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VfB Stuttgart Americana

VfB Stuttgart Americana

By Travis, Jeffrey, Austin, & Matt
An English language, American-based Bundesliga fan podcast discussing VfB Stuttgart - the Verein für Bewegungsspiele Stuttgart 1893! Covering the club from afar with a foreign point of view, our views are unofficial, uninformed, and unprepared!  Join us as we unofficially dive into everything we know (which is different than everything there IS to know!) about one of the most traditional and most exciting clubs in all of the Bundesliga, Europe, and the world! Reach us on Twitter @HazelFisch, @HennesLover, & @AuzSwerdt
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Episode 16 - RBL v. VfB ... 4:0 and back to earth...

VfB Stuttgart Americana

Episode 51: 2022/2023 Preview ... and we're back!
In episode 51 ... we are back! Through the magic of editing, Austin, Jeff, Matt, and Travis are all on the same episode ... at the same'ish time!   Austin and Jeff react to the news that VfB will be in the U.S.A. in November while Matt and Travis immediately mis-pronounce one of the best kit sponsors in the Bundesliga, JAKO, as they pay homage to the new home and away kits before Travis body-shames Matt.  With that kind of start, you know episode 51 is gonna be as good as ... usual! In the first half of Part One, Matt breaks the club down from top to bottom, as Travis asks who is the key player in several areas.  High praise is giving to Sven and 'Rino in management, Dino and Ito in defense, Endo and "A Person to Be Named Later" in the midfield, and Darko and Sasa in attack.  And in a shocking turn of events Matt, despite his reservations, even gives praise to one of the three "F's" at goal!  Along the way, drama in the front office, Florian vs. Gregor, BSC's Kempf and his penalty taking skills, Karazor, Darko, old friend Zorniger, and that one "Little Blond Guy" who scored a somewhat important goal a few years ago versus Argentina are all discussed as well.  In the second half of Part One (shouldn't this be Part Two?), the guys look at the upcoming schedule, debate Sven's declaration that "13th place is our 1st place," give season predictions, mock Bayern's five-star kit, and finally give their thoughts on the upcoming home match versus Super Cup runners-up RBL. In Part Two, Austin and Jeff break down the entire Bundesliga as they look at the table from top to bottom, Bayern to Bochum, and give some special attention to Freiburg, Hennes, VfB, and Austin's inability to pronounce anything at anytime.   It's the longest episode to date, which clearly means it's ... well ... it exists! Introduction: 0'-7:36 Part 1 & The VfB Breakdown: 7:39-1:10:18 Part 2 & The Bundesliga Breakdown: 1:10:21 to end
August 05, 2022
Episode 50 - VfB:KOE ... 2:1 and staying up!
In our 50th podcast we barely contain our excitement in one of our most unorganized, disorganized, and simply not organized episodes ever as we celebrate VfB surviving the Bundesliga in classic VfB dramatic fashion!  In Part One, Jeff joins us to give us a view of the match from a Köln point of view.  Jeff tells us how he wore his "good luck" kit in honor of Stuttgart, his thoughts about the match, the special "spirit of '92" kit, the chances made and missed, Sven's rock-band looks, Endo's redemption, and how ultimately, he's the voice of VfB reason.  In Part Two, Matt joins us to talk about the match from a VfB supporter's perspective as he and Travis go through the match "moment-by-moment," trying to decide which moment - Hertha taking the early lead, Endo's misses, Tiago's substitution, BVB's comeback, Endo's make - was the most memorable in what turned out to be a memorable day.  In Part Three, Jeff returns to help break down the upcoming relegation matches that VfB happily doesn't have to worry about before letting everyone know exactly how much Travis has lost wagering against his beloved club. It's a chaotic episode befitting a chaotic club! Part One - The Match from a KOE Point of View - 0'-25:57 Part Two - The Match from a VfB Point of View - 26:07-1:05:17 Part Three - Predictions with HennesLover - 1:05:27-1:18.02
May 19, 2022
Episode 49 - FCB:VfB ... 2:2 and you're saying there's a chance!
Matt and Travis start their 49th episode by debating who wore kit #21 better - Klement or Pavard - and unsurprisingly, coming up with the wrong answer.  In Part 1, the guys discuss if VfB was lucky or unlucky, sing the praises - as they always have - of the Stuttgart goal keeper, celebrate Sosa and Sasa at least one more time, and praise Derek Rae for nailing the most explosive offensive trio in all of football - Coulibaly, Thommy, and Förster!  In Part 2, the new special 1992 kit is explored while in Part 3 predictions are made regarding the huge last match of the season, VfB hosting Hennes ... for all the Bundesliga marbles! Unless Hertha wins. Then it doesn't matter. Kind of like this episode!
May 12, 2022
Episode 48 - VfB:WOB ... 1:1 and still a chance!
In episode 48, Matt and Travis break down the most recent match before answering the age old debate - Philipp Förster or Christian Gentner?!  In Part One, the home draw versus Wolfsburg is discussed as is John Brooks, defensive breakdowns on set pieces, the lack of offense anywhere, and Travis' ability to nail the contributions of Enzo Millot even before they took place.  In Part Two, the guys talk VfB's potential versus Freiburg's reality, Felix Magath's criticisms versus Bayern Munich, and VfB's point total versus DSC's point total over the remaining two matches.  In Part Three, Matt and Travis make a surprising pick in the VfB match at Bayern, hope that Bochum shows up big versus Bielefeld, and ask all the American-based Bayern fans to buy a beverage for that lonely Stuttgart fan at the end of the bar. And they edit none of it!
May 04, 2022
Episode 47 - BSC:VfB ... 2:0 and grown men crying...
Join Matt and Travis as they break down the most disappointing defeat of the season, the 2:0 loss at Hertha Berlin.  In Part One, the fellas reminisce about Mario Gomez's goals, Kevin Großkreutz's tutelage, and Timo Werner's whining before doing some whining of there own when taking a look back at BSC:VfB.  Questions are asked regarding Müller's status, Mata's coaching, Sven's squad planning, the supporter's losing faith, Endo's leadership, grown men crying, and how Travis nailed the "surprise impact player of the season," Marc-Oliver Kempf.  In Part Two, questions from Ben, Robin, and Reddit are pondered which means the conversation obviously turns towards ... Nicolas Cage.  In Part Three, the now enormous VfB:WOB match is predicted, the guys breathe a sigh of relief when they find out the Tipp-Kick prediction, Travis makes a bold purchase promise, and then they discuss the biggest news in all the Bundesliga - Freiburg's Pokal trip, Bayern's 10th title in a row, and demand the DFB deduct 60 points from Effzeh due to Anthony Modeste's illegal coffee celebration!
April 28, 2022
Episode 45 - VfB:BVB ... 0:2 and thank goodness for BSC...
In this episode Matt and Travis start off by debating the immortal question - Sean Dundee or Cacau?! - before turning their attention toward the loss at home to BVB.  In Part One, they discuss the offensive opportunities versus the defensive breakdowns, including Omar and chip shots, Ito vs. Haaland, and whether much maligned goal keeper Flo Müller really came to VfB this summer with "large advanced berries" before thanking the Bundesliga gods for the existence of Hertha BSC.  In Part Two, headlines and questions are covered, as the devastating news that Schwarzwaldmilch is leaving local rival Freiburg is broken!  Then the fellas cover levels of concern at the current state of affairs, how the squad will look next week with Endo and Karazor out, and which team they'd like to see relegated and why it's the Flaming Pineapples of Augsburg.  Part Three ends with predictions for the upcoming match at Mainz before the fellas do an about face and start rooting for their now beloved Augsburg to beat up on Hertha.  Yep, it's complicated! Part One - 0:00-21:57 Part Two - 21:57-32:37 Part Three - 32:37 to end
April 12, 2022
Episode 44 - DSC:VfB ... 1:1 and missed opportunities!
In this episode, Matt and Travis start off by paying homage to old friend Alex Maxim before breaking down the disappointing 1:1 draw at Arminia Bielefeld.  In Part One, the fellas cover missed opportunities, Mata's apparent lack of trust in the bench, xG, Sasa's first ever penalty kick, Anton's "damned if I do, damned if I don't moment," and whether Sven's optimism is on target (unlike many of VfB's shots during the match).  In Part Two, Jeff joins in to give his "View From Above" ... or does he?!  In Part Three, headlines and questions are discussed, including Sasa rejecting a contract extension, Orel stating he never said he wanted to leave during the summer, the thought that VfB should start with an Own Goal each and every match, and why Matt and Travis' feelings are so, so sensitive.  Part Four concludes Episode 44 with predictions for the Friday match versus BvB, which other relegation matches are worth watching, and what kind of Lake Erie beverage Matt has coming his way.  Take a listen, it's a good as Lake Erie drinking water! Part One - 0' - 19:19 Part Two - 19:29-31:48 Part Three - 31:48-40:48 Part Four - 40:48-end
April 05, 2022
Episode 43 - VfB:FCA ... 3:2 and "horny" voices!
In this episode Matt and Travis talk about the Schwaben derby between Stuttgart and Augsburg!  In Part One, we talk Team Comeback and the amazing home support in which Sven Mislintat praised the "horny voices" of the home team!  WHOA!  Then we cover the defense missing Ito, the offense finding Tiago, the usual defensive breakdowns, our "love" of Markus Weinzierl, Omar's amazing free kick, and finally everyone joining in on the big win celebration from Mata to Fritzle to ... Pablo Maffeo?!  In Part Two we cover headlines and questions, including a deep, deep, WAY TO DEEP dive on why Thomas Hitzlsperger is leaving, which on-loan player we'd like to keep, and whether the international break is coming at the right time and why it's not!  In Part Three, we predict the post-international break match at Bielefeld and conclude by making a friendly wager regarding the upcoming Mexico v. U.S. match. It's ... something! Part One - 0:00-24:31 Part Two - 24:31-50:31 Part Three - 50:31-end
March 23, 2022
Episode 42 - FCU:VfB ... 1:1 and Sosa to Sasa ... again!
Matt joins us as we talk about the late draw at Union Berlin and give some praise to the Union fans before ripping their team apart for complaining about the officiating.  In Part One we break down the match, ask how Dino is playing, praise Mata’s tactical changes, and give some applause to the return of Mangala before Travis’ undying support of Sasa proves to be the difference in the match!  We also break down the amazing Sosa to Sasa connection and the Union Berlin complaints regarding the officiating, the fouls, and yet another late Stuttgart comeback. In Part Two, we cover headlines such as the status of the youth teams, the VfB connection with Hertha's struggles, and thank all that is holy we aren't them.  We then finish up our middle segment by answering questions regarding relegation, which players we’d keep next season, and then we all shout “HOORAY VfB!” as we pit RustOleum versus Red Stripe in the battle to be the new sponsor VfB.  In Part Three we predict the upcoming match at home versus Augsburg before giving our thoughts on the upcoming Mexica v. USA derby and give the kids a lesson - never take a banana to a banana tree fight. Confused?  US TOO! Hooray VfB! Part One - 0-26:00 Part Two - 26:00-41:30 Part Three 41-30-end
March 16, 2022
Episode 41 - VfB:BMG ... 3:2 and some good luck!
In this episode, Matt and Travis get giddy over the first VfB win of 2022 and celebrate the return of the phrase "Sosa to Sasa!".  In Part One, we talk the players, the support, and pretty much anything colored white and red and with a brustring before moving on to the match itself.  Along the way we ask if the lineup is now set even without Mangala, ponder Coulibaly's bicycle kick attempt, discuss the fan support - or lack thereof - towards keeper Florian Müller, and this new thing called "good luck" before we wrap up with a look at the bottom of the table and the teams surrounding VfB.  In Part Two, Matt gives us an update on the Discord fan scene, we dive into some questions regarding whether this match is a catalyst and whether the Curve made a difference, and then wrap up with some headline making news ... including wondering aloud "Why hasn't Red Stripe sponsored this team yet?"  Part Three end's with a look at the upcoming match at Union Berlin where Matt makes a bold prediction after Travis praises himself for his TippKick skills before both question why anyone would listen to this podcast. WILL YOU?! Part One - 0-30:06 Part Two - 30:06-37:36 Part Three - 37:36-end
March 08, 2022
Episode 40 - TSG:VFB ... 2:1 and Wood Chopping
In episode 40, we're joined by Matt as we break down the most recent hard-fought, gut-wrenching defeat, this time to Baden-Württemberg rivals TSG Hoffenheim.  Part One highlights the amazing away support, the newest lineup, and poor Pellegrino's inability to make a non-injury related substitution nowadays.  Part Two attempts to answer the most questions we've ever tried - emphasis on "tried" - to answer, including questions about injuries, haunted players, dark coaching clouds, dropped points, and obviously origami versus wood chopping as a way to sooth our nerves.  We wrap up this episode in Part Three with a relatively simple, if somewhat unconvincing, explanation as to why VfB will emerge victorious - finally! - against BMG next week!  Finally, we wrap up by thanking our listeners for joining in the misery. If that doesn't get you fired up to listen, what will?! Episode Part 1 - 0:00-19:59 Part 2 - 19:59-36:14 Part 3 - 36:14-end
February 28, 2022
Episode 39 - VfB:BOC ... 1:1 and here we go again...
In this episode we surprise Matt as we officially bequeath VfB Stuttgart Americana co-host status upon him!  Or blame him for being part of the podcast.  Or both!  In Part One, Travis admits he didn't even watch the match so he checks out the #VfBBOC stats to pepper Matt, who actually did watch the match, with all kinds of questions about the disappointing home draw.  In Part Two, the fellas answer listener questions, discuss Silas' and "I am Spartacus," check out the Discord and Reddit scene, and go pro and con on issues such as Bayern's dominance, red cards, penalty kicks, and - gulp - relegation.  In Part Three, both predict the impossible - a VfB victory on Friday! - even though Matt forgets who we are actually playing. Part 1 - 0'-18:18 Part 2 - 18:18-40:41 Part 3 - 40:40-end
February 23, 2022
Episode 38 - B04:VfB ... 4:2 and a one year anniversary!
Episode 38 is our one year anniversary and we celebrate in style by bringing back long-time hosts Jeff and Austin to not only review the most recent match but look back on a full year of podcasting about one of the most iconic clubs in all of Europe!  In Part One we review the recent match at Leverkusen, where the lads showed spirit but once again fell short.  In Part Two we take a break to look back on the past year and try to figure out if we've helped - or hurt - the results of the club with our weekly coverage (hint: it's not helping).  In Part Three we answer some questions before diving into our predictions for the upcoming matchday in which all three predict VfB success!  Finally, we end Part Four by predicting the biggest game in America, the Super Bowl, by predicting that both teams will win!   Part One - 0'-26:01 Part Two - 26:01-41:01 Part Three - 41:01-44:51 Part Four - 65:11-end
February 13, 2022
Episode 37 - VfB:SGE ... 2:3 and the drought is over!
Episode 37 celebrates the end of the VfB scoring drought in style!  In Part One, Matt joins us to balance the initial optimism of matchday 21 with the residual disappointment of the final result before we then ask everyone to stop listening to us and instead head over to the Hey Eintracht podcast as they did a much better job of analyzing the match with the help of the amazing Derek Rae.  In Part Two, Matt and Travis try to answer who is at fault for VfB's current predicament by going "Good Cop, Bad Cop" on Sven, Pellegrino, and the entire roster.  In Part Three, listener questions are answered as Matt urns for the return of the Mario Gomez Button while in Part Four, the guys predict the upcoming match at Leverkusen and ponder how much aspirin they'll need after matchday 22.  All that and annoying sound quality! Part One - 0:00-17:08 Part Two, Three, and Four - 17:17-End  
February 09, 2022
Episode 36 - SCF:VfB ... 2:0 and looking down...
In this episode we are joined in Part One by resident Freiburg supporter Austin who helps us break down yet another disappointing performance, this time a listless 2:0 loss on the road.  In a fairly passive-aggressive segment, Austin tells us why, "by the letter of the law" VfB should have been granted a penalty kick but why he agrees with the VAR decision to overturn the penalty kick.   In Part Two, Matt joins us as we try to talk each other off the ledge by going over the big storylines that are dominating the VfB news of late, including the departure of Kempf, the rumors surrounding Sosa to Chelsea, Bayern's links to Dino, and the club's team-building trip to Spain where we recommend the boys head out for a few beverages to fix all the team's problems.  We then weigh in on what our dream line-up would be after the break as well as our incredibly uninformed views on the current pandemic attendance issues taking place in the Bundesliga.  The segment ends with us mispronouncing the name of VfB's newest sponsor, JAKO, before praising their kits and then celebrate the fact that VfB is at the top of at least one table - the insult table! Part One - 0-30:29 Part Two - 30:39-end
January 26, 2022
Episode 35 - VfB:RBL ... 0:2 and gelling!
In Part One, Austin rejoins the podcast to help us break down the home loss to RB Leipzig and gives us his thoughts on the non-call against Alexis Tibidi in the RBL box in his "Are you REFFING kidding me?!" segment before we hand out our first ever Rust-Oleum (unofficial) Player of the Match award in which Austin will somehow incorporate the 1980s film Buckaroo Banzai into the conversation.  In Part Two, we cover News & Storylines and talk players leaving, injuries, value, relegation, and old friends (what up, Gonzalo Castro?!).  Part Three lasts all of 10 seconds as we have no questions this week so we rapidly move into Part Four and our predictions for the HUGE match at Freiburg next weekend!  Along the we talk about the "positivity of family," Hikori Ito's Canadian relatives, listen to Travis groan at the thought of Gonzalo sending VfB to 2.B, hear what Travis and Austin are putting on the line for their personal derby match, and have Austin wrap up the episode by "Talking Travis off the Ledge."   All that and a random guitar solo and a shameless plug for a new hair product sponsor! Part One - 0-15:06 Part Two - 15:06-17:06 Part Three - 17:12-23:12 Part Four - 23:13-22:24 Part Five - 23:24-end
January 16, 2022
Episode 34 - SGF:VfB ... 0:0 and positive thinking!
In this episode, we travel deep to the heart of Texas and talk to Josh and Jens, two supporters who are both from Stuttgart - one from Germany and one from America (?!) who head the VfB Central Texas supporters group!  We first dive into their VfB origin stories before finding out what the soccer, MLS, and Bundesliga scene is like in the middle of Texas.  Then, in Part One we get Josh and Jens’ thoughts on the first half of the season before jumping into the disappointing 0:0 draw at Furth.  Along the way, we take a look at the lineup, give some love to Stenzel, Kempf, and Müller, and celebrate the return of Sasa while at the same time giving some imaginary game balls to two defenders for helping the club at least maintain a point on the road.  In Part Two, not only do we discuss the upcoming home match versus Leipzig, Josh and Jens help, in our newest segment, to "Talk Travis off the Ledge" with their positivity regarding not only the Leipzig match but the season as a whole!  In Part Three, friend of the show Matt joins us to answer the most listener questions WE'VE EVER HAD (um ... four) as we both try to convince everyone (and ourselves) to "trust the process."  In Part Four we predict the upcoming Bundesliga match day 19 results that matter to VfB before ending by discussing "What we Learned" about Sasa's gentlemanly behavior and how Travis, Matt, and Sasa aren't that different after all.  Part 1 & 2 with Josh and Jens: 0:00-39:28  Part 3 & 4 with Matt: 39:38-finish.
January 10, 2022
Episode 33 - VfB Hinrunde Review & Rückrunde + Fürth Preview!
In this episode Rob joins us as we review the results of our VfB Holiday Hinrunde Review and preview the Rückrunde!   In Part One, we summarize our Hinrunde Report cards and see where the club ranks (at least in the eyes of super knowledgable* Americans).  In Part Two, we take a look at some of the big player news heading into the second half of the season, talk about old friend Gonzalo Castro, question how Augsburg is the new "it" club, and wonder if tennis pro Jonas Björkman is really going to the difference maker for Hertha. Then we take a look look at the upcoming matches month by agonizing month, and finally break down Saturday's big big match at Fürth before predicting each and every Bundesliga match this weekend - and then accidently deleting said predictions!  Yay technology!   Finally we wrap up with "what we learned" about report cards and how Rob was one of the smartest kids, percentage-wise anyway, around.
January 04, 2022
Episode 32 - Holiday Hinrunde Review, Parts 4-6!
It's the second segment of our VfB Stuttgart American Holiday Hinrunde Review!  In segment one we chatted with Ted, Doug, and Daniel while in segment two we talk with Joe, Matt, Rob, and Robin!  In Part Four, we travel to Maryland and talk with Joe, a frequent contributor to the podcast, who started his VfB fandom after his FIFA career started off by being loaned from Barcelona to Stuttgart.  In Part Five, we head back to Michigian where friend of the show Matt explains how as long as the team can control Covid, they'll be okay.  But before Matt can finish his sentence, Rob from Wisconsin pops in to provide some much needed positivity!  In Part 6, Robin from Norway sends in a written response to our questions, explaining how he travelled with Sven from Arsenal to VfB.  Like Part One-Three, Joe, Matt, Rob, and Robin will all give VfB a report card, name team MVPs, and predict the future of the club's success heading into 2022!  Enjoy (as much as you can enjoy an unedited and terribly produced podcast with horrific sound quality!) Part 1 - Joe - 1:39-32:49 Part 2 - Matt & Rob - 32:59-1:04:18 Part 3 - Robin - 1:04:28-end
December 29, 2021
Episode 31 - Holiday Hinrunde Review, Parts 1-3
Welcome to our first ever VfB Stuttgart American Holiday Hinrunde Review!  In the next few episodes we'll chat with local(ish) American-based VfB supporters to get their thoughts on the first half of the season.  We'll give VfB a report card for their performance, name team MVPs, and predict the future of the club's success heading into 2022.  To get started, in Part One of Episode 31, we stay local and look to the southern part of our area (O-H-I-O!) and  talk with Ted, Cincinnati's own VfB supporter to learn he's been a fan for almost the entirety of the 21st century!  In Part Two we go east to Youngstown's top VfB fan, Doug, who is brand new to the "fun" of the typical VfB season!  In Part Three, we wrap up this segment by crossing the state border and heading to neighboring Michigan to get a written review from Danny, who actually hailed from Stuttgart!  Part 1 - Ted - 1:39-32:49 Part 2 - Doug - 32:59-1:04:18 Part 3 - Daniel - 1:04:28-end
December 28, 2021
Episode 30 - KOE:VfB ... 1:0 and in the playoffs!
In this episode Matt joins us to celebrate VfB ending the hinrunde in the playoffs!  Which, as it turns out, is nothing to celebrate.  Be that as it may, in part one we break down the last minute loss to Effzeh, compare the threatening crosses of the home team to the toothless dribbling of VfB, discuss the same 'ol same 'ol, ask some uninformed questions about substitution patters, and tip our Baumgart-like cap to Cologne's overall domination of the last match of the first half of the season.  In part two we answer a listener question regarding where we'd like to see VfB play and then in part three we play some good old fashioned true or false regarding Florian, Marc, and old friend Gonzalo.  Finally we wrap up this podcast by congratulating co-hosts Jeff and Austin on their prediction prowess before predicting the biggest American football match of the year, Green Bay versus Cleveland!
December 21, 2021
Episode 29 - VfB:FCB ... 0:5 and time to focus on Hennes!
In this episode we briefly break down match day 16 before spending as much time as possible on the final match of 2021!  And as a special treat, California's resident Hennes supporter Jeff joins us FOR THE ENTIRE EPISODE!  In part one we talk about the loss to Bayern as little as possible before moving on the part two and listener questions, discussing our views on a particular defensive player's impending move to Hertha Berlin and its impact on the squad.  In part three we do a deep dive on the VfB:FOE match, breaking down each position group before controversially challenging the status of Hennes as the greatest mascot in the Bundesliga.  Finally we give our predictions and our final wager in what is a huge match not only for VfB and FC Koln, but for Travis and Jeff's friendship as well!
December 18, 2021
Episode 28 - WOB:VfB ... 0:2 and Panenka's for Everyone!
In episode 28 we are joined by Matt as we break down the 0:2 win at Wolfsburg!  In part one we discuss everything we know about this much needed win (which is different than everything there IS to know), including how Matt knew VfB would win (The Rule of Florian), Dino's power goal, our combined love of Philipp Förster, the maddeningly positive chaos of Coulibaly, and that cheeky fella on loan from Wolfsburg, Omar Marmoush.  Along the way we compare Marsch v. Matarazzo, whether it's better to be lucky than good, and whether Silas is the VfB lucky charm.  In part two we somehow bring up Sascha Mölders from 1860 Munich as we attempt to answer listener questions before we dive into part three and preview the upcoming matches versus Bayern and Effzeh that will wrap up the first half of the season.  In part four we talk about what we learned from former VfBer Timo Baumgartl's cameo on a German soap opera. Intrigued?!  Give it a listen!
December 13, 2021
Episode 27 - VfB:BSC ... 2:2 and The Return of The Tayfun
In part one of episode 27 we break down the 2:2 draw versus Hertha Berlin with special guest Ed @edzelaski from @bearcast1892!  Not only is Ed an official Hertha supporter, but he's also from Cleveland, meaning this podcast goes out of it's way to be Cleveland-centric as we force you to listen to our thoughts on the impact of FIFA2000, AFC Cleveland, and the greatness of local soccer legend Vinny Bell.  We eventually get back to the Bundesliga and chat about the match, VAR, the return of Korkut, and the future of both our clubs.  In part two Austin joins us in his new belligerent segment "R u reffing kidding me?!" as he breaks down all the weekend's officiating controversies.  Part three sees us attempt to answer a record five - FIVE! - listener questions that include all of our favorite things - Daniel Didavi, Philip Forster, and of course TippKick.  Jeff joins us in part four - from his car - to talk "Random Thoughts with Jeff with Jeff" as we cover the letter "V" before Austin and Travis wrap up this episode with part six's predictions of the upcoming VfB match as well as all of the upcoming Bundesliga matches as well.  Finally - and thankfully - we conclude with what we learned about Omar Marmoush's ... socks.   Part 1 with Hertha Ed - 0:00-38:25 Part 2 "R u reffing kidding me" and Part 3 Listener Questions with Aus - 38:35-53:29 Part 4 "RTWJWJ" and the Letter V - 53:39-1:07:58 Part 5 VfL:VfB Predictions and Part 6 Bundesliga Predictions - 1:08:08-1:28:36
December 07, 2021
Episode 26 - VfB:M05 ... 2:1 and Hail to the Victors!
In Parts 1-3 of Episode 26, our longest episode to date, Matt joins us once again as VfB gets back to that winning feeling at home versus Mainz 05!  In an incredibly lengthy review (hey, we haven't won in a while, give us a break), we talk the big 2:1 home win versus Mainz, answer some listener questions about how the team will look once healthy, and preview the upcoming match versus Hertha and old friend Tayfun Korkut.  Along the way we celebrate Matt's college victory, ask which VfB players would make great NFL players, and conjure up the memory of former VfB legend, Florian Klein before ending our longest segment ever with Michigan's Hail to the Victors to end our newest segment, "Matt's Lock of the Weak."  In Part 4, an ailing Jeff joins us to talk relegation candidates and derby's while in Part 5 and 6 Austin helps us predict the future of the entire Bundesliga before we find out how similar we are to Silas (hint: not at all).   Got 90 minutes to kill?  Then join us! Part 1-3 Review, Questions, and Preview with Matt - 0'-50' Part 4: RTWJWJ: Relegation and Derby's with Jeff - 51'-1:10 Part 5-6: Predictions and What We Learned with Auz - 1:10-1:37 Dear lord that's a long episode... imagine how long the next one will be if VfB wins two in a row?!
December 02, 2021
Episode 25 - BvB:VfB ... 2:1 and in the playoffs!
In episode 25 part-time co-host Matt joins us to review the most recent match versus Dortmund as we celebrate a "good" loss before we look forward to the home match versus Mainz and predict the future of the rest of the Bundesliga.  Along the way we kick Austin off the podcast for supporting a team that's too good, add Matt for supporting a team that's in the "playoffs," answer Joe's question, don't listen to Jeff call in from the road, and apply what we learned from the fact the Stuttgart based squad hasn't totally 100% imploded despite being winless in their last million matches.
November 25, 2021
Episode 24 - VfB:DSC ... 0:1 and in the relegation zone...
In Part One of episode 24, we break down the home loss to Bielefeld by trying to ignore the home loss as much as possible.  In Part Two we give our Good, The Bad, and The Ugly breakdown as Austin tries to hijack the show by adding a question and answer period to the segment.  We do, in Part Three though, answer some listener questions on who our favorite VfB players of today, yesterday, and possibly tomorrow (?!) before turning to Part Four to get some Random Thoughts with Jeff, with Jeff and get his thoughts on bow-ties, Twitter, and the mighty soccer nation that is Liechtenstein (and destroy your ears as the sound jumps tremendously during that particular poorly made segment).  In Part Five we discuss the biggest news and happenings that took place over the international break and then in Part Six we predict the future before ending with Part Seven by talking - and mispronouncing! - the newest VfB striker, Matej Maglica!  Join us, if you dare!
November 16, 2021
Episode 23 - FCA:VfB ... 4:1 and entering the relegation zone...
In episode 23 we review the debacle of a result on the road to the Mighty Flaming Acorns, consider which is uglier, the team's form or the team's increasing injury rate, answer a pretty interesting listener question with a less-than interesting answer, get some random thoughts from part-time co-host Jeff, and make our predictions for the increasingly huge VfB match versus Bielefeld.  Along the way Auz shocks us by not joining us in criticizing the officials, we apologize to Doug for deleting his contributions, we wonder who is in or who is out of the lineup considering most of the lineup is injured at this point, consider getting Jeff a better cell phone, and consider the usefulness of Tipp-Kick as a predicting mechanism.  All that ... AND MORE!
November 05, 2021
Episode 22 - VfB v. FCU ... 1:1 and dad'bods!
In this episode we are inspired by VfB's comeback draw versus Union Berlin by coming back ourselves to record despite a sickness that threatens to ruin the episode (which is saying something).  In Part One we cover the big draw versus Union and celebrate Karazor's double yellow and actually defend Kempf!  In Part Two, we add some sound quality* and provide our Good, The Bad, and The Ugly analysis and celebrate Sven's dad-bod before going to Part Three where Aus answers a listener question regarding our ideal VfB starting lineup by only picking former Freiburg players.  INTRIGUING!  In Part Four we predict the upcoming weekend match at Augsburg and agree it will be the BIGGEST MATCH OF THE ENTIRE SEASON!  And then, in special segment, Jeff joins us to break down the BIGGEST POKAL MATCH OF THE ENTIRE SEASON!  Watch your sound as it suddenly gets LOUD!  Finally, we wrap up with our predictions on Bundesliga matchday #10 and end with a "What we Learned" segment dedicated to former VfB player Timo Baumgartl. Oh, and our sound is awful. AS USUAL!
October 27, 2021
Episode 21 - BMG:VfB 1:1 ... and DinoZeit!
In this episode we review the big 1:1 draw on the road at 'Gladbach, preview the upcoming match versus that pesky team from the capital, Union Berlin, and end with our predictions for the Bundesliga matchday #9.  Along the way we celebrate the end of Jeff's one-episode appearance streak, give a shout out to one of the best announcers in the game, wonder if Coulibaly is our new Förster, listen to Travis debate the upcoming Pokal match between his and Jeff's two clubs, and wonder aloud what we learned about the JV team having success.  And we answer actual listener questions ... FOR REAL THIS TIME!
October 21, 2021
Episode 20 - VfB v. TSG ... 3:1 and derby winners??
In this episode - episode 20! - the crew of VfB Americana get together for our first ever in-person sorta-live broadcast in tropical Oklahoma City! That's right, we bring back long lost co-host Jeffrey @HennesLover!  We lead off asking the big question - is a Stuttgart versus Hoffenheim match actually a "derby?"  Then we break down the big win versus Hoffenheim before previewing the 'Gladbach match after the international break.  We then wrap up with answering listener questions (tumbleweeds), predicting the fate of the entire Bundesliga for match day eight!  Finally, we conclude with "what we learned," which reveals a surprising lover's triangle!  Along the way we give some love to our favorite center back Marc-Oliver Kempf (or apologize to him), wonder at the play of Dino Mavraopanos, question why we're all in Oklahoma City of all places, and mock Travis @Hazelfisch's tennis playing ability!  All that and more as we provide you with the most up-to-date mid-American views on VfB Stuttgart complete with some of the most awful sound quality one could ever hope for!
October 04, 2021
Episode 19 - VfB v. B04 ... 1:3 and back to the drawing board...
In this episode we go over the shocking pregame news that a big part of VfB won't be at VfB much longer (obviously we mean Philipp Förster's not playing again ... obviously), review the VfB loss to Bayer and a match that was a tale of three parts (even though there are only two half's in football ... hmmm), answer actual listener questions FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER, preview the super important match at Bochum, and predict the fate of the entire Bundesliga match day six!  Along the way we call out a certain defensive player, the most successful coach we've had in a while, and a fellow O-H-I-O based fan ... because we're spiteful, spiteful people!
September 21, 2021
Episode 18 - SGE v. VfB ... 1:1 and "a bit happy!"
In this episode we review the late draw versus Frankfurt, talk about the impact of everyone's favorite new signing, praise the man of the match, criticize coaching outfits, review the upcoming home match versus Bayer, and predict the fate of the entire Bundesliga!
September 16, 2021
Episode 17 - VfB v. SCF ... 2:3 and ... yikes....
In this episode we break down the 2:3 loss to Austin's SC Freiburg, expand on The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly segment, explore which international break story line is the most interesting, predict the SGE v. VfB match, make our league wide predictions, and take our first ever listener question!  
September 10, 2021
Episode 16 - RBL v. VfB ... 4:0 and back to earth...
In this episode - our quickest ever - we barely cover the 4:0 drubbing at Leipzig, possibly talk about yet another major injury to the club, somewhat discuss the Mark-Oliver Kempf situation, remember some of our predictions from last match day, and attempt to fill up as much empty air space as possible ... which is quite a lot.
August 27, 2021
Episode 15 - VfB v. SGF ... 5:1 and top o' the table!
In this episode we are joined by long-time VfB Stuttgart fan Matt as we break down last week's Matchday #1 victory over newly promoted Greuther Fürth!  We break down our thoughts going into the match, the match itself, give our Good, The Bad, and The Ugly analysis, preview next week's match versus RB Leipzig, make our league-wide predictions, and end the program with "what we learned" ... which is that Matt probably doesn't want to be associated with this podcast any longer!  Enjoy!
August 20, 2021
Season 2, Episode 1 - Season Review, Preview, & Predictions!
We're back!  After a long summer, the Bundesliga is back ... and so are we!  Join us in our opening episode of the 2021-2022 season in which we review a season that happened months ago, preview a season that's about to start in just minutes, and predict the future of the entire league with an accuracy rate hovering around 47%!  Along the way we compare Pellegrino Matarazzo to lemon-pepper, wish co-host Jeff a happy birthday, and change our predictions based on the fact a goat is making his return appearance to the pitch.  And of course we have our usual podcast highlights*, like terrible sound quality, Aus mispronouncing every German word possible, and Travis saying "um" more times than you can count.  Dare to join us?  Do you?! Part 1 - Review of Last Season (0:00-16:31) Part 2 - Preview of This Season (16:31:28:15) Part 3 - Bundesliga Predictions (28:15-40:47) Part 4 - Matchday #1 Predictions (40:47-53:20)
August 13, 2021
Episode 13 - VfB Matchday #34 - 0:2 v. DSC
The Bundesliga regular season is complete, and VfB finished atop the table ... of all of Baden-Württemberg!  In this episode, Jeff returns from exile to help break down the 0:2 loss to Arminia Bielefeld, we give our Good (some Arminia love), the Bad (stupid Covid), and the Ugly (Pellegrino Matarazzo's pants) analysis, body shame Robert Lewandowski, and predict the final Bundesliga matches of the season between The Billy Goats and Kiel before going over what we learned this week!  All the while sounding like we are recording from deep inside a mountainous cave!
May 25, 2021
Episode 12 - VfB Matchday #33 - 1:2 @ 'Gladbach
In this episode we belatedly break down the VfB win at 'Gladbach before spending even more time previewing the final matchday of the season as VfB hosts relegation threatened Arminia Bielefeld.  Along the way we spend time on just about everything BUT VfB Stuttgart to make sure we cover the St. Louis Blues, Morecambe FC, and Bayern's Robert Lewandowski taking on Gérard Depardieu's Bundesliga scoring record.  Yes, you read that right.  Gérard Depardieu.  
May 21, 2021
Episode 11 - VfB Matchday #32 - 2:1 v. FCA
In Part One of this episode, we are super stoked to have Andrew from FCA1907Canada, a key member of the North American FC Augsburg supporters group, chat with us about the 2:1 VfB victory, his club, and the future of both Schwaben - or is it Bavarian? - rivals!  In Part Two, Austin joins us as we give our Good, the Bad, and the Ugly breakdown of the match (hint: more Sasa!) before predicting the future of not just VfB as they travel to 'Gladbach, but the entire Bundesliga as well, as we enter the final two weeks of the season!
May 12, 2021
VfB Matchday #30 & 31 - 1:3 v WOB & 2:0 @ RBL
In part one of this episode, we break down the two matches from the week and try to find some Good (kinda difficult), the Bad (pretty easy), and the Ugly (even easier!) of the previous week.  In part two, we predict the future as VfB takes on their neighborly rivals, Augsburg.  Along the way we send heart emojis to Gregor Kobel, attempt to criticize one of the most successful coaches in the entire Bundesliga, and eventually discuss   "what we learned" about uniform malfunctions.  Join us ... if you dare!
April 26, 2021
VfB Matchday #29 - 2:1 @ FCU
In Part One of this episode we break down the what's what of the VfB loss at Union Berlin before giving a Good, the Bad, and the Ugly analysis of the match.  In Part One we also - FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER - respond to a listener question (which may or may not have been an actual question ... or even an actual ... listener).  In Part Two we look at the next two VfB matches coming up as the club hosts Wolfsburg and then travels to Leipzig over the course of a busy week and THEN we give our predictions for the entire Bundesliga before concluding with "What we learned" from this week's match.  Hint: not much.  Enjoy!
April 18, 2021
VfB Matchday #28 - 2:3 v. BvB
In this episode, Aus and Jeff join us to talk about the 2:3 loss to BvB while we try to up our production game and bring in some music!  In part two, we give our predictions for the upcoming VfB match at Union Berlin before diving into the rest of the match day 29 action.  Along the way we give you dog barking, terrible sound quality, and horrific opinions.  So ... our usual!
April 11, 2021
VfB Matchday #27 - 1:0 v. Werder Bremen
In Part One of this episode, we breakdown the big VfB win at home versus Werder Bremen, sing the praises ONCE AGAIN of a certain much-maligned midfielder, and steal from a 1960s western to give our analysis some semblance of organization.  In Part Two, we preview next week's match versus BvB before previewing all of next week's action.  Along the way we give our fans exactly what they've come to love - mispronounced names and horrific sound quality!  We dare you to listen!
April 05, 2021
VfB Matchday #26 - 4:0 @ FCB
In Part One of this episode, Aus and Travis do all they can to ignore the actual results of the #FCBVFB match by discussing the good, the bad, and the ugly of Saturday's results before pondering the meaning of Bayern week, potential Europa Conference qualification, injuries, and the enigma that is ... Philipp Förster.  In Part Two, with the help of Jeff from #FCBMKE, a Milwaukee based official Bayern supporters group, we finally acknowledge the actual game and try to see if there's any way possible that Jeff can make us feel good about what transpired at Allianz Arena.  In Part Three, we preview matchday 27's #VFBSVW duel, Jeffrey returns just in-time for his weekly Effzeh rant as we give our league-wide predictions, and we end our episode by asking "what we learned" ... about garbage time!  And don't worry, for especially in Part Three, we have plenty of what we are known for ... some of the worst sound quality around!  We DARE you to listen!
March 22, 2021
VfB Matchday #25 - 2:0 v. TSG
In Part One of this episode, we review the big VfB win over local rivals TSG Hoffenheim, sing Silas' praises, consider an actual legit defense, and ponder the unthinkable - potential Europa play?!  In Part Two, we preview next week's match at Bayern, check out the upcoming Bundesliga action, let both Jeff and Auz rant about their clubs, and ask what we learned about ... nicknames.
March 14, 2021
VfB Matchday #24 - 1:1 @ SGE
In this episode, Austin and Jeff join us as, in Part One, we recap matchday 24's 1:1 draw versus one of the hottest teams in all the Bundesliga.  In Part Two, we chat with EFC Indy supporter Amanda about the match and her club, Eintracht Frankfurt, and get some insight into what's what in the land of Apfelwein!  Finally, in Part Three, we preview VfB's match at home next week versus Hoffenheim and then dive into our league-wide matchday 25 predictions!  Along the way, we let Jeff rant about his Billy Goats and hear about Austin's conspiracy theory involving Streich and Nagelsmann!  Thanks to all involved, especially Amanda for saving this episode! @EFCindy, @HennesLover, @SGEVFB, @VFB, @U_SCF_Society
March 07, 2021
Matchday #23 - 5:1 v. Schalke
In this episode we review the big home win versus 2.B bound Schalke, discuss the play of Endo, the crosses of Sosa, go over the top with our praise of Kalajdžić, and look at the contract situation of midfielder Daniel Didavi.  Along the way, we reflect on Schalke's demise with our relegation expertise and look forward to the match versus Eintracht before wrapping up with our predictions and thoughts on cold showers!
March 01, 2021
VfB Matchday #22 - 0:1 @ 1. FC Koln
In this episode, we break down VfB’s 0:1 win on the road at 1. FC Koln! As co-host Jeff is a Hennes fan, we do a deeper dive than usual into this week’s opponents and discuss both club’s expectations going into the match, the match itself, and finally ponder where these two teams are heading going into the next match day.  Along the way we touch on Jeff and Auz's golf game, make some Bundesliga-wide predictions, and continue to have some of the poorest sound quality in the history of podcasting (apologies again... we’re working on it!).
February 22, 2021
VfB Matchday #21 - 1:1 v Hertha
In podcast #1 about Matchday #21, Auz from @U_SCF_S and Jeff from @BelovedBillygoats join us to discuss VfB's match versus Hertha Berlin, preview the upcoming match at 1. FC Koln, and give our predictions about upcoming day #22 matches! (apologies for the sound!)
February 14, 2021