TSR - The Server Room

TSR - The Server Room

By Viktor Madarasz
Live broadcast every Saturday at 6PM UTC time

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DID VOIP Line Open During the Show: +1 910 665 9191
Email: viktormadarasz@sdf.org
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TSR - The Server Room - SE - Reading from Article About Unix History from Unixmen.com

TSR - The Server Room

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TSR - The Server Room - Episode 09 - Pi-Hole - Network Wide Ad Blocking - A Black Hole For Internet Advertisements - ReMastered
Pi-hole: Network Wide Ad Blocking – Black Hole For Internet Advertisements https://pi-hole.net/ https://pi-hole.net/donate https://www.patreon.com/pihole Youtube Ad Blocking: Mobile (Android) https://youtubevanced.com/ On Computer Browser * Chrome * https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/adblock-for-youtube/cmedhionkhpnakcndndgjdbohmhepckk?hl=en My Favourite Ad Blocker for Browser: AdBlock Plus https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/adblock-plus-free-ad-bloc/cfhdojbkjhnklbpkdaibdccddilifddb?hl=en
January 18, 2020
TSR - The Server Room - Episode 08 - GNS3 - ReMastered
GNS3 – An Open Source tool to learn and discover more about networking and prepare for certificate exams as well https://www.gns3.com/ https://docs.gns3.com/1FFbs5hOBbx8O855KxLetlCwlbymTN8L1zXXQzCqfmy4/index.html https://learningnetworkstore.cisco.com/cisco-virtual-internet-routing-lab/personal-edition-virl-pe-20-nodes-virl-20
January 11, 2020
TSR - The Server Room - Episode 07 - Three Applications I use daily and Self Host Myself - OnlyOffice, Wallabag, Bitwarden ReMastered
Three piece of applications I have self-hosted myself in the cloud and use every day Bitwarden – Password Management Vault https://bitwarden.com/ https://help.bitwarden.com/article/install-on-premise/ OnlyOffice – Complete Office suite (M$ Office Compatible) and Project management suit amongst many other cool features https://www.onlyoffice.com/ https://www.onlyoffice.com/download.aspx https://helpcenter.onlyoffice.com/server/docker/opensource/opensource-script-installation.aspx?_ga=2.235096961.1808698919.1577817230-503330180.1577817230 Wallabag – a personal read it later alternative for Pocket application which You can own 100% https://doc.wallabag.org/en/admin/installation/requirements.html
January 5, 2020
TSR - The Server Room - Episode 06 - Life of An OnSite IT Analyst - ReMastered
What do I do for a living? Technologies We use in an Enterprise environment Working on Networking projects
December 29, 2019
TSR - The Server Room - Episode 05 - Homelab - ReMastered
Homelab – What it is and Why do You need one? What is a Homelab? What can You do with a Homelab? Why do You need a Homelab?
December 21, 2019
TSR - The Server Room - Episode 04 - Anonymizing Networks * TOR I2P VPN* - ReMastered
Anonymizing Networks – TOR , I2P and VPNs What are Anonymizing Networks? What is the difference between TOR & I2P and VPNs? What can I do with them? What are they good for?
December 21, 2019
TSR - The Server Room - Episode 03 - SBC Single Board Computers - ReMastered
What are SBC (Single Board Computers) or Maker Boards?  Which one to pick?  Different Architectures for Different Projects?  What can I do with them? A few Project ideas
December 21, 2019
TSR - The Server Room – Episode 02 - Security 101 - ReMastered
Security 101 Passwords , Accounts, Backups, etc.
December 21, 2019
TSR - The Server Room - Episode 01 - Running Servers out of Your Own Home via Your ISP residential line - ReMastered
TSR-The Server Room – Shownotes – Episode 01 Topics for Discussion on this episode: Home Server ISP options Can I run a server out from Your own home? If not what alternatives I have available? Does it worth it? Should I use My ISP provided Modem or perhaps replace it with a 3rd party solution? I will use the first 15-20 minutes to give my two cents about the above and then I open the phonelines for comments / opinions / debate from the audience. If no callers then I just continue discussing some parts of these in more details. Voicemail and Calling queue configured on the DID|VOIP|SIP line…During the show calls are placed in a queue if the line is busy and when offline calls go to a voicemail so You can feel free to leave your comments and ideas that way if You prefer.. Links: Links about running Your own server at Your home internet connection: https://www.expressvpn.com/blog/how-to-make-a-small-server-for-your-home/ https://afteracademy.com/blog/how-to-convert-your-laptop-desktop-into-a-server-and-host-internet-accessible-website-on-it-part-1-545940164ab9 ALTERNATIVE OPTIONS Cloud providers: Dedicated Servers for an affordable monthly price at Hetzner https://www.hetzner.com/sb DigitalOcean VPS *Virtual Private Servers* Run Your Own Services such as VPN *Virtual Private Network* for as little as 5$ a month (( For Example Outline VPN a free open source product made by Jigsaw )) https://www.digitalocean.com/ https://getoutline.org/en/home Hardware recommendations: Ubiquity and Mikrotik equipment ( Routers, Access points, Switches) https://www.ui.com/ https://mikrotik.com/products I purchase from Europe online at Eurodk ( networking gear such as the above ) https://www.eurodk.com/
December 21, 2019
TSR - The Server Room - Episode 00 - General Talk - ReMastered
https://mastodon.sdf.org/@viktormadarasz https://www.patreon.com/viktormadarasz https://anonradio.net/djs/tsr-the-server-room/ Live Show is at 6pm – 6:30pm UTC Time on Every Saturdays on Anonradio.net hosted by SDF Public Access Unix System To tune in during the Live Show http://anonradio.net/listen or http://anonradio.net:8000/anonradio.m3u DID VOIP Line Open During the Show: +1 910 665 9191 SIP Account to Call: 261414@sanjose2.voip.ms Shownotes for Episode 00 I would like to take this as a pre-flight checklist, to talk about everything a little bit in general but not too much in detail just yet. To draw the landscape of What, When , Where, How…. What is The Server Room when it comes to Me? I could have called it a Homelab as I refer to it many times when I have the need to describe where I spend most of my time and on what… What do I do for a living? ( for all those who have not opened any of those links on the top of this page) A quick rundown of Hardware I own as of 09/11/2019 General Topics I’m normally interested in and bother enough to investigate and learn more about: 1., Computer Hardware (not the electronics tough) anything and everything from new to old I love to look at them try them run them own them. Switches, Servers, Workstations, Thin Clients, Monitors, Terminal Emulators, Printers, Keyboards, Firewalls, UPS …. If You Can Plug It In Im Probably Interested 2.,Operating Systems (From Dos, BSD, Unix , Linux To Mac OS X, Windows, AIX, HPUX , IBM zOS and IBM Power Architecture, Solaris .. . any and every) 3.,Virtualization and Emulation (ESXI, Proxmox ,,,, Qemu, KVM, Stormasys CHARON Commercial Alpha, Vax, PDP, Sun emulators software ) 4., Network: Switches, Routers, Firewalls, LoadBalancers, Cloud (Azure, AWS, Oracle,Google), SDN – Software Defined Networks 5., Enterprise Solutions: Things like SCCM or other (Altiris) OSD – Operating System Deployment, Centralized Backup Solutions ( Veeam Backup Suite and Virtual Quadrstor Tape Library both available free for Homelabbers) Im sure there is more but this is how much came to mind for now…. What this show could become? Could it be more interactive? Have calls-in on a DID VOIP Number? Should it have acompanying multimedia content * screen recordings/screencasts of things I do or talk about while doing clicky noise with the keyboard including errors and mistakes?
December 21, 2019
TSR - The Server Room - SE - Reading from Article About Unix History from Unixmen.com
https://www.unixmen.com/brief-history-aix-hp-ux-solaris-bsd-linux/ Reading from Article About Unix History Special Episode. Trying the new Shure PGA58 Dynamic Microphone
December 4, 2019