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Vigeo Exchange

Vigeo Exchange

By Joshua Coffie & Josh Airman
Welcome to VX, where we converse on business, industry, home building, architectural trends, design, professional development, learning, and loads of other tomfoolery. Can't wait for you to join us! Follow us on Twitter @VigeoExchange
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S01E13 - Paradox Beer Company and Jeff Airman
Join us this week as we walk through our first episode of our beer, cider, and distillery small business series In this conversation, we'll discuss PARADOX BEER COMPANY with JEFF AIRMAN anndddddd:  - Why authenticity is so important in the micro-brewery space - How agility and pivoting on market forces can help save and even increase business - Why building customer experience is imperative in building a brand - Why IPAs are the 20 y/o white man's version of the pumpkin spice latté - How staying true to your mission surpasses economic difficulty - Why strong customer feedback improves your product - and so much more!
July 23, 2020
S01E12 - How to Create a Great Business Part 3
Join us this week as we walk through the third and final part of our How to Create a Great Business series. In this conversation, we'll discuss: - Why the USPTO moved their attorneys from DC to NY - How guiding principles can be used for greatness - Don't broadcast your values, simply live them; how broadcasting values is detrimental to the health of the business - Why keeping overhead and temptation to a minimum should be your default business policy - Why hiring the right way can provide good employees while minimizing heartache - Staying an optimal size as a business is infinitely better than growing until you can't remain ethical - Our quest to discover great businesses in the wild - and so much more!
July 9, 2020
S01E11 - The Difference between working IN the business and ON the business, the week in news, and plenty o' shenanigans
Join us this week as we talk about the importance of working IN the business vs. ON the business. In this conversation, we'll discuss:  - The week in news and how crazy the World became in just a few months - Similarities between Dick Cheney and Joe Biden - Our new choose-your-adventure podcast - The difference between working IN and ON the business - Why it's so important to understand the difference - How to switch between the 2 successfully to mature yourself, your career, and your business - What to do when you have a squeaky wheel on your team or in your business - What it means to be willing to do whatever it takes to become the best possible version of yourself  - and so much more!
June 29, 2020
S01E10 - How to Create a Great Business Part 2
Join us this week as we walk through the second part of our How to Create a Great Business series. In this conversation, we'll discuss:  - Why going crazy with benefits your employees actually want builds sustainable trust  - How building lifelong employees is difficult but an essential practice  - Why "hire slow, fire fast" will create a toxic business environment  - How innovation drives trust and success in a business, even in failure  - 6 things successful innovators have in common  - 7 ways to properly solicit feedback from your employees  - How "bad ideas" create a leadership culture  - What it's like to teach Josh to talk like he has chew in his mouth  - and so much more!
June 18, 2020
S01E09 - Procurement and Supply Chain with Michael Huss
Join us this week as we walk through the procurement and supply chain lifecycle for the modern US business. In this conversation, we'll discuss: - How the Amazon effect is still driving small business decisions - The lifecycle of product design through fulfillment - Why it's so hard to get product post-COVID - How lost product can actually save bad business decisions - What it's like to build your own DIY pizza oven - Why Josh is so lost for words - and so much more!
June 11, 2020
S02E08 - What a Crazy World We Live In Grab bag Episode
Join us this week as we walk through a grab bag episode of current affairs in the US, business, and a variety of topics you had no desire to know about. In this conversation, we'll discuss: - Why Tastemade is your new channel for 2020 - The role of HR in business and whether it's necessary - The importance of leaders leading the business, not managers - What it's like for Josh to turn 5 this week - Why America needs to embrace MATGA (Make American Trucks Great Again) - How living in an apartment makes podcast recording fun - How gerbils make great Apocalypse hors'devours - What the remainder of 2020 may bring for the United States - and so much more!
June 4, 2020
S01E07 - Diversity and Inclusion with Dan Gutierrez
Join us this week as we walk through Diversity and Inclusion and what it means to business. In this conversation, we'll discuss: - What diversity and inclusion are and what they're not - How a business benefits from D&I programs - How values and diversity intertwine - The importance of representing your community as a business - How CoDiv is helping make D&I a reality in Colorado - How easy it is for Josh to segue into topics during a podcast - and so much more!
May 21, 2020
S01E06 - How to Create a Great Business Part 1
Join us this week as we walk through the things you can do to make your business great. In this conversation, we'll discuss: - The importance of purpose in a business - How intentionality drives all decisions in a great company - The importance of generational impact - Whether businesses have an obligation to the community they live in - If Josh will ever make it as a professional rap artist - and so much more!
May 15, 2020
S01E05 - What Makes a Great Company?
Join us this week as we build our own list of the top 5 things that makes a business great. In this conversation, we'll discuss: - Our top 5 things that make a business great - How to measure your greatness - Our hypothesis on whether it's possible to have a great business - If Josh's neighbors hate him for his use of a grill - and so much more!
May 13, 2020
S01E04 - What Makes a Great Business?
Join us this week as we explore the age old question of what makes a good business In this conversation, you’ll discover: - Why ethics and culture are important in business - How metrics are used to measure compliance and success - Common measurements for keeping a business on track - How psychological safety and business psychology impact a business' future - What motivates the workforce - and so much more!
May 1, 2020
S01E03 - Fun questions wheel! Learn what our clients ask about us!
Join us as we use a prize wheel to answer your most common questions, along with a bunch of random questions to keep the conversation interesting.  You'll hear about Nick Offerman, corona virus, Chinese food, and more! In this conversation, you’ll discover: - Why construction is so expensive - Who we would have dinner with if given the chance - How we let off steam - What the most important room of the house is - What we do when things go wrong - Why we don't shave our beards - What happens when you're best friend wants to lead your home project - Our favorite toolsets - Why construction workers always look so mad - and so much more!
April 28, 2020
S01E02 - Changes in Design for 2020, Life after COVID, and Building in Colorado
Join us as we pick the brain of Josh Airman, lead designer at Vigeo Construction and Consulting, on changes in design for 2020, what life looks like after COVID, and what it's like to build homes in Colorado. In this conversation, you’ll discover: - How design is changing in 2020 and in the post-pandemic world - The effects of COVID-19 on design - The history of tight-space homes - What the Well Building Standard is all about ( - How building in Colorado is different than other locations
April 14, 2020
S01E01 - Getting to know Vigeo
Introduction to our business, how we started out, and what we're doing to change the world! In this conversation, you will discover - How Vigeo started and what makes the company different - What to expect when you're hiring a contractor - How the construction industry is changing and what that means for the market
April 11, 2020