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The PhonPod Podcast

The PhonPod Podcast

By Vicky Loras
This podcast is all about phonology and phonetics, with a new guest in every episode! Subscribe so you can always get notified about every new episode.
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The PhonPod Podcast - Episode 1 - Marc Jones

The PhonPod Podcast

The PhonPod Podcast - Episode 2 - Rasmus Puggaard-Rode
Hi everyone! Welcome to Episode 2 of the PhonPod Podcast.  My guest is an amazing linguist from Denmark and who is currently located in the Netherlands, Rasmus Puggaard-Rode.   Rasmus is a PhD candidate working on phonology, phonetics, and the space between them. He is currently based at Leiden University Centre for Linguistics. He has his MA Linguistics from Aarhus University. His dissertation, which he has recently handed in (good luck, Rasmus!), deals with the stop consonants of Danish. It is largely corpus-based. He uses a corpus of spontaneous spoken Danish to investigate intervocalic voicing and spectral characteristics of stop releases, and a large legacy corpus of dialect recordings to investigate regional variation in voice onset time, closure voicing, and characteristics of stop releases. We discuss many interesting things with Rasmus in this episode, and I have learned so many things from him.  The resources he mentions during the podcast are:  Resources:  Fischer-Jørgensen, Eli (1989). Annual Report of the Institute of Phonetics University of Copenhagen. Fischer-Jørgensen, Eli (1954). Acoustic Analysis of Stop Consonants.  The Danish dialect collection: Thank you so much for everything, Rasmus!
July 27, 2022
The PhonPod Podcast - Episode 1 - Marc Jones
Welcome to the PhonPod Podcast, a podcast about phonology, phonetics and so much more! In this very first episode, my guest is Marc Jones. Marc teaches English at Toyo University. He started teaching in private language schools in 2003 and has taught in several contexts. His interests include listening and phonology, Task-Based Language Teaching, teacher cognition, and duoethnography. He holds a Trinity DipTESOL, MA Applied Linguistics and TESOL and MRes Humanities and Social Science from University of Portsmouth. I first met Marc in a teaching community on Twitter, and we later on became coursemates on the MA Applied Linguistics and TESOL at the University of Portsmouth. Thank you so much, Marc!  Here is the list of books, articles and chapters that Marc mentions throughout the episode:  Books: Cutler, A. (2012). Native listening: Language experience and the recognition of spoken words. MIT Press. Field, J. (2008). Listening in the language classroom. Cambridge University Press. Jones, D. (2009). The phoneme: Its nature and use (3. ed., reissued, digitally printed version). Cambridge Univ. Press. Koffi, E. (2021). Relevant acoustic phonetics of L2 English: Focus on intelligibility. CRC Press. Articles/Chapters: Best, C. T., & Tyler, M. D. (2007). Nonnative and second-language speech perception: Commonalities and complementarities. In O.-S. Bohn & M. J. Munro (Eds.), Language Experience in Second Language Speech Learning: In honor of James Emil Flege (Vol. 17, pp. 13–34). John Benjamins Publishing Company. Flege, J., & Bohn, O.-S. (2020). The revised Speech Learning Model. Flege, J. E. (1995). Second-language Speech Learning: Theory, Findings, and Problems. In W. Strange (Ed.), Speech Perception and Linguistic Experience. (pp. 229–273). York Press. Polka, L., & Bohn, O.-S. (2011). Natural Referent Vowel (NRV) framework: An emerging view of early phonetic development. Journal of Phonetics, 39(4), 467–478.
June 27, 2022