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By Views From The 22
Welcome to Views From The 22, where amazing things happen.
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Two Wrongs Don’t Make A Right (Kaepernick Tryouts)
Does the NFL really want Colin Kaepernick back?
November 16, 2019
Feels like there’s teams in the NFL that have no structure, no purpose to their moves and decisions, and no identity on the field. Or is there?
October 30, 2019
GMs drop the ball too
The Views Crew review the trade deadline
October 30, 2019
Chess Not Checkers freestyle (Brady vs Mahomes)
I had no structure nor direction to this podcast. It was recorded the day after the Colts beat the Chiefs on Sunday Night Football (Week 5 2019)
October 17, 2019
Uncle Phillip
The Scout Extraordinaire Coco Junior and The DVR Czar Travers Milam from 94 Feet Of Life have an open conversation about Chargers QB Uncle Phillip Rivers
October 08, 2019
Can the Browns keep this up?
The Cleveland Browns dropped 40 points on the Baltimore Ravens in Week 4, can they sustain this type of success?Plus how good really is Lamar Jackson and is Nick Chubb a top 5 talent? Tune in and find out!! Views From the 22 bringing you football views like nobody else 🏈😎
September 30, 2019
Eagle Eye Views
A detailed football conversation centered around the Philadelphia Eagles through the first 3 weeks ahead of their primetime matchup vs the undefeated Packers. The podcasts touches on the red-zone channel, fantasy football, and a little Patrick Mahomes
September 26, 2019
QB Traits
On this episode the views crew breaks down things we look for when we scout the games most important position Quaterback.
April 15, 2019
The Grinch who stole Lombardis
The Aaron Rodgers and Mike McCarthy drama exposed and more
April 12, 2019
Impromptu Views vol 1
Defensive ends in this years NFL draft class and some background on the 2nd most important position in the game
April 09, 2019
The Bag The House and The Whip
Views crew breaks down some information on the salary cap and why free agency and the draft are so important for teams in the NFL
March 22, 2019
Midnight Views
Early wrap up of the weekend with Tru man and Schefty
January 07, 2019
New Year’s Rantsolutions
Happy 2019! The Views Crew brings in the new year with a New Year’s resolution podcast. Let’s stop watching a player’s pockets, let’s stop making judgments on the men who wear the jerseys, and let’s stop with the bull jiving narratives. Tune in as the guys mix in resolutions with a splash of rants.
January 04, 2019
AFC Playoff Projections
Can the Chiefs really fall to the 5th seed?? Can the Patriots really miss the playoffs? And are you taking Andrew Luck or Deshaun Watson to lead your team in the playoffs??? All those questions answered and more on this Views From The 22 episode. Like us on YouTube and Check the Website for more content and merchandise!
December 21, 2018
King in the (AFC) North
‘‘Tis good be King”. Let’s keep it real, the Steelers have pretty much dominated the North since 2004, will they once again reign supreme? Find out what the Views Crew has to say.
December 18, 2018
NFC report
The Views crew breaksdown the the NFC east and north, talk about how significant or insignificant the cooper kupp injury is for the rams moving forward and give predictions on who they feel will be in the big February game and more... check it out.
November 16, 2018
AFC mid season report
The Views Crew gives their opinion and projection of the AFC. Are we buying the Chiefs?? Is there a dark horse team? Can someone finally stop New England from reaching February? Tune in!
November 07, 2018
Front Office Views
Tru-man and The Chef put on their NFL GM Lab Suit and discuss some interesting trade ideas. Jay Hamm steps into the Views Lab and gives his outlook on all the games for week 8
October 26, 2018
Answering questions and responding to some Top 10 lists that appeared on the Views timeline.
October 19, 2018