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Vikram Duggal Talk Show

Vikram Duggal Talk Show

By Vikram Duggal
Helping you to Live upto your potential
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Why Emotional Intelligence
I am sharing with you some quick thoughts on why one must develop Emotional Intelligence. On the personal front, three benefits are: 1. Experience more positive emotions like Happiness, Joy, Fulfilment... 2. Makes you more responsive 3. Positive impact on Health. In relations: 1. Helps in strengthening relations 2. Raising trust levels 3. Acceptance of people In professional life, the benefits are: 1. Higher productivity 2. Improved quality 3. Positive influence on work environment. Bonus benefit: Better decision making.
April 29, 2020
5 Things Leaders Do Differently
In this episode, I have shared 5 practices demonstrated by Leaders. These are: 1. Be Visionary 2. Do the Right Things 3. Emotional Balance 4. Develop Strong Relations - Listen 5. Celebrate Progress Which one of these do you need to develop more in your persona? I am building a community of working professionals who are committed to their Career Acceleration. If you want to be a part of that, please drop a personal message and I will take it further. You can also check
April 22, 2020
Leading with Honour : 7 Key Behaviours
If you want to Lead with Honour, 7 behaviours shared here can be very helpful to you. Ask yourself about each of these areas and how would you like to strengthen them.  I am building a community of working professionals who are committed to their Career Acceleration. If you want to become a part of that, please visit - 
April 12, 2020
10 Obvious Truths
These are 10 obvious truths yet not seen in practice. If you bring them into practice, I am sure they will bring a change in your career and your Life. Join my FB group:
April 6, 2020
7 Areas of Life
To create a Life of happiness, joy and fulfilment, one must pay attention to the seven areas of Life which I am sharing in this podcast. These 7 area are: Physical, Mental, Emotional, Relations, Society, Career and Finances.
March 30, 2020
10 Rules of IKIGAI
IKIGAI is a Japanese philosophy which guides its followers to a long and happy Life.  If you follow these 10 Rules of IKIGAI, I am sure it will bring a positive transition in your Life. Please comment in the form of your learnings. I am developing a Community of working professionals who are interested in their Career Acceleration. To become a part of it, please drop a personal message.
February 13, 2020