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veloccino Cycling Podcast - The best stories have not yet been ridden!

veloccino Cycling Podcast - The best stories have not yet been ridden!

By veloccino Cycling Podcast
The veoccino cycling podcast from the heart of the Chiltern Hills.
Your hosts Mike Williams, Gemma Felstead and Niels Schnadt invite you to play a fly on the wall during light-hearted conversations with fascinating people from all aspects of the cycling universe.
We are taking our guest along the scenic route to dig a little bit deeper and find out more about their individual story.
Hold on tight and enjoy the ride, because the best stories have not yet been ridden!

The veloccino cylcing podcast is a conversational podcast from cyclists for you!
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Jakub Pieniazek from the Workshop Cafe in Palma de Mallorca
In this week's episode of the veloccino Cycling Podcast, Mike Williams and Niels Schnadt have the chance to chat with Jakub Pieniazek.  Jakub is the Co-Owner of the Workshop Cafe in Palma de Mallorca and also a hugely successful cycling coach. He is the head coach of the Polish National handbike team and has helped his riders achieving stellar results on the global para stage and the Paralympics. Over the past couple of years he also supported some high profile international riders like Marta Lach and Stanisław Aniołkowski (who both won the Polish National Road Championship titles in 2020) as well as the CCC pro team as one of their coaches. We learn how Jakub grew up in a small area in Poland, found his love for cycling, moved to the US without speaking English and finally moved to Mallorca where they opened the Workshop Cafe in Palma. Along the way he became a super high profile and successful cycling coach. Besides all of that he is a super fun person to spend time with!  Enjoy!
January 8, 2021
Piotr Klin - Breaking the Master's hour record in altitude!? - 2020 Xmas Show
In this episode Gemma Felstead, Mike Williams and Niels Schnadt welcome three guests! Piotr Klin is going to attempt to brrak the Master's hour record in Mexoco in altitude. He works together on this attempt with his coach Mark Powell and a group of engineering students from the Warwick University. Hannah, one of the group of students is also a guest in this episode and helps to understand what tweaks can be done from a technical point of view to make Piotr as fast as possible!
December 26, 2020
Rick Lister from Finishline Racing - How do you start a new racing team?
Gemma Felstead and Niels Schnadt speak to Rick Lister from Finishline Racing. Since this season was very light on bike racing due to Covid19, Gemma & Niels felt the urge to bring a bit more racing flavour into the podcast. Since they spoke with Olly Moors in the previous episode about veganism and bike racing they thought that this time the emphasis will be put more on racing itself. How do you actually start a race team and how do you find sponsors to make this happen? Rick Lister is the perfect partner for this conversation. Rick brings in a rich history of involvment in cycle racing and has finally built his own team with a fantastic raster of riders for 2021. Tune in to this episode we are sure you will enjoy it. If you would like to support the cycling podcast, please leave a review on iTunes. To follow Finishline racing hop over to their social media profiles. Instagram: @Finishlineracing Facebook: 
December 7, 2020
Olly Moors - Does veganism compliment your bike racing career ?
In this episode of the veloccino cycling podcast, Gemma and Niels chat to Olly Moors from the UCI Continental Team Ribble Weldtite about all things veganism.  Olly has been racing bikes all over the globe, back as a young rider for an american team, but also in Belgium for a couple of years. Since the beginning of 2019 he chose to adapt to a vegan lifestyle. Gemma and Niels are intrigued to how that all looks like if you are a high performance athlete. Questions that came to mind are how to source your nutrition in countries that do not offer a wide variety in vegan products or does the veganism impacts performance in one way or the other. They speak about life choices, risks, benefits and a lot about racing bikes.  Leave a review on iTunes and follow us on Spotify if you would like to support us. If you have any questions please send a message to or reach out to us on social media via @veloccino  Follow Olly on Instagram: @Ollymoors and his team: @ribble_weldtite Enjoy your ride!  Cheers Your veloccino Cycling Podcast team
November 27, 2020
Winter Vibes 1.0 - How to get your motivation back?
In this episode of Veloccino Cycling podcasts, Gem, Mike and Niels are going to talk about the experience in cycling. Gem is a coach in running. So, this podcasts episode will help listeners motivate and inspire in Gem’s story. Let’s begin! Episode Timeline Gem’s racing series 4:00 Gem is halfway through this zwift Racing League. They had a course which was everything bagel in New York. It lasted about two minutes and then the first hill came up and that was her back into the 5th place. This program actually impressed her. She took a break and did not time trial, she thought it would be a good idea to do as a team. Mike and Gem’s inspiration and motivation for the listeners – in light of year 2020, COVID-19 9:20 I like the technical aspect, the engineering, putting bikes together and taking them apart. I really like the social aspect because I think one of my favorite feelings in the world is like after a really hard day of writing that point when you're sat down and you're you can feel the humming in your legs. There's actually feel quite nice when the endorphins released and all that kind of stuff. Extrinsic motivation of cycling 12:24 There were events that I want to work towards, and I want to do well on it, especially the river Chino on the chest. It was really difficult because we entered the second lockdown because of this COVID-19. Time has changed. Strengths 16:00 My strength is probably somewhere in being sort of a bit of an all-rounder because, I think I can kind of descend on a bike pretty quickly, for a road biker. I can climb up a hill pretty quickly. I really do enjoy the bike maintenance type stuff and putting that together. Planning, organizing and committing to trainings 18:51 I'm pretty good at forming a habit and then sticking to it. But then when I lose that habit, I lose it completely. I think the challenge part is probably perhaps I've lost all of the other consistency. So, I think particularly for 2020 for many people, we're now working differently. We're now socializing differently. And perhaps one of the things for me is that because of that's all changed, it's made it less easy for me to shedule in, like, almost really consistent things. Things that Mike aren’t so good at 26:07 Whenever I look at what and compare with other people have sort of similar size or age or people that I've written with over the years but it's always a lot higher than mine. That's one of the things for me where I keep thinking. I'm not quite so good at is probably disciplined with food.
November 23, 2020
Alice Lethbridge on how to overcome challenges
This is the first episode of many to come that is hosted by our new team member Gemma Felstead! Gemma speaks to Alice Lethbridge about overcoming challenges in amateur cycling. They talk about previous results but also sacrifices and how juggling your aspiring cycling life with your daily day job.  Enjoy Gemma's first episode. If you have any questions or feedback please send us an email to
November 11, 2020
Dan Linfield from bloK.pod on how to convert your van to an instant camper van.
When is a van not a van? We travelled down to the Brighton area to meet Dan Linfield from bloK.pod!  bloK.pod builds custom pods to convert your van into an instant camper van. He also build fantastic fork mounts to enable you to bring you bike with you to all your adventures. We spoke with Dan about how he came up with the idea, how that all started, engineering in general and many more things.
November 4, 2020
Our biggest UPDATE ever!
Just a quick one! Our biggest update ever! 
October 29, 2020
How does virtual racing work? With Gemma Felstead & Paul Fitzpatrick - Episode 3/01
"We heard a lot about virtual cycle racing in the past. Especially during the lockdown period it seems to have grown in popularity. So we wanted to find out what it is all about. How does it work? How do you get involved? How does a league look like and how do teams work together? We caught up with Gemma Felstead and Paul Fitzpatrick to talk about all things virtual racing! Enjoy the show! Thanks Niels" In this episode of Veloccino cycling podcast, we have invited guests Gemma Felstead and Paul Fitzpatrick. They are both virtual athletes, and Paul as DS (Directeur sportif) and organizer of virtual events. They joined the show to talk with us all about virtual racing – how it works, getting involved, joining a league, and racing with a team, all in one episode! Key Quotes: “One of the great things about Zwift is at a certain degree, you have a race to focus on and gives you purpose to do the training. The training is not just for the sake of it, you've actually got a purpose for why you're putting in those extra hours.” [13:54-14:10] “There's nothing that compares to riding with a group or team on the road. And listening to the sound that it makes it amazing, talking together, and having tactics” [37:37-37:47]  Want to connect with Gemma Felstead, make sure to follow her on Instagram  Be updated on what's going on in terms of the league. The best place to be is Central Cyclo-Cross League Facebook  Make sure to hit the subscribe button to not miss a single episode on Veloccino Podcast. To get in touch with them personally, email them at  This is the Veloccino podcast, where the best stories have not yet been ridden!
October 8, 2020
Josefine Lützau - How does cycling support your freeride skiing performance?
In this episode Mike Williams and Niels Schnadt catch up with Josefine Lützau from Denmark. Josefine is a top Danish freeride skier and was working towards qualifying for the Pro World Tour when Covid-19 hit the global sport scene. Change of plans due to those unforeseen circumstances brought Josi back on her bike. Road cycling is her other passion that she discovered a couple of years back as a fantastic exercise to support her skiing performance. Josefine has overcome multiple set backs from injuries and always fought back to get back on her skies quick. We talk about her drive, how she deals with challenges and obstacles as well as cycling in denmark. Enjoy!  Photo credits to @gustavthuesen⠀on Instagram.
August 3, 2020
How should you overtake horse riders when you ride your bike?
We were tempted to call this episode "only fools and horses" but the more descriptive title might make more sense in this case.  Hang on, you might think, I thought this is a cycling podcast? Yes it is! That is exactly why we decided to talk to a horsey person to find out how to overtake horses safely  during our bike rides.  In this episode we had a fantastic chat with Lisa Keys from Lisa Keys Eventing. Niels Schnadt and Mike Williams learn that bike and horse riders actually have a lot in common. We find out how to approach horses, we learn about "spooking" and we discuss a couple of scenarios on how to overtake horse riders. 
July 3, 2020
UNCUT - Home Made Soap & A Little Person On A Uni Cycle
Another uncut episode. Play a fly on the wall listening to Mike William and Niels Schnadt conversing on the phone discussing corona virus, Pamela Anderson's Tattoo on Mike's arm and home made soap! This episode is for you. You will like it!
May 23, 2020
Ruth Astle - Turning Triathlon Pro
In this episode Mike Williams and Niels Schnadt are dipping their toes a little bit more into Triathlon, long-distance to be specific. Ruth Astle just turned pro after she won the overall age group category at the 2019 Ironman world championships in Kona, Hawaii. We learn a lot about her, British wine, rookie and bike errors, and we find out how she juggled a busy daily day job and training before turning pro. This episode is for you if you like to learn more about professional Triathlon, keeping fit during Covid19 and unicorn tattoos. Follow Ruth on Instagram @rastle50 as well as on YouTube: Ruth Astle
April 30, 2020
Michael Broadwith - Why do you like mathematics & how did you break the World Record riding from Land's End to John o' Groats
Mike Williams and Niels Schnadt had a chat with Michael Broadwith to find out what fascinates him on mathematics and why he likes pot noodles so much! ;) We spoke about his world record breaking ride from Land's End to John o' Groats and discussed all things mathematics. Do you know where his Twitter handle 24HourMaths is coming from? Well you will find out here. What a delightful evening at the screen recording it was! So much fun and laughter and we learnt a thing or two we are sure you didn't know yet.
April 20, 2020
Simon Voysey - How do you run a cycling cafe? Musette Cafe in Aldbury our favourite coffee stop in the Chilterns!
In this episode Mike Williams and Niels Schnadt have the chance to speak to Simon Voysey, who is one of the owners of the Musette Cycle Cafe in Aldbury in the Chilterns. Hands down our most favourite coffee stop!  We learn about how it all started, we discover how tough it actually is to run a hospitality business and we reminiscent about a lot of fantastic days and evenings we have spent in this beautiful coffee stop.
April 15, 2020
veloccino uncut - 2 goats is a party, Social Distancing, DIY errors, Zwift and a Half Man - 210
This episode is a quick chat between Mike and Niels to find out what each of them are up to. How does Covid-19 impact their daily day life.  Topics that are covered:  Updates  Future Guests  Zwift & virtual cycling  DIY errors 2 goats is a party Building a barn  This is one of the episodes we are planning to do more often. Raw and uncut. We hope you enjoy it.
April 8, 2020
Corona: How to remain active and perform positive habits with Mark Powell and Dr Ian Walker - 209
A lot has changed in the UK over the last couple of weeks due to the Corona Situation. There is a lot of negativity flowing in from all channels and a lot of things are said of what we can not do anymore. In this episode we want to focus on what you actually can do! We are the positive podcast!  Tune in to listen to our conversation with a) Mark Powell about how to remain laser sharp and focussed and set yourself targets to remain active, fit and strong and b) Dr Ian Walker to learn more about using the chance of a big disruption to build positive habits!
March 24, 2020
Mark Powell - How do you Coach the world record breaking cyclists? - 208
Mark Powell is the coach of many fantastic cyclists. Some of them are national champions and even world record breakers. Mike Williams and Niels Schnadt had the chance to chat to him about how that all works. How do you become a coach, how do you coach people and if you are looking for a coach how do you find the right one for you.
March 22, 2020
Nick Clarke - Best race ever? The Atlas Mountain Race - 207
Nick Clarke is back! He rode the Atlas Mountain Race! In this episode Niels Schnadt & Mike Williams deep dive with Nick into his experiences from this tough as nails bike packing race through the Atlas Mountains!  We learn about failures, achievements, how to escape from dog attacks, how it feels to flash bits in the moroccan desert and many many more things! We mentioned a couple of Instagram accounts that you should definitely give a follow. Those ones did a great job in uploading photos from the race and showcase how beautiful the area and how brutal the race is.
March 11, 2020
Wes Trigg - How to follow your dream - Setting up a Triathlon Camp in Portugal - 205
This time Niels Schnadt & Mike Williams interview Wes Trigg. He moved with his wife and son from our neighbourhood in Aylesbury out to Portugal to follow his passion for outdoor sport and to live a lifestyle at the sea. Most impressively he started his Triathlon camp business in a country where English is not the . This time we dip our toes into Triathlon and even trail running. Wes made a step towards something that many bike riders dream about. Moving into a warmer country to follow his passion. Find out more about Wes and get in touch via Follow him on Instagram here:
February 17, 2020
Special - Nick Clarke at the Atlas Mountain Race in Morocco
Unedited special feature. I spoke to Nick Clarke on the phone a day ahead of the Atlas Mountain Race in Morocco. It was too good so I had to publish it. ENJOY
February 14, 2020
Ina de Visser - Do you ever relax? Life of an endurance adventourist - 204
Racing from the top to the bottom of Africa, riding every stage of the Tour de France one day ahead of the actual race or racing through Rwanda as a bike packing experience, nothing seems to long, tough or crazy for Ina de Visser. Reason enough for us to get Ina on the show to ask "Do you ever relax?" Niels Schnadt & Mike Williams chat to Ina about previous multi day events to find out how to keep your motivation up over an events that takes multiple months? We ask how to prepare and what kit you should take.  We learn about Ina's participation in a multi day event riding the Tour de France 1 day ahead of the actual race as part of a large group of women raising awareness to have more and longer multi stage race events for the pro womens peloton. During this episode we have mentioned a couple of social media accounts that you should definitely follow: Ina's Instagram account: The 3 teams that are taking on the Tour de France stages adventour: If you would like to get in touch with Ina. Feel free to drop us a mail to
January 30, 2020
Jingle Bants for X-Mas with Kev & Nath from VeloBants, Gemma Bitaraf and Kieren Jarrat - 203
Merry X-mas everyone! To celebrate the festive season of the year and the end of the central cyclo-cross leage we did not  shy away from spending all our money on mulled wine, christmas cakes, minced pies and festive beer to attract some of the finest that our local cyclo-cross scene has to offer,  the crème de la crème, the Who is Who. We welcome Kev and Nathan from the VeloBants, Gemma from Lovelo and (our first ever recurring guest) Kieren from the RAF. We talk about .... you guessed right ...cyclo-cross. We discuss the hosting of an event that attracted 165 particiants for the womens race, we find out how the Bants actually did it! We learn about how to prepare and race cyclo-cross, we talk about tyre pressure and we learn why eyebrows and parfume are utterly important! Tune in to our longest episode to date with a lot of bants, laughter, facts and half wisdom! This show is for you if you want to find out how to take your cyclocross event to the next level and why your event should provide porcelain, Molton Brown and a bum gun. Enjoy!#jase2race
December 23, 2019
Nick Clarke - What motivates you? - Breaking Time Trial records & The Atlas Mountain Race - 202
In this episode we chat to Nick Clarke. We talk about long distance time trials, breaking records, preparation for the Atlas Mountain Race and how Nick made friend with a chicken called Nancy. We learn about the record breaking ride crossing the UK from Pembroke to Great Yarmouth and how a teeny tiny can of coke can cause a havoc. Tune in if you would like to get first hand insights into the mind of master cajoler and keeper of the pain cave Nick Clarke.
December 7, 2019
Interview with Anna Henderson from Team Sunweb - 2/01
In this Episode Niels & Mike have the chance to chat to World Champs Bronze medalist, double British U23 champ & newly signed Team Sunweb rider Anna Henderson! During our interrogation Anna walks us through her exponential path from her first proper bike at Lovelo Cycle Works in Berkhamsted to signing a pro contract with Team Sunweb. We relive the World Champs in Yorkshire together where Anna and her GB Team Time Trial crew phenomenally won the bronze medal and we finally shed some light about what was actually in the podium Tupperware boxes! Also we find out what a banana has to do with all of this!
November 26, 2019
Season 1 - The Big Review - 111
It has been a bit quiet over the last couple of weeks. Niels & Mike will explain why and what happened. In this Season Finale they talk about what they learnt, what their highlights were and where the journey will be going.
November 23, 2019
Batons, budgies and bell burns - A Lovelo Squadra Donne take over! veloccino cycling podcast S01E10
We had a full house! The veloccino recording studio got taken over by Sam, Melinda & Amy from the women's cycling race team Lovelo Squadra Donne. We learn about batons and bell burns ... But also about the tour of Malta, team spirit, giggles and smiles, the queen of the bomber and many more fun stuff! It is relaltively easy to set up a bike team, the difficult bit is to retain a team so how does Lovelo do it? What can other clubs learn from finding common grounds and being successful. Tune in and find out...
October 24, 2019
Managing a successful race team - Brother UK Tifosi p/b Team OnForm - Simon Howes - S01E09
This season women's cycling team Brother UK Tifosi p/b OnForm delivered top results en masse! In this episode Mike & Niels have the chance to speak to their team manager Simon Howes. In a casual conversation they try to find out how that all works. How to find the right team mix, sponsors, what about licenses ... All of it. If you remember back to one of our first episodes Niels & Mike voiced their interest in running a women's pro cycle team in the future. Now they have the chance to find out what is necessary. Will there be a veloccino pro team anytime soon? Tune in to find out!
October 10, 2019
Running the Girona Cycling Festival & a top-notch bike biz - Saskia van Vuuren & Dave Walsh E8S1
The days are getting shorter and colder in the UK. How nice would it be to pack the bags and head over to Europe's cycle Mekka Girona! Mike & Niels catch up with Dave & Saskia from Bike Breaks Girona who organise the Girona Cycling Festival. We find out how the couple ended up in the cycling hotspot and discuss all things bike. We discover that Girona is like Niels' Instagram live feed (whatever that means) and that he believes he has certain similarities with Marcel Kittel. We find out more about the Girona Cycling Festival and how to make your cycling holiday in bike town Girona a dream!
October 3, 2019
Our favourite jack of all trades & werewolf on a bike - Spencer Wilson - S01E07
Spencer Wilson's work is omnipresent in our little cycling world. We see his work in magazines, on our friends walls, on popular cycling accessories and even wrapped around some of Britain's most successful bike riders. Spencer is fun...on and off the bike! A great person to have around and even better to ride along with. In this episode we chat about our shared past with the Lovelo Race Team and we reminiscent on our short but pleasureful racing "careers". Spencer walks us through his life as a cycling illustrator and explains how that all started. To our can-popping-loving audience we have a treat for you! We tasted some more delicious alcohol-free beer brands. Enjoy!
September 17, 2019
Land's End to John o'Groats on a Penny Farthing - The World Record ride with Richard Thoday - S01E06
Mike Williams & Niels Schnadt met up with Richard Thoday in Matlock to talk all things Penny Farthing and to discuss Richard's World Record breaking ride on this fixed geared bike from Land's End to John o' Groats. The two fearless & veloccino podcast hosts even got convinced to ride the steal beast themselves...Did they manage? Richard takes us through the wonderful journey on how he fell in love with this kind of bike and what he experienced before during and after his record breaking challenge. Thanks Richard for taking the time!
September 9, 2019
Breaking the World Record crossing Europe North to South by bicycle - Dr. Ian Walker - E05 | S01
Dr Ian Walker recently broke the World Record in cycling through Europe starting at the most northern tip to the most southern tip. Mike travelled all the way over to Bristol to speak to Ian about his journey pre and during the race.
August 24, 2019
A cycling trip South West & how to get into cyclo-cross - Kieren Jarratt - Season 1 - Episode 4
An evening around the kitchen table with our friend Kieren. This is a slightly different episode. We talk about Kieren's cycling trip from the South West of England back to the Chilterns and how a bridge job almost ruined Niels's birthday ride. We try to explore what cyclo-cross is all about and test some alcohol free alternatives too beer. If you are interested into starting some cyclo-cross races this episode might be for you. Favourite term of this episode "sugar burst"
August 15, 2019
Riding every stage of the Tour De France - Ben Morton - Episode 3 / Season 1
Ben rode the entire length of the Tour de France with an organisation called Le Loop. He rode each and every stage and talks to us about how to step up and get yourself ready for the next level. We recorded this episode at the beautiful Musette cafe in Aldbury. Tune in to find out why Ben challenged himself to make this fantastic experience and to learn how to prepare for such a once in the lifetime event!
August 7, 2019
Bodge jobs in the Namibian desert - Doug Percival about Cross Continental Bike Travel - Ep. 2 / S. 1
Douglas is a cycling nomad. Always been ingrained into the cycling world he is making a living out of taking bike riders on epic tours around the world. His track record lists routes like Cairo to Cape Town, Shanghai to Singapore and many more exotic trips along breathtaking sceneries. We are talking with this travel guru about his fun experiences, certain challenges and try to find out what it is that keeps him going.
July 31, 2019
Titici bike launch at Lovelo & How Mike got saved by a tree - Welcome to Episode 1 | Season 1
 In this episode of the Veloccino cycling podcast you will learn about the Titici Bike launch at Lovelo Cycle Works in Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire. You will find out about how Mike and Niels semi-successfully approached the Chiltern 100 ( now rebranded to L'Etape UK by Le Tour de France ) in the past and why Mike is not going to ride Le Tour de France. Or will he actually?  We talk about the Girona Cycling Festival where Niels participated in this year and why we are planning on doing it again next year. Besides that you will join us fantasizing about potential interview partners, the dream of launching a professional cycling team, alcohol-free-ism and a fair amount of banter. We are very grateful for the intro and outro music kindly provided by the talented  Quincas Moreira ! #cycling #bikeriding #cyclingpodcast #podcast 
July 19, 2019
Teaser & Bloopers - Episode 1 / Season 1
Teaser & Bloopers for Episode 1 of our approach of doing cycling podcasting. A light-hearted bike chat straight from the heart of he Chilterns.
July 15, 2019
The inauguration & a professional international accent. Welcome to veloccino's Episode 0 | Season 1 it is! The first Episode of the veloccino podcast! This is our take on to introduce our podcast to the world. A short introduction, a bonus feature, a trailer, a gentle " it us you are looking for!?!" Every story starts with a first pedal stroke and a team that can share it! The veloccino twosome is coming at you like Sherlock & Watson, Tom & Jerry, Elvis & Presley... This is the show of Niels & Mike! You will find out where the professional international accent is coming from, you will learn what the hell is actually going on, we will talk about veloccino in general and chat about the outlook of this spectacular cycling show of wisdom, banter, belly dance and wonky humour. And who actually is Mike? Please send us your comments to
July 6, 2019
Teaser & Bloopers - Episode 0 / Season 1
The first ever upload to the veloccino podcast. Some bloopers or you might even call it a teaser. Just to give you an idea what the full episode 0 will be like.
July 3, 2019