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Strong(er) in the Broken Places

Strong(er) in the Broken Places

By Barbandvickyg
A mother and daughter separated for 30 years. Writing a book together and sharing their deepest secrets.
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15. Healing power of meditation with Lisa Hubler
Guest Lisa Hubler dreamed of singing opera but life chose a different path. After the loss of her beloved father, Lisa’s search for peace led her to develop a unique model for deepest change and healing: Restorative Hypnotherapy. She is now teaching her method, encouraging students to develop their own blend of lyricism, language and deeply restful postures. Learn more at her website
January 16, 2022
14. Dream big: Manifesting your future with Akemi Rico.
Thriving in these times demands a lot of tools, eh? We could all use some help. Adventure Traveler Akemi Rico was a fearless child, encouraged by her father to dream big. A brilliant manifestor, she’s the perfect first guest for a new year. Akemi finds inspiration in unexpected places, and teaches others to remain open to new experiences.  Join Akemi, Barb and Vicky in a visioning workshop via Zoom - January 15, 1:00 pm PST to design your personal calendar. Stay focused. Set strong intentions. Sign up below. Check out her website to learn more:
January 03, 2022
13. Healing through music with Charmaine Clamor
Filipino-American recording artist and physical therapist Charmaine Clamor sang before she spoke. Raised in open adoption, she blends ancestral spiritual healing with improvisation; turning physical therapy into an expression of art. She describes open-hearted grieving after the loss of her adoptive father, and the healing power of music.  To find out more about Charmaine Clamor: Contact us: Email: Instagram: @freeyourselfthrough Twitter: @fy_t
December 13, 2021
11. Season Two Introduction
What’s new with you? These are challenging times. Are you stronger now? Or struggling? In Season Two, your favorite (they hope) Mother and daughter team laugh and learn from amazing guests, exploring the healing power of music, honest connection and meditation that saw them through. Warning: There may be occasional bouts of raving lunacy. If you are struggling, you are not alone - subscribe and find connection with Barb and Vicky. Contact us: Email: Instagram: @freeyourselfthrough Twitter: @fy_t
December 09, 2021
12. Humor is a superpower...with comedienne Felise Seiler
Class clown Felise Seiler turned childhood bullies into friends and became an improv and stand-up comic at The Comedy Store in Los Angeles, California. During a life-threatening illness, she found strength and connection in humor. Listen to her triumphant story and be inspired. Contact us: Email: Instagram: @freeyourselfthrough Twitter: @Free_y_t
November 27, 2021
10: The End
Barbara and Vicky answer listener questions, and talk about what’s next for Season Two. Subscribe today and be among the first to hear Season Two…The healing power of music, connection and meditation. Barbara and Vicky dive into theory and offer simple tools for living with freedom and happiness. Contact us: Website - Email: Instagram: @freeyourselfthrough Twitter: @Free_ y_t
September 29, 2021
09: Any questions?
We want to hear from you!  In the last episode of Season One we will answer your questions. Contact us: Email: Instagram: @freeyourselfthrough Twitter: @Free_ y_t Leave a voice message
August 10, 2021
08: Bullying and Compassion
Barbara and Vicky found compassion for their bullies, but it took years. If you are struggling with bullying, we recommend you get help. See links below. Resources addressing bullying across all ages and types: United States Official Website  Australian Website  Specifically for children: The social action campaign inspired by the film BULLY. US website Australian website Contact us: Email: Instagram: @freeyourselfthrough Twitter: @Free_ y_t
June 26, 2021
07: Vulnerability and revealing ourselves
Vulnerability is brave. And therapy helps. Lots of therapy. Contact us: Email: Instagram: @freeyourselfthrough Twitter: @Free_ y_t
June 20, 2021
06: Building Trust
Warning! This episode goes deep. Barbara and Vicky had different journeys, but with help found courage to trust others and themselves. Their secret? Baby steps. And patience. And lots of time. Contact us: Email: Instagram: @freeyourselfthrough Twitter: @Free_ y_t
June 14, 2021
05: Honesty
Barbara and Vicky contemplate the question, can I be honest with you? After 25 years, they were both surprised to unearth old baggage. In this episode they deal with sensitive issues and things unsaid. Messy? Yes. And healing. Contact us: Email: Instagram: @freeyourselfthrough Twitter: @Free_ y_t
June 06, 2021
04: Fathers
What is it about fathers and daughters? From little girl adoration through teenage rebellion, Barbara and Vicky both idealized their imperfect fathers. They traveled separate journeys, each finding more healthy, loving relationships in adulthood. Vicky discusses her feelings about her biological father’s continued rejection. Contact us: Email: Instagram: @freeyourselfthrough Twitter: @Free_ y_t
May 30, 2021
03: Mothers
Barbara and Vicky reflect on Mother’s Day traditions, and trying to be perfect daughters. It took years for them to break from past family dysfunction, using mother-daughter templates for communication and “Care-taking 101.”  When they realized they were speaking two different languages, laughter and awkward experiences helped them to forge a new relationship. Their own. Contact us: Email: Instagram: @freeyourselfthrough Twitter: @Free_ y_t
May 24, 2021
02: Early Days
In this touching episode, Barbara and Vicky discuss sweet moments meeting family and reflect on bitter truths that resonate in their lives today. Finally meeting after closed adoption exposed family secrets, not something everyone was prepared for. Their reunion was joyful for some, confusing for others. Contact us: Email: Instagram: @freeyourselfthrough Twitter: @Free_ y_t
May 17, 2021
01: We Meet
A birth mother and her daughter reflect on their first phone call and finally sharing a hug, 30 years after Barbara gave Vicky up for adoption in this poignant, funny and honest episode. Barbara used an experienced search agency to help her look for Vicky: over a four-year period of searching and therapy. Their awareness of the emotional issues attached to adoption, Vicky’s right to privacy and consent, helped Barbara to be more sensitive to her needs. Even at 30, Vicky was completely unprepared for that call. Hearing from Barbara threw her into a crisis - how was she going to tell her parents? Contact us: Email: Instagram: @freeyourselfthrough Twitter: @Free_ y_t
May 10, 2021
Season One Introduction: Why should you listen to us?
Hi! We are mother and daughter separated by adoption, reunited after 30 years. Why listen to us? You’ll laugh, you’ll cry...and hopefully you’ll relate. We strive to be fun, honest and kind, sharing our adventures, struggles and messy truth. We built an honest relationship - but it wasn't easy. In our podcast this season we explore what it took to get here.  Contact us: Email: Instagram: @freeyourselfthrough Twitter: @Free_ y_t
May 05, 2021