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Thinking Out Loud with Vicki Hogan.

Thinking Out Loud with Vicki Hogan.

By Hogan Victoria
Do you ever, like me, wish you could know people's thoughts? or maybe a particular person's thoughts? *wink*

Wish and wonder no more!!! because you have gained access to listening to my thoughts *yeeeeyyy!!!!*
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1 Peter 5 : 5 - 7
You should know that when you worry, you're being prideful.
April 2, 2021
My experience as a teenage parent with Peter Davids
So many people have fallen into depression and it led to suicide for some. That you got pregnant or you became a father earlier than you should isnt the end of the world because when there is life there is hope. I hope that this podcast with Peter davids brightens someones day/someone's life, i hope it makes a lot of people decide to begin to have positive thoughts about life. I hope that it Saves a life or maybe a generation/generations. Enjoy🧡
January 12, 2021
Stop pushing people away!!!
You know there's still a ton of good people out there. You may have gone through a lot with friends but trust me, there are so much more amazing people to meet out there. So how about we say YES to meeting new people this year...Yes??....YES!!!!!. Relax and enjoy this podcast feauturing my long time, Childhood friend, Damilola Bello. #Peace💙
January 5, 2021
Family Relationship Episode 2
What do you think is the reason for a family not to have a bond? 
November 17, 2020
Family Relationship Episode 1
I know how weird it can be when you see that children born of the same parents do not enjoy each other's company...This is my story and I hope you'll learn something from it. The aim is to not dwell on past experiences but to make a change in my family and in other families experiencing the same. Enjoy and SHARE!!!!! Thank you💖
November 11, 2020
Do you know you might be in a toxic friendship and not know?  Your mental health is as important as your physical and environmental health. Until you realize this, you might continue allowing things and people in your life to mess with your mental health.  I hope that you'll find this helpful, Thank you for always sticking with me on Thinking out loud with Vicki Hogan💖
November 9, 2020
I AM NO LONGER A SLAVE TO FEAR- Tasha Cobbs (lyrics interpretation)
Make the Holy Spirit your best friend and even the most difficult situations would seem so easy 🤗
November 2, 2020
You would be grateful for being rejected after listening to this podcast trust me. I know it sounds crazy but trust me on this one *wink*
October 29, 2020
THINKING OUT LOUD!!!! ......... I don't mean loud like LOUD!.... I just mean loud like l o u d *lol*  . . To avoid further confusion, just listen...*hehehe*  i hope that you'll anticipate my first episode on THINKING OUT LOUD, as much as I am anticipating.
October 27, 2020