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Teens now, Adults tomorrow.

Teens now, Adults tomorrow.

By Victor Thompson
Be young but mature with Victor Thompson. Knowing how to handle things in your teenage life, having discussion with your fellow teens and see what the future holds. Your self worth! Your differences will be solved by your own very views and discussions. Teens now, Adults tomorrow.
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How to be physically stable and mentally Endowed for any type of situation!!
In this episode, Victor Thompson talks about stability; mentally and physically. He referred people to go listen to 'self confidence" an episode he has already recorded! He said, "You don't need to please others and displease yourself, but, you can work on yourself and please yourself and who wants to follow, will." T.N.A.T✨✔️
May 28, 2021
This is why you think that you're obsessed over your Ex and ways to change that...🔥❣️
"SO" the word used more than 7 times in the beginning.😅 Victor Thompson is helping us to focus on wether we're really obsessed with our 'Exes'. He focuses on how you can determine the two types of obsession when it comes to your Ex.. Feelings to be aware of and what to do After a breakup... He made mention of a lady suffering from obsession, and how we will be able to self discipline ourselves from "over loving"... The used Experiences; facts from Mum, Uncle, and someone younger including what he's also gone through... He promises to talk about the ways you can discipline yourself, that is, love and move on... TNAT❣️
April 23, 2021
Six ways (PROCESS) not to fall in love so fast..
Our love life nowadays usually ends in tears most of the time.. In this episode, Victor Thompson talks about six ways not to fall in love so fast. And He further spoke about six questions to ask yourself from falling in love so fast!! He mentioned life events and reference to how we can connect ourselves and be more productive when it comes to relationship!! •ATTRACTION •CHEMISTRY •COMPARTABILITY •#4;Respect, Time, Persistence, Trust, Space, Understanding..
April 18, 2021
Be self confident with Victor Thompson!
In this episode, Victor Thompson focuses on how we can improve our self confidence and self worth... He then gave tips on how you can build in your self confidence and the benefits of us being confident enough.. Cus Teens now, adults tomorrow...🔥❣️
April 14, 2021
Tell me what you are or show me what you are?
This episode is giving us the opportunity and helping us to know how we move on in life; our achievement, accomplishment, and the way we see success.. Victor Thompson focuses on the benefits we'll get if we don't compare ourselves to others (their timeline)... A little Juice with some iceeeeeeeee!!!🎐
April 13, 2021
BODY IMAGE; with the host.
This particular episode is letting us know what body Image is. The aspects, factors that leads to a negative body perception and how to overcome it. A package at the end of the podcast! Whoopiii! Tequila.
June 10, 2020
Self talk called the solo section on how to reduce and even overcome stress. Treating the cause and finding a solution. Wise words from the host; don't take into consideration of what they think or say, live by facts. Cuz teens now, Adults tomorrow.
June 2, 2020
The episode is giving us the opportunity to know how a 74 Years old man been a teenager by then. Personal advice and opinion of the philosopher. How's your dating life like, being compared to his, by then. The possibility of your teen life being great . His words; 'Mobile phones are like novels, we need to explore and know it in the right way. We need space and time to explore the world! Cuz Teens now, Adults tomorrow.
May 28, 2020
Intro with Terence.
This episode is giving personal attention to our work, home and what we need to be taking into consideration. Physical and mental health. Opinion of both the host and the invitee. Teens now, Adult Tomorrow. Piece of an advice; be the eye and not the eyelash
May 25, 2020