Branding & Customer Satisfaction Content indubitably is the king of the online marketing realm. Content is now available online in many evolved forms such as blogs, articles, press releases, and even videos. While helping businesses build a stronger brand image through effective distribution, resourceful content also helps in gaining customer satisfaction through strategic SEO and social sharing. Thus, content marketing assists businesses to reach out to more customers via its extensive attributes of brand building and customer satisfaction. Better Formats Businesses need to develop effective content cultures & formats that concentrate on the following 2 important aspects: Understanding what the audience Demand; And Identifying and drilling down different types of audiences who they essentially need to connect to; Marketing of content, done this way, can help businesses reach a level deeper to understand the right pulse of the market and their customers. All the above considerations clearly put content marketing as a promising marketing strategy for the future. Any business owner can make the most out of this content evolution by expanding its tactical distribution of content across the web, social media, and search engines.
January 18, 2021
4 Things About Landing Pages Your Boss Wants To Know
If you’ve decided to put creating your landing pages on hold while you focus on other aspects of marketing your web-based business, you’re making a huge mistake. Landing pages play an important role in helping you connect with new customers and will drive your target market to your website. When you utilize landing pages best practices, you’ll see an immediate increase in the amount of traffic certain sections of your website receives. What Are Landing Pages Don’t confuse landing pages with home pages. The landing page serves as a kind of stepping stone to the actual meat of a particular section of the website. Based on the information a person finds on your landing pages, they will either follow links directing them to other areas of your website or try a different type of search. There are several landing pages best practices you can use to ensure your pages match up with the proper search. Elements of a Great Landing Page Keywords/Keyword Phrases: It’s natural to feel like you should cram as many keywords on a landing page as you possibly can, but you need to curb this urge. Google’s Panda program has been designed in such a way that if it finds a high number of keywords on a given page, the entire website will be penalized, keep the keyword density to less than 1.5%. Landing pages best practices include you making a separate page for each keyword, instead of trying to incorporate several onto the same page. Relevant Content: Landing page best practices include using content that’s concise and relevant. Before posting the page make sure the content is typo-free, accurate, and that it pertains to the keywords used for that particular page. Simplicity: Visitors will use the page to determine if your website has the information they need. They want to be able to make this determination quickly. Making sure the page is nicely laid out, has clear text, and hasn’t been jammed pack with images gives the impression of organization and professionalism, which encourages visitors to stay. Links: The purpose of the landing page is to help direct traffic to other areas of your website. It’s up to you to frequently check and make sure those links work properly. A broken link gives visitors a bad impression of your web-based business. Landing sites tend to be found by individuals who have never visited the website before and have just run a very specific web search. The landing page serves as a place that in addition to finding the information they sought, the visitor will also learn a little bit about your web-based business and should serve as a kind of introduction site. Don’t lose sight of the fact that the page will be the very first impression an individual who has found it via an internet search has of the web-based business, landing pages best practices ensure that it’s a great first impression.
January 18, 2021
You Will Never Believe These Bizarre Truth Of Digital Gamification
The game, the very word evokes positive and joyful thoughts. The idea of fun excites people. Incorporating the idea of fun and the joy of playing a game into mundane tasks can prove an effective way to take the attention away from the complexity and the difficulty level of the task. In the business world, this is known as gamification. It is the use of game-like techniques to instigate the target audience into solving problems whilst using the game as a marketing strategy. Some common examples associated with child products; sales pick up when they give out a toy as an incentive with the product. Many brands use reward points and badges as a usual marketing strategy which has proven to boost sales. Engaging customers through gamification expands the market presence in the digital platform. Online games are used as successful tools to reach out to an audience worldwide. The natural gratification of winning and the urge of competing in the business come together in a perfect combination. Gamification not only helps in customer engagement but has found applications in various fields such as education and corporate structures. All work and no play make Jack a dull boy! There are aspects of education that are attractive and engaging such as offering stars which are very popular among kids. Incentives in corporate structures involve an employee finishing a task and obtaining reward badges to encourage employees.
January 18, 2021
Understanding the Benefits of Gamification in Business
If business owners become confused when they read an article or attend a lecture in which the term gamification in business is used, they shouldn’t feel bad. Many well-educated business people have the same reaction. Over the past year or so, gamification in business is a term that has gotten used quite a bit. Makes Marketing Fun Believe it or not, when a marketing expert uses the term gamification in business it means that things are about to get fun. This is accomplished by turning common marketing techniques, most often inbound marketing into something that feels more like a game than something tedious that needs to be dealt with. Not only do business owners and managers enjoy the gamification process, but it’s also well received by customers and frequently leads to an increase in website traffic and revenue. How it’s Accomplished Different business has different gamification techniques, but the most successful examples involve a business encouraging fans to do something that increases the company’s visibility, such as posting a Twitter hashtag or encouraging customers to share a specific Facebook post. In return for all this sharing, one or two customers who participated received a prize. The bigger the prize, the higher customer participation tends to be. Many businesses use this opportunity to encourage customers to sign up for a mailing list. The Benefits of Gamification in Business There are many benefits that businesses enjoy when they use gamification in their marketing program. The benefits include; An opportunity to increase the number of subscribers to their online newsletters, Facebook group, and Twitter followers; A surge in inbound links leads to an improvement in search engine ranking; An opportunity to connect with a high number of members in the businesses target market; Gamification provides an opportunity to gather information about customers, which makes it possible to streamline the marketing program and create more efficient ways to connect with the target market. How to Benefit from Gamification in Business Considering how much businesses can benefit from gamification, the temptation to run a game every few days can be strong, however, it’s not advised. To enjoy a maximum amount of success from this particular marketing process, businesses should only organization a gamification event every two or three months. Once a date for the event has been set, business owners/managers need to decide how long they’re going to run the event, what the prize will be, and what the rules are. All of this information should be clearly posted where participants can easily see it.
January 18, 2021
How to Create a Personal Brand that Gets You Hired
Individuals who have taken the time to create a personal brand are the ones who generally have no difficulty connecting with future employers or clients. They’re the individuals who never seem to worry about whether or not they’ll have a job in six months or a year. Their skills are always in demand. Since they took the time and designed a personal brand, everyone always knows exactly who they are, what industry they work for, and what special skills they bring to the table. Social Media Matters These days, employers don’t just look at an applicant’s resume, they also use the internet and scan social media sites. Based on the posts, pictures, and overall level of professionalism employers see, they will determine whether or not a particular person will be a good match for their business. Social media sites anyone interested in creating a personal brand should join include; Twitter Facebook Google+ LinkedIn Simply having an account won’t be enough. It’s important that the account is updated frequently and that the account holder is active in industry-specific groups. Synchronize Everything When creating a personal brand, it’s important to make vital you make sure everything matches. The logo that appears on your website, should be the same one you have on your business cards. The same is true for your Facebook header and Twitter profile picture. The colors used for the logo should be colors that are generally accepted in the industry. For example, an individual seeking employment in the cosmetology field might select pastels, a landscaper should probably stick to earth tones, and someone in the field of finance will have the best luck with somber colors like grays, maroons, and darker shades of blue and green. Smart People Surround Themselves with Powerful Friends The type of people an individual has established a relationship with plays a huge role when creating a personal brand. Being connected with industry leaders tell future employers/clients that the individual knows a great deal about the industry and knows how to do things correctly. Some of the best ways to connect with industry leaders include; Guest blogging Co-lecturing at trade shows Moderating Facebook groups Attending conferences Individuals who are serious about creating a personal brand know that they can’t do it on their own, and they’re willing to give credit where credit is done. They publicly acknowledge anyone who assists them. This indicates that the individual works well with others. The most important thing to remember when creating a personal brand is that it’s an ongoing process.
January 18, 2021
Essential Video Marketing Strategies
Incorporating video content into your website has become a popular marketing strategy for businesses. People love watching videos and will gladly share the ones they enjoy with their network. There are significant advantages to creating a great video that gathers a high number of views. However, you cannot simply create a great video and then release it into the void. That video needs to be marketed, just like any other part of your company. Here are some video marketing strategies that will help you get the most out of your videos. Make a video that people want to watch Even the most brilliant video marketing strategies will be useless if no one likes your video. Focus on information, tone, and length. Is the information in your video best delivered in that medium, or would people get more out of it as a blog post? Is the tone something that your ideal customer would relate to? Is the length appropriate to the type of video you are producing? Get on YouTube YouTube is easily the most popular video platform online. It has several benefits that will help your video marketing strategies. Widely accessible: Customers who have the YouTube app on their phone or tablet can already view it easily without any further changes from you. They can also easily share it or embed it on their own site, which will boost your SEO. Effective advertising: Buying paid ads on YouTube can successfully increase your number of views. They have an expert recommendation algorithm that will suggest your video to people who are already potentially interested in your business. Diversify your content Having a lot of videos is crucial to all video marketing strategies. Ideally, watching one of your videos will encourage customers to see the rest. Have different lengths: Some videos are meant to be short, especially ones that introduce the brand. Videos that contain more information, like product reviews or tutorials, should be longer. Most video players will display the length of the video so that customers can decide which kind they are looking for. Engage: So many businesses have moved online that customers are beginning to miss the personal interactions they once received from their local shops. Videos are a way to give your business a personality that they can relate to. Offer video tutorials that show customers how to use your products. Interview customers about your business and post videos of their experiences for others to see. Anything that helps people interact with your business is generally good content for a video. Know your goals If your goal is not to gain visibility and social traction but to drive more traffic to your site, consider keeping your video off of YouTube for a while. While it is effective in gaining views, it tends to drive traffic to YouTube more than to your own website. There are multiple paid web hosting solutions that will ensure that your video is visible only on your domain. This means that any links to your video will bring people back to your website if they want to view it. You can always upload it to YouTube later if you decide you want more of a response from social media. Please comment below on which video marketing strategies have worked for you!
January 18, 2021
Ultimate Guide That Illustrates the Importance of Anticipatory Mindset
For most industries, technological progress mainly affected the physical component of what businesses do. During the industrial revolution, the companies achieve a competitive advantage by substituting various new methodologies to withstand them. Information processing at that time was mostly the result of human effort. Gone are the days when you could expect your business to operate in the same way for decades and continue to profit and grow. Disruption from shifting consumer habits to ever-changing technology forces us to constantly develop solutions to propel ourselves ahead of the competition. Here comes The Anticipatory Organization Learning System, a training process for executives and their teams to develop the skills to accurately foresee and take critical actions before disruption strikes. The ANTICIPATORY ORGANIZATION™ Model As a business consultant, Daniel Burrus helped countless emerging leaders take their organizations to new heights by teaching them how to correctly predict disruption. The Anticipatory Organization Model of Daniel Burrus is a powerful tool for leaders, managers, planners, executives, and sales teams. You can use this model to Know What’s Next – Transform Planning Develop Opportunities – Transform Innovation Shape the Future – Transform Culture Accelerate Success – Transform Results (AO) The Anticipatory Organization offers a comprehensive way to identify game-changing opportunities. Using the principles of this proven model, you will learn how to elevate planning, accelerate innovation, and transform results by pinpointing and acting upon enormous opportunities waiting to be discovered. The Anticipatory Organization Learning System (AO) The Anticipatory Organization Learning System is a training process for executives and their teams to develop the skills to accurately foresee and take critical actions before disruption strikes. The program focuses on four key areas of development: Trend Analysis Customer Needs Sales Obstacles New Opportunities Why have an Anticipatory Organization? (AO) The Anticipatory Organization applies the methodology of separating Hard Trends that will happen from Soft Trends that might happen to their innovation and decision-making processes. Employees of an Anticipatory Organization understand that those who can see the future most accurately have the biggest advantage. They actively embrace the fact that many future disruptions, problems, and game-changing opportunities are predictable and represent unprecedented ways to gain an advantage. Employees know that it’s better to solve predictable problems before they happen, and that predict future problems often represent the biggest opportunities. They know that being anticipatory means modifying plans to keep them relevant and from becoming obsolete before they are implemented, based on the Hard Trends that are shaping the future.
January 18, 2021
The Steps Needed to Get Word of Mouth Marketing Rolling
Reaching a point where a business is generating word of mouth marketing is the brass ring all businesses strive for. Not only is the word of mouth marketing the most affordable type of marketing, but it’s also what the average consumer trusts the most. Generating this form of marketing takes time, patience, and a solid plan. Get the Ball Rolling Business owners shouldn’t sit back and wait for consumers to start talking about their product or service. Business owners need to give the member of their target market a reason to start talking. Thanks to social media websites, triggering word of mouth promotion isn’t nearly as difficult as it used to be. The hardest part will be amassing followers. The easiest way to collect followers is to follow people who make up your target market. Once a nice group of followers has been collected, you can create your own word of mouth campaign by having giveaways, posting comments your followers share, connecting with others. Easy ways to locate your target market on Facebook include: Using Demographics; Hashtags; Use SEO keywords; Use industry connections; Post frequently; Start conversations; Identify Behavioral Drivers; Find the right Influencers; Profile your Customer; Analyze online data. Be Visible You can generate a lot of words of mouth marketing in your home town simply by being involved in the community. Giving speeches, sponsoring events, and creating community products will get people talking about a business, and they’ll be saying nice things. The online business only can become more visible and start generating word of mouth by guest blogging. It’s important to invite people to guest blog on the business's site as well. Not only does guest blogging increase the number of people who know the business, but also improves SEO while simultaneously establishing that the individual handling the marketing for the company is an industry expert. Leaving comments on popular industry blogs provides business owners with an excellent opportunity to connect with their target market and to create word of mouth interest. Identify Unique Aspects The best way for a business to generate interest in itself is by being different from everyone else. Business owners need to sit down and think about what makes them stand out from the competition. Once unique qualities have been isolated, business owners shouldn’t be afraid to brag about them. In no time at all, their customers will start to get excited and spread the word. It takes some time, but if business owners stick to these tips, people will start talking about the company, and eventually, a highly successful word of mouth marketing campaign will be underway.
January 18, 2021
Reap the Benefits of a Well Thought Out Integrated Marketing Strategy
The key to having an effective marketing program that not only promotes a product/service but also helps establish a recognizable brand is having an integrated marketing strategy. Every single promotional statement should, in some way, connect to all previously released marketing material and what will be released in the future. Using an integrated marketing strategy that ties all marketing material together not only makes advertisement campaigns easier to plan but also has other benefits, including; Increased revenue; Heightened brand awareness; Ability to connect with a larger portion of the businesses target market; Credibility; Ability to set marketing goals. Before creating an integrated marketing strategy, business owners need to know exactly what message they want to convey each time they do something to promote their business. The message needs to reach the target market and make them understand how using the business in question is different from the competition. Once a message has been selected, it should be shortened into one or two sentences that can be used as a slogan. Create an Identity One of the biggest aspects of an integrated marketing strategy is being identifiable. Even before they start talking about their new business and generating word of mouth interest, business owners need to design a logo. The logo should only use a few bold colors, be a relatively simple design, and differ from the logos being used by the business's competitors. The logo goes on every piece of promotional material the business releases and should be used as an identification photo on social media sites. Start Networking Connecting with other professionals in the industry and mingling with the members of the target market is a big aspect of integrated marketing strategy. It’s also another thing that can start happening long before the business is ready to make its first sale. Great ways to network while creating an integrated marketing plan include; Blogging; Becoming active on social media websites such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn; Attending trade shows; Giving lectures at conferences. Business owners need to know what the sales budget is for the upcoming month, but also have a solid understanding of the yearly budget. This enables them to create a marketing plan that will flow smoothly from one project to another without any stagnant months. Even more importantly, knowing the long-term budget decreases the chances of the company over-promoting themselves during the first few months. An integrated marketing strategy isn’t difficult to create and business owners will love how it makes it possible for them to maximize the potential of their marketing campaigns.
January 18, 2021
How to Get a Job in Online Marketing?
The web industry proffers excellent career opportunities for folks looking to make a mark in digital marketing. Online agencies provide related jobs that are in great demand now for those who can perform well in the following areas or skills: SEO experts; Web designing; Paid search analysts; Social media marketing; Business development; Content management among others. Here are few tips to land a job in the realm of internet marketing: Tip #1: Write and Maintain a Blog: Resumes are passive and old-fashioned, but having a personal blog is a cool way to demonstrate and display your interest in the internet marketing platform. If you get good traffic with well-built content and links, then it can be a bonus! Heck, if you really wish to land a job in a specific online marketing company, then why not write a special blog analyzing the company’s marketing strategies and send the link to the concerned hiring manager. Tip #2 – Take care of your Online Reputation: If you are already aware that most non-tech employers are smart enough to scout and scrutinize your online social network reputation, then you can only imagine how sharp and smarter would web industry employers be before hiring you. So it is time to do some spring cleaning of your social media reputation. It comes as one of the top recommendations from us if you wish to grab your online marketing dream job. So get social and even better actively follow and interact with the company’s social media blogs and accounts. Leverage this opportunity to reach out to people who could hire you. Of course, doesn’t fret to engage and interact with the CEO. Tip # 3 – Why not Initiate your very own Web Marketing: One of the best ways to display your potential in the realm of web marketing is by setting up a unique social media or ad words campaign. This just goes to show that you are well aware of the digital marketing stuff, as you draw the target audience towards your campaign. This could be in the form of acquiring subscribers, followers, for a local program, or as simple as ranking your name first on the Google search engine. Tip #4 – Get Familiar with Digital Lingo: Of course, this one can’t be overlooked as brushing up your digital language with basic acronyms and related terms is a must. This can include knowing about ORM (online reputation management), SMM (social media marketing) among many others. Just Google about more such phrases related to online marketing. Tip # 5 – Nail the Interview: Finally, get prepared and dressed well and answer questions confidently. And yes follow-up in a smart way, if you haven’t received a welcome call or email from the company; this could be as simple as shooting out a “Thank You” mail!
January 18, 2021
Artificial Intelligence-Friend or Foe to the American Workforce
In the past few years, the field of artificial intelligence has improved by leaps and bounds. Today’s technology and understanding of robotics have made it conceivable that machines with abilities similar to a human brain may be possible in the next few years. “Doctor, you may not want to hear this, but computers will ultimately replace the work of physicians.” This was an unexpected comment from a very bright, albeit somewhat brash, a third-year medical student with an impressive engineering background beginning his surgical rotation in my outpatient… There’s no denying that artificial intelligence has the power to make the world a better place. On the other hand, many wonder if the new developments to make robots even more intelligent will have a detrimental impact on the workforce. In the past factory workers and those employed in positions that required a great deal of repetition were the only ones who worried about their job being assigned to a robot. Now people in other industries, including the medical community and those who work in finances worry that upcoming forms of A.I. will cost them their jobs. Their concerns aren’t unjust. While there’s no getting around the fact that artificial intelligence will leave its mark on the world and force a change in the workforce, it’s equally important to remember that no matter how sophisticated artificial intelligence becomes in the future, it’s always going to be somewhat limited. It will still be unable to reason or think creatively, things that all industries will require. Individuals who are technology gifted should find that improvements in the field of A.I. technology will make finding satisfying careers easier than ever. All industries will need creative and innovative people who will continue to improve artificial intelligence. Economists are quick to point out that while it’s true that A.I. technology will make some jobs obsolete, it’s important to note that historically when such situations have arisen, new jobs were created that not only gave people new career options, they also improved the overall quality of life. The same economists also believe that it won’t take long before the culture adapts to the changes and welcomes them. It’s reasonable to expect the A.I. technology that will be developed in the future to free some members of the workforce from tedious tasks, improve everyone’s health, and extend life expectancy. There’s no getting around the fact that A.I. technology is here to stay and that it will continue to evolve and improve.
January 18, 2021
How does keyword research affect your SEO?
The Role of Keyword Research: Keywords are essentially the root of all online traffic. Efficient keyword research can greatly affect a business, as it plays a pivotal role in the SEO marketing strategy. Keywords are, of course, the key to unlocking the big potential of acquiring new leads and target traffic. It effectively reinforces online searchers' interests and core expectations, as you avail those very words that they are learned and magnetized towards. In simple words, smart keyword research and its effective application in SEO indicates you are proficiently speaking their Language! Hence, choosing the right set of target keywords for a particular business niche, along with quality content, leads to more scope for conversion. Essentially, keyword research is a prime strategic SEO function to aid search engines to recognize your website and as a result of lead prospective and highly potential customers to your site. The Dire Consequences of Availing the Wrong set of keywords: By engaging an unsubstantial and misguiding set of keywords, would only lead to tremendous wastage of time, money, and resources; as you would not be able to reach the quality target traffic. So it is crucial to picking SEO services that can help you acquire good visibility online by harnessing the right and relevant set of keywords. So keywords are the basic building blocks for all virtual web marketing campaigns and this includes social media, videos, images, and more. No wonder, they are now effectively availed while naming services, products, among others. So proficient keyword research process is mighty essential to get popular and draw people to your website. Progressive Keyword Research: Firstly, it is essential to scout and finds all the best possible keywords. Among these, you need to find and pick the most performing set of keywords and one way would be to clearly test the performance of the keyword online. Finally, break them down into related themes and sequential categories. Taking advantage of the right set of keyword research tools is crucial and this can include Google Adwords, Wordstream, Google Trends, Google Keyword Planner, Wordze, among many others. Actively refining your keyword Research: Furthermore, it is equally important to think through and analyze your keyword research campaign now and then, say quarterly. This way, you can drop a poor performing set of keywords and at the same time scrutinize new opportunities by modifying and involving new keywords that have the potential to draw more traffic. You need keywords that help wind up your goals by drawing people to your site who would be interested in your services and products. So your keyword list needs to be overlooked constantly and kept under check to promote continuous growth. In a nutshell, the right keyword research ensures a rich user experience by delivering relevant content and more conversions naturally.
January 18, 2021
Shape Your Business and Generate More Leads with Chatbots
There is no doubt that artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are one of the top digital marketing trends in 2019 and it will even top the list by 2020. This is because chatbot technology is moving so quickly, every marketing pro needs to stay updated. Critical Chatbots Statistics Did you know? 48% of consumers prefer a chatbot that solves issues over a chatbot that has personality. 15% of US consumers believe nothing could stop them from using a chatbot. 21% of consumers see chatbots as the easiest way to contact a business. 95% of consumers believe ‘customer service’ is going to be the major beneficiary of chatbots. 48% of consumers would rather connect with a company via live chat than any other means of contact. 35% of consumers want to see more companies using chatbots. Currently, Voice Search Is On the Rise In this digital world, people are switching to a hands-free way of data input while on the move. This is the reason why chatbots have become a new trend. Research says 60% of consumers have used voice search to find business information in the last year and almost half of those use voice search daily to find local businesses. The growth in voice search is partly due to the huge advances that have been made in understanding human speech with machine learning algorithms. Chatbots Has Become a Standard in 2019 and Shaking Things Up Chatbots are becoming so sophisticated! Did you know, Facebook was forced to abandon an experimental chatbot project last year after the bots created their own language? This is the reason, why many companies have been developing chatbot technology at the moment. It is expected that because of the increase in the potential for more organic visits, by the end of 2019, a chatbot will be the standard on every website and app. Top 10 Benefits of Using a Chatbot for Your Business 1. Automation of repetitive work. 2. Chatbot provides 100% satisfaction to customers. 3. It helps you in saving your hard-earned money. 4. Efficiently handle the customers than you do. 5. Professionally helps the customers. 6. Available 24/7. 7. Get valuable analytical insights. 8. Ensure personalized communication and advertisements. 9. Create proactive and intimate interactions. 10. Boost the brand’s creative storytelling. By using chatbots for your business, improves your customer satisfaction, and helps you rank highly in your sector. So, How to Build Your Own Chatbot? If you’ve not started thinking about this yet, now is the time. Don’t fall behind, get a chatbot to your website with the help of a digital marketing agency, and increase the potential for more organic visits.
January 17, 2021
Digital Marketing Trends that will Own 2019!
So far in 2018, we have seen a continued uptake of video content, augmented reality, and influencer marketing. 2018 has been a year of building and improving the 2017 social media trends. But now, that one-third of 2018 is way over, and you may find yourself wondering what does 2019 have in store for us. Let us discuss more on the ever-changing digital marketing landscape that may look in just a few months. Internet will catch Up to Television! According to research, 78 percent of people watch videos online. And video traffic will make up to 82 percent of all consumer internet traffic by 2021. According to a stud,y 4.021 billion people are using the internet in 2018. Because of this, we could say that companies should focus on web video, social media, and web ads in the New Year to withstand digital marketing trends. Chatbots will become a Normal Thing! It is expected that chatbots will continue growing in 2019 and they will likely become more regular in the eyes of consumers. In other words, we will see them become more widespread. 21% or one-fifth of the total population see a chatbot as the easiest way to contact a company. Businesses to stay ahead of the curve must develop chatbots for their plans. They are relatively easy to develop and may make the difference between losing a customer and closing a quick sale to a service with an easy-to-use chatbot. Mobile Marketing! There are more than 5.1 billion mobile phone users in 2018. And this shows the importance of mobile advertising. With so many people around who use mobile phones rather than a desktop, the importance of mobile marketing is quite evident. And this is why it is a fact that you should focus on mobile marketing to make your brand shine in 2019. Yes adopting these simple digital marketing trends will keep you well ahead of your competition in the coming years! Future-proof your business with the digital trends that will dominate in 2019 and stay ahead of the game!
January 17, 2021
Tech Trends at #WeAreDevs Conference 2017
A Story to Tell #WeAreDevs Conference VIENNA May 11 – 12 This year I had the opportunity to participate at #WeAreDevs Conference as a winner of MindMeister’s free ticket contest. I was very interested to discover new technologies for business purposes and to meet with the MindMeister team, with whom I’ve been cooperating for 3 years now, as a MindMeister Ambassador. The 2017 conference was held at Marx Halle, where it featured 2 days of workshops and exhibitions, covering the latest insights in web and software development. The challenging issues that were raised in the workshops, as well as the opportunity to be able to collaborate in the workshops with other participants, made this a motivational meeting. I was able to debate and exchange opinions on an interesting topic – a disruptive technology that can help humanity to reduce consumption, together – with a journalist and another SaaS professional. The workshop I liked the most was „Startup pitching”, where innovative ideas were shared, alongside how each could be planned in terms of marketability. Even though there were many daring ideas, as a personal observation, I noticed that investors were interested in those that address a specific challenge and demonstrate high potential for growth in their market segment. The conference app was also very helpful in interacting and connecting with other participants and enabling us to select the workshops in which we’d like to participate. The exhibitions were organized by zones, e–Mobility, Mixed Reality, Robotics, which increased the interest of participants to interact with the demonstrations, for example on how to use virtual reality to attract talent in IT or to test their capabilities with different applications, especially for software developers. A cool relaxing area, the Networking Zone, was the place to meet new people. Overall, I enjoyed the exchange of information and experience on the latest technology trends, while meeting with participants from different business backgrounds, not only IT. It was an opportunity to connect and refresh my technological knowledge. At #WeAreDevs, everyone who is interested in IT career development will find many opportunities promoted by recruiters or directly by companies. As funding opportunities for innovative start-ups in technology are presented, it’s also a good place to become visible. To sum up, I can say that the conference in Vienna provided good insight into the technology world. Highlights to remember: having a lot of fun (food area, playing, the Networking Zone), the conference app, interactive workshops, and the technology zones of the exhibition. As future challenges to be tackled: to find a better balance between the quantity and quality of simultaneous presentations, and the people involved. The Stages were very crowded, meaning it was difficult to find a place at many of the presentations. To conclude, this was the second time I was visiting Vienna and I was surprised by how much the city has transformed, becoming a technology hub that attracts a workforce from all over the world. #WeAreDevs Conference was the right place to capture the technology insights driving this change.
January 17, 2021
Instagram Attracts Long-Term Customers and Leads to Marketing Succes
With over 300 million users logging into their accounts every month, Instagram is one of the most popular social networking sites. It has more active accounts than Twitter, which was previously considered a marketing powerhouse. Business owners can’t afford to no make Instagram a part of their routine marketing campaign. Not only does an account help promote a product, it also helps lay the groundwork the business needs to establish the kind of relationship that turns first-time customers, into regular customers. In 2015, Iconosquare conducted a study that showed nearly all of Instagram users, approximately 70% report that the social media site influences their shopping habits, with 62% of the users reporting that they found and tried out a brand based solely on the business’s account. Getting Started Before a business can start using the social media giant for their marketing tool, they need to create an official business account. It’s not difficult. Simply log into the website and follow the directions. Marketing experts advise keeping the business’s account separate from the owner’s personal account. Make Use of Free Tools Small businesses and start-up businesses will gain a great deal of traction when they take advantage of the easy-to-use, free tools Instagram creates. In addition to setting up a free “contact us” button, the business should also learn how to use Insights, which helps the business gauge the success of each post, making it easier to build a successful Instagram marketing program. Post Strategically Posting a selfie or a photo of your dinner on a personal account is fine, but it’s not something a business should do. Everything posted to the business account should engage followers, build on the company’s brand, and encourage sales. The trick is learning how to post frequently enough that the business account remains relevant, but not so much that followers start to feel the account is pushing and write it off as a spamming account. Marketing experts suggest that posting twice a day is a good starting point. The business can gradually experiment with more frequent posts. Remember, post-optimization changes when a new product or marketing campaign is revealed. Be Interactive Businesses must interact with their customers. It only takes a moment to respond to a question or comment, and that tiny action is often the trigger that inspires the follower to check out the official website and make a purchase. Most businesses have found that they’ve gained the most traction when they posted Instagram’s that encouraged interaction, such as a poll or a caption this image.
January 17, 2021
Taking Care of Your Brand Value
As a business owner, it is important to be prepared to monetize every component of your business. Brand value has significant importance in the market value of a company. For many companies, brand-related assets have a direct impact on sales. Even some of the brand's worth thousands or millions of dollars, these are rarely noticed as a distinctive intangible asset in the financial statements. Why it is important to register your brand value in accounting? Your business will have official records of this intangible asset value, that can be further used for a business sale, strategic planning, or taxation compliance. How can a brand be valuated? Three main methodologies for brand valuation can be used: *The cost approach, takes into consideration the brand investment, costs associated with brand creation and development. *The income approach, monetize the present value of economic benefits generated by the brand. *The market approach, compares market values of similar brands What can you do to prepare your business for a brand valuation? Brand valuation is performed by third-party professionals, who collect and evaluate data to estimate the brand value. Your business can be prepared for the valuation process through brand-building activities that can be financially quantified. Brand building activities contribute to the increase of the brand potential, through transparent records of inflows and outflows generated by a brand. For instance, if we take into consideration the marketing expenses for online business development, you can prepare your company records for brand valuation, by following the next steps: ->  Plan and clearly structure your brand associated costs A sample structure of diverse marketing costs matched with brand value building activities is presented below: brand reputation building (Backlink Audit & Management, Content Build Up Services, Social Media Identity Protection. Website Audit) brand promotion/visibility (Article Marketing, Blog Promotion, Coupon Submission, Twitter Directory Submission, Documents Sharing, Press Release, Social Bookmarking, Social Media Branding) brand visuals ( infographics ) ->  Agree with your accounting team the chart of accounts to be used Mapping your brand value building activities with the chart of accounts used in accounting is the next challenge to pursue. Good communication with your accounting team is vital in this process. The most important step is to agree on how to integrate within the advertising and promotional expenses account the brand associated costs. Using analytical accounting is an effective method to match brand value building activities with analytic accounts. ->  Engage your employee in the financial process of building brand value Maybe an accountant is not always aware of what is the activity behind an invoice if it is brand-related or not. Thus it is important to make employees accountable for the future importance of documents that will be registered in accounting. Relate your marketing meetings not only to the activities that will be performed but also to the invoices that will be collected from third-party services and which of those are directly brand-related and communicate findings to the accounting team. Once your business is prepared for the valuation process, it will facilitate the estimation of the brand value. And once you have it, you can monitor it over time and take the necessary actions to increase that value.
January 17, 2021
Top 10 Strict Don’ts of SEO
SEO services are based on optimizing the website based on its content and format. Following are the top 10 miscalculations that even the most experienced and best SEO Company may enter into: 1. Erroneous Keywords: It needs focused research. For example, if you have a beauty advice website and you are using “beauty tips” as a keyword, it might just not work as profitable as “dark spot removal tips”. So, make use of organic SEO services to dig out the most profitable keyword for you. 2. Overlooking Title Tag: Never leave the title tag blank. It is the most prominent place to link a keyword, as text in the title tag would appear as the page title in search results. 3. Flash Website with no HTML Alternative: Flash websites may appear alluring to users but not to search engines. If you want search engines to love your flash site provide it an HTML alternative to get indexed notably. 4. Java Script Menus: Never leave Java script menus without site maps or non-scripted tag links as search engines cannot read scripts. 5. Ignorance to Maintain: SEO is a consistent effort. Never be sporadic in your SEO attempts. Keep it a regular process for optimum results. 6. Too Much Attention to Meta Tags: Do not overemphasize Meta tags. Although, they are an important factor but certainly not the only ones. You cannot hoard huge traffic only on Meta tags. 7. Heading Images: Images for menus and headings are a big SEO mistake. You can instead consider modifying them to style sheet if h1, h2 looks too dreary. 8. Neglecting Urls: Never neglect the Url to be keyword-less. Keyword-based URL is very important for Yahoo and MSN and even Google would rank it high. 9. Backlink Spamming: Instead of quantity of backlinks, focus on quality backlinks to protect your site from getting banned. 10. Keyword Deficient Content: Do not overstuff keywords in content but use them sensibly in bold.
January 17, 2021
Inbound Marketing - Embrace the Radical Change
Marketing is an important aspect and vertical of any company. In recent times there's been an evolution in the marketing field which resulted in the development of two types of verticals. One of them is inbound marketing and the other is outbound marketing. Outbound marketing is our traditional form of marketing which involves the use of advertising campaigns, hiring salespeople, etc, while the latest entrant inbound marketing uses blogs, videos, podcasts, eBooks, etc. What is Inbound marketing? Inbound marketing is a type of marketing that effectively avails social media, videos, white papers, SEO techniques, etc. This type of marketing relies on attracting customers and is hence considered more powerful and respectable in comparison to traditional outbound marketing. Inbound marketing consists of five stages 1. Attracting traffic 2. Converting the attracted traffic into possible leads 3. Converting the possible leads to certain sales 4. Converting the sales into higher margins 5. Continuous analysis for improvement Several inbound marketing techniques are complex and rely on targeting specific consumers who are at different stages of brand awareness. The most common of them is funneling where customers are divided, depending on the market segments. The whole point of Inbound marketing is letting the consumer find the company rather than the company going after the customer. Advantages of Inbound marketing Inbound marketing is a phenomenal avenue and every business can take advantage of it, it may either be used as a stand-alone strategy or maybe clubbed with something else. Here are some advantages outlined: · Cost effectiveness: Since all the efforts of inbound marketing are essentially done online, it enables the business firm to keep costs low. The use of social media for inbound marketing can in fact do it for you free of charge. Although there will be some costs involved like building a good SEO friendly website etc, these costs will be significantly less than the traditional outbound marketing. · Attracts Quality Leads: The problem of traditional outbound marketing is that it cannot target any specific audience and because of which it has to take its message to the entire audience, using a social media site while inbound marketing eliminates this problem, helping you reach your target audience better and it thereby helps you to attract more credible and quality leads. · Promotes engagement: Using social media and online accounts like Facebook, Twitter helps the company to establish a rapport with its fan base, this also helps it to keep its ears to the ground and it knows better what its clients and fans aspire and desire. Lastly, it helps to build an easy connection with the company’s target audience and firmly establishes the company’s brand in the mind of an audience so that they remember it when they need to buy something relevant.
January 17, 2021
Over Optimization: A Suspicious Talent
“Everything is fair in love and war” But unfortunately, the fight for top positions in search engines is neither a form of “love”, nor it is outlined as “war”. When it comes to SEO services, there are well-defined ways to promote a site. Over optimizing your site to become cherries on the cake may rebound as strict penalties even to get banned permanently by major search engines like Google. What is over-optimization? Over-optimization can occur intentionally or accidentally even by the best SEO company to get your website visible with unethical ways of online promotion. When SEO Company traverses the precincts of optimizing a site to attain high ranking for their clients, it is called over-optimization. In recent times, there have been many updates from Google such as penguin and panda that have redefined the limits of optimization. To achieve high ranks, adherence to these guidelines and organic SEO services is most essential. Common forms of over-optimization: Keyword stuffing: Repeated usage of keyword hinders the natural surge of the content; Overemphasizing text: Modifying the text format to italics or bold repeatedly; Inbound links: Purchasing bulk inbound links or exchange of links from low standard sources; Backlinks: Receiving backlinks through comments with the same anchor text on other forums and blogs; Such unethical promotional activities may result in the short-term advantage of high traffic but eventually, the search engine may flag your site red for over-optimization. The Final word Search engines, especially Google is the biggest source of organic traffic, therefore, do not risk your website’s repute in the hands of an SEO company that may be suspiciously talented in over-optimizing. Check your site frequently to ensure it complies with the latest search engine guidelines.
January 15, 2021
Email Security Tips that Will Keep Business, and Their Contacts, Safe
Few people think about whether or not their email is secure. They simply send one email after another, sometimes filled with personal information, and never dream the information could be hacked by someone with dishonorable intentions. Business owners often do the same thing. The amount of information business owners can get from a single unsecured email account is alarming, everything from addresses, contact information, credit card numbers, and contact lists. The good news is business owners can protect themselves, their vendors, and their customers by following these simple email security tips. Create Separate Accounts The topic of separate accounts has been on the news lately, which makes this a great time to review why you shouldn't mix and match your business and personal email accounts. Having one account you only use for personal use and one that's just for business purposes limits the amount of information a hacker can access. Experts on email security tips advise creating a third account for social media registration purposes. Avoid Links When an email is received that contains nothing but a link, don’t click the link, even if the email was sent from a trusted address. The arrival of an email that contains nothing but a link indicates the sender's account was hacked. Clicking the link gives the hacker access to another account. In addition to letting the owner of the hacked account know about the situation, business owners should also change the password they use to access their own account. Pay Attention to Phishing Scams Phishing scams can be difficult to identify. Individuals who indulge in phishing scams create emails that look like they have been sent by a trusted company, usually one with a reputation for sending emails such as Facebook, Paypal, or Amazon, and compose a message asking for specific information. It's the request for information that gives the email away as part of a phishing scam. Large companies never send emails asking for information, they request customers to provide information on their website and then send a confirmation email. Contact the company that the email supposedly came from and let them deal with the problem on their end. Update Virus Software Anti-viral software does an excellent job of identifying harmful emails and blocking them. The better the anti-virus program, the safer the email account will remain. In addition to using a good program, business owners need to make sure it stays turned on and updated. Sticking to these email security tips allow business owners to feel secure when sending emails to vendors and customers.
January 15, 2021
Web Analytics - From Browsers to Buyers
When was the last time you checked the web traffic status? If your reply is never then it is time you started analyzing your website to understand visitor activity and behavior. Web analytics is a way of accumulating and measuring your site to optimize the marketing process and boost ROI. It is the study of online behavior to improve it. With the help of an analytics tool that fine-tunes visitors' clicks and page views into useful reports and charts, it is possible to pitch in the right marketing efforts to complete your business goals. As a business website owner, it is important to find out how effective your marketing campaigns are and with the help of analytics it is possible to measure your results against the set goals to see how successful your web site's performance is. Analytics lets you track and analyze your marketing campaign to the core. So why avail Web Analytics: 1. Improve your site's usability 2. Encourage visitor's engagement 3. Implement better strategies to reach your goals Know everything about your visitors By using analytics you can get detailed information about your site visitors, right from where they came (such as their geographic location), how many browsers landed on your site, and the frequency of visits. You can also find out how they visited your site, i.e. through search engines by using a specific keyword or from other websites by clicking a referral link or an ad link. Today's analytics tools let you see where they navigate on your site (the bounce rate) from one page to another right from landing to their exit. Improve the Site's Usability and Visitor's Engagement By knowing such well-detailed information, you can bank upon the available data to develop your site's usability. By knowing the behavior of your online audience you can find ways to solve their problem by changing the way your website navigation works. Customer engagement is critical in building a long-term relationship, especially online as your competitors are just a simple click away. You make your website content more interesting and engaging by frequently updating it with quality information and ensure your website is easily accessible through various online browsers. This way your site is user-friendly by providing a top-quality browser experience. Implement better Marketing Campaigns It is very crucial to track and improve your online marketing strategies and what better way than to use web analytics to get accurate information. By using this data, you can better optimize your online ads and make well-informed decisions as a result boost ROI. It is time you took advantage of analytics to devise better marketing strategies and succeed in your business goals.
January 15, 2021
Why lead quality is important for business
What is lead quality? Lead quality is when an individual can potentially become a customer and generate business. Lead quality is the company at the beginning of a campaign so they can view the progress and the percentage of positive and negative leads throughout a marketing campaign. Significance Leads are a precursor to sales, as most businesses rely on sales, there is a crucial focus on generating quality leads. Proven Lead Generation methods E-Mail marketing Email promotion gives you a direct connection with a potential lead, an email can encompass not only what a product or service offered is about but can also have an optional questionnaire on the customer’s needs which can act as a feedback mechanism. Advertisements Ads have always been an effective medium of promotion; the digital platform provides a wider space for leads. Share option Lead generation can also be used as a way to promote through the very leads obtained; embedding sharing options on various social media is a good way to get multiple leads through one. Engage potential customers through social media An official social media page has become a necessity these days as it engages potential customers and generates leads. A fun activity or a contest can generate buzz and interest on social media pages. Offline promotion Trade expos and business conferences are a great way to generate leads offline and gain a wider perspective on the market. The opportunity to build B2B relationships proves useful.
January 15, 2021
First impression is the best impression
Anything new introduced in the business market has a purpose it addresses, what is it used for? What is the need for the product? How’s it different from others? A value statement is a clear description of what a product is, and the purpose it’s designed for is given to the customer in a clear and understandable language. An effective value statement is when a customer reads it; he should get a perfect picture of what the particular product can do for him. Essential qualities of a good value statement Short and direct The statement is engaging and straight to the point. If the statement is dragging along, there is a strong chance the person reading may lose interest. Avoid highly technical jargon A high density of technical words may cause people to dismiss the value statement. User-friendly language is a top priority, although technical specification can enhance the product, it must never be the core of the statement. How it helps them personally Why do I need it? The direct benefits of the product to the customer are clear. Addressing what is the problem area it’s going to solve is of paramount importance. Grab attention Getting inside the head of the reader and invoking a sense of excitement is the desired result that translates into customer action of buying.
January 15, 2021
Tips To Grow Your Small Business Online
Any business that is small and new has a dream of fast growth and unmatched success. There might be different ways to attain success, but if your small business has to prosper, it needs to show a positive graph online. Here are some tips on how to build your small business online: · Create innovative business plans and see that you include and tap the latest technologies available online to the fullest. · Spread out your services and always lend an ear to new ideas and concepts to aggressively build your brand online. As they say: the skill to acclimatize to new trends fires up your growth to its zenith. · Take advantage of the local listings to display your contact details with valuable information and get a quality website that acts as the virtual store to reach out to new prospective customers. · Content still rules the online world. Whether it be in the form of blogs, articles, or press releases, it is vital to ensure that it contains crucial information about your business. It is an effective way to build credibility and hit the target market in no time. · It is a well-known fact that search engines play a pivotal role, as most internet users search for businesses and services through them. Choosing an experienced SEO service that can help optimize your brand online with essential keywords, content, and marketing can push your business to the heights of success online. · Another important aspect is social media marketing that can be a great platform to interact and connect with new and old customers. Staying constantly engaged and active in the social network realm can prove to be a prudent decision, as you see your small business grow increasingly. Keeping these things in mind, plan your business’ success story with the utmost care!
January 15, 2021
Powerful Business Solutions with Shared Web Hosting
Websites are the backbone of online services and e-commerce. The online market indulges a big chunk of potential customers and investors. If you are running your business (any sort of) that does not have a website, you are missing a great business opportunity. A good website marks an impressive presence of your product or service online. To have a successful website, you need to have a web hosting service. Many companies offer shared web hosting services where people share the same server to host their website. Such kind of shared service can be very convenient and much economical. Although VPS (virtual private servers) are also available it may have much more than the space you actually require. For an even tighter budget, Linux web hosting provides an easy and flexible option. Linux being open-source provides a simple interface that comes with great compatibility and colossal flexibility! It is platform-independent, which means it can run any kind of program. Tips for smart web hosting · After selecting the web hosting platform, you need to register your domain or website name. · Make sure that the domain reflects your product or service. · Be very clear about your web hosting requirements to avoid overspending on features that you never require · Select a reliable web hosting company with a good and active track record. · Keep monitoring the performance of your website on different parameters of traffic, conversion ratio, and page rankings. An experienced web hosting company can fetch you tremendous results with unlimited traffic and top page rankings for your websites. Only select a web hosting company whom you can completely trust for your online business. Instead of simply going by the advertising brochures, ask them questions about your requirements and doubts to check their ability to serve you better.
January 15, 2021
Building Blocks of Word Of Mouth Marketing
Marketing is a tool to reach out to people and make something accessible to the public. People's power is the core when it comes to word of mouth unless an individual is deeply satisfied with either the product or service offered. As a prerequisite, it must go past customer expectations. Network of people People these days are more connected than ever, publicity whether good or bad gets out quickly. Word of mouth has gone past personal conversations and phone calls. The digital platform and social media have given a stage to each person, the ability to voice out his views to the world. Good service Customer service is a personal way to connect with the customer when they get great service; they recommend products to people in their network. This is a sure and free form of advertisement that translates a good percentage into the business. Simple name branding Catchy and easy to remember names are an added advantage when starting a business. This could prove an important factor in marketing, making your brand name simple and interesting. Online presence Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and the list goes on, getting your presence felt on the web and social media is not just to build up your reputation. It’s also a great platform to gather feedback and insights on future development.
January 14, 2021
Play as if it were a game!
The game, the very word evokes positive and joyful thoughts. The idea of fun excites people. Incorporating the idea of fun and the joy of playing a game into mundane tasks can prove an effective way to take the attention away from the complexity and the difficulty level of the task. In the business world, this is known as gamification. It is the use of game-like techniques to instigate the target audience into solving problems whilst using the game as a marketing strategy. Some common examples associated with child products; sales pick up when they give out a toy as an incentive with the product. Many brands use reward points and badges as a usual marketing strategy which has proven to boost sales. Engaging customers through gamification expands the market presence in the digital platform. Online games are used as successful tools to reach out to an audience worldwide. The natural gratification of winning and the urge of competing in the business come together in a perfect combination. Gamification not only helps in customer engagement but has found applications in various fields such as education and corporate structures. All work and no play make Jack a dull boy! There are aspects of education that are attractive and engaging such as offering stars which are very popular among kids. Incentives in corporate structures involve an employee finishing a task and obtaining reward badges to encourage employees.
January 14, 2021
The‌ ‌Most‌ ‌Wanted‌ ‌Cloud‌ ‌Business‌ ‌Phone‌ ‌System‌ ‌by‌ ‌CEO’s‌ ‌ ‌
What criteria are most important to you to acquire fast, a reliable voice platform for your business? What powerful changes will deliver for your business a voice platform which meets these criteria? Is it increased retention of clients, a growing client base, more focus on your business, and less on technical stuff, better communication with your remote employees? Just imagine that the phone system for your modern business already exists. It is cloud-based and is natively connected with all your tools. What else do you need to know that this is the right phone system for you at the right time? Well if you are a CEO what is the most important thing to you? To start a new business or a new product or service? Aircall is supporting your start, no matter the business sector you are in, high tech, professional services, retail or even financial services. What if you are in the non-profit sector? You are there for others; now Aircall is here for you. Whether your mission is local or global, you deserve the best phone technology to achieve your goals. What if you want to scale your company, how can Aircall add long term value? You can claim local numbers for your business in 100+ countries, even if your team works a  continent away. If you are planning 3-5 years ahead, Aircall already has transparent pricing plans, to accustom your communication needs to hundred users and serve millions of clients. So price sensitivity will not be an issue for you. You can downsize the number of users even up to 3 and increase when needed.  Thus employee fluctuation will not matter as Aircall price is correlated with the number of users and your business will continue to serve millions of clients. When scaling is your priority, Aircall is taking care of phone technology, so you can grow your client base and a great team to serve them. All Aircall plans come with phone, email and help center access. As such, your customer service teams have the right technology to connect with modern shoppers. Your call center software can be live in a few minutes.   No technical consultants or complex gadgets required. A computer, a headset, and an internet connection are all your teams need to start talking today. With one click you can connect your phone system to your Helpdesk or CRM and free your team to focus on delighting customers. Your savvy sales teams can achieve amazing milestones for sales productivity and performance by switching to a phone system that’s best friends with your CRM.  With Aircall, you can get the cloud-based phone system that your remote teams use to stay connected and seamlessly work from home or anywhere. With a flawless phone connectivity and a software platform with friendly and powerful features, your team will enjoy creating valuable experiences for your customers. Happy team, happy customers! Isn't that what you really want? So what are you waiting for ? Start Your 7-Day Free Trial with Aircall, a flexible voice solution that’s easy to set up, integrate and manage, with unlimited inbound calls and other features to get your team talking and keeping your customers happy.
January 14, 2021
Why Use Podcasting as Your PR Content Marketing Channel
Did you know around 98 million US citizens are listening to podcasts annually, with more than 50 million individuals listening to them every month? Yes, the present podcasting explosion has been foretold as the ideal age of podcasts. Podcasting involves a comprehensive amount of research, planning, technical skills, and engaging your target audience. Today, for many businesses, podcasting has become a compelling opportunity to interact with their clientele, become noticeable among the competitors. According to the recent Edison research report, “only 3% of marketers are currently using podcasting for marketing purposes, around 32% actively wish to learn how to use it, and 23% intend to escalate their podcasting efforts.” The significance of adding podcasting as an effective marketing strategy for your business can be proved by the following fact. MailChimp became a popular brand name overnight by simply running a 20-second ad at the start of every episode of the famous podcast, Serial. So, here we have listed a few top reasons to consider podcasting as a content marketing channel. · Podcasts such as audio content can help you implement a more subtle approach and can become an intrinsic element of the content itself. ·, Unlike blogs and videos, podcasts can be conveniently accessed on the go. · Audio podcast is the best way to renovate your marketing approach. · No matter what type of audio software you use, the whole process of creating and editing podcasts is simpler and very swift. · Podcasts reflects your company’s individuality and fundamental values. · When published on the most famous platforms such as iTunes, Stitcher, and more, your brand receives organic publicity that helps in snowballing its reach and growing its audience. Implementing podcasts to your content marketing strategy increases projections and results in massive business marketing development.
January 13, 2021
MeisterTask: Collaborating Has Never Been Simpler
Since its creation, more than 3.5 million people worldwide have turned to the MindMeister app for help with collaboration projects. Based on the success and data of the app collected by people who use it, the same creative team came up with another project. This one is called MeisterTask, a program designed to resolve problems teams ran into while using the other app, primarily the issue with workflow interruption following the initial brainstorming process that MindMeister added. How MeisterTask Works The hope is that MeisterTask will prevent brilliant ideas from getting lost as team members delve into the nitty-gritty of making their ideas a reality. The new app makes it possible to take an idea and turn it into action. Tools MeisterTask Provides Collaboration Teams Automation The newest app is designed to connect seamlessly with the MindMeister app, allowing teams to easily incorporate the new system into their project without missing a beat. The combination of the two apps allows the team to work together and create outlines, record data that pertains to the project, and question each other about what aspects of the project each person is involved with. Both apps can be used anywhere in the world and by large groups of people at the same time. The layout increases team efficiency while decreasing stress. Project Boards The features users are most excited about is the project boards which are designed to do a variety of different tasks, including Planning and running sprints Creating elaborate to-do lists Manage the Kanban Tool And more! All of these boards are extremely useful during both the brainstorming process and when it’s time to transition from brainstorming to turning the project into reality. The combination of the two apps makes it easy to go from the early creative stages of a project all the way through the final product. To date, no other application has been designed that allows teams to work more efficiently together than the MeisterTask and MindMeister apps. Not only do they have the tools needed to allows different people who live all over the world to work together, but they also enhance businesses who have employees who prefer to work out of their own home, or who work with large groups of freelancers. There’s no limit to the number of different industries and businesses that will benefit from the innovative apps. Authors can use them to create anthologies and book collaborations, businesses can use the apps to help launch new products, and they can even be used to help different departments work together.
January 11, 2021
What Are Your Best 3 Tips On Keyword Research?
o Locate the keywords in the proper place: Place the keywords properly in the meta titles, descriptions, and header tags on the web page you are optimizing. Optimizing the home page is barely enough however every page on the website should be optimized in a good manner. If you would like to focus on 3-4 keywords for each page, maximize the search for all pages on your site. Carefully place the keywords to attain the most readability and perfect searching. o Spark out with wild card suggestion marks: Use Google wildcard suggestion marks for your keyword researching. That means when you sort something to go looking for, it will recommend some phrases before you complete the sentence with white space. You can be able to use the wild card character *(asterisk) or _ (underscore) in between the searching term of your phrases. For instance, consider the two examples: how can_win and a naughty*happened on * to the; by placing the underscore or an asterisk into certain phrases, Google will recommend the top words to finish your keyword search. So if you place before some keywords like _used cars, it will positively rank your keyword analysis utilizing seed/suggested keywords that what really trying to find. Moreover, you will be able to · Modify the vocabulary preferment’s(choosing words, phrases, or both the two) · You can able to outline a lot of more clusters while browsing. o Investigate your opponent’s engaging keywords: At first login to Google Ad words and go along with the primary possibility on Google keyword planner. Sort the competitor's URL within the search bar and analysis the keywords and topics given by them. You’ll be able to get the following: · A lot of long-tail keyword concepts · Get the correct volume of search demands for every topic · Get a thought regarding the competition level Now you’ll be able to choose the type of which to be used by the above metrics. For example, if you get a keyword with heaps of volume and a lot of competition, it may not get ranked soon. So, choose the keyword with less competition to rank high in the search result.
January 8, 2021
How to Write Your Business Proposal in a Foreign Language
By Ian S Lauder | Submitted On January 06, 2013   Many markets are global these days, so you may need to translate your business proposal into multiple languages. With the assistance of computerized translation programs or professional translators and the use of proposal writing programs that include multilingual support like proposal kits, translating or creating a business proposal in any language is not as difficult as you might imagine.  The basic structure of any business proposal should be the same, no matter which language it is written in the introduction section (Cover Letter, Title Page, Summary, etc.); reader-focused section (the recipients' Needs Assessment, Requirements, Deadlines, Budget, Concerns, etc.); project description section (your proposed Services, Products, Schedule, Cost Summary, etc.); and the provider-focused section (your Experience, Education, Recommendations, Qualifications, Capabilities, etc.).  When planning for translations, simply write the proposal in English (or your most-used language), using clear and concise wording and leaving out slang terms and examples that do not translate well. Also, it's best to keep text out of graphics; save it for captions so words can be easily translated without needing a graphic artist to change the lettering. Many foreign languages require more words than English, so leave plenty of space on each page to accommodate that need.  If you are writing your proposal for a foreign language from scratch you will be doing most of your writing in your own language - instead of translating an English language version of the text. You can use a pre-designed proposal kit to assist in writing your proposal. While the stock text provided will be in American English to start, find one that can translate parts of the stock templates and phrases into a variety of foreign languages for you.  You will still use the stock layouts, logo designs, graphics, proposal assembly, and overall structure of a proposal system no matter which language your final document will be in. Just make sure you use a package that does not lock you into a restricted environment that doesn't allow complete customization of every single element of your documents.  The background art and page formatting found in a proposal kit will easily transition to any language because there's no text involved in the background designs and many of the graphics.  The most common languages supported in a proposal kit are American English, Canadian English, British (UK) English, Australian English, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Italian, French, German, Romanian, Russian, Arabic, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese  Some software will assist in foreign language translations by auto-translating some of the elements of the documents for you, such as all the page headers and short phrases in the Cover Letter, Title Page, and so on. The software is there to assist you, but instructions are usually in English, so you'll need to be comfortable with using commonly used proposal kits in English while you are using the package to create your final proposal in your own native language.  Ian Lauder has been helping small businesses and individuals write their proposals and contracts for over a decade. => For more tips and best practices when writing your business proposals and legal contracts go to  Article Source:
January 4, 2021
Tips to Draw Customers to Your Online Business
Some of you must have dreamt day in and day out of a powerful online presence of your business and sketched a means to establish one successfully. After establishing your online business, definitely, the next question would be how to attract more customers to your site.  Given the fact that over 80% of traffic comes through local searches, there are many means to get to these customers; but the question would be how to get your business flash on the customer’s online radar? Here are some tips that would come in handy to you. · Let your business be localized. Get it checkered with ample local keywords. Make sure your business has a consistent name, contact number, and address · Dominate the Google places to establish your niche strongly · Make sure to fill your business profiles on genuine directories · Exchanging your links with other related business partners is a good idea to get a rumbling start · Let there be space for reviews and ratings of your business as it enhances your business · Offering freebies and coupons is a good idea, but be careful to manage it in an orderly fashion · Creating content on social blogs that refers to regional searches is another apt way to get noticed and attract customers to your site · Use all the social media support available to promote your business, use the right names for your videos online, use well-searched terms to tag it and give a reliable description to get customers dashing into your business · Look out for people’s opinion on your business · Post useful and interesting content that fulfills local interest · Make use of specials, check-in, and regular deal ideas By and large, apply these ideas and get pumping with success and high traffic that is the bloodline of your online business!
January 4, 2021
Why is Content Marketing the Future of Effective Marketing?
An exorbitant amount of content introduced over the internet every minute. With such huge content, it is easy to say that “Every person over the internet is a content marketer and every single organization is now a publisher”; though it sounds right it is absolutely wrong! Internet is awash with both types of content – fantastic and weak. Content marketing deals with a broader subject of content ideation and effective content distribution. Here are some points that help you know content distribution as an ideal marketing mantra of the future: Cost-Effectiveness Organizations today are more content savvy to use it at its extreme capacity. The current trends of content marketing are hard to ignore. Many small and medium-sized businesses are directly using content for online marketing because: 1. Business owners can easily do it themselves 2. It is a cost-effective option for advertising Why content marketing is the future of effective marketing – one of the biggest points is that the lesser cost of content distribution enables business owners to either decrease the product cost or to pass on the benefits to their customers in other forms. This creates a win-win situation for both. So, content marketing tends is the most prominent and cost-effective way of marketing in the future. Usefulness Apart from being a huge money saver, it also is a very scalable strategy that can easily be tracked and optimized for the purpose. There are several tools (most of them are free to use) available in the market to check the effects of content marketing and to better calculate its ROI. Better Branding & Customer Satisfaction Content indubitably is the king of the online marketing realm. Content is now available online in many evolved forms such as blogs, articles, press releases, and even videos. While helping businesses build a stronger brand image through effective distribution, resourceful content also helps in gaining customer satisfaction through strategic SEO and social sharing. Thus, content marketing assists businesses to reach out to more customers via its extensive attributes of brand building and customer satisfaction. Better Formats Businesses need to develop effective content cultures & formats that concentrate on the following 2 important aspects: · Understanding what the audience Demand · And Identifying and drilling down different types of audiences who they essentially need to connect to Marketing of content, done this way, can help businesses reach a level deeper to understand the right pulse of the market and their customers. All the above considerations clearly put content marketing as a promising marketing strategy for the future. Any business owner can make the most out of this content evolution by expanding its tactical distribution of content across the web, social media, and search engines.
January 3, 2021
All about Mobile Marketing
With a lot of marketing options in this modern world, it is wise for marketers to choose the simplest and easily reachable option to have efficient marketing. With a massive increase in usage of mobile devices, marketers have found the ideal marketing media which is available in people’s hands 24X7. What is Mobile Marketing? Mobile marketing is simply the process of communicating with a person for marketing purposes through mobile devices Today marketers are trying to sort out strategies for marketing through mobile devices to reach people effectively. Why mobile marketing? Have a look at a few statistics which suggest why this marketing method is so effective: · Mobile devices draw 40% of users total time spent on the internet · 80% of the time spent by users on smartphones is on apps · Increasing conversion rates on smartphones and tablets · Mobile internet usage is all set to surpass desktop by the end of 2014 Options for implementing marketing strategies through mobile devices: A marketer can select options depending upon his/her industry, a device in the audience's hands, and budget. Have a look at the various options available: a) Short Message Services: Marketers use SMS quite effectively by tracking the phone numbers of potential customers and send them alert messages about their business. Marketers are getting a good response from SMS marketing as people read and respond to them. B) Mobile Internet: With increasing, mobile internet usage marketers are optimizing their websites compatible with mobile devices. Also, they update their local listings to make sure of their visibility in search engines through mobile-friendly SEO techniques. Marketers gain business through mobile internet as people often find out suitable companies through search engine results. C) Apps Based marketing: Marketers create their own mobile apps for a unique and effective marketing campaign. They even make these apps available on the client’s device and thus ensuring targeted advertising, engagement with clients, and get payments directly through apps. D) In-Game marketing: As gaming is one of the most important features in smartphones marketers make use of this opportunity by delivering ads or promotional messages while people play games. This ensures that the ads get noticed by potential customers and thus gain more business. Benefits of Mobile Marketing: · Targeted marketing: Accurately reach an audience and potential customers · Individualized approach: Establishes a direct communication between a potential customer and marketer · High Response Rates: The average response rate for this marketing method is more than 15%. This is greater than other electronic marketing methods. · Higher viral potential: As mobile content might be shared easily between users, this ensures higher viral potential. · Cost Effective: The marketing contents such as apps, videos, and text could be created at a lower cost and promotion is not too expensive as well. As mobile devices act as a “World in Hand” around the globe, mobile marketing is the most effective method to get noticed and gain the most of marketing.
January 3, 2021
Online Branding - The Critical Component in Company's Identity Puzzle
Every year businesses shell out thousands of dollars to boost their brand through paper ads, print materials, and a range of advertising/marketing channels. However, they often skip the most growing part, where consumers post their first question about a brand's service and products - the internet. Online branding is growing by leaps with early inquiries and research about businesses being done every day by prospective consumers. Online branding is a critical factor in today's companies’ identity puzzle. Sadly, most companies aren't completely aware of the ever-evolving branding tactics. It is not only crucial to realize what to apply but also why in the first place. In fact, how you represent your brand online is now similar to your first meeting with a prospective customer. Moreover, today most customers are tech-savvy and incredibly rely on the internet to look for a company's presence online and try to contact business owners or look for reviews online to confirm its credibility in the marketing world. So to capture the attention of the right audience among today's cut-throat competition, here are few key insights to efficiently impress with unique online branding: Consistency in Online Branding: It is critical to represent a consistent strategy across all internet marketing channels. This in turn builds brand recognition. For instance, a business may avail on multiple social media channels, websites/blogs, and other review sites to showcase its products and services. Also one needs to have a clear understanding of the target audience before coming up with any communication and content strategies. Website Optimization: Building and maintaining a business website is a crucial marketing step. Optimizing the website according to the latest search engine trends can help in better performance and visibility to drive target traffic. More importantly, giving the brand a unique voice by creating engaging content that speaks with the audience in form of conversation can help relate a company's purpose online. Social Network Integration: Social network integration is a great way to build small businesses as well as big corporations at an incredible rate. It can help grow sales as it enhances the brand's visibility and enables businesses to reach a wide audience, be it local or worldwide. By treating the social network as a conversation tool, a brand's popularity and credibility can grow tremendously. Begin a Blog: By creating a blog, a business can greatly improve its chance of visibility as it helps to boost the search engine ranks. As a part of online branding, one needs to authenticate a brand's presence by being unique, open, and honest to earn the trust of prospective consumers. This will eventually help influence and cultivate better relationships in the long run.
January 3, 2021
The Story Of (ELI-NP) Has Just Gone Viral!
The Future of Nuclear Physics – Extreme Light Infrastructure A research and development facility is already in the works in Romania for undertaking advanced research in nuclear physics. The facility, which is now called the Extreme Light Infrastructure – Nuclear Physics or ELI-NP will be using top-of-the-line laser technologies. The ELI-NP will be the most advanced facility to date and it will be comprised of a super high-intensity laser made with two 10PW ultra-short pulse lasers. Additionally, it will also have a brilliant and tunable gamma-ray beam. ELI-NP Coverage The creation of the facility is part of the ELI project. The ELI project is a pan-European research project that already has a few facilities located in Hungary and the Czech Republic. The very aim of this project is to promote the availability of research in the whole of Europe by providing a state-of-the-art infrastructure that will provide unlimited opportunities to the academia, government, and businesses in different private sectors. When ELI-NP is done, it is expected to put its focus on tackling the development and innovation strengths and weaknesses of Romania. Some of the issues that will be addressed are the lack of big-time research facilities and researchers, limited budget in both the public and the private sector, and the limited knowledge in terms of technology by some innovative companies. Applications at ELI-NP The utilization of the extremely high laser and bright gamma-beams will be crucial in achieving improvements in the following fields: ➢ The investigation of the relation between high-power laser and matter and the interaction that happens. ➢ The deeper study of different theories like vacuum birefringence and pair creation in intensified electric fields. ➢ The search for new methods and ways of producing radioisotopes that could be more efficiently used in medical facilities today. Construction and Funding The project commenced in 2009 and is expected to be finished this year. The entire facility will cover an estimated area of 33,000 square meters and it will be composed of energy-efficient buildings. Since the facility will be open access, a guest house and a canteen will be constructed alongside the main office building. The total investment for the project has reached EUR 205+ million. A part of the total investment, specifically EUR 140+ million, came from the EU’s European Regional Development Fund.
January 3, 2021
Why Emotions Matter In Marketing? Why Is It Considered As Top Of Priority?
For decades, marketers have been encouraged to use spurious tactics to get people to buy more stuff. Once a brand starts focusing on guilt, anxiety, or fear to sell its products, the potential impact on consumers - particularly those already in fragile mental states - simply isn’t worth it. Such tactics turn us from marketers into exploiters. Brands and marketers shouldn’t have to trick people into buying stuff. You can positively do this by talking about the good things and the positive things you bring to market. Marketing is about getting your message out to the market and about shifting product. The marketers should encourage people to move away from cynical fear tactics and move towards positive tactics. How Does Your Marketing Measure up For Mental health? 1. Don’t make false claims 2. Don’t exaggerate the facts or distort the truth 3. Don’t promote messages that exploit your customers’ emotions 4. Don’t use fear tactics 5. Don’t conceal important information. 6. Don’t bad-mouth your rivals 7. Don’t copy competitors 8. Don’t be racist, sexist, ageist, or fall foul of any other ‘ist’ 9. Don’t exploit children. 10. Don’t spam your customers Return on Ethics Most marketers consider marketing ethically to be important to them, but many have concerns about unethical marketing practices in the industry - and even within their own organization. Did you know? 26% of marketers have seen negative results from using unethical marketing tactics 18% of marketers agree that the company they work for is not as ethical as they would like it to be in its marketing practices 22% of marketers have felt ashamed to be a marketer because of unethical marketing practices 25% have felt pressured to use unethical marketing tactics at work 83% say they would not work for a company that they did not consider to be ethical in its marketing 88% of marketers say marketing ethically is important to them The Bottom Line Are you planning to build a better marketing industry use the awesome power of marketing for good? Seek the help of experts! They have built a very successful and rapidly growing marketing company without targeting or exploiting consumers’ negative emotions at all. They put the emotional needs of the public at large first, in every ad, every email, and every marketing campaign. They have a moral responsibility to not intentionally exploit people using negative emotions. Their potential to manipulate and exploit negative human emotions may not be widely understood yet, but it is definitely very real.
December 24, 2019