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Victorious Living

Victorious Living

By Victory Odunjo
We all want to live exceptional lives by being productive in all areas. In a world where disappointment reigns and many vague ideas fly around, Victorious Living Podcast is here to lead you on your journey to gain the right perspectives and access to the practical, life-changing truths through the simple things that make your life worth living. No more defeats? Victory every day? Yes, you are welcome!
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COVID'19: How are You Coping?

Victorious Living

Every Good Thing Comes With Time
The good things in your life are on the way. Do you believe it? The good things in your life are coming with time. Are you expectant? You can trust time. You can rely on time. Every good thing you need is on the other end of time. How is this possible? Dive in and listen to today's podcast!
July 31, 2020
Don't Underestimate Anyone's Pain
In this episode, you'll learn how to empathize with people going through tough times. The ability to be a good listener and to learn to walk in the shoes of others is very important. Rather than ignoring the pain points of people or their emotions, you should look to validate them, let them know you understand. You'll also learn how to not deflect the seriousness of the emotions of others in order to make yourself look good especially if you have gone through something similar! It is thoughtful to empathize, rather than underestimate or downplay anyone's pain. This would empower others to find strength in sharing their experiences in an atmosphere of love and not criticism or judgement.
June 12, 2020
You Need To Believe In Yourself
You will only go as far as your belief takes you. There would be chances and opportunities that you would be able to jump on because you believe you can do it. External motivation may be helpful, but in the toughest times you need the internal motivation to keep going. Counting the little victories and successes you have had in times past is a positive way of reminding yourself that there is greater to come from your life. This is the time to keep hope alive and to keep moving. Only those who face challenges will be able to see how big what they carry on their inside is. To make the most of life, you must believe in yourself.
May 06, 2020
COVID'19: How are You Coping?
In these times of the COVID'19 pandemic, there is a lot of fear and uncertainty in the hearts of many. Would life be the same after this? What exactly is going on? In this episode, we discuss helpful perspectives to have in a season like this. There is so much going on that you must be aware of to make the most of this time.  Since many of us are in isolation, there are many unique opportunities that are being presented to us. It is also important to know what God's role in this whole pandemic is, is He behind COVID'19? What exactly is He doing in this season? Listen, Be Encouraged, and Stay Safe!
April 09, 2020
Powerful Declarations to Start Your Day With
Words are powerful, they set into motion the desires you express and also control the narrative of your experiences. Words change your environment, thinking and ultimately the direction of your life.  This episode is full of declarations you need to listen to time and again to stay empowered in your spirit, soul, and body. It is time for things to turnaround for you for the better, and for you to experience victorious living. Enjoy, subscribe and share with others!
January 30, 2020
Don't Let Anyone Make You Feel Less of Yourself
Don’t ever let anyone make you feel less of yourself, instead turn it around on its head and seek for how you can improve. Don’t close the loop in your mind about how you can improve. Ask yourself what you can be doing more consistently or differently to change the state of things.  There is a need for time and patience on your journey, and not everyone can see or understand that. They can't see that you have had to deal with a different set of circumstances from them that has made you where you are, yet you will rise. The failures, disappointments? You still rise even higher!
November 08, 2019
The Privilege View - The Concept of Viewing Life As A Gift
The more we view life as a privilege, the more we will be grateful for all we are and all we have around us. We will feel blessed every day for the breath of air, the cleanliness, the peace, the love, the smiles, and the beautiful colors we see every day. Our relationships will get better too.  You will never see any man as little because it’s a privilege to be who you are and where you are today. Get your privilege shades on people, and let’s live with the privilege view, it's time to drop the entitlement mentality.
November 08, 2019
Intro to Victorious Living - Consistency & Perseverance
Living victoriously requires tenacity, consistency, and perseverance. This episode fully gets you into the mindset that the things you do require consistency. This episode explains how the aim of the Victorious Living podcast is all about helping you grow and make the most of your life.  It's sad to see how people simply stay satisfied with the situations that life throws at them and how they end up living defeated and below potential. You were made for more.
November 08, 2019