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By Vee Roberts
Are you in business or thinking of running a business? Listen to the #inspireUrBiz podcasts for motivation and inspiration that will help you grow on a personal or business level. The inspireUrBiz™ playlists are a mix of audio content that features Guest Speakers with business tips and empowering stories, as well as exclusive tips from Brand and Marketing Coach, Vee Roberts.

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Consider new ways of thinking, working and living with helpful ideas in each episode,
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How to Rock It As A Woman in Business #iwd2022


Planning Your Summer Marketing Campaign
If you need to promote your business brand, products and services this Summer, listen in to this podcast for some ideas and opinions from Vee Roberts. In this episode she shares information on offers, propositions, brand development and how you can attract more clients and customers to your business this Summer. Download free business tips to save you time & money when planning your marketing here Join the community today and plan your summer campaigns here : Other episodes which you may find helpful: Your mid-year business review click here How to improve your sales here Connect with Vee and chat via the website Watch this quick video for your summer checklist here:
June 24, 2022
Your Mid Year Business Review
Let's revisit Your Business Goals and Reset for the second half of 2022 During this episode Vee shares helpful Ideas and Business Activities to work on half way through the year. Entrepreneurship made easy. Brand and marketing simplified with actionable tips for small business owners and startups. Listen in now and grab your pen and paper for some key take aways Latest events and coaching services  Related Episodes: Are You Wasting Time Or Money In Your Business? - listen here Key Questions to ask yourself as a business owner - listen here How to improve your sales results - listen here REVIEW YOUR BRAND & MARKETING with Vee, for £27 click here  & Connect with Vee Roberts, insight2marketing, for Brand and Marketing tips: - Chat with Vee on - Search insight2marketing or #aski2m on : Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn - Follow on Tiktok - click here - Tweet me feedback on this episode at: - Subscribe for videos on YouTube: Remember to subscribe to the podcast. FREE Brand and Marketing Tips
May 22, 2022
Starting Your Events or Expo Business
In this brief podcast episode, Monique from BOB Expo Manchester, shares some tips and ideas for anybody wanting to work on a big event or idea. The Manchester BOB Expo happens once a year and this episode explores the benefits of outsourcing, event planning, layout, research, consumer opinion, location and more. Listen in now for tips to help you grow your business. Stay connected for more brand and marketing tips Follow for more inspireUrBiz on Spotify You can also access free tips on Sign up for the newsletter
May 09, 2022
Planning Ahead for Business Growth in Quarter 2
Struggling to increase your sales and grow your business? Clarity and consistency matters. During this short episode, Vee Roberts of, shares her tips to help small business tips and startups grow. This episode will help you understand what to consider and how you can improve what you're already doing with your brand and marketing. Entrepreneurs, get your notepad and pen for your business transformation tips.  👉 More events and trainings to help you improve your results: 👉Book in the diary if you're ready to take action: 👉Get more Brand and Marketing Tips from #aski2m  Connect here
March 28, 2022
How to Improve Your Sales in 2022
Useful tips for small business owners who may want to sell more of their business products and services. Consider online and offline marketing tactics as well as other key aspects of selling that are highlighted in this episode. 👉Buy your brand and marketing planner here ✅ Review your brand and marketing with Vee 🗓 Latest events: ⏰ Time to connect with Vee - Instagram/LinkedIn/Twitter/Facebook : insight2marketing
January 25, 2022
2022 Business Planning - Start today
Small business tips, startup advice. How to get better results in 2022. Brand and Marketing Coach Vee Roberts of started her business on just £100. She is the author of the 2022 Brand and Marketing Planner 👍PLEASE REMEMBER TO LIKE THIS AUDIO & SHARE 🔔TURN ON NOTIFICATIONS - MORE TIPS LOADING FREE TIME & BUDGET MANAGEMENT TIPS: Connect with Vee: SOCIAL MEDIA TIPS : BLOG: 7 WAYS TO LOCKDOWN YOUR CONTENT MARKETING:
January 04, 2022
Can Festive Events Increase Your Business Growth & Visibility?
Are events a good idea to improve brand awareness? What type of events should you attend? And how much should you spend exhibiting at an event? Should you sell all of your products at a festive event or just a few?  If you are considering participating in festive events, access these useful tips from Vee today, to help you consider events as part of your marketing strategy.  FREE festive marketing tips: FREE festive youtube tips: CONNECT WITH VEE:
December 04, 2021
Christmas Content Marketing Ideas for Entrepreneurs
It's not too late to execute last minute Christmas strategies. Festive Content Marketing Tips for small business owners - Vee Roberts of shares her tips and ideas for simple ways to improve your visibility - by executing last minute ideas for Christmas marketing and your social media. #aski2m FREE festive marketing tips:  FREE festive marketing video series
December 03, 2021
How To Use Email Marketing in a Christmas Campaign
Email marketing is so underrated! This episode is packed with tips, including how to increase email subscribers and also ideas for your festive email marketing campaign. Useful strategies and tactics for small business owners or startups. How many emails does your business send a year? Do you use emails to engage with the people in your email list? How can you improve your lead magnet to encourage subscribers? Do you have an email marketing schedule? How are you selling online? Sign up for Brand and Marketing tips by email: Your FESTIVE MARKETING TIPS from insight2marketing are here: Connect with Vee: EVENTS & courses: Social media tips:   Buy your 2022 Brand and Marketing Planner here #aski2m
December 02, 2021
Christmas Marketing Conversations - episode 1
Get your notepad and pen for these cost effect Christmas tactics and ideas! During this podcast episode Vee Roberts, of insight2marketing, shares some essential brand and marketing tips for your seasonal marketing plans, ahead of 2022. If you want to increase your sales ahead of 2022, do consider these business tips to aid your growth. This is a conversation, so feel free to share and comment.  For free tips on festive promotional activity, download Festive Marketing ideas - the insight2marketing YouTube Playlist: Connect with Vee on  Sign up for email tips: Planning your promotional activity saves you time and money, if you're not seeing results in your business, it's worth connecting with Vee &/or ordering her £24 Brand & Marketing Planner 
December 01, 2021
Busting some email marketing myths
Do you use email marketing in your small business? How do you use email? What have you heard about sending emails? In business, if you're not using email marketing you may be missing out. Listen in to this episode if you are already using email marketing, or thinking about using email marketing SIGN UP FOR INSIGHT2MARKETING TIPS BY EMAIL: DOWNLOAD THE APP: Access the free app: BUY YOUR 2021 Brand and Marketing Planner: RELATED EPISODES:   - Exploring Marketing Tactics: - Business Planning Tips: BLOG: GET CONNECTED with insight2marketing, on social media & &
March 29, 2021
Good Habits For Small Business Owners
In this episode, Vee shares some good habits for Small Business Owners to consider in 2021 and one good habit that she still hasn't managed to adopt herself. Vee Roberts runs and started her own business after being made redundant. She started up on just £100 back in 2013 and is a mother of 4 from the UK. Vee launched a free and new business app in 2021  & she is a qualified Brand and Marketing Practitioner with over 25 years experience working in industry.  Vee is also the author of the Brand and Marketing Planner and is a fellow of the RSA and member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing.She is a trusted coach, consultant and speaker who is passionate about helping business owners build and promote authentic brands. 👉Connect with Vee YouTube: Instagram: Twitter: LinkedIn :
March 22, 2021
Questions to ask yourself as a startup or small business owners
Small businesses and startups will find these questions very helpful. Let's consider what we need to do more or less of. In this episode, Vee Roberts asks some useful points to get you thinking as an entrepreneur. What do you need to improve or review? 👉REVIEW YOUR BRAND & MARKETING £27 : Leave a comment, send an email, or send a Direct Message via VISIT 👉 📲Download the free brand and marketing planner app here BUY YOUR BRAND & MARKETING PLANNER here 2021 Marketing Planning tips for business owners here SIGN UP for emails here Vee Roberts bio is here FREE TIPS for saving you time and money - download
March 15, 2021
How to Rock It As A Woman in Business #iwd2022
How are you showing up as a woman in business? In this episode, Vee draws on aspects of the theme for International Women's Day #IWD2022 which, this year, is #BreakTheBias Join in the conversation today (Tuesday 8th March 19:30hrs GMT) As business professionals, we need to celebrate each other more and call out gender bias and inequalities.  Send a DM or email to Vee: for info Connect on Clubhouse: @veerobertsi2m  Download the FREE app: 🔔 SUBSCRIBE & NOTIFICATIONS ON : Leave a comment if you resonate or want to add something and look out for the video and article which will be shared on YouTube, LinkedIn and The Insight2Marketing Blog Additional episodes to check out include: Are you wasting Time & Money In Your Business How to create a Simple Social Media Strategy 🤩 LEAVE A COMMENT ! 
March 08, 2021
Are you wasting time and money in your business?
As small business owners and entrepreneurs, we often say that we "never have enough time". And, sometimes that's because we are wasting time and money on tasks, people or activities that are not helping us to grow.   In this episode, Vee discusses some of the activities business owners ignore, but that we need to consider to free up more time and money in their business. Are you doing any of these things? 👉Need help? Sign Up for 5 days of Online Business Coaching with Vee to review your brand and marketing activities:  12 Tools to save you time and money in your business  ⬇️ FREE DOWNLOAD:  12 Tools to save you time and money in your business ✍️USEFUL TOOLS  Useful tools for time management include: - The Brand and Marketing Planner has helped 0000s of business owners stay on track in their business: - Toggl, ToDoIst, and (depending on your device) screen iOS Screen Time and StayFree - Screen Time Tracker for Android. 🛎 LEAVE A COMMENT, LIKE & SUBSCRIBE - 🛎NOTIFICATIONS ON - Related Episodes: Key Questions to ask yourself as a business owner - listen here How to improve your sales results - listen here & Connect with Vee Roberts, insight2marketing, for Brand and Marketing tips: - Chat with Vee on - Search insight2marketing or #aski2m on : Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn - Follow on Tiktok - click here - Tweet me feedback on this episode at: - Subscribe for videos on YouTube: Remember to subscribe to the podcast.
March 01, 2021
A Simple Way To Attract More Leads or Subscribers
Want more leads, enquiries and/or subscribers for your startup or small business? In today's episode, Vee Roberts of, shares some quick tips for entrepreneurs on a method you can use to attract more leads or subscribers to your list, with permission. DOWNLOAD YOUR FREE TIPS ON LEAD MAGNETS NOW! : click here  👉Remember to LIKE & COMMENT if you find this useful 📲MORE TIPS ON INSTAGRAM   ✍️ORDER YOUR BRAND & MARKETING PLANNER: (FREE UK DELIVERY ONLY) MORE INFO on Vee, Brand and Marketing Practitioner, Author and Trainer:  🤓Quick and affordable tools that you can use to create the lead magnet: YouTube,,, PDF, and Word. Remember, you will also need a platform to host your lead magnet and a way to confirm permissions when you're requesting data. Vee Roberts is also on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn
February 22, 2021
Quick Wins for Branding Your Business
Your brand is way more than just a logo and branding a website and a few business cards. Whether you are a personal or business brand, you'll find these small business tips useful as quick wins. These are ideas for areas to improve your brand in 2021. Brand and Marketing Coach & Consultant, Vee Roberts of started her business on just £100. She is the author of the 2021 Brand and Marketing Planner 👍PLEASE REMEMBER TO LIKE THIS AUDIO & SHARE 🔔TURN ON NOTIFICATIONS - MORE TIPS LOADING 🎙EXPLORING MARKETING TACTICS Inspireurbiz – Exploring-marketing-tactics 🎙7 WAYS TO LOCKDOWN YOUR CONTENT MARKETING: Inspireurbiz – 7-ways-to-lockdown-your-content-marketing 👉FREE TIME & BUDGET MANAGEMENT TIPS: 📲Connect with Vee: SOCIAL MEDIA TIPS : BLOG: is the UK’s independent authority set up to uphold information rights in the public interest, promoting openness by public bodies and data privacy for individuals.
February 15, 2021
How to Create A Simple Social Media Strategy
How do you currently use social media? Are you seeing results from social media? Why are you online? Are you attracting and nurturing quality conversations on social media? Are you selling your products and services? SOCIAL MEDIA TIPS : 5 Day Brand & Marketing Coaching Next Up: Business planning in 2021 Brand and Marketing Coach Vee Roberts of started her business on just £100. She is the author of the 2021 Brand and Marketing Planner 👍PLEASE REMEMBER TO LIKE THIS AUDIO & SHARE 🔔TURN ON NOTIFICATIONS - MORE TIPS LOADING FREE TIME & BUDGET MANAGEMENT TIPS: Connect with Vee: BLOG:
January 25, 2021
Simple Marketing Planning in 2021
What are some key considerations for marketing planning? If you want to stand out in business, listen in to this episode today! Connect with Vee Digital marketing tips 👍PLEASE REMEMBER TO LIKE THIS AUDIO & SHARE 🔔TURN ON NOTIFICATIONS - MORE TIPS LOADING FREE TIME & BUDGET MANAGEMENT TIPS: SOCIAL MEDIA TIPS : BLOG: #aski2m 🛎👍LIKE & SUBSCRIBE for more tips every week. You're going to love the next episode! NEXT UP: Business Planning & Planning Content
January 18, 2021
7 Ways To Lockdown Your Content Marketing
In this episode for small business owners, Vee Roberts of addresses 7 WAYS to improve your content in 2021. Consider these tips for startups and SMEs to build your online/offline audience without overwhelm. Connect with Vee Digital marketing tips 👍PLEASE REMEMBER TO LIKE THIS AUDIO & SHARE 🔔TURN ON NOTIFICATIONS - MORE TIPS LOADING FREE TIME & BUDGET MANAGEMENT TIPS: SOCIAL MEDIA TIPS : BLOG: #aski2m
January 11, 2021
Exploring Branding, storytelling and Selling #aski2m
Tips for small business owners, brand storytelling rather than selling Your brand story should be meaningful and personal. It should be simple and authentic too. More tips on this via the link ARTICLE WITH MORE FREE TIPS YouTube video: Instagram
October 12, 2020
Business Leads, Referrals And Sales #aski2m
Are you attracting consistent leads to your business? As a startup or small business owner, it is important that you consider how you can get leads in your business. Vee Roberts, Brand and Marketing Coach and Consultant of insight2marketing, shares tips and ideas to help you qualify what (if anything) you can do to improve your leads generated online and offline. 👋🙋🏻Subscribe to this channel &/or Connect in the online Facebook community; Clearly I hadn't had enough caffeine! Info on Acuity Scheduling ( relevant to organising your time - but this tool does includes email automation), is here: For email, do check out :,, 👉YouTube Training Series 📸Instagram Pics and Tips 🔑Subscribe to the newsletter
February 25, 2019
How To Get Results And Make Money in Your Business
If you're running a startup or small business, these useful business tips from #aski2M Brand and Marketing Coach and Consultant, Vee Roberts will help you to get better results and make sales. During this short episode (replay), Vee shares some key considerations for you to plan and also get clarity in your brand and promotional strategies 👉🔔Turn notifications on & leave a comment if you found it helpful! Youtube Video Series : Instagram TV: Social media tips:
January 17, 2019
The importance of sharing in business
The importance of sharing in business Are you sharing enough in your business? And if so, have you considered these three ways of sharing ? In this audio, which was previously a video on the youTube (see link below), Vee Roberts discusses key points to growing your brand awareness and building credibility through sharing more. Listen for tips and discuss or ask questions in the inspireUrBiz Facebook group YouTube videos: Majestic Marketing Planner:
July 25, 2018
5 Ways That Your Business Is Wasting Money
As a business owner, how much money should you spend on branding and marketing? Running a startup or small business requires a budget. Results in business are important, so how to you make sure you can get results? Do you feel like you could be getting better results from branding and marketing your business? Are you wasting money in your business? Perhaps you want to improve your tactics and online and offline strategy so that you can increase your sales? Listen into this session to get some ideas from Vee Roberts Review your brand and marketing: STAY CONNECTED ☀️Join the Facebook Community ☀️PODCAST TIPS to improve your brand and social media ☀️MORE BUSINESS & MARKETING TIPS INSTAGRAM:
June 10, 2018
5 Ways To Improve Your Online Marketing with Vee Roberts
Want to know how to get better results from your business marketing efforts? Here are 5 Ways To Improve Your Online Marketing. Improve your results by taking consistent action and following these simple steps in your business or startup
June 05, 2018
3 Tips to Improve Your Marketing and Social Media Results
In this session, Vee Roberts shares some tips on how you can improve your social media and get better results from routine, strategy and increased visibility to increase sales. During this session she talks of consistency and also other challenges that entrepreneurs face. SOCIAL MEDIA TRAINING & EVENTS: JOIN THE FACEBOOK COMMUNITY: INSTAGRAM: VIDEOS: DOWNLOADS:
June 04, 2018
How To Prioritise Your Workload
How do you prioritise your lists? Is time management a challenge for you? Spending too long on social media, attending too many meetings or replying to emails? This episode is about prioritising in your business. If you like this, do listen into the episode other episodes here: >> Tips on Social Media: >> Challenges and Self belief >> Tips on Sales, my story! Join the Facebook Business community for free tips on branding and marketing: MORE MORE MORE! Want more tips? VIDEOS: FREE Downloads:
February 24, 2018
The importance of speed in business
The importance of speed. Are you going too fast or too slow? Connect with Vee >>>>
November 24, 2017
How To Save Money On Your Brand And Marketing
Are you wasting money and time on marketing? Unsure what marketing tactics to use? Confused about how to promote your business? Perhaps you need to improve your brand and marketing for your startup or business? If you want better results, check out: When is the last time that you reviewed your business brand or marketing efforts? Could YOU be doing better? Sign up for the 5 Day Branding and Marketing Review FREE DOWNLOAD: ARE YOU WASTING BUDGET AND TIME? today This is your chance to develop your business brand and promotional tactics, to get better results for your business. Work with multi-award winning Brand and Marketing Coach, Vee Roberts and make better progress with your promotional activities #aski2m REVIEWS See more at:
August 27, 2017
Simple Social Media Tips - Apps And Analytics | Insight2marketing
Business tips to get you working smarter on social media, including suggestions on how to produce content using free tools. Tips on productivity on social media. Plus dashboard analytics and tips for Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to measure your success. Click and SUBSCRIBE! Take the 5 Day Brand and Marketing Challenge: --- VIDEO HERE: --- Tips from See See also See more at: Weekly newsletter:
August 27, 2017
How To Plan Your Business Marketing Campaign | Insight2marketing
How do you organise your marketing activities? What do you need to consider when coordinating your business marketing tactics, or organising a campaign? Would you like to know how to organise your business marketing and promotional campaigns? What online/offline tactics should you use in your business to generate sales and attract more enquiries? Useful tips from multi-award winning Marketing Coach, Vee Roberts of See more at: Measure your brand & marketing tips: Join the Facebook page: Vee Roberts speaking engagements Instagram Twitter SUBSCRIBE / COMMENT - More videos at: Category
August 27, 2017
Tips On How To Do Sponsorship | Insight2marketing
How can sponsorship build your brand? Does your business need sponsorship? If you are a business, considering the benefits of sponsorship or becoming a sponsor, then listen to this episode for some quick tips. Maybe you need money to fund your next project or business event. In this podcast, Vee shares her ideas on sponsorship and the ways that your business goals and vision can come to life using this tactic. SPONSORSHIP BUSINESS MASTERCLASS DATES - or book a 121: SUBSCRIBE for more tips SOUNDCLOUD: INSTAGRAM: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: SUBSCRIBE To the YouTube channel for tips from See more at: VIDEO HERE:
August 27, 2017
Are You Wasting Time Not Marketing? | Insight2marketing
Are you talking yourself out of taking action? In this live stream recording, Vee gives a few pointers about why you need to stop making excuses! You don't need to talk yourself out of doing business and taking action. Connect with Vee on REVIEWS:
August 27, 2017
Let your content stand for something | Insight2marketing
Are you stuck on what you want to be known for in your business? What problems do your customers have and what content themes can you consistently speak or write about? This is a great way to 'stand for something' as a brand. This episode looks at how to decide on your content themes and some simple examples of what you can do to help you decide! FREE TIPS ON HOW TO CREATE CONTENT: SUBSCRIBE FOR EMAILS: TAKE THE 5 DAY CHALLENGE: See more at:
August 27, 2017
Exploring The Link Between Sales And Marketing | Insight2marketing
Want more sales? Interested in learning more about marketing? Your business can grow quicker if you have ideas and a plan for your marketing. In this podcast, Vee takes you through some simple steps to get you into action Connect with Vee Roberts of #aski2m See more at:
August 27, 2017
How To Set Marketing Objectives In Your Business | Insight2marketing
It's time to set yourself marketing objectives! Are you a startup or existing business wanting more sales? In this episode, Vee takes you through some ideas to help you generate more enquiries and sales. REVIEW YOUR BRAND / MARKETING: To book in a session with Vee contact her via the one of the channels below: *Subscribe: VIDEOS: EMAIL NEWSLETTER: SOCIAL MEDIA PAGES WEBSITE
August 27, 2017
Marketing Planning And Strategy | Insight2Marketing
Are you looking for ways to grow your business? You'll get bette results if you are able to plan your marketing and also organise your budget using a simple marketing plan. Using a planning document in your business can be useful in helping you focus as well as save time and money. WATCH THE VIDEO Here:
August 27, 2017
Episode #20: Working Your Quirks - inspiring personal branding and business tips from Lily Yeboah
Listen in to Lily Yeboah's tips - on how important it is to work your quirks. Lily Mensah Yeboah is an award-winning image & brand strategist. Lily's career in branding and socially conscious endeavours spans over 15 years. Connect with Lily online via her company Lyncs Media #inspireurbiz
April 19, 2017
Episode #19: Don't settle, Make the right choices with Steffie Martin
With experience of domestic violence and abuse as a child, this left a big impact on Business Coach, Steffie Martin. This is one of the reasons why she is passionate about supporting and working with women. This episode looks at making decisions and mindset. In this episode she explains how she made conscious choices, instead of following other people's footsteps, she made a decision to be different. Giving tips on how to change your circumstances and also make positive changes - you can connect with Steffie here: >> MORE MORE MORE! Want more tips? VIDEOS: FREE Downloads: Join the Facebook Business community for free tips on branding and marketing:
March 15, 2017
Episode #18: What is crowdfunding and the tips to a successful campaign with Jes Bailey
Do you need money for your business? Considering the options to deliver a new crowdfunding campaign? What platforms are best for startups or business owners to consider. Crowdfunding is a way to raise money. An alternative to bank loans, business fundraising or sponsorship, it offers a great way to engage with your online community and gather support to help you move your business idea forward. Are you sitting on a great idea but funds are getting in the way? Have you recently had a crowdfunding campaign that didn't go to plan? Jes Bailey the founder of Crowdfund 360 shares her knowledge on how to create, plan or prepare for a successful crowdfund. If you feel like you don't know enough about crowdfunding to launch your campaign or you just want to find out more about the strengths and limitations then this podcast is for you. Read up more about Jes and her services: Don't forget to SHARE, LIKE & SUBSCRIBE! #inspireurbiz 📹VIDEOS Branding and marketing tips: Motivational Video Playlist: ⭐️JOIN THE COMMUNITY: Tweet Us Facebook SUBSCRIBE FOR TIPS: Now available on iTunes.
March 03, 2017
Episode #17: The power of words with Caroline Hart
Do you struggle with how you perceive yourself? Is believing in yourself something you find hard? During this episode Caroline Hart a Life and Laughter Coach speaks about her experience of overcoming labels and fears and her journey to becoming a coach. She changed her life by changing the beliefs she held about herself and became a Life Coach after realising her desire to want others to experience the freedom and fulfilment of living life without fear. Through her experience she found that the one thing that holds most people back is fear. Fear of meeting new people, getting it wrong, failure, the unknown, and sometimes even fear of being who we are. Caroline can help you to accept and work with these fears rather than against these feelings. You can find out more about Caroline via her website SUBSCRIBE, SHARE & COMMENT if you like! #INSPIREURBIZ Available on iTunes.
February 13, 2017
Episode #16: Are you happy or are you just really comfortable? with Steven Haggerty
How can you be truly happy? Are you happy or are you just really comfortable? In this episode Steven Haggerty, Serial Entrepreneur, Empowerment Coach and Speaker looks at How You Can Expand Your Comfort Circle. No limits. If you feel like you need that little bit of a push or boost to reignite your fire then you don't want to miss this episode. You have that fire within you. Steven's mission is to inspire, motivate and propel people forward into a successful mindset. He helps people to transform their lives and expand their businesses with his great skill and experience. He became an entrepreneur at a young age. His first venture, was selling CDs on the playground for £5 at the tender age of 11. Read up more about Steven and his journey via his website: : Don't forget to SHARE, LIKE & SUBSCRIBE! #inspireurbiz Motivational Video Playlist Tweet Us Facebook SUBSCRIBE: Now available on iTunes.
January 27, 2017
Episode #15: How to survive your next networking event with Stefan Thomas
Does the idea of attending networking events bore you? Perhaps you struggle to convert your networking conversations into real business? Are you unsure how to prepare for an event/meet up? During this episode Stefan Thomas the author of Business Networking for Dummies shares his tips on turning your networking into a steady stream of referrals, prospects. Having attended over 750 networking events and a massive amount of social media activity over the last eight years Stefan certainly knows what he is talking about and has already made all the mistakes you could make. But you don’t have to. Listen to this podcast and get in touch with Stefan to accelerate the results you get from networking. From nervous networker to running the UK’s fastest growing joined up networking organisation Stefan has learnt, through brute force, how to make networking work for him and now, in his first book, Business Networking for Dummies, he explains how you can use it too. You can find out more about Stefan via his website Available on iTunes. MORE MORE MORE! Want more tips? VIDEOS: FREE Downloads: Join the Facebook Business community for free tips on branding and marketing:
January 02, 2017
Episode #14: Challenges, Freedom & Self belief with Malcolm MJ Harris
How do you overcome major obstacles in your life? What if you don't like your career? Do you want more for your life right now? Challenges happen throughout the entrepreneurs' journey. It can be hard to run a business. There will be naysayers who put you off and even stumbling blocks to prevent your starting up. So, how do you feel when you are faced with challenges? How do you believe in yourself against all the odds? During this episode he shares his story of making a shift from working as an employee, to working for himself and growing a successful business in the USA. His company is Malcolm “MJ” Harris is an internationally recognized financial services CEO and motivational success teacher, who has consistently beaten the odds to achieve extraordinary success. Malcolm has built a multi-million dollar enterprise, National Care Financial Group, which started at his dining room table and has become one of America’s largest African-American owned financial services firms. National Care is a premiere insurance brokerage platform for financial services professionals – from newly licensed to veteran advisors – seeking to reach the African-American and Hispanic markets with “top tier” financial products from over 105 institutions. His firm's clients include everyone from middle-class families to high-net-worth individuals, senior executives, corporations, leaders in the entertainment and creative industries, and foundations / endowments. Mr. Harris shares his secrets of success and empowerment with global live audiences through his "Wealth Class" seminar series and his videos that are watched in over 50 countries receiving over 2 million views monthly across multiple platforms. He has been featured by Oprah Winfrey, USA Today, Black Enterprise, Huffington Post, and Ebony Magazine. Malcolm has received numerous awards and national recognition. He spends his time between Washington, DC (National Care’s headquarters) and Los Angeles. Malcolm's interests are Philanthropy, Financial Empowerment, Investing, Running, Traveling. SUBSCRIBE, SHARE & COMMENT if you like! #INSPIREURBIZ MORE MORE MORE! Want more tips? VIDEOS: FREE Downloads: Join the Facebook Business community for free tips on branding and marketing:
November 25, 2016
Episode #13: How to create the best customer value propositions for your business with Kenny Goodman
In this episode, we'll share some business tips for creating strong customer value propositions. Using a few simple tips Digital Entrepreneur & Business Coach Kenny Goodman gives us the tools to differentiate ourselves from our competitors in order to best match high quality clients. If you are working in a saturated market and wondering how to stand out, or new to business perhaps and not sure who your target audience is, you won't want to miss this one! Listen in to discover how to create a stunning and unique customer value proposition for your business. InspireUrBiz on Twitter & Facebook : @inspireUrBiz Connect with Kenny via or tweet him @KennyGoodman Now available on iTunes – SUBSCRIBE!
November 13, 2016
Episode #12: How to choose the right social media for your business with Vee Roberts
Want to know what social media channels are best for your business? Are you finding it a challenge to manage your business social media marketing? During this episode, learn tips on choosing social media for your business. If you run a business or a startup and you want to decide on which social media channels to use, Vee Roberts gives ideas for selecting social media in this podcast. Facebook or Twitter? To schedule or not to schedule your social media? Public or private profile page? Listen to tips on social media for your business in episode 12. VIDEO: Social Media Tips and Analytics VIDEO: How to improve your marketing JOIN THE COMMUNITY: CONNECT ON INSTAGRAM: @insight2social @insight2marketing
October 25, 2016
Episode #11: 5 tips to improve your business website SEO and search results with David Abbott
In this episode, we'll share some business tips for your website or blog. Using SEO and PPC to improve your search results online : 5 Search and Online tips from Business Coach David Abbott of Listen in to hear tips on how to improve your website or blog visibility. If you are thinking of how to attract more visitors to your website or perhaps creating a blog for the first time, you won't want to miss this one! InspireUrBiz on Twitter & Facebook : @inspireUrBiz Connect with David via or tweet him @davidatinsight MORE MORE MORE! Want more tips? VIDEOS: FREE Downloads: Join the Facebook Business community for free tips on branding and marketing:
September 30, 2016
Episode #10: The power of choice and transitioning your life with Christine Giscombe
Are you someone who is struggling to move from a negative place to a positive one? Inspirational Empowerment Speaker and Certified Coach Christine Giscombe offers useful tips on transitioning your life and the power of choice. With over 10 years’ experience Christine has helped many young people make significant transitions in their lives, enabling them to face their challenges, address their fears and embrace who they are. Christine believes that everyone has a talent, gift or skill that can add value and make a difference to someone else. Christine is an accountability partner for an organisation for Vulnerable Young Women. She is in the pool of mentors for the Branson School of Entrepreneurship in the Caribbean and is also the Chair of trustees for a charitable organisation “Sometimes it takes another person to believe in you and see something of purpose and value in you before you believe and see the seeds of greatness within.” Christine Giscombe Now available on iTunes – SUBSCRIBE!
August 06, 2016
Episode #9: Leadership, Success & How to Say No with Jenny Garrett
As a leader in your career, do you find it a challenge to say "No". Running a business can be challenging at times. So, do you respect how much you are really worth? Do you struggle to say no? Award winning Coach, Author, Trainer and TedX speaker Jenny Garrett offers useful tips on knowing your worth, saying no, time management and female breadwinners. If you are in business or thinking of running a business, gain clarity and inspiration from this podcast for entrepreneurs, startups and people in business. Jenny Garrett has over 10 years experience of running a Global Business. Her mission is to transform the world, one empowered woman at a time. She use’s her years of experience in coaching and leadership to inspire and motivate people, working with them to deliver career and life changing results beyond expectation. Jenny has written an Amazon Bestselling Book ‘Rocking Your Role’, on the taboo subject of female breadwinners. She has reached an audience of over 30,000 through her speaking engagements, including a TEDx Talk. Jenny's website is Now available on iTunes - SUBSCRIBE! ✅More from this PODCAST: Challenges, Freedom and Self-Belief 📹For more tips on business, marketing and branding visit: YOUTUBE videos: 🤗JOIN THE COMMUNITY:
July 02, 2016
Episode #8: Branding and Marketing Your Business with Vee Roberts
In this episode, multi-award winning Marketing and Branding Expert Vee Roberts, of, shares inspirational tips on promoting your brand and building awareness of your business products and services. If you are working on a startup idea and considering marketing and branding for your business, listen to this podcast episode and get motivated. Marketing on a budget, branding to stand out and lots of useful ideas and tips on image, online marketing and ideas for managing consistency and reputation for your marketing both on and offline. Vee Roberts is owner of insight2marketing and works with businesses who are committed to growth through integrated marketing tactics. http:// To connect with Vee contact her via or Facebook NOW Available on iTunes
June 05, 2016
Episode #7: How to Turn your Hobby into a Business with Magdalene Adenaike
Do you have a hobby or passion? Do you want to make a business from your hobby - perhaps you're unsure how to start a business? Follow your passion and start your business. In this episode, Magdalene Adenaike, Best Selling Co-Author and Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Music Relief Foundation explains the 'HOW'. Magdalene is an award winning entrepreneur, project coordinator, recording artist, author, mentor, inspirational speaker and media personality. She believes that our lives are all intertwined with music, which helps us to feel and discover the need to become the best of who we are.
May 13, 2016
Episode #6: Growing Personal Success with Tony Dada
Do you ever contemplate how to live a life you love? In this session Tony Dada explains the 7 Universal Principles to Personal Success. Tony Dada has been working within his community and across the UK since 1991 after finding himself homeless and stripped of all his worldly possessions including his children due to his relationship breakdown. It was this experience that led him to what he now refers to as “My great experiment”. Having lost everything in 1 day he realised how redundant a life fuelled solely by the need for continual acquisitions becomes and more importantly that “your possessions do not define who YOU are”. Despite a lack of resources (no money) and equipped only with the resources he had acquired from his Spiritual Mentor through lessons on how to live a fulfilled and empowered life, Tony decided that he was going to put these lessons learnt to the test. Armed only with this knowledge and a vision, he decided he would redefine what success meant to him and make his life stand for something. Listen to this inspiring podcast where Tony explains his 7 Universal Principles for Growing Personal Success. Tweet @inspireurbiz
April 19, 2016
Episode #5: Personal Power and Inner Leadership with Raghav Parkash
Do you dream of bigger things? Are you wanting to know how to lead like a champion? Perhaps you are starting a new business venture. During this session Raghav Parkash shares his ideas on personal power and inner leadership - helping you to think differently. He shares the techniques that he used to overcome his depression, low self esteem and anxiety over 5 years ago. Everyone has personal power within them. Raghav's 4 steps (and reading suggestions) will help you to realign yourself and shift your focus to what's most important in your life.
March 24, 2016
Episode #4 : Transforming your Mindset for Success with Warren Ryan
During this episode Warren Ryan aka The Mindset Mechanic shares his personal journey of a disadvantaged childhood experiencing and overcoming suicidal thoughts and depression. Now his outlook on life is different and focused on serving others. In this podcast, Warren gives 5 tips on mental health and how to transform your mindset as well as insight into some of his latest business projects.
February 28, 2016
Episode #3 : How to Soar To Success, Through The Storm with Ava Brown
Ever had so many challenges in your life that you don't know how to see things in a positive way? How do you go from a life of abuse, poverty and no formal education to becoming a successful mother of 2 with MBA qualifications, a well respected author in over 45 countries, mentor, public speaker and more. Ava "The Eagle" Brown shares her personal story of soaring through the storm - from hardship to success. Useful tips in this episode on how you can overcome ANY obstacles in life.
February 14, 2016
Episode #2 : How to Make The Right Decisions for Your Success with Brad Burton
Do you want to know how you can defy the odds and be anything you want to be? In our first official episode Brad Burton shares his journey of having 'no goals' and living life without purpose, to becoming the success he is today. Brad is a true entrepreneur with a passion to inspire others. In 2006, while delivering pizzas at weekends to stay afloat and with £25,000 personal debt, he launched membership organisation 4Networking. Brad runs one of the UK’s biggest business networks, with over 5000+ events each year. No formal qualifications, yet author of the highest-rated business book on Amazon with 500+ 5-star reviews for his three bestsellers! Listen to his inspiring journey - be inspired to take action today! Tweet @inspireurbiz #inspireurbiz
February 09, 2016
Welcome to the InspireUrBiz™ Podcast
Do you want to be inspired for your business or personal development? Welcome to our new InspireUrBiz™ Podcast - hosted by Roshan. Subscribe to this podcast for tips, inspiration and ideas for you and your business. About InspireUrBiz™ InspireUrBiz™ events were founded by Vee Roberts of and was launched in 2014. The event has since won 2 awards as 'High Impact Host' for Global Entrepreneurship Week (UK campaign). Connect with us on Twitter and Facebook for updates, news and events!
February 08, 2016