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The Very Clear Cut Show

The Very Clear Cut Show

By Very Clear Cut
A science and society podcast by millennials. We navigate modern-day dilemmas, and do battle with the issues that youth and working adults face today. Many episodes were originally aired live in front of a virtual audience, and also feature conversations and interviews with folks who have lived experience or knowledge in a specific life experience or discipline.
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Art and Technology: A Singaporean Illustrator's Perspective
As we transition from talking about the Future of Work, we look towards the intersection of art and technology. In Singapore, a career as an artist may earn you the honour of being in the number one "non-essential" job - a throwback to a 2020 survey by The Straits Times: This episode, we're fortunate to hear from digital illustrator and artist, Ms Josephine Tan, who has been honing her craft for many years in the sunny island of Singapore. There is much talk in society about technological artifacts such as NFTs, and the promise of artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality and augmented reality (VR/AR), and the metaverse, in elevating pursuits in the artistic space. Josephine thinks that while many of these technologies are still in their infancy, human creativity will find a way to make good artistic use of the new opportunities afforded by new technologies. Josephine is an illustrator and designer who enjoys thinking about about how arts and technology can come together to make the world a more delightful place. She has more than seven years of experience in marketing and design, and most recently was the marketing manager at Difference Engine, a comic book publisher based in Singapore. To see some of her past work, visit her website here: Credits: Intro and Background Music: Anchor Outro Music: Jingle Jazz by Quantum Jazz
August 30, 2022
The Future of Work: What does it take to be an Entrepreneur?
Being an entrepreneur and "being your own boss" is an aspiration for many, but what does it actually take to leave the rat race and strike out on your own?  For our guest today, Mr Patrick Chang, it means overcoming many obstacles, gritting your teeth and taking criticism constructively, as well as having the guts to take risks. Patrick is a Financial Coach, Card Game Designer, and entrepreneur based in Singapore. Leaving the printing industry many years ago to build his own path in financial industry, he has not looked back since. Today, he is an advocate for financial education and literacy, and has developed a card game to that end - Affluent. This episode originally aired live on 21st May 2022.  Credits: Intro and Background Music: Anchor Outro Music: Jingle Jazz by Quantum Jazz
June 22, 2022
Bonfire Chat: Navigating the Future of Law Practice; Fintech and Crypto Regulations in Singapore
In this special bonus episode, Leoson speaks to his own sister, Melody Hoay, about her experiences growing as an early career lawyer through the past couple of eventful years. They also discuss some insights that Melody has garnered from her tenure as a fintech and finreg professional in Singapore.  We at the show have been talking about the Future of Work as the theme of the quarter, as we look to transition between different kinds of “normals”. When we think of the tech industry, transiting from in-person to remote work is something easily imaginable – and executable. But what does this look like for the legal industry? And how may it continue to adapt to future times?  In a separate vein, Melody also shares some of her knowledge of the ins and outs of setting up fintech and cryptocurrency businesses in Singapore. Melody is an Associate in the Fintech and Financial Regulatory Practice at Allen & Gledhill LLP. Her areas of practice encompass capital markets, banking, financial advisory and payments work in Singapore. She has experience in advising traditional financial institutions, international organisations, technology conglomerates and start-ups on regulatory and compliance matters in respect of their business models, conduct of business requirements, regulatory filings and corporate acquisitions. In particular, Melody has advised on a variety of FinTech payments and fundraising models, and cryptocurrency trading and exchange businesses. Credits: Intro and Background Music: Anchor Outro Music: Jingle Jazz by Quantum Jazz
May 28, 2022
Education: What goes into doing a PhD?
A PhD is often seen as a high peak of the traditional educational system. It has also become associated with many opinions and cultural quirks over the years - but at the bottom line, it is the entryway into the world of academia, or high level private research. One common misconception is that doing a PhD necessarily means one’s end goal is being a professor or teaching at a tertiary institution. For example, even in the early days of data science in 2015, 38% of data scientists on LinkedIn reported having a doctorate. Meta (previously Facebook) also encourages the development of potential talent with doctorates with its Facebook Fellowship Program. What remains less seen, however, are the ins and outs of actually pursuing a doctorate. The path can be long and filled with many challenges. The decision to pursue one is not trivial, as it involves many additional years of education on top of an undergraduate degree and sometimes a master's. We’re glad to have with us Ms Xueqing Wang - a current doctoral student in Demography and Social Policy at Princeton University - to share some of her experiences! This episode originally aired live on 26th Mar 2022.  Credits: Intro and Background Music: Anchor Outro Music: Jingle Jazz by Quantum Jazz
April 30, 2022
Education: Student Agency and "Learner-Centric" Education
New year, new season of episodes. WELCOME TO SEASON 2!!  As younger students, many of us we went to school because it was mandatory. Slowly, as we grew older, we began to take charge of our own learning while traversing through the education system. But what exactly is "learner-centric" education? What does it mean when we say that we should take charge of our own learning? Beginning with a short story by passionate educator Helen Buckley, join Pauline and us as we unravel key rites of passage in the education of the current and future generation. Pauline is passionate about learning and development, having been a teacher and communications professional who created, implemented and managed various projects, at national and international levels. In 2020, she ventured into the entrepreneurship space with the goal of enabling learning through technology. She is currently an education and training professional. This episode originally aired live on 15th Jan 2022.  Credits: Intro and Background Music: Anchor Outro Music: Jingle Jazz by Quantum Jazz
March 27, 2022
Resilience: A Data Scientist's Perspective on Workforce Resilience
Fiona Fan (范静雯) is a Chinese expat in the United States who was laid off during the pandemic, but bounced back to find a job at one of the world's most sought after companies - currently working as a Data Scientist at Amazon. In the previous months, we viewed resilience from the local perspective. Often, this means being able to fall back on support structures and our network, when we encounter adversity. This changes when we move abroad, far away from our comfort zone. We are glad to have Fiona with us today to share her journey through the adversities she faced as an expat and emerging stronger from it. Fiona previously studied neuroscience and economics at Wellesley College, and computational social science at University of Chicago. In her free time, she enjoys watching animation, reading non-fiction, and not exercising.  This episode originally aired live on 18th Dec 2021.  Credits: Intro and Background Music: Anchor Outro Music: Jingle Jazz by Quantum Jazz
February 06, 2022
Sustainability: Nuclear Energy has a PR problem? Also, mascots.
In this episode, we dive into a subfield of sustainability: energy sustainability.  Energy may not be as salient of a topic in public conversation, but it presents a significant sustainability challenge, even within the shores of Singapore. Earlier in May 2021, it was reported that the construction of new data centres in Singapore was “paused” by authorities, citing sustainability and resource efficiency concerns. As of 2014, Singapore's energy usage per capita was almost three times that of Hong Kong’s.  We take a look at some solutions and alternatives, such as nuclear energy. Nuclear energy as a technology and topic of discussion can be divisive, and marred by the shadow of high-profile incidents in the media. However, we think that through research and the exploration of potential new advances - such as microreactors - there is a way forward. Just don't design terrible mascots.  EMA statistics on Singapore's energy consumption:  Article on the pausing of construction of new data centres in Singapore:  About Fukuppy:  Singapore Nuclear Research and Safety Initiatve (SNRSI):  This episode originally aired live on 19th July 2021.  Credits: Intro and Background Music: Anchor Outro Music: Jingle Jazz by Quantum Jazz
November 21, 2021
Dreams: The Post-Work Future, Careers, and Aspirations beyond COVID
What a year 2020 was. As COVID-19 ravaged the physical and mental spaces of our already fragile world, we attempted to stop and think about key questions that existed before the pandemic, that were perhaps modulated by COVID-19, and that would continue to exist beyond the pandemic. In one of our best received live episodes centered in the vortex of the pandemic, we looked at the theme of "Dreams" from multiple angles: career aspirations, coronavirus challenges, and meaning-making.  Leoson Hoay and Donavan Cheah riff on wide variety of topics including being a truck driver, the widely debated "Essential vs Non-Essential Jobs" survey and infographic published in The Straits Times, the difficulties of being an artist, and the value of food.  Link to The Straits Times infographic:  This episode originally aired live on 20th March 2021. Credits: Intro and Background Music: Anchor Outro Music: Jingle Jazz by Quantum Jazz
October 24, 2021
Mental Health: A Clinical Psychologist's Take
A clinician intervenes when someone needs help with managing a mental health condition. From 2017 to 2019, an average of 12,600 patients aged between 15 to 34 years sought treatment for mental health conditions at public hospitals in Singapore.  Mr. Daniel Ho is a clinical psychologist who has experience working with children, adolescents and adults with a range of mental health difficulties. His clinical interests lie in work with stigmatized minorities and at-risk youth populations. In this chat, he shares his perspectives and answers some of our questions about mental health - including how clinicians view mental health conditions, and perhaps, how clinicians themselves take care of their own mental health.  This episode originally aired live on 28th Aug 2021.  Credits: Intro and Background Music: Anchor Outro Music: Jingle Jazz by Quantum Jazz
October 08, 2021