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The Tails of Success Podcast - All about Labradors

The Tails of Success Podcast - All about Labradors

By Vikki Sharpe
The Tails of Success podcast is all about Labradors and how to develop the best family pets while achieving dog training success.
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#17 - Tails of Pablo the Labrador
Pablo is an 11-month-old youngster, living his best life as a family pet. In this episode, Vikki speaks with his dedicated owner, Emma about living life with a teenage Labrador. Here's what in this episode: Pupachinos.... yes, they are a thing!!! Teething hacks  The need for daily training Why working a dog's brain is essential for a calm dog Emma's recommendation for the skills to focus on How Emma's understanding of Food and Nutrition made life better for Pablo Why crate training Pablo at 5 months old made him a very happy boy  You can find out more about Tails of Success at Follow @pablo_thegoldenlab to see the star of the show
May 26, 2022
#16 - Laryngeal Paralysis - What Dog Owners Need To Know (Dexters Story)
Recently I had the absolute pleasure of chatting with Tabatha Caplan about her Labrador, Dexter. In this episode, we spoke about Laryngeal Paralysis in Labradors, a subject that Tabatha is passionate about since Dexter was diagnosed with the condition. Listen in to hear all about Dexter's journey from the first symptoms, challenges with diagnosis, the tough decision to opt for tie-back surgery and Dexter's road to recovery. Even if your Labrador doesn’t suffer from LP, this is a must-listen. LP is known to be common in Labradors so knowing the signs to look out for is a must. Please also give Tabatha’s Facebook group a follow at  and check out her website at
May 10, 2022
#15 - Kibble feeding your Labrador - with Sam Raggatt
In this episode, Vikki is joined by the Tails fo Success Labrador Nutrition expert, Sam Raggatt to talk about Kibble feeding. We discuss: Why it is so important to feed the right food The benefits of feeding kibble The negatives of feeding kibble Find out what Sam feeds her two Labradors Where to go to compare kibbles What kibble we recommend for Puppies What kibble we recommend for adults Because Eden food is featured heavily in our recommendations, you'll even be able to enjoy a discount on their food if you listen carefully. We hope this one helps you make informed decisions about what kibble is best for your Labrador. Remember to like and subscribe to the podcast to be kept up to date with. new episodes as they are released. Want to learn more about Labrador Nutrition? Check us out at
April 26, 2022
#14 - Help! My dog has gone blind - With Eve Welton from The Underdogs Training
What do you do when you realise your dog has gone blind?   Eve Welton experienced that exact question when her dog went blind unexpectedly.  Eve took it upon herself to educate herself so she could give Poppy the best life and even went a step further... she adopted another blind dog from a kill shelter and gave him the best home.   Eve now has two blind dogs who live an amazing life with her.  With a desire to help others in a similar situation, Eve created The Underdogs Training to help other blind dog families train and care for their blind dogs.  Listen to her story here and pick up a few hints and tips along the way
April 13, 2022
#13 - Dogs don't want to annoy you! - Understanding your Labrador and my thoughts on muzzles on a puppy.
Dogs don't want to annoy you.... what would they achieve from that? Recently I have seen several Facebook posts about putting muzzles on young pups to stop them from exploring the world using their mouth and chewing items in the house. It troubled me because I felt that the owners were reliant on a piece of equipment to stop a natural behaviour that they felt was undesirable. But if we take time to understand our Labradors better and what causes their behaviours, we can help them overcome it and be the best pets. This unscripted episode gives an insight into how you can establish what motivates your dog to do what they do..... good and bad! There is even an offer of FREE training for anyone struggling to cope with puppy nipping, biting and chewing. We love hearing your feedback, let us know what you think by leaving a review in your podcast store or email me at
April 07, 2022
#12 - Living with working line Labradors - Frankie and Elsa
In this episode, Vikki discusses training and caring for Labradors with Amy, the proud owner of two fantastic working line Labradors. Amy talks to us about what is involved in keeping two working line, pet labradors busy.  Working line Labradors are highly intelligent; they thrive on having a sense of purpose and love having a job to do. Amy gives us a great insight into what works really well for her dogs, Frankie and Elsa.  In this honest conversation, she also lets us know about some of the things that could have been better. There are many nuggets of wisdom in this episode that we're sure you will relate to... enjoy it, and we hope it helps with your dog training journey. You can follow Amy's training journey on Instagram at frankie.elsa.adventures
April 03, 2022
#11 - Labradors don't have alarm clocks!
It's that time of year when our Labradors start to wake up early, and in turn, they then wake the rest of the house too! Sound familiar? As summer approaches, the sun starts streaming through the windows, and the birds start singing earlier than your dog has become used to  Nature's alarm clock tells them that their day has started... but it doesn't mean they need to wake you up too. This episode looks at how you can help your dog sleep for longer by providing the right environment and showing your dog that they don't need your attention first thing in the morning. Following this process meant that the resident Labrador at Tails of Success HQ woke up at 10am today, despite it being a sunny morning.  We hope you can achieve the same success with your Labrador. If you need some extra support you can find us at or visit our socials @tailssuccess
March 24, 2022
#10 - Elbow Dysplasia in Labradors, An owners experience from diagnosis to recovery
Dennis, the lovely Fox Red Labrador puppy, developed a limp that caused some concern for his owner, Sam. Sam joins us in this episode to tell her personal story. Right from noticing a problem with Dennis to pushing for tests and eventually receiving a diagnosis of Elbow Dysplasia. Sam tells us about some things to look out for, what was helpful in Dennis' recovery and what the future holds for this gorgeous young pup. It's been a challenging journey for Sam and Dennis, and we thank them for sharing their experience.
March 18, 2022
#9 - Canine Body Language, with Chloe Daws
Vikki is joined by fellow Labrador Trainer, Chloe Daws in this episode to talk about some of the most common body language signals that your Labrador may display. As Labradors can't speak, it's important to know what their non-verbal communications are telling you. Chloe has a keen interest in Canine Body Language and behavioural issues and also teaches puppies from around the world at the Tails of Success Online Puppy School.
March 12, 2022
#8 - Why training can kill the relationship with your Labrador
Training can be used as a way to develop strong bonds and build trust with your Labrador. But if you get it wrong, you could be killing the chance of having a positive relationship with your Labrador. 
February 11, 2022
#7 - Training a Labrador is a journey and not an event
We live in a world where convenience is king, we seek perfection, and we want things to happen quickly. Although we've become accustomed to quick, convenient results in our everyday life, this should not apply to training a Labrador of any age. The road to a great family pet is long, and you will hit some bumps along the way, but with a plan and the proper support, you can make the journey as smooth and straightforward as possible for your Labrador. Enjoy the training journey.
January 21, 2022
#6 - Supplements for Labradors - With Sam Raggatt
Resident Labrador Nutrition Expert, Sam Raggatt joins Vikki Sharpe to guide you through Supplements for Labradors.   Learn why it's important to supplement your Labradors diet and what products we recommend for nose to tail health in your Labrador, whatever their age.
January 12, 2022
#5 - How long should our dog walks be?
If you have a Labrador, you'll probably have received lots of advice about how long the walks should be, how far you can travel and how often. In this episode, Vikki Sharpe talks about the "5 minute rule" and why it may not be right for your Labrador.
January 04, 2022
#4 - The 3 elements of training success
Whatever skill or behaviour you are teaching your Labrador, there are three elements that must work together, in harmony for you to achieve success. In this episode, Vikki talks about the importance of the 3 elements, particularly for loose leash walking.
December 29, 2021
#3 - Preventing Separation issues
Separation issues, otherwise known as separation anxiety can impact the lives of many Labradors. Vikki Sharpe from Tails of Success Labrador Training talks about this topic, how to spot separation issues, what to do to prevent it, and how to develop a predictable routine for your Labrador.
December 22, 2021
#2 - The 5 essential skills your Labrador needs to know
Vikki Sharpe from Tails of Success Labrador Training talks about the 5 essential skills to focus on when training your pet Labrador
December 14, 2021
#1 - Puppy Nipping and Chewing
Vikki Sharpe talks about chewing, nipping and biting and gives advice on overcoming the common challenges experienced during this stage 
December 14, 2021