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Vanishing Inc. is proud to share with you our new podcast, The Insider. Interviews with the finest magicians in the world.
Max Maven
Not many in our field can really be called legendary. Max Maven can. So, I'm honoured to share with you a 30 minute chat I had with Max. We talk about what he thinks about current mentalism, the heydays of The Magic Castle, and his opinion on performers that claim they have real powers. Oh and his favourite pizza topping. Enjoy. 
May 20, 2019
Caleb Wiles (Fixed Audio)
It's Monday. It's time for The Insider. Indianapolis' own Caleb Wiles joins me to chat about magic.  Caleb created the very first trick VI released. We talk about that, how he met Josh, his time on Fool Us and of course, his smash hit trick FACT. Enjoy.
May 14, 2019
Birthday Special
We're 10 years old! So this is a special episode where Andi interviews Josh, then Josh interviews Andi.  There's 10% off everything on site. And a free download bundle with 10 tricks that span our history. Thank you for your support.
May 6, 2019
Guy Hollingworth
Guy takes time out of his busy lawyer-ing to talk to me about magic. How he got started. His latest stage act. And much more. Enjoy!
April 29, 2019
Jen Kramer
Fool Us, Ted, Yale, Vegas. Jen Kramer has done so much. Hear her chat about all that and her favourite pizza topping in this week's The Insider.  Here's a link to Magicians Without Borders that Jen mentioned in the show. 
April 22, 2019
Anthony Owen
As I imagine most of you know, Anthony Owen tragically died last Friday. In the episode, Anthony himself says that when you have a deadline, you deliver what you need to deliver. Be it a TV show, book or podcast. Andi and the rest of the team were sure this was the right thing to do. So, here is a thirty minute chat with Anthony. About his book, his life, his work, and, sadly, the things he was looking forward to. Hope this serves as a suitable bookmark for his life. 
April 15, 2019
Chris Rawlins
In this episode, the delightful Chris Rawlins talks to me about his memory act, how he hates admin, speeding tickets and he gets really surprised to hear a seagull. Enjoy. 
April 8, 2019
Dominic Twose
Recorded live at The Session 2019, Dominic Twose, A.I.M.C, is my guest this week. Yes, you may not know his name. But, this episode is well worth listening too. Dominic was one of Fred Robinson's only pupils and Dom talks about how they met, what lessons were like with Fred and what it was like in the London magic scene at that time. Hanging out with Pat Page, Alex Elmsley, Gordon Bruce and more. He shares a great story about Gordon too. We go on to discuss how he got to write the indices for the Cervon Notebooks and be asked to write a brand new book of Cervon material. Finally we chat about his first magic book, Impromptu Secrets and how that came about. Enjoy. 
April 1, 2019
Edward Hilsum
He's really polite. He does amazing dove magic. He's won IBM Stage Magician of the Year. The Magic Circle's Stage Magician of the Year. And he's been part of a hugely successful magic touring show, The Masters of Illusion.  Join us as Edward talks about doves, meeting your heroes and sitting on the floor with Chris Kenner doing a coins across routine. 
March 25, 2019
Caroline Ravn
This week, I get the chance to chat with an actual Viking. Caroline Ravn. She does sell out tours, TED talks, and makes her own decks of custom cards.  Here's some links to keep up with her work: Oh, and if you want a chance to win a custom, possibly signed deck of Caroline's cards, just post #IWannaWinARavnDeck on the post on our social media announcing this episode. Caroline will pick a winner in 48 hours. Only one deck is available. Caroline will decide the winner. No cash substitute and all that jazz. 
March 18, 2019
Jamy Ian Swiss
Seems fitting that after the passing of Johnny Thompson over the weekend I put out this episode of The Insider with Jamy Ian Swiss. Jamy literally wrote the book on Thompson and talks about him briefly in this week's show.  We also cover why magic sucks, the importance of your feet, American Gods and the Chicago Magic scene. 
March 11, 2019
Brad Henderson
Welcome. Another Monday, another edition of The Insider.  This week our guest is Brad Henderson. A person that gets annoyed a lot on the internet. And someone that actually *thinks* about magic. A magician, hypnotist, mentalist and collector of really weird "stuff".  You can keep up with Brad on his Instagram page. The audio is a bit different this week because this episode was recorded live at Magifest 2019. I let Brad have my nice mic. Hope it still sounds OK!
March 4, 2019
Steve Cohen
Steve Cohen, the millionaire's magician, joins us on the line this week from New York where his show Chamber Magic has been running for over 20 years. Steve talks with us about his graphic novel , lasagne, and his Astonishing Essay "Evergreen". During the chat, Steve mentions a book that I said I would drop a link in the shownotes. So here it is: The Music Lesson.
February 25, 2019
Steve Faulkner
Steve Faulkner. Dad, juggler, escapologist, magician, trainer, reviewer and all round good bloke has a chat with us about why he is so tired, dealing with haters and what is important in a magic review show. Oh, and there is a bit of a bombshell in here too, but you have to listen to find out what that is. Links:
February 18, 2019
Rob Zabrecky
Zabrecky is the first magician that made me cry with laughter when I saw him at the first Genii Bash. I'd never seen magic presented like that. In this episode of the show, I talk with Rob about all sorts of things. His character, what's inside the box, the importance of acting in magic and his new book, The A to Zs of Magic. The book is part of Vanishing Inc.'s Astonishing Essays series which drops on the 15th of February.  Buckle up, you're in for a treat. 
February 11, 2019
Andi Gladwin on Edward G. Brown
A special episode of the show with Vanishing Inc. co-founder, Andi Gladwin.  In the show, Andi talks all about Edward G. Brown. A magician that has sadly been almost forgotten about despite Vernon saying he "the finest sleight of hand magician in the country." Andi tells me about the man, his magic and why he thinks the material is so worthy of study today. He bought the rights to the book from The Magic Circle and Vanishing Inc. have released it, along with Andi's notes in the form of a Study Guide to accompany the book. (Which has an unpublished Vernon trick in).  The books will be available here: after 8pm GMT on the 4th of February. 
February 4, 2019
John Guastaferro
In this week's show we talk about magic and marketing, magic and business, magic and music and, of course, magic. With none other than John Guastaferro. If you don't have his amazing One Degree book you can get a free samplers of it here: And you can follow John on the social things here:  Twitter Instagram Youtube
January 28, 2019
The Trustmans
Sarah and David Trustman, creators of The Memory Arts, talk about how easy they've made it to memorize a stack. They even convinced me to finally learn a stack! Their brand new expansion pack for poker hands is out today. Check it out here: Get the original here: And keep up with what this amazing duo are up to:
January 17, 2019
Drummond Money-Coutts (DMC)
In this week's episode, we chat with DMC about his hit series Death By Magic on Netflix, how he feels about "the internet's" claims on his reliance on actors, how his own brand of cards came about and his early days as a jobbing close-up magician.
January 8, 2019
Marc Kerstein
He's worked with Blaine, Brown, Troy and others. He makes the best iOS apps. And, he's really really nice. Listen to this short chat with Marc and find out about his views on piracy, borrowing his ideas, challenging customer service and The Session. 
December 31, 2018
John Archer
A festive and happy John Archer chats with us his Christmas organisational skills, Fool Us, comedy, touring with Tim Vine, his soon to be released Collared 2.0 and his love of The Session. And some strange beeping. 
December 24, 2018
Morgan and West
Messrs Morgan and West take time out of their busy schedule to chat with me about character, scripting, children's magic, Decoded and why The Session is their favourite convention. Do me a favour, please leave a review of the podcast or tell a magician friend about it. It would mean a lot.
December 18, 2018
Harapan Ong
Instagram celebrity, physics teacher, card magician and all round good egg Harapan Ong chats with me about Instagram, his series "Fully Booked", how he approaches studying books and, of course, his brand new release Principia.
December 11, 2018
Joshua Jay
Our very own Joshua Jay talks about his origin story, his amazing show in NYC and, of course, Balance.
December 5, 2018
Ben Seidman
A funny talk with a funny man. Ben Seidman chats about his work on a new Netflix show, his Desert Island Tricks and how he's looking forward to coming to London for The Session.
November 30, 2018
Jared Kopf
Mr Kopf chats about why he loves the classics, mentors and learning to tie a tie.
November 22, 2018
Jason Ladanye
Card expert, Jason Ladanye chats with us about being stranded on a desert island with three magicians, breaking into his brother's room and how he got fried by a triumph routine.
October 31, 2018
Luke Jermay
One of the finest mentalists in the world, Luke Jermay chats about curating The Event. Who is coming, what they're going to be doing and why you should join him there.
October 24, 2018
Steve Thompson
Welcome to The Insider. Vanishing Inc's new magic podcast. In this 20 minute episode, we interview Steve Thompson, creator of the magazine test Glance.
October 2, 2018
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