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RAW CHATTER - The Stuff That Matters!

RAW CHATTER - The Stuff That Matters!

By Vicky Midwood
Vicky Midwood - The Addiction Eliminator, health, nutrition and lifestyle alcohol, food and brain-gut expert hosts this podcast where she talks openly and honestly about
ALL aspects of staying healthy, fit and happy in ourselves and in our lives for as long as possible...

No subject is taboo, or embarrassing from addiction to ageing, vomiting to VD
If simple straight talking 'bout the stuff that matters is your vibe, grab a cuppa and join me for some raw chatter.

**Trigger Warning** Some topics may trigger you especially around food or alcohol and weight, if so please switch off.
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Episode 16: Grief and Gratitude
In this episode I talk about just what we mean by grief, how its not a 'linear process' and is different for everyone.  Whether you are dealing with a recent loss of a family member or friend or from years ago YOUR experience is your own.  Honor your feelings, you don't have to know what you are feeling, just feel it and let it out what ever that looks like.  Coming from a place of gratitude, though it may sound odd, I truly believe is they way to deal with grief over the long term.  I do hope you find this episode useful if you have any comments or would like to get in touch with me please do, especially if YOUR grief is leading you to turn to external substances like alcohol or food. Facebook: Linkedin: Website: Or send me a message:
August 07, 2022
Episode 15: Raw Chatter Talks S*X
In this episode I am chatting with Jessica Staniforth from SEXUCATION - bringing out into general conversation sex and the stuff that really does matter to all of us as human spiritual and sexual beings.  Wether you feel comfortable saying the word or not we cannot get away from the fact that if it wasn't for Sex, YOU, me and everyone else on the planet wouldn't wouldn't be here, and yet,  it's still a taboo subject in so many homes.  It's time we stepped into the 21st century and started to talk about what we love, what makes us feel good, connecting to our own wants and desires as individuals and connecting with intimacy and playfulness with our partners.  Its time we stopped thinking about penetration when we think sex, it is so much more than that... We talk out our thoughts around sex education and how its important that sex is talked about at home, not just left up to schools to educate our kids, as well as our collaboration and the creation of "Health & Pleasure"a brand new website coming soon We will be launching with a Quiz:  "Discover Your Sizzle Factor"   If you want to be first on our list for the quiz when it's ready (in the next 2 weeks) then you can sign up here: As always if you want to connect with me on socials  Facebook: Linkedin: Or send me a message: To connect with Jessica:  Facebook: LinkedIn: Or Email:
July 24, 2022
Episode 14: Health, what is it? How do we improve it? And the Role of Food Plays in it.....
Episode 14: I go back to simplifying health and looking at how much of a role does food play in that.. It's that time of year when we become more body conscious, are probably being more active outdoors and may be concerned that we don't FEEL quite as healthy as we'd like to!  We are all unique as individuals yet we do have similarities in how our brains and guts function.  I pose the question just what is health?  There isn't one answer, in fact there are no correct answers, its what does health mean to you. Everyone is going to feel slightly different about what it means and that's cool  I lay down the simple basics of great whole-person health and explain WHY most people don't focus on the simple, free stuff that helps create good health but like to over complicate things and believe the incorrect info put out in the media by food giants and others... If you KNOW you need to work on these foundation I have a online program that can help you do just that  The Ultimate Health Bootcamp and I can also work with you on a 1-2-1 basis to help you personally create the health and life that you want to have.  If you want to know more connect with me via email: Via social media:  Facebook: Linkedin:
July 10, 2022
Supreme Court On a Parr With TheTaliban
Episode 13: Controversial title for a controversial topic, yes, I am talking about what just happened in the Supreme Court this week in America and the over tuning on a ruling for abortion rights for Women.  I share MY OPINIONS (remember opinions are just that opinions and up for arguing with) in this episode and ask how is it that WOMEN are happy about this.  I notice that every broadcast is talking to middle class white women.... I do invite answers to the question I pose at the end - ant derogatory comments about what I have shared will be deleted.  Vicky xx Connect with me: Email: Facebook: Linkedin:
June 26, 2022
Health, Pleasure and being kind to YOURSELF!
Episode 12 is all about giving yourself permission to feel pleasure...what ever that is for you.  A Walk in nature A bubble bath Exercise Eating fabulous food  Getting lost in music Masturbation  Laughing at ridiculous videos  It doesn't matter what it is! Its NOT naughty, bad or immoral, if it feels good to you, do it!  This episode invites you to view your current thoughts and socially conditioned expectations and start to get to really know yourself!  THE 'live' HEALTH & PLEASURE online festival is on WED JUNE 15TH from 7.00pm  get your free tickets here: You DON'T have to show up live (though we'd love it if you did!) you can catch up on replay and get to find our what else we have in store for you in the future... Connect with me:  Email: Facebook: Linkedin:
June 13, 2022
The Little Girl, The Bad Man, The Mean Woman and The Horrible Boy
Episode 11: The Little Girl, The Bad Man, The Mean Woman and The Horrible Boy This is a cracking episode about Child sex abuse in Ireland, and how determination, resilience and powerful drive to change things for the better for daughters of narcissistic mothers along with sense of humour can help you create a great life.  Hazel Larkin shares her incredible and at times 'gobsmacking' story of her experiences of child abuse in a family and town that were fully aware of what was going on.  It's one not to miss.  Hazel and I could have talked for hours and we didn't even get to her travels around the globe, her relationships along the way etc.  But you can read all about that in her book 'Gullible Travels' is available here: Hazel runs run a support group for Daughters of Narcissistic Mothers, and also groups for parents who were sexually abused as children, and for parents whose children were sexually abused.   In addition, she runs trauma-informed workshops for medics who work with women who have histories of child sexual abuse.    Hazel is running a "Happiness Retreat for Daughters of Narcissistic Mothers" in the last week of July in Ireland The Pink Orchid Retreat is going to be in September.    Details are on the website, or people can just contact hazel using the links :) you can also fine her on Facebook CONNECT with Hazel: WEBSITE: @hazelklarkin FACEBOOK: Anxiety, alcohol dependance, binge eating, emotional eating , anorexia  If you have been affected by this episode and recognise your disordered eating, or alcohol dependance is linked to the trauma of childhood sexual abuse, please do reach out to me for a chat.  Email: Facebook: Linkedin:
June 03, 2022
How are you BEING as a customer?
Episode 10 is personal and about a subject I am passionate about as it's affecting my own daughter, so this is aimed at EVERYONE, but especially those of you who are stuck in the INCORRECT delusional narrative that the customer is always right!  NO, NO AND NO AGAIN! In fact the customer is usually wrong... It's a bit of a different subject to the things i normally talk about because I am talking about YOU as a customer and how you behave in shops, bars, restaurant, supermarkets, retail shops and cafe's.  I'm asking you to look at how you interact, how effective, kind and considerate you are with another human being who is doing their job, and often being treated like at 4th class citizen, a piece of sh*t on someones shoe or even non existent,  Do YOU treat them that way? If so know that it's NOT okay!  If you are a manager or owner of a group of stores, cafes' etc, STOP training your staff that the customer is always right, instaed train your staff to train the customers to behave in a way that benefits and everyone!  Things need to change so much in this area and if you don't know how to go about it managers, business owners, I am happy to teach you!  NO-ONE goes to a job to have the life force sucked out of them for 6-8 hrs a day, all because customers don't know how to behave.  Take that on board as you reflect on how YOU are being as a customer..... PS: If you feel annoyed or triggered its because you are doing this stuff, it's a sure sign YOU need to work on things, time to change  Vicky xx Contact me: Facebook: Email:
May 21, 2022
Drugs, Diets, Body Confidence & Curves!
In this 9th episode of season 2 I am talking to the fantastic Justine Hales - Body Confidence Buddy - I could listen to this lady talk all day long, I just love her voice!  We cover her personal journey to gaining body confidence, including the experience of University life, yo-yo weight, owning a franchise and so much more.... Hope you enjoy listening!  Vicky  If you want to know more about Justin'e online classes go here: Connect with Justine here: Find out more about your host Vicky Midwood: Alcohol, Food and Gut Health Expert Website: Linkedin:
May 08, 2022
Episode 8: Instant-V-Delayed Gratification - why we need both
In this episode I explore why we love instant gratification but why we need to delay it id we want to feel good about ourselves.  I invite you look at your own thinking and habits around these too things and notice what you do and why.  The point of this episode is to get away from the idea that one is 'bad' and the other is better - both have their place in making life fun and enjoyable! If this episode has prompted you to want to change how you think and do things but you are not sure how, get in touch and let's have a chat!  Book a call with me here: Connect on social media: Check out my website: Email:
April 24, 2022
In this episode I am joined by Jane Iskander who shares her passion for DEATH CAFES and why we al need to go to one, just for the experience.  What are they?  Where are they? h How do they work? Who goes there?  Who should go there? ...all those questions are answered also busts myths on what you may think they entail.  She talks about her life and work as an NLP practitioner and occupational therapist and helps us all understand why we need to talk more openly about our fears, thoughts and feelings.... Enjoy!  Vicky xx Find a Death Cafe here: Connect with Jane here: Linkedin: Facebook: Connect with me by email here:
April 10, 2022
Sorry, You're not THAT important...
Thats a heck of a statement to hear isn't it!  Allow me to clarify, YOU are not that important in someone else's life. See when we worry constantly about what other people think, it means we think they must be thinking about us A LOT - but the truth is they are not!  Not because they don't care, but because they are the centre of their own world, not you. And, they don't criticise you like YOU criticise you.  Feeling 'not good enough' is the underlaying cause of low self worth, anxiety, depression and staying stuck in a rut. Once you realise you don't have to MORE than you are, just be ALL that you are, it is easier to let go of caring so much about what other people think of you......Listen to the end for probably the most important short sentence of the whole episode. 
March 29, 2022
In this episode Rosie Lyon - Winner of Young Banker of the Year Worldwide 2021, talks about domestic and more specifically, financial abuse, how it happens without you realising, how its NOT your fault. We talk about where to go for help if you KNOW or suspect this is happening  in your life right now. And the ground breaking work she is doing with banks and other institutions to make changes for anyone who has found themselves unable to open a bank account, get credit etc because of someone else's actions. FINANCIAL AND EMOTIONAL ABUSE ARE VERY REAL REACH OUT FOR HELP OR JUST TO TALK: Link to Refuge: You can connect with Rosie here: Thanks for listening Vicky xx Connect with me here: 
March 26, 2022
RESISTANCE TO CHANGE: it's not you it's your brain!
In this episode I breakdown why we THINK change is hard, and resistance to change seems impossible to handle... Why its doesn't have to be once you understand your brain And HOW you can make it so much easier on yourself to create the changes you want to make to feel fabulous! ENJOY Vicky xx Prefer to read instead of listen check out my blog here: Need help with change?  Let's have a chat Book a call here: Connect with me on any of the links below. LinkedIn: Facebook Group: EMAIL: WEBSITE:
March 26, 2022
In today's episode I talk to Becca Ines about feeling invisible in a wheel chair - why she sometimes needs to be in one and most importantly HOW she manages a lifelong issue with pain, building her own business, and living with a limb that doesn't work as it should even after major surgeries. The biggest thing to listen out for is her amazing positivity throughout, forgiveness of others ignorance and her resilient infectious attitude. If you love a good story, with so many messages intertwined, you'll love this episode of raw chatter. Vicky xx Connect with Becca: The Bouncing Berner - Let Becca take care of your stationery needs: Not only does Becca run her business she also gives back her event 'Come together for Calm' The Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM) is leading a movement against suicide, the single biggest killer of men under 45 in the UK. Our goal is a life less miserable for you, your friends, your family and for all men. Connect with me here: LinkedIn: Facebook Group: EMAIL: WEBSITE:
March 26, 2022
YOLO! Are you using YOLO as an excuse for behaviour that isn't serving you?
Hi Vicky Midwood here, flying solo today for this one A quick episode to get you thinking about the way we use the phrase YOLO in our lives. This is designed to ask yourself some questions about whether or not you're making the most of living in the present, and your experiences or using it miss out? No judgement, this is about knowing, that starts with being aware of the things we tell ourselves in our heads about why we do certain things! Here is the link to the blog article I mention in this episode: Vicky xx I'd love you to connect with me and say can email me; Or connect via social media LinkedIn: Facebook: Instagram: Join my free Facebook Group - Lifestyle IS HEALTH:
March 26, 2022
Yes Raw Chatter is Back for a 2nd series - this time with Guests and we will be a bi-weekly Show! In this first episode I am joined by an amazing lady, Karen Charles, who herself out of debilitating pain in just 2-3 session with the techniques she now uses to help others. Aqua mobility therapy helps clients gain confidence as they get to move in the medium of water which takes pressure off the body. Not a water baby? Not a problem, Karen can help you whether you are in a wheelchair, or are able to stand, with her personal plans tailored to your needs. Whether is post op or accident pain, arthritis, fibromyalgia, Parkinson's, or any other reason you have pain, the message is you DO NOT have to rely on medication and keep suffering, you get become pain free. Vicky xx Find Karen on Facebook: Linkedin: Connect with me Vicky Midwood  Linkedin: Website:
March 26, 2022
Episode 24: Comparison, Body Image and Disordered Eating.
In this final episode of series 1 of the Podcast Raw Chatter- The Stuff that Matters! I am talking about comparison, body image, and how it can lead to a poor relationship with food and our body.  I also talk about the flawed education system and how we can take steps to change the fixed mindset that goes along with most disordered eaters and folks with poor self-esteem and low self-worth.  Series 2 will be out in September with some guest appearances!  Until then if you do need my help with your mental, emotional or physical health, with bulimia, emotional or binge eating, alcohol dependance or dealing with poor body image because of health issues, please do get in touch using one of the options below.  I wish you a fantastic Summer 2021 Warmly Vicky xx Book in for a 15 min chat with me here: Connect on Facebook: Connect with me on linkedin here: Follow me on Instagram here: WEBSITE: EMAIL:
July 25, 2021
Episode 23: Food, Feelings, Anxiety & Alcohol
In this episode i am sharing a training I did this week on Facebook and to a networking group on just why we feel we need to keep on using food or alcohol to help us manage life or just relax.  Why drinking in particular can actually make anxiety worse, and why stress eating is NOT your fault!  I also give you some simple steps at the end to consider to change things a stop at a time.  If you feel you resonate with anything I have shared today in this podcast please do get in touch, I'd love to have a chat with you to see how I can help.  Book in for a 15 min chat with me here: Vicky x If you prefer: Connect on Facebook: Connect with me on linkedin here: Follow me on Instagram here:
July 18, 2021
Episode 22: Victim Mentality, could it be keeping you stuck?
In this episode I explore just what 'victim thinking' is, and why we may want to keep it.  I look at the common signs you or someone you know and love,  is thinking that way, and how it can be a real issues in relationships.  I also help you with some simple baby steps to get out of the habit of 'victim thinking' and yes, it is a habit, albeit often an unconscious one!  Vicky xx If you do need help shifting your thinking so you can stop using food or alcohol to cope with life, or to just numb out please do get in touch in one of the ways below.  Book in for a 15 min chat with me here: Connect on Facebook: Connect with me on linkedin here: Follow me on Instagram here:
July 11, 2021
Episode 21: We're Focusing on the Wrong stuff!
In this episode I talk seriously about 'underlaying health issues' and why,  throughout this pandemic the government and the doctors advising them have MISSED every single opportunity to hammer home the BIGGEST factors that are causing our hospitals to fill up again.  The state of OUR OWN HEALTH.  Unless you truly live in a bubble, you and I are all being exposed to chemicals, persicices, fungicides, poor quality cheap food, too many grains (vis livestock) the ability to work and shop 24 /7 that affects circadian rhythm hormones, gut microbes and yes our IMMUNE FUNCTION.  There is possibly 1% of the population who does NOT have any underlying health issues (though I doubt even that!)  Poor Sleep, Poor Blood Sugar management, Stress, too many refined foods, poor hydration....ALL equal underlaying health issues and a therefore a potentially compromised immune system.  I will be offering a RESTORE program to help YOU finally get all of these issues that are in fact in your hands, on track so that if you are exposed to the new variant (and by the looks of what is happening we ALL are being) YOUR body can handle it.  Register as an Early Bird here: Vicky xx Connect on Facebook: Connect with me on linkedin here: Follow me on Instagram here: Or book in for a chat with me via my website here:
July 04, 2021
Episode 20: Stop Weighing Kids at School!
In this episode I may ruffle a few feathers, I talk about why its NOT a good idea to weigh our kids at at school (its coming back in this September)  You can OPT OUT as a parent and not let this be a part of your child's' school memories!  I talk about how WE as parents and adults need to educate OURSELVES on what 'healthy eating' really is and NOT fall for the clever marketing of low fat, sugar filled foods touted as 'Natural' or 'Good for you' Wise up folks!   Innocent smoothies and seed and honey packed bars are NOT doing your brain, mood. microbiome, immune function, hormone balance or  blood sugar levels ANY favours who-so-ever.  if you are offended by what I have to say, there we go, be offended. I am talking truth and my opinions. You may share them you may not and that's okay!   If you do feel you need some education on just what a health diet really means, not what society, media and big food want you believe it means, please do get in touch.  We owe it to future generations to help themselves understand how to stay healthy in a social climate that makes unhealthy choices way too easy to make, often without knowing it!  Vicky xx Connect on Facebook: Connect with me on linkedin here: Follow me on Instagram here: Or book in for a chat with me via my website here:
June 27, 2021
Episode 19: Why Willpower Sucks!
In this episode I talk about how using willpower to change my binge eating & vomiting and my drinking failed abysmally, and why it was willpower that kept me stuck in those habits for way longer than I needed to be!  I also talk about WHAT you need to do instead!  So if you have 'tried' and failed multiple time to use willpower to 'take back control' of your eating or drinking this episode is for you!  VIcky  Go check out my FB group and sign up to the weekly newsletter here: Connect with me on linkedin here: Follow me on Instagram here: Or book in for a chat with me via my website here:
June 20, 2021
Episode 18: The hidden connection that may be causing you to binge!
The sun is out and so are barbeques, nibbles with drinks and ice-cream!  All fun foods, but for those of you with 'allergic addiction' you may well find that you are struggling to sop eating or drinking once you start.  In this episode I help you to understand its not willpower and you are not 'bad' or broken!  Listen in and if what you hear resonates with you and you do want to reach out for 15 min chat or a 30 min consultation you can do that here: Vicky xx Alternatively you can Email me: Or Find me on Facebook: Find me on Linkedin:
June 13, 2021
EPISODE 17: My story that lead up to my drinking escalating...BIG TIME!
In this episode I talk about what lead up to the me ending up in the situation I was just before rehab (Episode 16)  The life events and my attitude and thinking.. If you do find you identify with anything I talk about ir just want to reach out and talk about what is going for you please use the links below.  **Trigger warning - I do talk about rape and bulimia as well as alcoholism and drugs NB: You can catch parts 2 & 3 about my eating issues going into anorexia / bulimia and more over in my Facebook Group  Lifestyle IS HEALTH! Vicky xx Book a 15 min chat here: Alternatively you can Email me: Or Find me on Facebook: Find me on Linkedin:
June 05, 2021
Episode 16: It's my 16th Anniversary!
16TH EPISODE & 16 YEARS SOBER!  In this episode I share my before and after journey to AA and recovery, and a little of what I have learned over 16 years being alcohol free.  I talkabout DT's, my fears about going mad and staying that way and my belief that the UNIVERSE stepped in to keep me here so I can help others get over alcoholism and thrive not just survive!  IF YOU  feel you need help with your eating and /or  alcohol issues please do get in touch: Vicky xx Book a 15 min chat here: Alternatively you can Email me: Or Find me on Facebook: Find me on Linkedin: Join my free Facebook group:
May 30, 2021
Episode 15: My story Part one...
In this episode I talk about the probable ROOT CAUSES of my issues and obsession with food and later alcohol.. I talk about how I  was a 'sweetie thief' and people pleaser looking to be accepted, praised, and 'made to feel' good enough by others even in infant school and the escalation into my first 'diet' as a 12/13 year old.  I was ginger haired, freckle faced stocky kid who just wanted to feel 'enough'....perhaps you can relate?  **Trigger I do talk about mental illness and domestic violence Part two will follow next week!  Vicky xx In the meantime, if you feel you need help with your eating or alcohol issues please do get in touch:  Book a 15 min chat here: Alternatively you can Email me: Or Find me on Facebook: Find me on Linkedin: Join my free Facebook group:
May 23, 2021
Episode 14: The A.R.T. of Transformation!
Do you want change your life, habits and thinking?  Or do you want to transform your identity and BE the person you say you want to be living a life that brings you a sense of joy, purpose & LOVE?  Listen to this episode to discover the A.R.T. of transformation, no matter what area of life your focus is on.  Principles over programs....  Programs there are many, Principles but few, Programs are always changing, Principles NEVER do!   Enjoy!  Vicky xx Connect with me here: Facebook: Linkedin: Email: Website:
May 16, 2021
Episode 13: Just What IS Mental Health?
Its Mental Health awareness week so I thought I'd talk about just what Mental Health means and why I don't like to separate the mental from the physical.  I share some insights into how you can look after your own mental wellbeing with lifestyle, the power of nature in managing stress and anxiety as well as finding 'serenity'.  I also talk about the confusion of some physical issues being cause for being given a mental health diagnoses and why talking about how you feel is so important.  If you feel you need to open up to someone confidentially please do reach out, keeping this stuff in won't make it go away or change it, share it with someone who won't judge, who will listen and hold space for you.  You can book a 15 min chat with me by clicking HERE Vicky xx Connect with me here: Facebook: Linkedin: Email: Website:
May 09, 2021
Episode 12: Why positive thinking is NOT the answer!
In this episode I talk about why POSITIVE thinking is NOT always possible or the best way for you.  I talk about what you REALLY NEED to help you do things differently, have a listen to find out what it is Trigger WARNING: I do talk a bit about my story and about trying to end my life as well alcohol addiction.  VICKY XX If you want to reach out and have a chat with me about overcoming alcohol addiction, anxiety, body image issues or disordered eating (bulimia, binge eating or emotional eating)   You can book a FREE consultation here: BOOK A 30 MIN CONSULTATION Connect with me here: Facebook: Linkedin: Email: Website:
May 02, 2021
Episode 11: Social Anxiety & you!
In this episode I talk about social anxiety, what causes it, how it affects you physiologically but also what YOU can do to change things.  Many of us now feel anxious going back out into social situations after being shut in door for months on end.  Our social skills have not really been needed and if you haven't really had the opportunity to practice social skills at all it can leave you feeling vulnerable and frustrated but also like there is something wrong with you.  Remember YOU are the thinker of you thoughts and YOU can think different thoughts when ever you like! You also don't know what other people are thinking....if you are telling yourself other people are thinking x,y,z about you - NEWSFLASH!  YOU aren't that important to them...and other people don't all think like you.  Let go of the focus on self and start to LISTEN to other people is social situations ask THEM questions and then you can make appropriate comments or simple listen without planning in your own head what you will say next... Socialising is a skill that needs practice, give yourself chance to do than in smaller groups before charging straight into big ones!  Being in larger crowds in NOT comfortable for many of us - me included!  So pick your times to travel if you can when things are quieter on buses , trains ot tubes, go shopping really early or late to avoid peak times and crowds and take the time to JUST BREATHE and give yourself chance to come down in the calmer parasympathetic 'rest and digest' part of your nervous system, YOU NEVER KNOW before long with practice and repetition you may find you look forward to those social occasions more than you thought you ever would!    If you need help with anxiety of stress please do connect with me and lets have a chat about I may be able to help you.  Vicky xx Connect with me here: Facebook: Linkedin: Email: Website: (BOOK A 15 CHAT VIA THE HOME PAGE) 
April 25, 2021
Episode 10: Calling BS on the 3P's!
In today's episode I call BS on the 3 P's - Perfectionism, Paralysis and Procrastination  **Trigger warning - I do talk about bulimia and binge eating, anorexia and emotional eating As someone who never truly realised how trying to be perfect kept me repeating the self-destructive cycles of alcohol and food obsession and addiction and who is now helping others to do similar, I wanted to share with you why we are NEVER staying still. and why striving to be perfect just makes us miserable!  We are either moving towards or away from what we say we want, and perfection leading to procrastination and analysis paralysis does NOT keep us stuck, it takes us away from the success and recognition we so dearly crave!  Ego plays a role in perfectionism but not quite so much as fear.... The message is simple: BE  - HERE  - NOW  Take one step towards what you want,  instead of waiting until you have all outcomes and steps laid out in minute detail and start living in the day!  VICKY  **iF YOU FEEL YOU NEED SOME HELP OR JUST A CHAT... You can book a FREE consultation with me on anything to do with depression, anxiety, alcohol addiction, autoimmune issues or disordered eating please book in here: BOOK A 30 MIN CONSULTATION Connect with me here: Facebook: Linkedin: Email: Website:
April 18, 2021
Episode 9: The Mental & Physical CANNOT be Separated
In this episode I talk about the sad new that Nikki Grahame passed away from Anorexia after year of struggling.  I also talk about why we just must stop looking at mental and physical health as separate entities,  because if we don't more and more people with continue to be mi-diagnosed and them treated with medication or therapies that can make the misdiagnosis seem like the correct one!  My Mum's Hypothyroidism was NEVER diagnosed or treated, instead she was given a diagnosis of 'manic depression' now known as  'Bi-polar disorder' resulting in electric shock treatment and decades of taking a cocktail drugs that resulted in incontontience, permanent shaking, loss of nerve function, impaired immune function and muscle wasting.  She didn't live she just existed on drugs that killed her, what waste of a life!   A subject close to my heart then, and one that still leaves me with sadness that NOTHING is changing even though we have clear research available to anyone who care to look that the mental and physically are inextricably linked.  Simple lifestyle changes are the easiest first steps, hydration, nutrition,  daily fresh air and walking... If you feel you have underlying physical issues that may have been mis-diagnosed as a mental illness, ask for a second, third or fourth opinion from a holistic, functional or integrative health practitioner.  Vicky xx **You can book a FREE consultation with me on anything to do with depression, anxiety, alcohol addiction, autoimmune issues or disordered eating please book in here: BOOK A 30 MIN CONSULTATION Connect with me here: Facebook: Linkedin: Email: Website:
April 11, 2021
Episode 8:Sorry, the truth is your Dr. Doesn't have ALL the answers....
In this episode I talk about WHY your GP or Dr. does NOT have all the answers. Don't worry I am not DR. bashing , I have total respect for what they do, the passion and drive, strength and resilience that everyone is showing during this on going pandemic is incredible!  BUT their training means they are not taught to join up the dots between nutritional deficiencies and mental health or behaviour issues,  inflammation created by stress and food sensitivity, toxins and chemical exposure with hormone imbalance or diabetes or signs of bipolar in someone with hypo/ hyper thyroid issues... I talk about whey they will always be 15 years or so behind current research UNLESS they choose to spend every spare hour they have reading research papers and attending summits and conventions to learn about current studies and outcomes and the awesome new discoveries in science in all areas of health, that are ongoing.  Fortunately people like me and my colleagues DO have the time to be current with scientific research, and to get a full health and life history from our clients!  Plus we get to spend more than 10 minutes with each person, meaning we get to root causation and don't offer quick fix medication or sticking plaster solutions to alleviate symptoms.  I hope you found this episode informative, if you would like a consultation with me on anything to do with depression, anxiety, alcohol addiction, autoimmune issues or disordered eating please book in here: BOOK A 30 MIN CONSULTATION The DIGESTIVE DETOX WEBINAR: To Eliminate Cravings & Release Weight Naturally I talked about in this episode runs on: Wed 7th April at 7.00pm  Sat 10th April at 2.00pm  CLICK HERE TO BOOK  Connect with me here:  Facebook: Linkedin: Email: Website:
April 04, 2021
Episode 7: Change is as hard as YOU choose to make it!
In this episode I cover why we perceive change to be hard and I tell what you need to know to be able to counter that!  I talk about your Reptilian brain and survival being its priority, with anything being uncomfortable seen as a 'threat'  I also cover why buying a book, program or course won't 'make you change' or give you the results you were have to actually do the flippin' work!  This is an invitation to listen to why I recommend curiosity as being your secret to successful lasting changes and why you can CHOOSE how hard (or not!)  change is for you. Vicky xx  I'd love to connect:  Facebook: Linkedin: Email: Website:
March 28, 2021
Episode 6: Abuse & Self Worth
In this episode I talk about emotional, mental and physical abuse  **Trigger warning I talk about rape & domestic violence"  iT IS NOT your fault mae or female is you have or are in an abusive relationship , but when it leads to abusing yourself too, its time to take responsibility... As I child I witness abuse and as an adult I allowed it, not anymore!  TALKING is crucial to getting out of the situation and stopping the brain washing.  Talking will help you to get out of 'victim' thinking and feel able to start taking responsibility for creating a new story and a better life.  Vicky xx If anything I have said in the episode has made you want to get help here are some links:  Womens aid: Refuge: Runaway: Connect with me here:  Facebook: Linkedin: Email: Website:
March 21, 2021
Episode 5: Suicide & Suicidal thinking are NOT something to be ashamed of!
In today's episode I talk about another RAW CHATTER MATTER - that of suicide and suicidal thoughts.  As a person who has been there personally, having made 3 attempts at my own life and had family members who have tried and one who did succeed I am NOT embarrassed or ashamed to talk honestly about this subject....and neither should YOU be!  if someone is brave to say they are thinking that way, we need to hold off the judgments or solutions and LISTEN to their thoughts, feelings and fears.  Hold space for them to speak freely and then ask what if anything can you do to help?  If its around a specific issue a chat with relevant helpline is a great first step or reach out to Samaritans or Crisis.  Reach out if you are ready to just talk: If you want a free 30 minute Consultation use this link:  Thanks for listening Vicky Midwood The Alcohol Addiction & Disordered Eating Eliminator
March 14, 2021
Episode 4: Feeling the feelings....
In this Episode Vicky talks about FEELING THE FEELINGS  About then NOT being something that was discussed in the family. Partly down to age and a 'generational thing' but also because her parents and her parents' parents didn't speak about them either!  When feelings were shown by her or others, they would be judged or labelled  right, wrong, stupid or irrational. Feelings are the key to change Feelings are just FEEDBACK  Listen to the end and discover just what the actual names of feelings are how you can get feel more comfortable with, and reconnect to, YOUR own feelings.  Thanks for listening Vicky Midwood Connect with me on  Facebook: Linkedin: Instagram:   Website: Reach out for a quick chat: If you want a free 30 minute Disordered Eating Consultation use this link: 
March 07, 2021
Episode 3: It's Eating Disorders Awareness Week - Let's start talking!
In this Episode I talk about how my foods issues started and how I felt at INFANT school.  Why no one chooses to have a 'weird' relationship with food and how I used to wish to be like my friends who could leave half a Mars bar or 'forget to eat' because they were too engrossed in what they were doing! Dream on!!  I didn't want to be the 'big girl' the 'well built, stocky one' I wanted to be one of the thin ones, but even when I got to be thin, I still didn't feel better. It didn't give me what I hoped it would, in fact I was more miserable than ever!  Disordered eating is not about weight, but it is about weight. Its NOT about food, but it is about food,  IT'S NEVER just about ONE thing and it certainly is NOT black or white.  You don't have to have a full-blown recognised eating disorder to have issues with your eating and / or drinking and body image.  If it's affecting your life, your daily choices and ruling your every waking moment, it's time to start talking.  No judgement, we need to feel safe to talk about our feelings and behaviours without the guilt, shame and stigma around food or alcohol issues.  The pandemic has meant many many more people than ever before are struggling with food and eating, are you one of them?  If you are,  please start talking, to me, to someone like me or to a charity or someone you trust  Hiding what's happening and keeping those feeling in is adding to the guilt and shame and keeping you stuck and suffering, I don't want that for you!  Let's Start Talking more and more about this stuff and bring it out into the open.  It's not your fault, you didn't choose iit, but you can choose to do something about it.  Reach out if you are ready to just talk: If you want a free 30 minute Consultation use this link:  Thanks for listening Vicky Midwood  The Alcohol Addiction & Disordered Eating Eliminator
February 28, 2021
RAW CHATTER -The Stuff That Matters: Episode2: Self-care IS healthcare!
This Episode all about SELFCARE Yes it's term that's being bandied about everywhere these days so that often means we ZONE OUT about it, why?  Because social media has presented this crazy idea that its time consuming and expensive.... Yet it's VITAL to feeling in control of your life and your health  SELFCARE is NOT time consuming!  You don't need to put aside extra time,  it's simple and it's part of your daily lifestyle I cover physical, mental and emotional self-care and how YOU can EASILY make it part of your daily choices.  No beauty salons or hour long meditation sessions required - unless you want them to be part of YOUR selfcare practice, in which case  go for it and ENJOY every single second!  Vicky xx To get in touch with vicky personally please use any of the  links below; Website: Facebook: Linkedin: You can leave a voice message here: **Trigger warning** alcohol addiction and bulimia are mentioned in this episode.
February 21, 2021
Episode 1: It's NOT Your Fault!
In this first episode Vicky talks about feeling on an emotional roller coaster through lockdown and why trying to 'stay positive' is NOT realistic or helpful. **Trigger warning** alcohol addiction and bulimia are mentioned in this episode.  Stress and isolation, and feeling overwhelmed by being round the same people is totally normal right now - but it can have you heading for the bottle or the biscuit tin more often than you'd like!  She talks why that's definitely NOT your fault and what you can do about it.  To get in touch with vicky personally please use any of the  links below;  Website: Facebook: Linkedin: You can leave a voice message here:
February 14, 2021