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The Plutocracy Report

The Plutocracy Report

By Vince Marcanti
In the fifth show, Vince reports that 74% of Americans believe the government is run by a secret
committee. Then he mentions how America is currently and has historically been involved in selling
arms and supporting terror by violent regimes and dictatorships under democrats and republicans
equally. After touching on the violence going on in Gaza he plays a song by Bruce Cockburn that he
relates to how the oppressed must feel.
In the second half he brings up a poor man president from Uruguay and plays parts of a Trump speech
and things his new national security advisor had said. Wrapping up he
The Plutocracy Report Show: 02.04.22
This monumental 100th Plutocracy Report was an unrelenting harangue that involved current events interjected with harsh opinions and predictions. Vince Discussed the Canadian trucker protest and the Joe Rogan bowdlerization propaganda. He took a call too… - We apologize for not having a more descriptive paragraph for this show. Our archive writer gracefully retired. If anyone is interested in being our new episode description writer please email us at We would like to thank our friends on telegram for sending us articles and videos like the one used for the intro today. For all articles mentioned and many more join us on telegram- the plutocracy report. -
February 06, 2022
The Plutocracy Report: 01.21.22
I have never heard such vile and extreme anti-vax and anti-left rhetoric in my life. This man has no scruples. In this episode Vince was offensive beyond my tolerance.  After listening to his constant complaining, yelling and hateful ridicule of jab takers and democrats I refused to finish the show. I suspect he just kept ranting about this conjectural new world dystopia he is obsessed with! Nothing this man said in this show represents my own opinions and on this 99th Plutocracy Report I had enough and I hereby officially resign as archive writer.  Let's hope there isn’t a 100th show!
January 21, 2022
The Plutocracy Report Show: 01.07.21
This one can't properly be described. Over the years I thought I had become desensitized to the vulgarity and bitterness Vince uses toward our fellow human beings he calls sheepies; but to start the 4th year of the plutocracy report he was able to outrage me again.  He denigrated capitalism, communism, fully jabbed people and even allies within the medical truth movement. After reminding us to do our own research and make our own decisions he gives examples of his technique in to thinking. A grim picture is painted with his words as he predicts what's to come in 2022. He gives examples of plandemic psychological operations, perfected propaganda, and how the plutocratic globalists are using socialism to achieve support for their digital wallet and vax-pass system, which he says is the main goal of the great plutonomy reset agenda. His rude and remorseless rants are only paused by a familiar caller and a new segment to make us feel good near the end of the show.
January 07, 2022
The Plutocracy Report Show: 12.17.21
The Plutocracy report show 97- Transmission of truth.  Today Vince claimed to be only half a genius after a long week of mind-numbing labor left him sore and stupid. Rather than commenting on the latest news and articles he went on spontaneous rants and emotional tangents filled with classic new expressions that encapsulate the precarious times we live in. Somehow the man shifts from doom and self-defecation to inspiration and egotism throughout the hour and still fits in some music and crybaby ending.
December 17, 2021
The Plutocracy Report - 12.03.21
Today Vince explores a number of pertinent issues including: the mighty moronic omnicrom agenda, the dangerous reality of nations with a majority of stupid people, plutie business and pot heads, and the debut of a new original song of uprising.  After the song segment Vince speculates on why athletes in Europe are collapsing and American millionaire athletes are not. He then addresses the transhumanist trajectory we followed since the dawn of Rockefeller medicine. Allowing plutocrats to control our medical system has led to a society of chronic disease, mass sickness, and weakened immune systems. Something's gotta change!
December 03, 2021
The Plutocracy Report - 11.05.21
The plutocracy report: universal file #95--- Forewarning; Extreme sarcasm and hostility over serious issues may be offensive to some. --- Exciting expressions of excessive emotions bombard the listener as Vince expands on upon plutocracy.  Some of his bitter and rude tirades featured: Pfizer power, current plandemic phase 2 propaganda and Idiots of the Week. Today's show stirred my psyche by the way he shifts from a gloomy pit of doom and derision to the peak of metaphysical motivation and optimism that left me bedazzled at the end!
November 05, 2021
The Plutocracy Report: 10.22.21
Vince explores the great lie of billionaire benevolence, the propaganda of plutocrat philanthropy and pontificates on the true motives of the plutie elite. He gives us a taste of what it's like in the cowardly new world of October 2021 and a bit of stoicism. He explains how the controlled collapse of America will not relent via orders from above. Only the people united in disobedience can change anything. We hear a new edition of Idiots of the Week before Vince gives a report on mask mandates which is an essential ritual to make you an active participant in the big lie. He and Vinny Jr. go on site at an Illinois Walmart, where masks are mandatory, to give a lesson on how to deal with covidiots if you are asked to put one on.
October 22, 2021
The Plutocracy Report - 09.24.21
Today's plutocracy report was focused on The United States of Apathy. He insists the only way this disastrous great reset agenda can be pulled off is by mass gullibility and collective apathy.  He explores the main objective of plutie propaganda and how the corporate news media is making intelligent people seem like idiots to the idiots. Exploring Nicki Minaj and last week's F.D.A vaccine hearing Vince predicts how things will play out. He shares some frightening medical propaganda articles and we get a dose of Rapid Fire Rants. To end the hour Professor Marcanti finally talks about climate change in a brief but two sided tirade.
September 24, 2021
The Plutocracy Report - 09.03.21
Vince suggests what he calls the plandemic for plutonomy reset is so malevolent that the whole truth is beyond imagination to the sane mind.        With extreme offensiveness and ill will he rants about; the idea of jabbing children, being told to trust criminal Pharmaceutical firms, anti-Ivermectin propaganda and how the covidian cult members think. He says some frightening predictions and seems to have lost hope for overthrowing the plutocracy this year. Just as his disposition gets gallingly dark he takes a music break featuring one of his old songs that explains this is why it's so hard to get by. Next he goes off on the plan to shift causality of disease away from the injections and we hear a new segment called, Idiots of the Week! He continues to make it clear he is not a fan of commies and explains how the freedom lovers must dig in, weather the storm, and start a new people's economy outside the control of the plutocratic globalists. Eric Clapton takes us out to end what was perhaps the darkest and most excruciating plutocracy report ever.
September 03, 2021
The Plutocracy Report - 08.13.21
Show 91--- Horrible things are on the horizon and its all manmade misery that we are allowing to play out. On that note, today's show was grimmer and less humorous than usual. He rants about the big plutie business world and its government making jobs contingent upon submitting our bodies to mad medical tyranny. He explains why a large majority of compliance to the injections, with in the first year, is crucial to the new world dystopia agenda succeeding. Eventually the subject matter nearly overwhelmed him so they shift to the award winning segment, Da Hell Going on Out There, to try and lighten the mood. It didn’t work! Vince remained irate and odious throughout this unsettling show which ended with the P.R.N debut of another original song he recorded long ago.
August 13, 2021
The Plutocracy Report - 07.30.21
The 90th Plutocracy report is a relentless radical rant of rational resistance. Vince rages over the largest demonization propaganda campaign in history which is pushing the boundaries of psychological operations and mind manipulation. He claims this is evidence of plutie desperation because they are pushing too hard and it will lead to the defeat of the great plutonomy reset agenda via scamdemic. Vince seamlessly weaves together sound clips, articles and rants to express his opinions, warnings, predictions and optimism with vigor, anger and humor.     We even get a hastily preformed dramatization about the COVID task force before an old but pertinent song closes another colossal show.   Comments are welcomed at--- Articles can be found on telegram, search for--- the plutocracy report
July 30, 2021
The Plutocracy Report - 07.02.21
This 89th installment of the plutocracy report is a mind-bending diatribe of relentless doom. Vince elucidates the edges of human beliefs and cognition within this dominator culture, full of plutie propaganda, and gives examples such as; COVID is spread by trees and the vaccine holdouts will be very hurt by the convenient delta variant.                                                                                                                                Plowing through the hour he warns of false flags in the near future and how corporate America is pushing the great plutonomy reset. He talks about Biden launching a Domestic Terrorism Strategy targeting anti-government ideology and is oddly interrupted by a mysterious caller who threatens to leave Vince's life in ruins if he doesn't shut up!                                                                                                                                 An epic original song ends this epic original show…
July 02, 2021
The Plutocracy Report - 06.18.21
Vince gives his final overview of the coronavirus pandemic. With unparallel offensiveness, malice and intolerance toward sheepies he rants nonstop about the great plutonomy reset and phase 2 of the scamdemic.  His chilling rants only paused for a few minutes to debut a new original song called Meticulous.   Picking up where he left off he continued to speculate on terrible and tragic things to come, such as sickness, death and climate collapse.    Yeah, this one was dark.
June 18, 2021
The Plutocracy Report - 05.17.21
Vince held back nothing today! This show was like a whirlwind of thoughts and emotions stimulating my brain. Somehow between the sarcasm, darkness and despair I found myself chuckling and I even became inspired by shows end.        Some topics included; sheepies with brain fog, counterintuitive injections, collective conditioning, positive bullying, Headlines for idiots, fake cyber attacks, rapid fire rants, and transhuman technocracy. He speaks to an emotional caller before a final appeal to action is articulated.
May 17, 2021
The Plutocracy Report - 04.30.21
After a three week layoff the Plutocracy report returns with an unrelenting escapade in to Mr. Marcanti's disturbed mind. Today's rants are droll, grim, odious and inspiring in typical angry Vince style. He covers censorship, injection hesitancy, the great plutonomy reset and post plutocracy solutions. The mid show music therapy segment was canceled today, but Vince's guru gives him advice and we hear an original song he wrote decades ago to take us out.
April 30, 2021
The Plutocracy Report - 03.19.21
This episode explores the childish nation. Our host explains how the conspiracy deniers are best described as infantile in their beliefs, afraid to explore the reality of our deceptive governance. He starts out ranting about wanting to escape high property taxes and mask mandates in his state and shifts to Rockefeller medicine and transhumanism. To end plutocracy we must put away Childish Things!  After the music therapy break he explores some alarming headlines and recent events pertaining to the scamdemic and the New World Dystopia.  After giving some alarming speculations of new health concerns for all of us, the host seemed to abruptly exit in an uncouth manner.
April 20, 2021
The Plutocracy Report - 03.05.21
Today's show marks the third anniversary of the plutocracy report and an ailing Vince solders through it to bring us some new incite and news pertaining to the plutie ruled bizarro world we find ourselves in. He explains manipulation of reality is the manipulation of words. He attacks both sheep herds today and ponders if they can keep us divided and dumb forever. A poll alleges Vaccine acceptance is rising except among Republicans and Israel's alarming green pass to document vaccination status is among other topics he covers. He labels every politician a professional liar in classic Marcanti  After the song he suggests America must get over the false dichotomy of idiot ideology and start a new true people's movement. He covers more recent events from our attack on Syria to Texas ending nonsensical COVID plutocrat protocols and more.
April 20, 2021
The Plutocracy Report - 02.19.21
Listener Disclaimer- This show expresses doom and gloom with extreme sarcasm and vile rudeness that can cause mental maladies in fragile minds. The host holds no liability for any psychological damage it may cause.*  In this dramatic 82nd show we hear how things could have been in a world without plutocrats and how it will be in the new world dystopia. Through furious rants and tangents Vince unloads his tremulous thoughts today! Half way in he finally stifles his piercing jabber long enough for Vinny Jr. to play their new song! Next he speaks more about the frightful medical I.D passport and tracking system planned. He gives a chilling dramatization of an unvaccinated man at a grocery store in the near future. The show ends when Vince finally declares "I've had enough."
April 20, 2021
The Plutocracy Report - 02.05.21
Today's show revolves around Vince's notion that everything is a PSYOP! Theatrical events and scripted bias reporting is the only reality some people know. He elaborates on the state of the scamdemic; from quadruple masking, fictitious death counts, plutie eugenics, Wall Street shenanigans, anti-free thinker propaganda and fighting back. At the end of a terrifying rant Vince nearly loses it before being saved by The Pixies. In the second half a more jovial Vince gives the two minute fear speech and gets to use his Bill Gates voice again. This rousing and wide ranging show ends with the declaration that the revolutions here and you know its right!
April 20, 2021
The Plutocracy Report - 01.22.21
This 80th Plutocracy Report starts off with a lengthy rant full of fury and anguish. It consists of Vince unloading his hysterical thoughts on the Plutocratic Governmental Media Complex. He gets in the heads of the Plutocrats and explains why they think they were born to control the world and how we're born to do anything for a paycheck. He seems to think when it comes to the vaccine more people may be brave enough to defy plutie protocol and destroy their plandemic plutonomy reset plans. Presently they have us divided and isolated like we're all just lost stars trying to light up the night!  After the song we hear more of Vince's views on the plutie puppet show for sheep and two old familiar characters call in and give their opinions on the changing of the head sock puppet in Washington D.C.  He ends the show with a mournful apology and dedication.
April 20, 2021
The Plutocracy Report - 01.08.21
To kick off 2021 today's show is an exposé in to aspects of our current situation under plandemic protocols like; the unquestionable "official" narrative, the increasing propaganda agenda against dissenters, as well as his take on a few recent events. No unexpected calls came in so we get a whole lot of Vince giving a whole lot of outrage sugar coated with optimism. At the end he gives advice on how we can fight the plutie global dictatorship that is planned for all of us. We gain strength from each other! Mix that ranting and raving in with some heavy metal and classic rock and you have today's distressing plutocracy report.
April 20, 2021
The Plutocracy Report - 12.18.20
This is a frightening show! Vince's Face book account is restricted. Unable to read any news from his page, today we get exclusive, unrestrained, free form rants directly from his beleaguered brain.  He prophesized about what we can expect from 2021 and beyond and preached about how we must stop it from happening. His emotions are high today! He warns of new false flags and planned catastrophes and fears too many people would fall for a fake Alien visitation. He viciously insults and berates aliens for being sneaky, wimps by not revealing themselves. His verbal attacks have upset someone of great diplomatic authority!  After the song we hear about the 2017-2018 influenza epidemic that overran hospitals, being bribed to take a vaccine, and Joe Biden predicting his resignation. He takes a moment to mourn the premature passing and ongoing suffering of so many good people around the world. With a tearful farewell to his good friend he says bu-bye for the last time in 2020.
April 20, 2021
The Plutocracy Report - 11.27.20
Mean Marcanti is at it again! He starts out with a riveting rant about the current propaganda phase planned for peasants. Keep covering your perceived to be diseased faces sheepies! Vince mentions protests in Denmark and how our movement must be in America. He scares us about the next possible plutie contingency catastrophe planned out as a false flag cyber attack. Next he rants about everyone not knowing what's in new vaccines and nanorobotics. His statement about it all was, "I don’t like it!" After the song we hear from an angry and anguished caller before we are treated to another installment of the award winning segment, "Da hell going on out there." He tells us not to lose our independent spirit and don’t accept the new digital I.d system with vaccine status. He says the plutie overlords planned out this new world dystopia and covid is the catalyst, its coming and we don’t get a vote in the issue… not until we end plutocracy! Songs today by Baby Huey, Tom Petty and Curtis Mayfield.
April 20, 2021
The Plutocracy Report - 11.13.20
Today we hear the debut of the "NEW" Plutocracy Report. Vince made a decision to keep the show going even though he vowed to end it 33 months ago if we didn’t begin a movement to end plutocracy by the 2020 election charade. Instead of retiring the show indefinitely, he decided to change the format in the hopes of reaching many more people by being politically correct and mundane. His first topic is; what does a Biden presidency mean for us. Things seem to go a bit off track from there and I don’t feel like I can adequately express what the show entailed today, other than self discovery, the plandemic and resisting the great plutonomy reset. Download it, like it, and recommend it to your friends. The word must get out and the resistance must grow!                                                                                                                                        Any comments? Contact us at
April 20, 2021
The Plutocracy Report - 10.23.20
On this final Plutocracy Report before the 2020 election we take a deep look in to the great plutonomy reset for the new world dystopia. He discussed The World Economic Forum and the great reset propaganda and how nefarious plutocrat plans are sold to us as "all for the greater good;" like slowing climate change and virus protection. He rants on censorship and how awful this totalitarian transition travesty is. Vince Demands It Better End Soon! Chicago is played for a soulful music therapy segment.  In the second half he talks about an easy transition to direct democracy after we overthrow the plutocrats. He excoriates the mocking bird media and warns about the growing anti truth campaign to label us all conspiracy nuts. A patriotic caller interrupts him near the end of the show and Vince gives an ambiguous good buy.
April 20, 2021
The Plutocracy Report - 10.09.20
Vince announces the current phase in the 5 year plandemic, it's called, "Get used to it sheepies!" He warns of a horrible dystopia to come and the need to fight it now. The extended anti-plutocracy rant included; The Trump has Covid story, mask-mind control updates and what woman find sexy during the Covid crack down. Vince falls in to despair after getting the answer and asks, "How do you fight Loneliness!" After the song a listener defines an H.S.P for us, (Seriously, a real person) which may elucidate Vince's sadness expressed in the last show. Next he mentions vaccine mandates with nanotechnology, geo engineering and more plutie business. His final message is, "It's Time to Stop It." Music today was by; Screaming Headless Torsos, Wilco, and a Vince tune.
April 20, 2021
The Plutocracy Report - 09.18.20
Vince rants about how the human race is collectively whistling past the grave yard in this sobering and somber show. He doesn't hide his anguish today and vents his frustrations and concerns about where we are heading as a nation and a race of careless, controlled, creatures not yet willing to unite and demand intelligent and honest self governance. Today we bear witness to a low point in this bipolar rock and rollers life as the unending scamdemic and the submissive behavior of his fellow citizens has worn his heart thin.  In the second half he talks about an insane egg head professor suggesting morality pills are needed to make people comply with plutocratic dictates. Two choices are left for the free thinkers who want to live in a free society, surrender all hope or stand proud, speak out loud and Hold On! Tom Waits is also featured today.
April 20, 2021
The Plutocracy Report - 08.28.20
The modern, methods of mass mind control is explored as Vince relates it to the current method of mask mind control. He alluded to how the plutocrats will usher in the new world dystopia and claims the vaccine is the final test that will lead us to the tyrannical, police state plutocracy they have planned for us; unless we will defeat them and take back our country. The show is suddenly interrupted by a guest that showed up in person to give the governments side of things; apparently because Vince was accused of never fairly expressing it. His guest becomes irate and summons the worms to come and to take our radical host away forever.                                                                                                                            In the second half he gives his final statements on the puppet show for sheep called the 2020 election. He gives two controversial comments on the widely reported cop shooting of an unarmed black man that recently happened near Mr. Marcanti's house. While reminding us to stay strong as the country descends in to chaos and insanity Vince makes an abrupt exit and decided to Run Like Hell! Yet another great plutocracy report in which Pink Floyd was featured.              Comment at:
April 20, 2021
The Plutocracy Report -08.14.20
The triumphant return of the inglorious and indignant host is a raging tour de force. Within the underlying theme of stopping the new world order he talks about Belarus making the Plutocrats coup list, the demonization of free thinkers, anti-research propaganda and Covid fear porn for guys like Vince.                                 He talks about climate change and warns us we can't hide from ozone layer collapse and gets Brent Mydland to sing about it. The Grateful Dead is featured.                                                                                                                                                                                          The second half includes some shocking and disturbing reports until Vince almost has a panic attack. To calm down he mentions some good news about protests in Germany and explains how he sees a true people's movement of peaceful unity to end plutocracy via his old dead head memories.
April 20, 2021
The Plutocracy Report -07.24.20
The 70th installment of The Plutocracy Report is a cavalcade of emotions! He lashes out at the thousands of people in this country paid to script or spread plutocrat propaganda. He brags about how great his last show was and explains the basics of how the cycle of plutocracy works. An old acquaintance with a badge puts him in an uninspired mood leading to a soulful Traffic tune. The shaken host seemed to struggle through a couple segments before getting all mushy and whiny on us and ends the show with his song Dust and Ash.
April 20, 2021
The Plutocracy Report - 07.10.20
Vince delivers a passionate report this week. He claims the Covid con job is strongest in the U.S.A because some of the American people (the true patriots) will be the hardest to scare into surrendering their rights to the new world order. First he excoriates people who know the pandemic is over blown and mismanaged but think it was all just a dumb accident and not by plutocrat design. He tells us what plans the ruling sociopaths have for us and how only captured and controlled protests for dividing the sheep herds are allowed. He remembers the grass roots peaceful protests of the M.L.K days and Uncle Frank Zappa sings us a song. We get some rapid fire rants in the second half including an environmental report for the first time in months. He soon gets fed up with his own rants and opens the phone line to take a couple calls to close the show. Fight on free thinkers, never surrender!!!!
April 20, 2021
The Plutocracy Report - 06.19.20
Vince reveals his latest plan to take back our country from the plutocrats. The baby boomers and millennials can continue to be complacent, apathetic, cynical and ineffective because the revolution will be accomplished by Vinny and the Z's! He explains how classism and racism will immediately disappear in the post plutocracy, peoples direct democracy, once the Vince led Z'bellion succeeds. That’s all in the second half! First we must suffer through his angry and offensive ranting and raving over being a lonely free thinker, unproductive protests, and how President Trump can be a predator class hero, just as Vince thinks he's a working class hero. I also remember hearing profanity, poetry and John Lennon in this bizarre installment.
April 20, 2021
The Plutocracy Report - 05.29.20
Vince seems oddly optimistic starting out. He sees the new wave of censorship and anti conspiracy articles as proof that an influx of people are starting to question authoritarian orders. He rants about police brutality mentality and then shifts his topic to face mask mania and millennials. He reported on Operation Warp Speed, insulted people, and raved about Revolution throughout the first half. Phish finally gets him to shut up for a few minutes. After the song the master of biting outrage clarifies why this plutocratic, crony capitalist method of control is technologically repressive. He then does an interview with a professor from Stanford University, who wrote a book about Bill Gates. Vince is furious about what they are planning to do to the children going back to school. Let's fight for the kids! Search Results Web results
April 20, 2021
The Plutocracy Report - 05.15.20
This guy is as mad as hell and he's not gonna take it anymore! Today the battle weary Vince rages about politicians and sheepies who love the plutie agenda and hate anyone who would even dare to question the experts. He insists there is no way aware people like us (brilliant plutocracy report listeners) will give up our fleeting, fractional, freedom and give in sociopaths who greedily control our governments and economies in total. Between the rants some stories include; people are not permitted to gather for protests in New York, how the dichotomy of division is the exact same in the U.K, California prepared to enact martial law, and how the sex instinct will be eradicated. They shall abolish the orgasm because Coronavirus has been found in the semen of COVID-19 survivors. Tracy Chapman sings about what Vince is talking about.    In the second half he claims the test kits are unreliable and how it’s the perfect scam because no one knows shit from shinola when it comes to virology.  He explains why they want to destroy our livelihoods and lives. We hear examples of the neoliberal lock down forever propaganda. The future depends on the actions we take now. Time to start over and make a new beginning Talking about a revolution baby!
April 20, 2021
The Plutocracy Report - 05.01.20
Everything is a show and the script is written by mind manipulators for the plutie elite. On this underlying perception Vince does free form rants pertaining to our new health paradigm while insatiably berating democrats again. I'm afraid it seems his cabin fever and contempt has gotten worse since last show and his emotional issues are at an alarming level. Vinny Jr. had to take quick and aggressive action to save the show.  Mr. Marcanti goes on to tell us the 7 step transition to total surveillance, police state plutocracy under medical martial law. Can't you see what it's all for? At least Roger Waters made perfect sense today. More bitter and snarly opinions after the song include propaganda for lefties, and more of his opinions on what's going on and what is needed. Today I learned this guy needs music and meditation or he ain't gonna last much longer…
April 20, 2021
The Plutocracy Report - 04.17.20
*Official COVID-19 misinformation warning* The views of The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, The World Health Organization and the Democratic Party was not presented in this show and all strongly advise against listening to whatever this man says. He is not qualified to give opinions on anything related to the pandemic, or government or the economy. In fact he has no credentials whatsoever; he displays the Dunning-Kruger effect in his conspiratorial Soliloquy and may have a messiah complex as well. Committing civil disobedience is extremely ill-advised in this perilous time. Do not listen to this unstable man! Go to for official information.* The Plutocracy Report show 64: Vince gives his shocking opinion and advice on current events and plays some cool music.
April 20, 2021
The Plutocracy Report - 04.03.20
After two weeks under the Illinois shelter in place order and all golf courses being shut down, Vince seems to have has gone stir-crazy and became a tin foil hat wearing conspiracy nut! He starts out somber and then rages about total government take over through virus blaming. He shockingly suggested an unproven conspiracy is underway and howls about trillions in corporate bail outs and then moans over the homeless and uninsured. Now in a sad mood he tells us to respect our elders and plays John Prine. Vince continues to rant over current issues and then announces he's moving to Belarus. He gets in what he can about a Chinese claim to the origins of the covid19 outbreak before running out of time. We are down now but we shall rise soon; it's time for cooperative humanity instead of plutocracy.
April 20, 2021
The Plutocracy Report - 03.20.20
Vicious Vince vents about the pandemic panic and how the plutocrats will benefit from it. He explores the possibility of a conspiracy and how convenient it is to blame the inevitable market crash on the coronavirus. He explains how people saying socialism is disastrous and capitalism is the only way are unimaginable hypocrites and the proof is on display now. How long can sheepies believe the plutocrat propaganda and cling to their normalcy bias? These are unprecedented times! This guy is fired up. Join him for a high-energy dose of outrage and insight; it's like quarantine with gasoline. Today's show features all original, homemade music. Stay healthy! Or get well soon! You are needed! The Plutocracy Report #63
April 20, 2021
The Plutocracy Report - 03.06.20
The 2020 wakeup call! All will be revealed.    Like how angry Vince is at "moderate" dummycrat voters. Be warned; his rants are offensive and ominous today. He excoriates just about everyone including Anti-Bernie Cuban Americans. He also talks about the recent stupefying stock market swings and plutie planning. After his growing anger and contempt comes to a head he moves on to discuss the Covid 19 Virus and tries to get directly to the source to find out if it came from nature or was created in a lab. His guest gives a menacing warning that one way or another it's gonna get him!  Vince rants about how we got to be so stupid and he defines the motto of our culture, greed is good. He was yelling the whole show; obviously Super Tuesday really upset him. Bernie's Medicare for all revolution has officially failed; now it's time for Marcanti's rational revolution to end plutocracy…
April 20, 2021
The Plutocracy Report - 02.20.20
Woah!!! This guy goes on a nonstop thirty minute rant about the 2020 excruciating election events. Someone has obviously upset him by asking if he would vote for Bloomberg and he excoriates people from all 5 and a half of the sheep herds within the dichotomy of division.                  Between insults his high-pitched rant includes action and solutions like the Vinny Voting system for direct democracy and gives us disheartening news on the uprising in chili. Quite frankly this rant startled me and I was relieved when it ended, but then he goes on to talk about global pandemic, ozone layer collapse and economic crisis to scare us more! At which point he has David Bowie tell us we only got Five Years. Vince gets emotional about his female counterpart in Wuhan China before attempting a segment of "Hell Going on Out There." A rough and sobering show for this 60th Plutocracy Report but at least it was a Bowie day.
April 20, 2021
The Plutocracy Report - 01.24.20
The methods of mass mind control are explored today. Vince energetically points out our collective inability to have constructive dialogue; "we don’t seek clarification we just yell at each other which creates violence and drives opposing parties further apart." Next we hear about Martin Luther King Jr. and how he would be treated by the government today, had they not taken him out in 68. He reports on the Dummycrat agenda to bump off Burney 2.0 and a righty rifle rally. Suddenly he takes a phone call that became very eerie. I can't explain what happened next but it shocked me! All I can say for sure is Tom Waits was featured today. Because of technical difficulties at this point Vinny Jr. plays us a recording of Vince giving a speech at a recent Burney rally in Chicago. Any info? Write to:
April 20, 2021
The Plutocracy Report - 01.10.20
Show 57 is a special report on Iran. Vince delivers an engaging plutocracy report that includes; our chronological history with Iran, his rational theory of why we assassinated a pesky Iranian general, who controls our military and why, plus frightening theocracy plutocracy. One thing is made clear It's Time to Stop It! That's the theme of today's show and the name of Vince's new song that's debuted exclusively on P.R.N.! The heartache coming from Australia starts off his environmental segment that eventually focuses his anger toward toxic people who never admit when they're wrong. Some scary fake news is explored before John Fogerty closes the show. *side note- I detected an inaccuracy early in show. While Talking about Eugene V. Debs, I think Vince evoked Roosevelt when he meant Hoover, unless he was sarcastically inferring F.D.R was a Republican. Not sure with this guy.*
April 20, 2021
The Plutocracy Report - 01.03.20
Vince brings in 2020 with an angry yet melancholy bang! He rants about critical factors that keep people's minds in delusion and submission. He explains how all U.S vassal states have similar plutocrat propaganda and proof it still works was on display in the U.K. We hear about a frightening conspiracy to take over the world, based on the age old commie scheme of seizing property and redistribution of wealth; the righty sheepies believe this will be achieved through the global warming agenda. He explains how a majority must break their manufactured bias and understand there are better ways than plutocracy under the guise of communism or capitalism; like cooperative governance of truth and consensus. Geoengineering and pharmacology is his next topic and on the way out he mentions the Afghanistan papers.
April 20, 2021
The Plutocracy Report - 12.13.19
A somber Vince delivers a poignant report this week; from global protests to modern media matrix mind control and he explains why Americans aren’t joining the growing global protests. But first he talks about some negative feedback he got over his last report. He demands us to tell the political illiterate sheepies not be apathetic anymore, we can take back our government; don't give up, this world is gonna pull through! We are uplifted by the New Radicals for the musical therapy segment. The second half features a segment about the ongoing censorship agenda that will include anything that challenges the plutocrat narrative. Is the human race prone to self destruction? Vince says no, it just seems that way because of our non-natural culture; So… we got to Hold On… Alabama Shakes takes us out.
April 20, 2021
The Plutocracy Report - 11.29.19
Vince sounds motivated starting out and then goes off on a tangent about wild life in his yard and how we were made to feel separate from nature and each other in order to accept plutocracy. Next we are treated to the cheery topic of agenda 21 de-population; his point is the truth is bad enough! No need for conspiracy conjecture. Then he rants about current events in Hong Kong and explains how china's economy is already seeing rapid deterioration in the financial system. Vince is suddenly interrupted by a call from an irate listener. He plays a quote by Rick Perry (the secretary of energy!!!) and admits American theocracy frightens him and causes Broken Sleep! After the original MickWop tune he shifts his attention to Fukushima management. He tried to start a rapid fire rant segment but went off on a tirade over the first topic of the rich avoiding 5 trillion in taxes in a decade. He said, "we know what is- let's talk about what can be." I enjoyed the show and hearing Vince anger himself; at the end he and Roger Waters gave me goose bumps and hope that perhaps the tide is turning.
April 20, 2021
The Plutocracy Report - 11.15.19
Right off the bat Vince complains about geoengineering and the polar plunging jet stream that must have really pissed him off. It seems the cold weather has affected his sinuses making his voice strained yet salacious. His opening rant is a comprehensive commentary on the pertinent issue of Greedy Rich Pricks. He exposes their propaganda used to make a wealth tax seem like it would be devastating to the economy. We are reminded how systemic socioeconomic change is needed because a 3% tax on the super rich ain't gonna do it. Perhaps trump really is the best president for this plutocracy; because he puts the Pluto in Plutocrat! After the song he talks about the military coup in Bolivia and gives his opinions on the true motives. We are then treated to another award winning segment of, Hell Going on Out There. That brings us to an enraging yet cathartic close to show 53.
April 20, 2021
The Plutocracy Report - 11.01.19
Show 52 is an escapade of eagerness that features explorative rants, a new caller and his first interview with a famous rock star! Vince is ecstatic to share the news that brought him out of his despair. He energetically rants on a plethora of issues from Baghdadi to banditry, wages to welfare and everything in between. Next he takes a random caller who challenges Vince's core beliefs and an enthralling exchange takes place over what's better, social equality or authoritarian systems. They squabble over war and Vince proclaims You Can't Bomb the World in to Peace! After the song he proudly plays his unusual interview with Roger Waters, in which they discuss Julian Assange. He talks a bit about Edward Snowden, before begging the aliens to take him away.
April 20, 2021
The Plutocracy Report - 10.18.19
It's seems the eternal optimist is showing signs of cracking this week. He excoriates protest cynics but then gives in the incrementalists and talks about Bernie Sanders. Next he rants about cultural construct in America so people accepted; endemic prejudice, genocide, slavery, segregation, war and plutocracy. He makes fun of the dummycrat impeachment spectacle and berates Kurt Russell. The tirade gets dark and the bipolar rock and roller proclaims the human race is under a spell and puts us in a deep, dark TRANCE… After the MickWop tune he gives an angry and offensive commentary on cop mentality. Then we hear his views on The U.S abandoning the Kurds in Syria and if Trump is really bringing the boys back home. Vince was more sarcastic and spiteful than usually today. He seemed emotional and possibly defeated signing off for show 51. I'll check on him in a few days…
April 20, 2021
The Plutocracy Report - 10.04.19
Vince was coaxed out of his hermit hole to deliver this monumental 50th Plutocracy Report. He gives his views on the new environmental movements and the nauseating way sheepies in both the left and right herds view it. He tells us to open our minds; we can yet change if we reject cynicism and defeatist attitudes. He points out how lately everything is ramped up to divide us and the mind manipulators are hard at work in these troubling times. Then he takes an unexpected caller that seems to have really irked him. Vince decided to cut off all haters, cynics, and righty fringe freaks, and tells them- Good bye From My Life… After the MickWop song he gets in to the impeachment distraction by the dummycrats to keep sheepies focused on trivial bullcrap while the world goes to hell in a basket. He talks about Trumps scripted speech at the U.N and reads something he said off the cuff in contrast. He ends with good news of evidence that at least one egghead has been listening to the plutocracy report and wrote a good article. Wilco takes us out…
April 20, 2021
The Plutocracy Report - 09.13.19
This dude starts raging about revolution. Early on in his report he mentions trump lovers, sports distraction and mass shootings… and a bunch of other stuff. He kept raging about revolution and seems know what we need to do, but he fears the democrats winning the next election and will subdue the sheepies by saying, "go back to sleep, everything is wonderful now." After the song the dude says there may be a way to end plutocracy without needing a revolution! He touches on population control and gives his shocking attitude. Then he has a special guest on the phone, who is a revolutionary from China! ---As the new description writer for the Plutocracy Report I hope I did Ok on my first one. Comments at-
April 20, 2021
The Plutocracy Report - 08.30.19
Listener discretion is highly advised for show 48!!! Vince calmly starts off talking about burning forests and the sadness that he feels. Then launches in to a rant so filled with vitriol, vulgarity and venom that it shocked me. He begins bloviating about the Plutonomy system and our scripted cultural indoctrination to it. Today Vince Marcanti totally disgraced himself by rudely insulting everyone who is a Marxist! He berates a plethora of groups and individuals that I highly admire just because they are still identifying with communism or not preaching his foolish message of "revolution now." He then attacks people who aren’t supportive of the protests in Hong Kong, blaming it on their lefty bias. He arrogantly declares if we don’t believe him now, we will soon find out he's right, The Hard Way! The Kinks are featured today. After the song he continues to insult people, in fact he calls all of us dummies over and over and I quite frankly had enough! I hereby resign as archive writer for the plutocracy report. Write you own show descriptions from now on. ---bu buyyyyy--- Jerk!
April 20, 2021
The Plutocracy Report - 08.16.19
Vince tries to get in to the nitty-gritty today; the underlying factor that keeps us enslaved to the Plutonomy system and it's the overlords. He soon goes off on tangents about creating a new transportation system and becoming supreme leader of the sheepie states of America. Increased solar radiation penetrating through the damaged ozone layer is his next topic. He gives a sobering look at our society and has Roger Waters ask us, is this life we really want!?!... After the song he plays an anti-Russian news clip that he finds ridiculous. He touches on the two biggest stories of the month one is tragic the other is disgusting. After taking a call he gives a resistance report and a tetchy but tender ba buyyyyy.
April 20, 2021
The Plutocracy Report - 08.02.19
The show kicks off with what seemed like an attempted apology for berating lefty sheepies so much, but Vince just further berates them for not admitting a united people's movement in revolt is the only way to end plutocracy. He insults a few famous people including a Democratic hopeful for voting to condemn the pro-Palestinian Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement. He gets in to some weird stuff about aliens and conspiracies before he is asked to take a call. Vince proclaims what he truly is; A Rocker! Next he talks about the anti progressive, neo-liberal propaganda for democrat sheepies and a study to find out if Americans are willing to pay a tax for climate change. After a look at some republican doings he reminds us who is truly responsible for maintaining plutocracy. This was both a somber and bizarre show in my opinion… I'm gonna listen again to soak it all in.
April 20, 2021
The Plutocracy Report - 07.19.19
There is no justice in our culture and the whole system is corrupt; it can't be fixed, time for a new one! On this theme Vince delivers a fiery, spontaneous and uninterrupted rant, touching on planned obsolescence and life expectancy statistics. It crescendos in an apocalyptic vision, "Things are going on that we don’t know about and the power elite are preparing to deal with the inevitable sheepie unrest when things get worse. If the plutocrats have to use their final contingency plan and bring about a nuclear winter. The few tattered survivors will emerge from the ruble and desperately seek to find one thing, LOVE ADMIST THE RUINS!"  After the epic, original song Vince co-wrote, we hear about the plutocrat's phony crusade to save the world – without changing anything. He then reminds us the dummycrat primary race is just a puppet show before we hear about a million sheepies who pledged to storm area 51 instead of Capitol Hill.The solutions are out there and you hear about them on The Plutocracy Report...
April 20, 2021
The Plutocracy Report - 06.07.19
Vince starts off by telling us the one thing that might bring sheepies to action against the plutocrats. He talks about reality and distraction of mainstream news. We then delve in to what some millennials value most, compared to how Vince spent his hard earned cash. Who will be allowed to make changes when it's forced upon us by climate change and economic collapse, the plutocrats or are we gonna take back our government. That is the only question that matters. Vince declares the rationalist movement has officially started today and there is only one reason he can still talk about revolution; because he's Not Dead Yet! The Bad Examples are featured today. We get a Julian Assange update and hear what the plutocrats are up to before getting a report from Brooksie the underground plutie spy! An update of the final fleecing is given to wrap up another great Plutocracy report…
April 20, 2021
The Plutocracy Report - 05.24.19
Vince seems to be in one of his angry moods this week. Apparently his excuse is being over worked and over taxed but I suspect something more. He launches in to an exploration of alienation. Then we are treated to prophecy given by the great Vincetradomus who humbly admits his run of 100% accuracy ended in 2016. The music segment features a brand new, original Marcanti song!!! It's about a guy who wants to escape the big city sheepies and reconnect with nature in the country, a place so peaceful it would make A Perfect Place to Die… As I suspected there was something more to Vince's anger this week, egotistical frustrations. He gives an environmental update that he equates to future rising food prices. Predictions on War with Iran and trade war with china are given before Wilco takes us out.
April 20, 2021
The Plutocracy Report - 05.10.19
The cancer of plutocracy is what I would call Vince's first rant. He then goes in to a vicious beat down of the democrat party. As expected, to balance things out, we get a taste of the righty fringe freaks that are possibly even more delusional than dummycrats! He is interrupted by a familiar caller who proves to be a rock star on this show because he is just like Joe Walsh in one way. Living a Life of Illusion! Vince reveals a revelation that came to him while watching a documentary about Scientology. Trust and blind faith means you don’t have to think for yourself. We are treated to the triumphant return of the award winning segment, Hell Going on Out There. Vince talks about his new hero before Joe Takes us out.
April 20, 2021
The Plutocracy Report - 04.26.19
Jim Reeves welcomes us to Vince's world. This week is an odd but interesting experience that explores the artificial economy, gas prices and evil deeds of the plutocrats. He then goes in to some deep, personal perspective and gives himself a stern talking to. Things seem to get out of hand here, but it's clear that someone is going down. Sick Puppies is played. What should we focus on in this beyond Orwellian society? There are so many issues that need to be addressed but Vince demands we not forget about the root causality to all of them. After a few recent events are discussed he gives us a pep talk about speaking out against plutocracy even if it seems utterly hopeless. He tells us to radiate love and Proclaims to us all, "I'm the man who loves you." Wilco takes us out…
April 20, 2021
The Plutocracy Report - 04.05.19
Vince is back from his Arizona vacation and all fired up after hearing the Russia gate distraction is over! From the start of the show his uncanny penchant for hopiem is shocking as he proclaims the Rational Revolution is upon us now that the Russia Gate hoax finally crapped out. He thinks this is the end of the democrat party and a great awakening of the lefty sheep herd. After he takes a couple of callers his mood suddenly changes! Speaking to his enduring humanity, he says, "I'm Losing You." John Lennon sings about it. In the second half we take a look at an anti-revolution campaign from the far, fringe, freaks on the right side of the dichotomy of delusion. He plays a Q recruitment video and adds his thoughts between his laughter. A quick yellow vest movement update takes us to the end of another outlandish Plutocracy report. Get the message and music going plutoheads, the people are ready to Join Together With The Band!
April 20, 2021
The Plutocracy Report - 03.22.19
Sarah McLachlan is featured today and tells us, "loving you (the plutocracy report) is easy." Vince starts off with geoengineering and what we should be concerned about. He then talks about the ongoing plutocrat coup in Venezuela and predicts what not to expect. Next he talks about changing the sheepie paradigm about how they view automation and meaningless jobs. The worlds on fire, so let's try to bring our share to the table, Sarah tells us about it. The second half opens with Vince sprinkling hope in with his doom and gloom. He talks about inevitable collapse of this system from an egg head perspective along with his views. We hear some sound bites from Vince's favorite thinker Jacque Fresco. He mentions how to use social media and how useless economists are to wrap up another enthralling Plutocracy Report.
April 20, 2021
The Plutocracy Report - 03.08.19
This is the one year anniversary for the plutocracy report and to mark the milestone original songs from Vince Marcanti and Kevin O'Gorman, (Mickwop music) is featured today! Vince rants about the never-changing normality of the 40 or more hour work week and anti conspiracy movement that associates real conspiracies like vaccine safety and efficacy with contrived comic book conspiracies like the earth is flat. All sheepies have political puppets they believe in. Vince's song asks the question, what have I got to believe in, now that I learned it's all so deceiving. In the second half we look at the astounding level of trivial, puerile mainstream news. He rants about the green new deal and how it's just a show for sheep that would never be implemented under our current structure of failed governance, but gives inspiration and concepts on real change. A terrific Mickwop tune takes us out to commemorate this monumental show; We're all behind you.
April 20, 2021
The Plutocracy Report - 02.22.19
Vince rants about recent trivial, infantile and phony stuff in the media matrix; it all just reinforces the great dichotomy of division. Uprising is happening by people in other parts of the world but Vince is fearful in this country of manufactured delusion and apathy we are still as divided and consumed by the democracy show and its asinine actors more than ever. He begins to get more frustrated as the rant goes on and seeks the advice of Juan the guru to re-energize him. The notion the c.i.a is listing to the Plutocracy Report makes Vince declare, "You can try to come and take me away, but don't take me alive!" Steely Dan is featured today. In the second halve we get an update on universal basic income being spun in the media. He talks about the oxymoron of benevolent billionaires. Then after an abbreviated report on Trumps state of emergency we hear more about the plutocrats slow coup endeavor in Venezuela. He declares it's time to end this predictable pattern of plutocracy. Malcolm X and The Dan takes us out to end another great show!
April 20, 2021
The Plutocracy Report - 02.08.19
Today's show is called "the no alternative to Plutocracy paradigm," and we have to break it! The hour consists of Vince giving somber rants and forward thinking ideas. He starts out with a segment on recent weather events, climate change and geoengineering. Next an overview of the U.S led Venezuelan coup d'état from a perspective only Vince could give. This is what they call democracy, Bruce Cockburn sings about it. In the second half Vince talks about Universal Basic Income from his perspective of doing it for compassionate reasons (not to save a collapsing plutocracy) and use it as a catalyst to a new monetary system and culture.He tells us we need to create our own culture and a short clip from Terrance McKenna is played. Vince's original demo from last year, Dust and ash takes us home. Keep radiation love and giving real knowledge to the sleepers…
April 20, 2021
The Plutocracy Report - 02.01.19
Vince, Captain Beyond and Bob Dylan take us to new specters of awareness this week! In the second halve of the show Vince takes a conference call from two voters and tests his skills at getting them to join the Rationalist movement. First he talks about the latest trivial distraction from the main stream media and rants about the bigger picture of this propaganda. Next he speculates on possible false flag events that may occur once our uprising begins in America; then on to the foolishness and dangers of 5G applications. We have to fight to put an end to our destructive, plutocratic control structure and time is running out. We must stand together now because it's not dark yet, but Bobby D tells us, "It's getting there." In the second half Vince talks more about the French yellow jackets and what we can all agree on before
April 20, 2021
The Plutocracy Report - 01.04.19
Vince breaks out of the rusty cage he was trapped in since last week's show and runs his mouth off for another invigorating Plutocracy Report. He demands that people must see the modern media matrix for what it is, mind control, distorted reality, distraction and division, and our power structure has perfected propaganda. He then talks about our authoritarian, police state plutocracy and Utah's new blood alcohol limit law. Next he calls out the new age movement and who he calls "the special spiritual speakers," but then gets interrupted by a new caller! Vince agrees to become spiritual but only for 5 minutes as Jonny Cash sings. We open the second half talking about Russia and what the war plutocrats and their politicians gave Ukraine for Christmas. Vince brags about being perfect in his 2017 predictions now that Elizabeth Warren has announced she wants to play head sock puppet to the plutocrats.
April 20, 2021
The Plutocracy Report - 12.28.18
For the final Plutocracy Report of 2018 Vince exposes more truth; such as This Show Knows How to Rock! He opens with another new term, Population Sedation. He explores the drugging aspect of this wide ranging new term and (armchair) Professor Vince gives the natural, drug and alcohol free, cure to depression. Then Alex Jones is used to demonstrate Crazy, conspiracy, association, propaganda and he uses a famous Professor for a recent example. I'm not sure how to explain what happens next but Vince seems angry. The Music of Genesis is featured today. In the final segment of the year we discuss the President ordering troops out of Syria, and we get some Vinny perspective on those kooky markets. Have a Great and safe New Year everybody! More rants in 2019!!!
April 20, 2021
The Plutocracy Report - 12.14.18
Today's show is what Vince has deemed public soliloquy. He starts out describing the main tactic of the plutocrats for dealing with public uprising as stated by J.D Rockefeller over a century ago. He talks about what is needed to really change our disastrous monetary system and just protests and writing a list of demands isn't gonna be enough. After months of feeling unoptimistic about overthrowing the system of world Plutonomy, Vince seems reenergized by the yellow jacket lion hearts of France. After he lashes out at people who annoy him he states, "I don’t care how pampered and proper you feel about being rich, if you are an inhumane, money minded, biological automaton, I wouldn’t wanna be like you. The Allen Parsons Project is featured today. In the second half Vince rants about immigration, refugees and installing a true people's government and a new rational central planning system free of money influence and full of rationality. People are starting to get it and a French protester explains. It sounds as if he listens to the Plutocracy report. Roger Waters tells us to Wake up and smell the roses on the way out.
April 20, 2021
The Plutocracy Report - 12.07.18
This Colossal 30th Plutocracy Report is unprecedented!!!  Vince tells us where we are at this point both economically and psychologically.  We live in a Scam Society and the French finally had enough of being fleeced by the plutocrats and Vince is ecstatic about it.  He talks about the absurdity of commercial and state run media and how we need a "people's" media that reports only unbiased facts. Vince takes a call from a disgruntled democrat and sent him, "Back to the Hole Where He Came From.” A new song by Rayland Baxter is jammed! In the second half we explore some new propaganda including Ice Age is coming and geoengineering is going main stream. Vince plays a clip about a man who went off grid and is being oppressed by the city. He tells us we are not free because we have a government with a populace not a populace with a government. Only 20th century schizoid man could have allowed this!!!
April 20, 2021
The Plutocracy Report - 11.23.18
The modern media matrix is being used to distract us; from lies and denialisum to confusion and delusion. It creates discord when we should be finding unity against the plutocrats. Vince tries to explain by ranting and using a South Park episode as an example before he is interrupted by another call from Brewha. We all have our different biases and beliefs, and some are extremely polarizing, but we can still unite on the biggest issue that affects us all. Righty or lefty we all know who's still running the world. Jarvis Cocker tells us about it and is featured this week… In the second half we take a look at what the dummycrat party is planning on doing with their new found power in the house. Is real change coming folks? The Trump Administration moves to loosen radiation rules, and says it is only being done to help us because it's so healthy… Oh and it will save a few bucks too. There is some good news coming out of the modern media matrix, more people are questioning the safety and efficacy of vaccines and the pharmaceutical plutocrats don’t like it. We can build on this, keep speaking out! Attachments area
April 20, 2021
The Plutocracy Report - 11.09.18
I would say Vince's opening rant is the most sobering and poignant I have ever heard. The sheep show election has really got to him and explanations are given. We then hear how technology should be used and compare it to how it's used in the Plutonomy by talking about 5G applications which use new spectrum bands in higher frequency ranges of 100 GHz and beyond that affect our skin. Vince answers a Plutohead's question about Occupy Wall Street and talks about what our new movement must demand. All this week's election hype has given Vince a nasty case of the U.S Blues. The Grateful Dead Is featured today. To start the second half Vince viciously berates the Green Party! He then takes a caller for the first time in show history. Before the Dead takes us out Vince tells us to embrace our weirdness and never act like a sheepie…
April 20, 2021
The Plutocracy Report - 10.26.18
Today's show is a raging yet passionate, free form rant that encompasses a wide range of our current problems and delusions. Throughout the show he also talks about solutions and how to remove the plutocrats from their temples of power. We look at recent events and Vince is outraged by independent media censorship and we are given a different perspective on the march of the migrants from Honduras.  Some people still believe an honest democrat or republican will run for office that will actually fight for change if they get elected. Today's song explains what always happens no matter how honest they may seem. Once you take their money you are trapped in the wheel of plutocracy! Today's song explains this nefarious wheel and it's an original by Vince Marcanti and Kevin O'Gorman. Enjoy Mick Wop Music-Trapped in the Wheel. In the second half we hear about the need for us to start a third party movement, People just need to know there is a better way to do everything in this society in decline. His supercharged rant comes to a fuming end and we hear Vince's favorite speech of all time and it seems to have got to him. Where there are tears there is hope…
April 20, 2021
The Plutocracy Report - 10.19.18
This week the Boom King asks the question we all want to know. Who can we trust and why do people still believe lies? Vince explains how people must be made to believe lies from early childhood cultural indoctrination. Despite a life time of programming a mind can still change in a moment of enlightenment. Next: the president admits to the world that science is captured and agenda based but doesn’t call for an end to it.Then we hear about how Trump is thought to be the chosen one and Vince's god voice is spot on. As the final fleecing continues and it's harder to get by. Can you feel the inner city pressure? Flight of the Conchords explains what it's like. The second half kicks off with a mainstream news report telling us how divided and odious we are three weeks before the big elections. Delusion and pettiness is all it takes for the plutocrats to divide us. Vince clarifies why our government is incapable of fixing anything. Change must occur systemically within our socioeconomic system and only the people united can demand and achieve that. Keep waking the sheepies!
April 20, 2021
The Plutocracy Report - Content warning; Listener discretion is advised
Content warning; Listener discretion is advised!  Throughout the show Vince periodically gives the democrat party a vicious, verbal, smack down that is so brutally honest it's hard to hear. He gets in to what the next collapse will entail and why it will not be like anything from the past.  Nothing is sugar coated in this sobering commentary that leads up to the point when people finally learn, you can't eat money! Vince had an idea how we can avoid Plutocracy induced extinction. He needs to become president and be granted full dictatorial power for one year to set things right. His campaign slogan will be the name of the song featured this week by The Who!In the second half Vince continues to verbally beat and berate the Democrats for making sheepies think they are the kinder alternative to Republicans, when in truth they are the biggest obstacle to systemic change. Advice is given at the end of the show. None of us are helpful in the fight for the greater good if we are clinging to the rock of cultural induced anxiety or very unhealthy in the body and mind. Keep your mind sharp, your body strong, and your spirits up. A clip from Allen Watts ends the show and The Who takes us out pure and easy.
April 20, 2021
The Plutocracy Report - 09.14.18
Frank Zappa returns to the show and Vince gives his perspectives on Syria and 9/11. First he explains how he likes to belittle and berate sheepies with sarcastic humor but it does not necessarily mean he has hate for them in his heart.The war propaganda is heating up over the Idlib offensive but Vince doesn't predict a confrontation with Russia but rather a deal. When they talk about Trump making a decision is all a show to veil plutocracy.    What is Donny's opinion on energy policy? Could it be clean and forward thinking or infantile babble to cheer for the status quo energy system of the plutocrats? The President eloquently explains. "I I I just can't believe he is such a fool." Take it away Frank Zappa and the Mothers. The second half kicks off with the most meticulously scripted, ultimate false flag event to start a never ending war and a wasteful homeland security and surveillance money pit boondoggle, all promised to be paid for by our taxes. On the way out Vince mentions chemical ice nucleation, how he loves the Irish youngsters, and vaccine propaganda. It seems there's no way to delay that trouble coming every day.
April 20, 2021
The Plutocracy Report - 09.07.18
Vince's favorite artist is featured again. Starting out he asks us not to give in to the glum paradigm and then rants about party politics, sheepie herd mentality and party shifters. Then he talks about the brainwashing within the dichotomy of division pertaining to healthcare. Vince plays a rightie clip that makes him nauseous. We then take a look at what the war plutocrats are up to and hear from the maniacal, death walrus, John Bolton and a prediction is made. The people who order bombings and killings and the ones who follow the orders are sociopathic cowards and pawns who play the game with the bravery of being out of range, Roger Waters will explain! A new segment kicks off the second half called, Man You Nuts!  He then talks about what true progress would be, and it's not just asking for more work and slightly higher wages for the struggling workers who spend most of their life working already. Things are happening just like the always do and this time we need to change it. It feels like Déjà vu… Roger takes us out with a beautiful song.
April 20, 2021
The Plutocracy Report - 08.31.18
This show will make you feel the earth move under your feet. Carole King is featured. In the first halve Vince rants about facebook censorship but it inevitably digresses in to the underlying reason of every nefarious and socially destructive issue, PLUTOCRACY and the need to end it. He talks about feeling negative energy from defeatists and comic book conspiracy freaks and then thanks his friends for supporting him. It would be nice if we could get together for a party but you're all so far away. Sing it Carole! In the second half Vince explains how plutocracy is the unifying and correct term to clarify what the root cause of every problem is.He comments on the new Peter Phillips book, Giants: The global power elite and the Citi Group report: Plutonomy part 1, to prove his point. We then hear some sad news; Vince won't be doing his "John McCain" voice anymore! In a hasty wrap up he briefly mentions leftie climate change delusions and perverted catholic priests…
April 20, 2021
The Plutocracy Report - 08.17.18
This monumental 20th show features a ground breaking announcement and idea that Vince thinks will transfer the entire human species from insanity to humanity. First he gets in to the how fear is the main mechanism of control. We also hear about toxic masculinity and the explosion of disinformation and denialisum in America. He also mentions how misinformed people are about geoengineering. We then hear about what plutocrats think is the best way to spend their obscene amount of doe and how plutocrat philanthropy is a scam. There is only one thing they love and Randy Newman tells us what it is. In the second half we hear about Brexit, no Brexit and no deal Brexit. Next the issue of censorship is discussed; it's not just crazy right wing kooks getting banned, Alex Jones is just cover for the censorship of rational voices that don’t align with the plutocrat propaganda that are or will soon be getting banned as well. The worm apocalypse is upon us and we also hear about the new age of RADIATION MAN. The show concludes with a clip of Terence McKenna. As we continue the fight let's have the felt presence of experience a part of every moment and within that we can find what really matters…Love! Attachments area
April 20, 2021
The Plutocracy Report - 08.10.18
Nobody told me there'd be shows like this! Vince devotes the entire first half rant for his climate segment this week. His anger includes the inactive lefties but focuses on the righty, climate change deniers, on the far fringe. From N.W.O created hurricanes, to Direct Energy Weapons used to cause the wild fires, to flat earthers, this rant is off the hook! A point is made; there is enough real proof of climate change and destructive governance to warrant an immediate overthrow of our Plutocracy, so quit making stuff up because it discredits real government conspiracy that we are trying to inform people of. Is this kind of disinformation a sly tactic coming from within the power structure?  We need to inform people of verifiable facts and try to bring them to reality and understand what needs to change. It's crazy out there and john Lennon explains… Vince indulges in making fun of Trump supporters, but then is kind enough to mention one thing he likes about them. After a few more stories he is outraged about, as promised, he end's on good news. Keep informing our apathetic sisters and brothers that we live in a depraved plutocracy and we all need to unite to change that!  Power to the people…
April 20, 2021
The Plutocracy Report - 07.27.18
This week's show may help you achieve Nirvana! But first angry Vince insists on us understanding this whole Russia-gate show business. This rant seems to be a final slap in the face for people who still think there is a power struggle between Trump and the war plutocrats (aka the deep state.) Vince takes some time to self analyze while talking about our society, drunks and dummies. The song Dumb is played and it never seemed so relevant. The rant continues about how frustrating it is to make uninformed people (aka sheepies) consider something outside their belief system. The question of the week is; shall we continue to cast our pearls before swine? A new segment called, "What da Hell going on out there," features four stories, two are true and two are fake news, can you discern between them? A white helmet update is mentioned before he says, "Baa Buyyyy…"
April 20, 2021
The Plutocracy Report - 07.06.18
In observance of Independence Day Vince gives the most basic and revealing expose' of the rise of American Plutocracy. From 1775 to 1914 we hear about the struggles of poor people and the tactics of the plutocrats that lead to their total control of our lives and country. The report climaxes with a Woody Guthrie song.  Before that the show starts with a look at record breaking heat and geo engineering. In the second half we hear the immoral mindset of a wrinkly old, sociopathic plutocrat. Donald Trump then explains how we need to compete with other countries by being more brutal with our wage slavery. Vince then talks about the idea of universal basic income and how something like this could actually be agreed to by the plutocrats to save their own asses…
April 20, 2021
The Plutocracy Report - 06.15.18
PEOPLE GET READY for a mind blowing Plutocracy Report featuring Curtis Mayfield. After a quick environmental report we hear about an exciting referendum that took place last Sunday in Switzerland that directly takes aim at the banking plutocrats! Vince builds the excitement before giving the results. Next we hear about a major protest that took place in Britain and the people actually chased down the police. What could this amazing protest be about? Are they challenging the plutocrats and demanding their government back? Vince gives us the skinny. Then we hear about how America treats whistle blowers and how utterly ignorant and brutal our cowardly cops operate in this modern police state plutocracy. We are all to blame for letting our country get so bad, therefore if there's a hell bellow, we all gonna go, sing it to us Curtis Mayfield. While the big show of the two most comical leaders meeting was happening, we find out what else is going on, like a new false flag being set up in Syria. After hearing about how we are purposely being dumbed down, Vince mentions Anthony Bourdain and hints about foul play surrounding his death. He then talks about suicide and why it's on the rise. Wrapping up he gives us his advice on the matter. Keep on keeping on Brothers and sisters!
April 20, 2021
The Plutocracy Report - 06.08.18
Vince starts out by giving us the latest trump tweet that the talking heads got to play with. Next we take a look at recent environmental events while bashing the mainstream media. Then we explore what is likely to soon occur within the economy and his diatribe delves in to the great depression and F.D.R's proposal in 1944 for a second bill of rights. If the economy is so good and unemployment and inflation is so low, how come some of us can't make it here anymore? James Mcmurtry is featured in this musical segment. The second half features more proof of plutocracy and a glimpse at China's Orwellian control structure. Last we hear about Israel treating wounded al-queda fighters to fight in Syria. Vince makes his final comments and Chicago takes us out with the song Free from 1974…
April 20, 2021
The Plutocracy Report - 06.01.18
The plutocrat's plans are revealed. Vince immediately launches in to a tirade about the revelation he recently had over Trumps part in the Democracy show. He gives his perspective on future predictions as well as how the last election was planned and coined a new term for these times. The commentary gets in to the economy, fiat money, stages of empire, collective delusion and a check up on how the climate change debate is going in our government. His remarks shifts to Hamas and the blame game of the power brokers, before ending up with the disheartening rise of hate in our times. Next we hear about how a Canadian town just classified the anarchy symbol as hate speech. Vince the narcissist thinks it may be because of his last show and the plutocrats are getting scared. In the ending segment he says goodbye to a close friend and plays an original song. The Good Ones Go Away…
April 20, 2021
The Plutocracy Report - 05.18.18
ANARCHY IN THE U.S.A! Well to be more precise Cooperative anarchy. Vince explains the concept in the first half of today's show by giving the real definition outside the dichotomy of division. He also touches on the pentagon's secret waste and some democrats obsession with spelling errors. After that he explains how hearing the news of Trumps approval rating going up and 67% of people polled say America is going in the right direction, has him feeling like giving up, so he plays a song by Tom Waits for inspiration. In the second half he explores why people must think the country is going in the right direction, because the stock market hasn't crashed yet! Could it be that people think stock buy backs is a good thing. He explains how much it's going on and plays a clip about how big pharma is doing it instead of research and development. After talking about how Trump is a disaster he wraps up the show by talking about the inhumane actions of the Israel Defense Force killing and injuring Palestinian protesters. His message to the peaceful protesters is to stay safe until we can overthrow the tyrants. Hold On! We shall overcome someday! Roger Waters is featured for the end song…
April 20, 2021
The Plutocracy Report - 05.11.18
The tenth installment of The Plutocracy Report begins with Vince ranting about the need to demand a new, simple, fair and equal tax system. It's time for us to unite, make demands as a majority and finally be involved in the government process. After that he explores how the righties are seeing Trump as a hero in a delusional haze of hatred of the left. This tactic works on both sides of the dichotomy of division. The song segment features Wilco and is radiantly set up by Vince explaining how the right and left wings need to come together on the big issue we can all agree on; one wing will never fly. The second half kicks off by taking a look at the extreme edges of climate change, from (very) near term human extinction to total climate change denial. Vince gets angry because he feels people are choosing apathy over action and no one ever seems to want to fight for change. Then we hear about how Iran is being set up for something and its playing out now. In closing, what does plutocrat Jeff Bezos think is the best way for him to blow some doe. The answer proves the ultra wealthy are mentally ill.
April 20, 2021
The Plutocracy Report - 05.04.18
This week show begins with Vince complaining about his week, and then he gets in to the heart wrenching story of Alfie Evans, the toddler who died last weekend after The British health system said its time to pull the plug and how the rightie sites are using the story. Then he gives his opinion on healthcare for America. Next Vince demonstrates that a major reason the plutocrats and sheep people will say we can't change is because it will lead to loss of jobs. Then he gives his solutions and how plausible and easy it is to achieve them (e.g. don’t listen to the political eggheads). Then we find out how allowing corporations to make our biggest societal decisions works out by checking in on what Ford Motor Company is planning. The musical segment features another original song Vince co-wrote that asks the question, "How would it feel if it affected YOU?" DO most people care that something is wrong if it doesn’t directly affect them? You know Vince has some opinions. The second half starts with a leftie clip that proves we live in a plutocracy but they never use the word and why even the fringe democrats and republicans are useless. Then he finishes with Hillary Clinton and John McCain as promised from last week. (Spoiler alert!!! he doesn’t like them)
April 20, 2021
The Plutocracy Report - 04.27.18
On this eighth show Vince presents his highly anticipated commentary on human nature. The term has been misused and misunderstood and he will prove it. But first he gives a short update on Syria and how it is being perceived by people who support killing Assad. In the musical segment Vince explains that he doesn’t hate America like some righties have said, it is the ruling elite that he hates but he loves America as a true patriot; and he plays a song by David Byrne to further his sentiment. The second half starts off with comments about the f.u.k.u.s nations and the level of propaganda is equal. Then he comments on a few sound bites showing some voices of opposition slipped out in the mainstream news. The show ends abruptly after a short rant about, Hillary the sore loser, that couldn’t be finish this week as Vince ran out of time before he could finish, but promised to continue it next week along with much more…
April 20, 2021
The Plutocracy Report - 04.20.18
Don’t miss this weeks historic show! The seventh installment of The Plutocracy Report features a new, original song Vince co wrote, and it is relevant today because it pertains to NECULAR WAR. This Is a Progressive Radio Network exclusive debut of a new, epic song! But first Vince comments about the unusual weather we had last weekend, and then gets in to his comments and reports on the allied bankers and war plutocrats and their plans for Syria and continued world hegemony. After the debut of a new song in the music segment at the half way point, as promised from last week, Vince finally gives his extended commentary on Donald Trump. Lastly, he offers more proof we are under plutocratic control that will always see profit as more important than humanity and the earth itself.
April 20, 2021
The Plutocracy Report - 04.13.18
The sixth show of the Plutocracy Report, Vince gets right in to Syria and the alleged chemical attack. Then he talks about good journalists and how we may be losing our freedom to information soon if we don’t fight for it now. He then draws an example of what we did to Libya in 2011 and how the mass media reported it. The musical segment features Todd Rundgren and a song Vince draws hope from. The second half starts out with false flag events and how we need to focus on real ones and not improvable distraction conspiracy. He also relates this to how people can still believe global warming is a hoax. In the last minutes he gives a heartfelt salute to Michael C Rupert who left us on this day 4 years ago…
April 20, 2021
The Plutocracy Report - 03.30.18
In this weeks show Vince starts off talking about what he's noticing in nature from his little part of the world and what we're seeing with the insect population. Then he mentions a candidate for senate in Michigan that supports giving shotguns to homeless people but has a great foreign policy platform and gets in to the Illinois governor race where a multi billionaire will challenge a billionaire. Following that he brings up the need to remove Religion from government that righties are good with and how lefties need to stop seeing government as a religion, before playing a great Frank Zappa tune pertaining to this. In the second half we hear about the 1.3 trillion dollar spending bill and the division tactics going on, as well as a personal financial suggestion. He then comments about poorly trained police and the deadly danger as a result. After quick comments about facebook he wraps up another great show.
April 20, 2021
The Plutocracy Report - 03.23.18
The Plutocracy Report 38 In this show Vince starts with an angry commentary about our skies. Then he talks about solving problems by looking at things from a different mindset, as he touches on creating a new currency, Fukushima, and the gulf oil spill disaster. Next he plays a song by Roger Waters that he connects to Israeli oppression over the Palestinians and having empathy. After that he gets in to the disharmony coming from the right side of the dichotomy and he calls for finding common ground to unite. Lastly, a comment on the gun debate and how it is used as a division tactic that works every time.
April 20, 2021
The Plutocracy Report - 03.16.18
In this week show, Vince begins with a commentary on negative people. Then he touches on the war plutocrats and explains how they try to scare us to justify the enormous military budget. In the third segment he talks about science and research and explains how we are deceived by science for continued, iniquitous profits of the giant corporations, this is allowed even when they are harming our health and environment and it must end. Next he talks about the astounding exaggerations on Russian interference that the liberal shows are still obsessed with. Lastly, he has an important message about millennials before wrapping up the show.
April 20, 2021
The Plutocracy Report - 03.09.18
Tune in to The Plutocracy Report every week as Vince takes listeners deep inside the governmental narrative of the mainstream media/propaganda system and exposes the motivation behind the stories and why they are reported is such a way. Apart from providing listeners with a broader, two sided view of everything pertinent in the news. The show also contains humor, in part with sarcasm over the absurdity of our media and culture, as well as personal experiences, heartfelt honesty, and sympathy from his unique paradigm.  A main ongoing aspect will be about what Vince calls the Dichotomy of Division. This phrase of his defines how the American people are split into two parties, under the guise of democracy, believing that there is no other option but following one of these two failed and controlled parties. This is, of course, all deception to believe the status quo would ever change within this system, when it is unequivocally a veiled plutocracy and Vince will examine the proof. After every segment he will discuss the root causality to every dilemma and political issue and explain what needs to be done to fix it. "The only way to create an egalitarian society that utilizes science and technology to benefit every human being, while taking care of the biosphere, is for us to break the dichotomy of division and unite to overthrow the sociopathic Plutocrats." That is the underlying message of The Plutocracy Report.
April 20, 2021
The Plutocracy Report - 04.06.18
In the fifth show, Vince reports that 74% of Americans believe the government is run by a secret committee. Then he mentions how America is currently and has historically been involved in selling arms and supporting terror by violent regimes and dictatorships under democrats and republicans equally. After touching on the violence going on in Gaza he plays a song by Bruce Cockburn that he relates to how the oppressed must feel. In the second half he brings up a poor man president from Uruguay and plays parts of a Trump speech and things his new national security advisor had said. Wrapping up he mentions a good millennial candidate for Hawaii's congress and what's to come next week.
April 20, 2021