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Video High

Video High

By Casey Regan, Jamie Kennedy, Josh Roth, Greg Hanson and King Pizza Records
Welcome to Video High. Here, our teacher is always hung over and putting on a movie. Join hosts Casey Regan, Jamie Kennedy (no, the other one), Greg Hanson, and Josh Roth at the school where the rejects rule so they can take you down the rabbit hole of remarkably offbeat cinema. Class is now in session.
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Ep #29: Beaks: The Movie

Video High

Ep #49 - The Divine Enforcer
Forgive us classmates, for we have sinned. In an act of gluttony, we couldn't stop ourselves from making a whole meal out of THE DIVINE ENFORCER (1992): the parable of the kick-boxing, gun-toting, dialogue-mangling vigilante priest who comes to a Los Angeles diocese to diodecease some scum bags. Armed with crucifix knives, psychic visions, and a never ending stream of confessors, Father Daniel tries to protect a Holy Order of B-Movie Bishops from Don Stroud eating corn flakes out of a human skull. That sentence makes sense. We'll tell you our sins, if you tell us yours! INSTAGRAM | FACEBOOK | TWITTER
August 04, 2022
Ep #48: Meet the Hollowheads
The world is really going down the tubes...and that's where we start when we MEET THE HOLLOWHEADS (1989)! The class wades through softening jelly, butt polish, splat spray, and whatever else this Nickelodeon-gone-nutso family portrait can throw at us. Unclog your brain and join us on the edge!
July 21, 2022
Ep #47: Project Vampire (feat. Dave Columbo)
This movie sucks, and not the way you want it to. PROJECT VAMPIRE (1993) is much more project than vampire, pitting a hapless intern against an immortal college professor bent on the worldwide distribution of his immortality serum/anti-sun booster so that humanity may fall under his psychic spell: a vampire’s greatest power. Just as Bram Stoker imagined. We invite comedian and TikTok virus Dave Columbo (@davecolumbo) to help us out with this one, because we don’t have a dot matrix AI powerful enough to do the podcast for us. Bleh! INSTAGRAM | FACEBOOK | TWITTER
July 07, 2022
Ep #46: Naked Obsession
Believe or not, William Katt is hankering for a fatal attraction in NAKED OBSESSION (1990) and the class is hot and BOTHERED. Urban planning and gentrification have never been sexier (???) in this psychosexual thriller. Allow Sam Silver to welcome you to the Dark Side—just be careful where you leave your neckties lying around. INSTAGRAM  |  FACEBOOK  |  TWITTER
June 23, 2022
Ep #45: Future Force
John Tucker must die in FUTURE FORCE (1989)! In the near future, justice as we once knew it has ceased to exist (too real). Cops have been replaced by C.O.P.S, bounty hunters sporting sleeveless denim vests and beige sedans. After the CEO of C.O.P.S puts a bounty out on a reporter, John Tucker (famous martial "artist" David Carradine) goes rogue-er to keep her safe. It's a RoboCop ripoff without the Robo. INSTAGRAM  |  FACEBOOK  |  TWITTER
June 09, 2022
Ep #44: RoboCop 3
Don't think we've gone Hollywood or anything, but Fred Dekker gave his career so that we could have this insane threequel! ROBOCOP 3 (1993) casts a sans-Weller RoboCop in a PG-13 Detroit - filled with splatter punks, ninjas, and jetpacks - in the hopes of telling a brand new story the same way again. Dead or alive, creeps, you'll buy that for a dollar! INSTAGRAM | TWITTER | FACEBOOK
May 26, 2022
Ep #43: Terminal Entry (feat. Patrick Labyorteaux)
Boot up, kiddos - it's a blast from the past! Cold War agitprop goes full technophobe in TERMINAL ENTRY (1987), which makes WarGames look like kid's stuff. We dive into all the 8-bitty gritty with star & gentleman Patrick Labyorteaux! It's not just an episode, it's a warning...  INSTAGRAM  |  FACEBOOK  |  TWITTER
May 05, 2022
Ep #42: Devil Rider
Travel down the GOREgon trail for DEVIL RIDER (1991)! Canoodling frenemies fall victim to an immortal cowboy who may or not be Satan himself. Come for the horse screams, stay for Zeb the farmhand (RIP Zeb). Plus the titular Devil Rider visits the class (and won't leave, despite Josh's insistence). In the immortal words of Cosmo Kramer: Giddy up! INSTAGRAM  |  FACEBOOK  |  TWITTER
April 21, 2022
Ep #41: Tiger Claws 2 & 3
It's a Video High double feature! The class re-enters the tournament ring for TIGER CLAWS 2 and TIGER CLAWS 3. Forget everything you know about Tiger Claws. Because now there's magic, time travel, time-travel-magic and (sigh) even less Cynthia Rothrock. But which is the class' favorite? What's the "Indiana Jones problem"? And what rhymes with "Tarek"? Step through the magic Stargate to ancient China to find out! INSTAGRAM  |  FACEBOOK  |  TWITTER
April 07, 2022
Ep #40: The Killing of Satan
The class hitches a ride back to visit Uncle Miguel but must contend with The Prince of Magic and his MASTER! Who could it be, we wonder? We'll have to summon all our squiggle magic to find out and join Lando, Renzo, and a host of snake people to crack open the secrets of THE KILLING OF SATAN (1983)! INSTAGRAM  |  FACEBOOK  |  TWITTER
March 24, 2022
Ep #39: Tiger Claws
2022 is the year of the tiger, so Video High starts a new semester with the DTV Jalal Merhi martial-arts movie megalith, TIGER CLAWS (1991). So many questions... Can Detective Tarek stop the Death Dealer, played by Bolo Yeung, by becoming a master of Tiger Claw style kung fu without becoming a killer himself? Can Cynthia Rothrock be there to help sometimes? Can anonymous wall hole sex prevent the spread of COVID? Somehow all these answers lie in Canada, the New York of the North. Claws out, yall. INSTAGRAM  |  FACEBOOK  |  TWITTER
March 10, 2022
ANNOUNCEMENT: "Reduce, Reboot, Recycle"
Dearest classmates, Video High will be taking a brief hiatus. So we called the school into the auditorium to talk reboot culture, discuss our favorite remakes, and work out how to come back sexier, woker, and commercially viabler. Stay tuned! INSTAGRAM  |  TWITTER  |  FACEBOOK
January 27, 2022
Ep #38: Trancers
It’s Christmas in July in January as the class time travels down the line for TRANCERS (1984)! A Terminator era tale of a bounty hunter named Deth  traveling back in time to stop a psychic-zombie cult by inhabiting the body of his ancestor and bagging a baddie. (And by baddie, we mean Helen Hunt. Grrrowl!) Nothing puts you in the holiday spirit like time traveling cops and psychic serial killers, right? So curl up next to the ashes of your yule log, grab a mug of expired eggnog, and join us for the most festive podcast you'll hear all month. Merry Schlock-mas! INSTAGRAM | TWITTER | FACEBOOK
January 20, 2022
EXTRA CREDIT: “Don’t get mad, get New Years Even”
The class reads the runes of these sacred cinematic texts to pierce the veil of time and comprehend the year 2022… - SOYLENT GREEN (1973) - THE DARK SIDE OF THE MOON (1990) - TIME RUNNER (1993) - NO ESCAPE (1994) INSTAGRAM | TWITTER | FACEBOOK
January 01, 2022
Ep #37: The Carrier (feat. Alana Regan)
The Video High class starts this holiday season with a deep meowtaphysical quandary: Cats or Death? If the deliriously delicious disease horror-comedy THE CARRIER (1988) has taught us anything, it's that can be a much more complicated question than it seems. So we’re making this a family practice by bringing sister extraordinaire Alana Regan into the classroom to diagnose our woes and dissect this perfectly imperfect allegory for our quarantine years. INSTAGRAM | TWITTER | FACEBOOK
December 09, 2021
Ep #36: Blood Rage (feat. Chloe Medghalchi)
Despite what BLOOD RAGE (1987) may think, very few people truly mistake blood for cranberry sauce. But that doesn't stop this cornucopia of carnage! Filled to the brim with blood, guts, weirdos, maniacs, and more - Blood Rage proves that we always have something more to be thankful for. Artist and friend Chloe Medghalchi (@lil.somethin) returns to our Thanksgiving table, unless her evil twin has something to say about it. INSTAGRAM | TWITTER
November 25, 2021
Ep #35: Sakura Killers (feat. Sharif El Neklawy)
Have you ever wondered: what is a ninja? Before 80s gave us ninja shellshock, you may not have known. Thankfully there were movies like SAKURA KILLERS (1987) to learn ya but good. Shuriken! Smoke bombs! A lot more wiggling than we were expecting! When a deadly beta tape is stolen, star of the film Chuck Connors knows what to do: get someone else to go get it. Filmmaker and cinematographer Sharif El Neklawy (@sweetsharif) cuts it up with the rest of the class on a field trip through Taiwan's best teppanyaki joints. INSTAGRAM | TWITTER
November 11, 2021
Ep #34: The Devil's Rain (feat. Bunk 237)
Iiii wanna knoooow... Have you ever seen THE DEVIL'S RAIN? Yes, it's the Ernest Borgnine goat man movie. But is it more? Can William Shatner and Tom Skerritt take down this devil in the dust before the fires of hell consume them? The class is joined by the inhabitants of Bunk 237 and that of course means everything's about to get absolutely soaking wet INSTAGRAM |  TWITTER | FACEBOOK
October 28, 2021
Ep #33: The Demon Lover
Happy Schlocktober Classmates! This week, The Devil went down to Michigan and was looking for a whole coven of souls to steal in THE DEMON LOVER (1976). A Donald G Jackson—Jerry Younkins covenant, this exercise in "Zen Filmmaking" offers up a mess of mansplaining, karate lessons, and Ted Nugent’s house—and maybe a couple of gory teen deaths while it’s at it. AT LAST! THE TRUTH ABOUT DEMONS! INSTAGRAM |  TWITTER | FACEBOOK
October 14, 2021
Ep #32: Doctor Mordrid
Greetings true believers! This week, the doctor is in - DOCTOR MORDRID (1992) that is! Jump into a multiverse of madness where Jeffrey Combs stars as a (sadly not at all Strange) sorcerer who defends the Earth from his NYC penthouse...sound familiar? Come for Brian Thompson's meaty performance, stay for the stop motion dinosaur battle. Excelsior! INSTAGRAM |  TWITTER | FACEBOOK
September 30, 2021
Ep #31: Summer School
Just cuz it's almost the end of summer doesn't mean we can't go back for SUMMER SCHOOL (1987)! Figure out your wishes, have your learner's permit handy, and visit beautiful Venice Beach with the class as we all tear up at the thought of Denise's dyslexia subplot!
September 16, 2021
Ep #30: The Catcher
Cause it's one.. two... three strikes, you're dead in THE CATCHER (1998), a baseball slasher somehow equal parts "Halloween" and "Angels in the Outfield." We got a literal Murderers' Row with faceless maniac Johnny in the hole, and Coach is signaling for the eternally overshadowed Joe Estevez to steal the show. This time, the ball game takes YOU out. INSTAGRAM  |  TWITTER  |  FACEBOOK
September 02, 2021
Ep #29: Beaks: The Movie
It's a bird! It's another bird! It's a plane! It's a plane being taken down by a bird! It's BEAKS: THE MOVIE (1987)! INSTAGRAM | FACEBOOK | TWITTER
August 19, 2021
Ep #28: Ebony Ivory & Jade (feat. Elsa Eli Waithe)
It's Olympics week and we're going for the gold with EBONY IVORY & JADE (1976)! Special guest Elsa Eli Waithe (@elsajustelsa comedian, activist, and co-host of the You're Fine podcast) joins the class to try and decipher the endless dialog and barely lit scenes.  An American track team on their way to the Olympics(?) in Hong Kong(?) are kidnapped, escape, are kidnapped again, escape again, etc. It's hard to tell, but what's clear is the true hero is none of the titular colors. It's everyone's favorite character Casey! (No, not the host) #JusticeForCasey INSTAGRAM | FACEBOOK | TWITTER
August 05, 2021
Ep #27: Body Beat
Loosen up those feet and dirty up those dance shoes. This week, the classmates dance, dance, dance to the radical rhythms of BODY BEAT (1988) (known in the rock world as DANCE ACADEMY). INSTAGRAM | FACEBOOK | TWITTER
June 17, 2021
Ep #26: The Stranger
Don't let being dead get in the way of your dreams, kids. After kickboxing the whole world five times over, Kathy "The Punisher" Long rides into town as THE STRANGER (1995) to show Video High there's nothing you can't do with a mean right hook, a script full of one-liners, absolute omniscience, and other ill-defined ghost powers. INSTAGRAM | FACEBOOK | TWITTER
June 03, 2021
EXTRA CREDIT: "Strike Commandoversary"
Happy one year at Video High, classmates!! Join us as we stroll down memory lane and watch the 'sequel' to our first assignment: Strike Commando 2. INSTAGRAM | FACEBOOK | TWITTER
May 27, 2021
Ep #25: The Oracle (feat. Sav Smith)
Roberta Findlay's legacy in cinema has been reclaimed as a feminist auteur, despite staunch opposition from Roberta Findlay. But does this work-a-day cinepornographer have a horror classic in her oeuvre? Only THE ORACLE (1985) knows! Occult mysticism, murderous tchotchkes, problematic nonbinary representation, bongo solos, and over the top New York accents are in your future. And filmmaker Sav Smith (@transsexualicon) joins the class to help us find some #JUSTICEFORPAPPAS. INSTAGRAM | FACEBOOK | TWITTER
May 20, 2021
Ep #24: Revenge of the Red Baron
A squadron of absolute aces captained by Roger Corman, a young Tobey Maguire, an old Mickey Rooney, and a wisecracking haunted doll came together to pilot this hard PG family comedy with a body count. Michael McDonald of MadTV fame wrote a script full of punderful one-liners for the reincarnated Red Baron to quip while he mows down the rest of the cast. Take to the skies or face the Teutonic terror of the REVENGE OF THE RED BARON (1994)! INSTAGRAM | FACEBOOK | TWITTER
May 06, 2021
Ep #23: Stones of Death aka Kadaicha
To sleep - perchance to dream. To dream of KADAICHA (1988)! This week, class has a bone to pick with our classmates down under. We'll learn about the birds & the bees and all the OTHER deadly wildlife while we're at it.
April 22, 2021
Ep #22: Funland
You're not gonna wanna miss opening day at Funland (1987), a true bait-and-switch sideshow oddity that's sure to give you a bit of coulrophobia (and spoiler - Josh has got it bad!). So don't be a JOKER and bite the big one! INSTAGRAM | FACEBOOK | TWITTER
April 08, 2021
EXTRA CREDIT: "Camacho Macho Man"
After nearly being inducted into Lucifer's Gangland army, we caught up with director and PM Entertainment stalwart ART CAMACHO and talked about working with Coolio & Ice-T, running two major action set pieces without assistants, no-show actors, and horny monkeys! 
April 01, 2021
Ep #21: Gangland (feat. Justin Ferraro)
This land is your land, this land is GANGLAND (2001), a desolate wasteland crawling with mutants, disease, a red-eyed ubermensch named Lucifer and his wannabe brother Damien. It's also DEFINITELY starring Ice-T and Coolio. It says so on the box. From the backlot city, to the vine swamp lairs. Round house kicks for you and me. We held back Justin Ferraro for another lesson in nonsense population destroying plagues. It's his field. He also makes music, so be sure to listen to The Rizzos, Lowboy, and Half Moon. INSTAGRAM | FACEBOOK | TWITTER
March 25, 2021
Ep #20: Carnosaur (feat. Justin Ferraro)
We’re back! with an episode 65 million years in the making. Roger Corman, the T-Rex of t-rash, spared every expense to beat Jurassic Park to the box office—and WON. The nihilist's lizards-run-amok classic, CARNOSAUR (1993) raises two raptor claws in the shape of middle fingers to Spielberg’s legacy and says “Oh yeah? Well we have Laura Dern's mom rip a baby dino out of herself!" The debate gets heated when JUSTIN FERRARO, a musician behind some of your favorite podcast outro tracks, collides like an extinction level meteor into Video High! Check out Justin's killer bands: The Rizzos - Lowboy - Half Moon INSTAGRAM | FACEBOOK | TWITTER
March 11, 2021
Ep #19: A*P*E (feat. Garrett Stiger)
We just know you're going to go APE (1976) over this ep! Welcoming our guest kaiju speaker Garrett Stiger, the class tackles cinema's baddest sinister simian. Kneel before your true king!
February 11, 2021
EXTRA CREDIT: "Guess Who's Greg Scott Cummins to Interview"
We loved "ACTION USA" so much, the whole class got in our sleek one and caught up to the movie's goodlooking lead, GREGORY SCOTT CUMMINS. The star of "Hack-o-Lantern", "Caged Fury," and "Dead End City" tells Video High about the joys of going from gridiron to grindhouse, putting on the network TV black hat, bringing friends back from the dead, and being choked out by The Boz. He's had a prolific career, but can he survive our crossfire questions? Don't miss Gregory Scott Cummins in Season 7 of "BOSCH" out this Spring on Amazon Prime! Instagram | Twitter | Facebook
February 05, 2021
Ep #18: Action USA
Other movies may say they have heart but ACTION USA (1989) rips that out and sends it home to mama. It's a barrage of bullets, broken bones, and bravado set to screaming, frenetic guitar solos. By land, by air, by any means necessary!
January 28, 2021
Ep #17: Neon City
Take a walk on the Ironside with the VH class -- next stop NEON CITY (1991)! Madder than Max, this DTV flick is DTF and looking for a little action on the wasteland.
January 14, 2021
EXTRA CREDIT: "Happy Eww Year 2021"
After this...interesting year, class goes on a special field trip to find out how movies depict the coming 2021. And if our calculations are correct, we may soon all be shouting for room service.
December 31, 2020
Ep #16: The Magic Christmas Tree
Deck those halls and strap in for 1964's best Wizard of Oz ripoff THE MAGIC CHRISTMAS TREE, the holiday season's most mind-bending 59 minute journey from Halloween to Jesus' birthday that'll have you wishing for more. 
December 24, 2020
Ep #15: A Gnome Named Gnorm
Move over Django, cause this G ain't silent. Tunneling up from the depths of our childhood psyches is A GNOME NAMED GNORM (1990). This Z'Dar studded buddy cop fantasy flick pairs Anthony Michael Hall with a furry friend who's got a different kind of po-po in mind. Take a little trip and see a horned up good-sized ground dweller come to life in monster maestro Stan Winston's madcap masterpiece. Facebook  |  Twitter  |  Instagram
December 10, 2020
Ep #14: Blood Freak (feat. Chloe Medghalchi)
Rub-a-dub-dub. Thanks for the blood. Amen. This gobbleday season, we tear into the definitive 1970s Christian anti-drug parable cautioning against a life of sex, drugs, and turkey meat. What happens if our American appetites are turned against us in the form of a bloodthirsty man-sized Turkey beast? Director Brad F. Grinter asks this and many other incredibly specific questions in BLOOD FREAK (1972). Joining us at the big kids table this Thanksgiving is a friend as good as family, artist and winner of the wishbone pull Chloe Medghalchi. Check out her paintings on Instagram @lil.somethin Facebook  |  Instagram  |  Twitter 
November 26, 2020
Ep #13: The Power of Ninjitsu
Ever consider switching between two movies on two different channels and trying to piece the plots together? THE POWER OF NINJITSU (1988) beat ya to the punch, friend! One of Godfrey Ho's ninjified gangster pickups had the class parsing out the physics of a sword fight wearing all leather...
November 12, 2020
EXTRA CREDIT: "Discount Drugstore HauntedWeen Candy"
Ah, November in an election year. Another HauntedWeen has come and gone. Now a new age of terror potentially begins - or ends, depending on who you ask. But like true Americans, VIDEO HIGH has done some extra credit so you have something to listen to while you vote. We got new thoughts, a couple mea culpas, chewing sounds, political intrigue, and we finally get the grapes to drag the Star Wars prequels. Enjoy some unabashed silliness, then FIND YOUR LOCAL POLLING PLACE AND GET OUT TO VOTE: Facebook  |  Instagram  |  Soundcloud
November 03, 2020
Ep #12: HauntedWeen
It's a haunted house on a HAUNTEDWEEN (1991), and the students of Video High are just dying to get out. This Halloween-cribbing cult classic about a masked killer cutting up coeds in a haunted house is to John Carpenter's prototypical slasher what "Ice Ice Baby" is to "Under Pressure:" a fellow masterpiece. This movie is such a scream, we end up screaming at each other. HAPPY HAUNTEDWEEN! Facebook  |  Instagram
October 29, 2020
Ep #11: Forever Evil
From the dreaded Ghost Quasar comes a force so dreaded, so malicious it can only be FOREVER EVIL (1987). The class does battle with wizards, zombies, possessed underbrush, and glowy eyes in the dark to bring you this second SCHLOCKTOBER outing!
October 15, 2020
Ep #10: Shadow Creature
What horrors may slither out of Lake Erie onto the shores of Cleveland? If you guessed a rubber suit Creature from the Slack Lagoon, you'd be right! This week, the class dissects 1995's SHADOW CREATURE while counting their blessings that they made it out with their intestines intact...
October 01, 2020
Ep #9: Busted Up
Do you know what jugmilk is? FIND OUT with the Video High class who make it their business to ask the important, aggressively Canadian questions surrounding the Great White North's answer to Rocky, 1986's BUSTED UP.
September 17, 2020
Ep #8: Future-Kill (feat. Drew Kaufman)
Video High's nuclear family gets a little larger when we invite comedian, photographer, and co-creator of "Two Minutes to Late Night" Drew Kaufman to sink his claws into 1985's FUTURE-KILL. But we put him through a SPLATTER-ing of classic school pranks. Car crushing. Tar and feathering. Human trafficking. Violent opposition to the continued erosion of class solidarity. All the classic pranks. Check all the cool sh*t the "Two Minutes to Late Night crew" is doing: Instagram  |  Facebook
September 03, 2020
Ep #7: Bigfoot - The Unforgettable Encounter
What do Home Improvement's Zachary Ty Bryan, a kooky billionaire, a team from Northwestern University, and a sad-eyed park ranger have in common? A run-in with America's original cryptid! This week, Video High becomes Cryptozoology 101 with 1994's BIGFOOT: THE UNFORGETTABLE ENCOUNTER!
August 20, 2020
Ep #6: Guardian Angel
It's a true BLAST from the PAST! GUARDIAN ANGEL (1994) assaults Video High - Cynthia Rothrock & PM Entertainment's first collab is an explosive ass-kicker that only the small screen could produce.
August 06, 2020
Ep #5: The Lords of Magick
Huzzah! THE LORDS OF MAGICK have arrived! Join Video High on an unmedievable magical journey stretching from times long past to 1989 Los Angeles. Magic! Merlinites! Maidens! MULLETS! Follow two sibling sorcerers as they laserblast bikers, commune with Elder Gods, sidestep library registration policy, underpay sex workers, and disrespect hardwood flooring in the hopes that they can defeat evil in wizardly combat in this sword-and-sorcery shot-on-video beauty!
July 23, 2020
Ep #4: Droid Gunner aka Cyberzone
Video High in outer space! Beaming in is 1995's DROID GUNNER aka CYBERZONE, a movie about cyborgs and the man who hunts them. Sound familiar? Well, we wax poetic about the future, overqualified female co-stars, a pirate bartender, and the unnecessary nudity that ties them all together.
July 09, 2020
Ep #3: Salsa - The Motion Picture
What happens when a member of Menudo, the producer of Shark Attack 3, and the choreographer of Dirty Dancing make a movie? 1988's SALSA answers that question! Grab your chips and join the Video High crew as they shimmy and shake their way through the veil between life and death. As the tagline says, IT'S HOT!
June 25, 2020
Ep #2: Kung Fu Rascals
Video High meets low comedy in 1992's KUNG FU RASCALS - an epic adventure of three fools to find the power most BIG! Laugh with us! Cringe with us! Join us on our epic journey to find out why Les Claypool had a hand in it. The answer may confound you!
June 11, 2020
Ep #1: Strike Commando
Ever want a little extra marinara with your Rambo? Well then STRIKE COMMANDO cannot wait to grant all your wishes! This piece of 1987 Italo-action is our first mission...hopefully we make it through in one piece...
May 28, 2020
Welcome to Video High
At Video High, the teacher is always hung over and putting on a movie. From beefcake shoot-em-ups to chintzy dance dramas and horrible horrors, Video High is where the rejects rule! Join hosts Casey Regan, Jamie Kennedy (no, the other one), Greg Hanson, and Josh Roth as they take you down the rabbit hole of remarkably offbeat cinema. Class is now in session.
May 22, 2020