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Down To Earth Metaphysical Musings

Down To Earth Metaphysical Musings

By Vasumi
Down-to-Earth MetaPhysical muSings for the Times we are IN! Calling on codes that reveal synchronicity and point to greater meaning and tools to surrender to this glorious co-creation of heaven on Earth.
For courageous souls choosing to live a life connected and re-membered as a part of the majesty of this glorious cosmos.
Warning: be prepared to let go conditioned limitation and opt for unlimited magic!
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Welcome to Down-to-Earth Metaphysical Musings

Down To Earth Metaphysical Musings

Down-To-Earth Metaphysical Musings with Bex Tyrer
In this episode Vasumi interviews Bex Tyrer, A wonderful Yogi Activist making a difference in many peoples lives. At this time she is focusing on reaching women from places around the globe that are experiencing hardships, supporting them to connect to Yoga in a way that is particular for women. Creating a platform for these women to share what may not be so ok for them to share in their respective cultures, and yet which in enrich their lives and the lives of those they connect with. Bex is also a writer and poet with a passionate and caring nature.  We explore Bex's codes within the Mayan Dreamspell as Vasumi and Bex lived in a creative community in Ubud, Bali for around 9 years.  A wonderful conversation that is uplifting and inspiring.
November 09, 2020
Down-to-Earth MM with Hannah Vela of The Humming Bird Collective
In this episode I interview Hannah Vela, an amazing women who shares around sexuality, creativity and sisterhood. Together we explore her Mayan codes in relation to what she shares with the world. An upbeat episode shared as sisters exploring the richness of life. Hannah Vela ☥Womb & Yoni Guide Feminine Healing Guide Yoni Mapping Therapist Womb Alchemy Embodied living Mentor Priestess of the Rose 🌹 Host of the @hummingbird.collective.podcast
October 27, 2020
Down-To-Earth MM with Amanda Tracey of Goddess Liberation
In this episode Vasumi of 'Down-to-Earth Metaphysical Musings' interviews Amanda Tracey around her journey of awakening to share her gifts within ceremony, music and the joys of meeting and activating in Bali with the support of Metaphysical Magic. TimeWaves Goddess Liberation IG @GoddessLiberation IG @LoveVasumi
October 16, 2020
Feeling into IN-security
Reflecting on the nature of fear IN the emotional body... Dropping into In-Security to breath life into the security of being KIN-nected to the ALL! Reflections of a White Electric Mirror day in the Mayan Dreamspell! In lak'ech I am another yourself Vasumi IG @lovevasumi fb TimeWaves1320
October 13, 2020
Welcome to Down-to-Earth Metaphysical Musings
This is the introductory podcast for TimeWaves, shared by Vasumi Zjikaa. Calling on 35 years of exploration and tracking of metaphysical codes via many different systems, including Mayan Dreamspell, Astrology, Human Design, Gene Keys, Numerology, Tarot and the Kabbalah to name a few. In this podcast series, Vasumi will share the magic as it comes to her, as well as interviewing other metaphysical muses that are also inspired to track codes to find the deeper meanings of our lives.  Vasumi delivers in a down-to-earth deep-roots style that encourages the gathering of tribe. Their is deep wisdom in allowing our roots to go deep in order to reach to the stars.  Here you will be receiving gifts in the way of meditations, tools, keys and your quest-i-ons and revelations are welcomed. If their Is a topic you would like to know more about, or you would like to share through being interviewed, please do not hesitate to reach out... So happy to share with you. IG @lovevasumi
October 10, 2020