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By Verse
Verse is a podcast for those hungry for a deeper understanding of nature, unsatisfied by the surface skimming of most popular science education.
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[Unedited] Interview with Maurice Ohayon
Maurice Ohayon is a sleep epidemiologist @ Stanford University in California, and I spoke to him about what changing the night is doing to our sleep patterns. For more, check out the film this episode forms a part of on YouTube!
November 15, 2020
Verse 2
The tale of the Birth of the Moon. Here we focus on the recent simulation-driven discovery of a new astrophysical object, called a Synestia.  Though discovered while investigating the formation of the moon, Synestias may occur in other solar systems, as Professor Sarah Stewart of the University of California at Davis tells us. We cover lunar giant impact formation theory, lunar tidal evolution, and the "chemical fingerprints" you can use to determine the chemical composition of the moon, the earth, and other planets (and how we link the formation of planets together, using those fingerprints!) For additional information, head to the Verse YouTube channel, for videos about the topic, or the Verse Patreon for a breakdown of the research! Email with questions to, I'd love to hear from you! Music by Jonny Hyman, available on all music stores
May 18, 2019
Verse 1
Welcome to the Verse science podcast!  Here we go into deep dives of fascinating ideas and discoveries, building on top of concepts discussed in the Verse film series! In this episode we lay the foundation of why Verse exists - and a little background on your host (me, Jonny Hyman) .
May 18, 2019