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Mary Berg - Dentistry in Veterinary Medicine

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By Isaiah T Douglass
Welcome to the Veterinarian Success Podcast where you go in-depth with a veterinarian specific financial planner Isaiah Douglass, MBA, CFP® to hear stories, opinions, and leading information about the world of veterinarian medicine from industry professionals. The podcast covers topics relating to the clinician, business, financial, and personal side of to help encourage, promote, and advocate for a healthy and happy standard of care for veterinarians, their families, their staff, and their businesses.
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Travis Hornsby - The Student Loan Expert
My guest on today’s show is Travis Hornsby. Travis is the founder of The Student Loan Planner. The Student Loan Planner has consulted with over 1,800 people and saved an estimated $90M in loan repayments. Travis and I talk about the lack of incentive vet schools have in lowering tuition, repayment plans and loan forgiveness, how optimistic he is on the profession and the earning potential, private practice vs. corporation consolidation, radical suggestion to revamp the education system for vet education, and be sure to listen to the end for Travis’s answer on what success looks like, I was taken aback with how thoughtful and passionate his answer was. So with that introduction strap in for a fascinating episode with Travis Hornsby.  Website: Veterinarian Specific Blog: 
April 14, 2019
Mary Berg - Dentistry in Veterinary Medicine
My guest on today’s show is Mary Berg. Mary is the founder of Beyond the Crown Veterinary Education. Beyond the Crown’s goal is to help veterinarians take their dentistry to the next level. The unique thing about Mary is her background in research, in-practice care, and now consulting. As you’ll hear her experience has allowed for an interesting take on the dilemma of dentistry in vet med. She talks about how like humans, oral care is the key to a healthy pet, opportunity, revenue, and increase in standard of care dentistry brings, and be sure to listen to the end for our Mary’s thoughts on vet techs utilization and compensation. So with that introduction I hope you enjoy this episode with Mary Berg. 
April 1, 2019
Introduction to The Veterinarian Success Podcast
A short clip to explain my "Why" for launching the podcast.  For requests of content or inquires please send emails to All show notes and additional information can be found at   
March 29, 2019
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