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Architectural Education | Off the Record

Architectural Education | Off the Record

By Vincent Hui
This podcast is a candid series of discussions and interviews on all things related to architectural education.
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Guest Interview | Christine Leu

Architectural Education | Off the Record

Guest Interview | Court Sin
Continuing with our look at the diversity of architectural practices, we are joined by Court Sin, Studio Director- Architecture, at FORREC, a multidisciplinary company with an exciting and eclectic portfolio of entertainment architecture ranging from retail and museums to theme parks. An established architect with teaching experience, Court brings his insights on the intertwined future of architecture, narrative, and media. FORREC Website: FORREC Instagram: @forrecdesigns Linkedin: Twitter = @forrecdesigns
May 09, 2021
Graduate School Applications
Just as the academic term draws to an end and students begin recovering from deadlines and exams, another issue continues to simmer in the background – graduate school applications. In this episode we are joined by several students set to embark upon their Master of Architecture degrees at institutions near and far. Discussing everything from the challenges of proper preparation (hint: it’s not just a portfolio) for application through to factors that weigh in on making a decision, this episode covers a range of facets many students face in considering continuing their architectural education. With insights from Sophie, Monika, Shengnan, Lena, Tanya, and Liane, this is an episode loaded with tips that helped them get into their programs. It is never too early to start!
May 02, 2021
Time Management and Learning Supports
Deadline season is around the corner and rather than brace for the inevitable stress and crunch, why not consider taking a moment to sort out project priorities and more importantly, undertake in some proper time management? While architecture students are smart, for some reason they do not necessarily learn from past mistakes. In this episode we present ways to address time management in architectural education. We are joined by Ann Wilkin, Learning Strategist, from the Student Skills and transition Support, Student Life and Learning Support group at Ryerson University who offers tips for students in anticipation of not only the immediate deadline season but also future academic and professional development. We also expose Ann to the "unique" conditions in architecture with perspectives from Daniel and Cason. Lots of eye-opening information going both ways in this episode! Ryerson Student Life and Learning Site  Holistic Time Management Presentation  Urgency Priority Grid  If you need to reach out for direct support, please feel free to contact
April 10, 2021
High School Q&A
In response to the flurry of inquiries from applicants and high school students about the Department of Architectural Science, we determined that it was about time to bring the voices to the same table. In this episode we are joined by high school students, Connor and Fatima, who pose questions to a panel of current and past DAS students including Tamoy, Tabitha, and Mariah. Applicants are receiving offers and we are delivering answers - hear the various perspectives on getting in and through the program! Ryerson Admissions Twitter handle: Ryerson Admissions Instagram handle: Ryerson Admissions Facebook:
April 03, 2021
Guest Interview | Jason Fung
Architect, Ryerson DAS alumnus, employer, and all-round good person, Jason Fung joins us in a great conversation about actually making it on his own with his own architecture firm. While many graduates and students work in larger organizations, others enjoy a greater sense of agency and freedom in operating their own design practices. Beyond ambition, there are many facets of the business of architecture that emerging practitioners need to be mindful of ranging from IT and accounting systems through to talent and client acquisition. Even though these types of challenges might not be top of mind for enthusiastic architecture students, Jason provides us with stories that offer a great glimpse into some of the business aspects of architecture often skimmed through in architecture curricula. Website: Instagram: Facebook: Email:
March 27, 2021
Faculty Discussion
If we think back to our education, we can all remember the best and worst instructors and how they impacted our perspectives on topics. We also know that they are (for better or worse) unforgettable. The Department of Architectural Science is currently conducting an extremely ambitious hiring search for three new faculty members, each reflecting one of the facets of the program (Architecture, Building Science, and Project Management). In this episode we are joined by Clare, Christopher, and Heba who share their perspectives on what they would want to see in a new faculty members as well as get an insight on the three major duties faculty have to undertake.
March 11, 2021
Guest Interview | Peter Marshall
Ever thought about taking your architectural education into other industries like visualization, game design, or theme park design? Ever wondered what happens if you take a bit longer to complete your studies? Well, you're in luck with this podcast episode where we have an extensive chat with Peter Marshall, Creative Director at Forrec Ltd. From translating his acumen with visualization in architecture school into a lighting designer role at Rockstar Games Inc. to creating theme parks around the world and bringing properties to life, Peter's career reinforces a core facet for success in many industries, most notably architecture - the role of narrative. Join us in this episode as we chat about everything from shutting down campus' computer mainframes for renderings to translating John Wick into a ride. Peter Marshall's Instagram: @peterabmarshall Peter's perspectives on design innovations: Forrec's Twitter: @forrecdesigns The upcoming John Wick Ride: 
February 28, 2021
Curricular Comparison
It's that time of year again where applicants are starting to receive offers of admission into postsecondary programs. Though we don't go explicitly talk about other programs, we take a moment to round out our ongoing series for first year applicants specifically looking at what the Department of Architectural Science curriculum offers its students. All accredited programs are good and provide their students with a solid education in architecture; however they are not all the same. In this episode we are joined by Jayna, from first year, and Eileen, currently finishing her fourth year, as they discuss their perspectives on the curricular differentiators of the program including concentrations, technical knowledge, and professional preparation... as well as random, virtual snowball fights and bad decisions made at 3 AM...
February 25, 2021
Guest Interview | Daniel Hall
In this episode we are joined by Daniel Hall from The Architect Builders Collective Inc., a progressive architecture firm in Toronto specializing in affordable, healthy green design. With a career marked with hands-on experience, from carpentry through to leading-edge digital fabrication, Daniel has infused TABC with a sensitivity to the diversity of facets that are involved in creating the built environment. Join us in hearing Daniel's perspectives on a range of topics from design education through to emergent design challenges such as sustainability and laneway housing. The Architect Builders Collective Inc. Website: TABC Centre for Social Innovation Entry:  Toronto Laneway Suites Website: 
February 18, 2021
Revisiting Online Architectural Education
Almost a year into the pandemic there have been various shifts and changes to teaching architecture in an online environment. From students readily jumping into online collaboration tools to faculty learning how to run video lectures, everyone has had ample time to adjust to the new normal in architectural education.  Over the past month we have been inundated with requests on information from prospective students about the nature of online studio and courses so what better way to get an insight than getting the opinions of students. In this episode we are joined by Milo, Khushi, Horia, and Oscar as they share their experiences from their online Fall term.
February 16, 2021
Guest Interview | Andrea Ling
Architecture is not always just about buildings - it is a design discipline that has a legacy of inter- and multidisciplinary activity. Design researchers are constantly examining new materials and methods in creating the built environment. Join us as we interview distinguished artist, researcher, and architect Andrea Ling on her award-winning work and collaborations that bridge a range of other disciplines including fashion, biology, and obscure fairy tales. With an education drawn from science through to MIT's Media Lab and currently working at ETH Zurich, Andrea's knowledge and experience reaffirms the convergent mandate of architecture. Andrea's Website: The Girl in the Wood Frock  Aguahoja
February 09, 2021
Application Anxiety
It's that time of year again when applicants to architecture programs start asking questions... lots of questions. Though official university websites offer glossy imagery and official procedures on how to apply, it is always reassuring to know that everyone gets a bit anxious when going through the various hurdles to get into an architecture program. From grades and portfolios to drawing and writing tests, sometimes getting into an architecture program is best compared to a reality television show. In this episode we are joined by Aanshi and Si Jia as they recount their application experience and offer comfort to all those who are applying to architecture programs.
February 05, 2021
Guest Interview | Pierre-Alexandre Le Lay
An accomplished young architect and educator, Pierre-Alexandre Le Lay has an assortment of academic and professional distinctions that epitomize what many students aspire for. While he has established himself as an architect with RAW Design, some might be surprised to discover that he didn't embark on an architectural education when entering university. Join us as we interview Pierre-Alexandre and follow his emergent career including a science degree, questionable research accommodations, and his secret language skills... RAW Design Profile 
February 01, 2021
Guest Interview | Diana Brecher
It's that time of year again - no, not the holiday season (that's still about a month away),  we're talking about the end of year studio deadlines!  While many students typically find themselves getting less sleep, less food, and generally less hygienic,  they also are getting more anxious, stressed, and fatigued. With the pandemic and isolation only compounding these challenges, it is unsurprising that students this year are more stressed than usual. In this episode we are joined by Dr. Diana Brecher, Clinical Psychologist, faculty member, and Scholar-in-Residence, Positive Psychology for the Thrive RU program in Student Affairs. She shares with us recent findings about the state of mental health in the university, mitigation strategies, and other resources that can prove to be useful to students in the program. From taking her SSH102 Learning and Development Strategies (imagine getting credit for a course on learning minimizing stress while learning!) to her 20-second hack on getting stuff done, Dr. Brecher gives a range of tips for students to survive this term and to succeed in the next. Diana Brecher Bio:,-Dr.&text=Dr.-,Diana%20Brecher%20is%20the%20Scholar%2Din%2DResidence%20for%20Positive%20Psychology,a%20counsellor%2C%20supervisor%20and%20director. NCHA data on Ryerson Students can be found at: The Ryerson report on Student Wellbeing: Thriving in Action can be found here The ThriveRU website, which includes resources such as the Cultivate Your Happiness workbook - The TED talk Dr. Brecher mention on sleep: Dr. Brecher's course, SSH102 Learning and Development Strategies  (the for-credit version of Thriving in action) is an open elective and can be found here:
December 05, 2020
Guest Interview | Philip Hastings
As a recipient of numerous architecture distinctions for nearly twenty years and a key player in literally building Ryerson University's Department of Architectural Science, Gow Hastings Architects is a well-known architecture firm among the student population.   How did the firm come about? How did it become so successful? We were fortunate to have Gow Hastings co-founder, Philip Hastings, join us as we delve into his past and gain insights on how he succeeded in the industry. We also learn his perspective on "good times", working abroad, dating classmates, and other tips for architecture students. Gow Hastings Architects  Paul H. Cocker Architecture Gallery (ArchDaily)  Ryerson University Student ServiceHub (Archello)  Odeyto Indigenous Centre: Honorable Mention (The Architecture Master Prize)  Niagara College (Interior Design) 
November 23, 2020
Guest Interview | Camille Mitchell
Camille Mitchell has been a prominent voice in the Canadian design industry advocating for greater equity and diversity in architecture through her roles on BAIDA and BEAT. She is also a student from the past who is always willing to share a moment to provide insights to future design professionals. In this episode Camille shares her experiences and memories from the profession and in architectural education. List as she also suggests (occasionally contentious) tips for young architects... A FEW ARTICLES ON CAMILLE CBC HERstory Working From Home with Camille Mitchell Follow her on Instagram: BEAT  BAIDA  Black Lives Matter Episode
November 18, 2020
Halloween Stories 2020
In the spirit of Halloween, this episode is a quick recounting of a few spooky stories in architecture both near and far. Ryerson Theatre School Winchester Mansion Taliesin
October 31, 2020
Social Media and Community
While social media is a ubiquitous component in daily life, it has a special value for architecture students as it is a font of inspirational imagery, headlines on new architectural works, and insights into what is currently on architects' minds. At a more pragmatic level, social media is about connecting people, whether in a localized community like school or on a larger scale for public outreach. In this episode we hear from Noah, Saroash, and Evan about their experience with social media as DAS students during the COVID-19 pandemic.
October 28, 2020
Concentration Conversation: Architecture
Within Ryerson Architectural Science, the core fourth year concentration in Architecture is the most popular. With a great degree of flexibility, conceptual thinking, diversity of emergent architectural issues, and ability to serve as a transition into both industry and graduate studies. Joined by Joana and Kevin, DAS graduates both recent and long ago, we discuss their experiences with the Architecture option and how it laid the groundwork for their nascent careers.  Apologies for the terrible audio - the microphone situation didn't pan out! Architectural Science Options:  Project Management Option Podcast Episode: Building Science Option Podcast Episode
October 23, 2020
Back in the Swing of Things
We have been preparing for it for the past few months and undertaking small trials over the summer on what the best practices for course delivery and oversight on studios could be. A month into the new term and it's worth taking a moment to see how we are doing. Join us as we speak with four undergraduate students, Kateryna, Venessa, Matt, and Shengnan as we get an impression on how the new school year is proceeding. While the three upper year students offer sage advice and insights on how to survive online studios and courses, our first year student doesn't hold back at the end as she puts each upper year on the hot seat.
October 14, 2020
Guest Interview | Paul Floerke
Paul Floerke has been a professor with the Department of Architectural Science in the undergraduate program, primarily in third year studio, and in the Master of Architecture studio.  Over the past few years he has overseen the mobility program within the Department that has grown to inculcate global perspectives in the education of its students. From Canada to Germany and back again, Paul joins us as he looks into the new academic year. Website:  Faculty Profile: Detailing Architecture Book:
September 09, 2020
Getting to Know DAS Student Societies
An architectural education is more than simply classes and studio (it just happens to feel that way sometimes). It is a community of students, faculty, and professionals that share the same perspectives on supporting the next generation of professionals in the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction industry. Within DAS, there are three student societies, the Architecture Course Union (ACU), the American Institute of Architecture Students (AIAS), and the Architecture Student Society (ArcSoc). What do these different groups do? What do they have planned for this coming year? How can you get involved? Fortunately we had the three leaders of the societies, Sadberk (ACU), Pranjl (AIAS), and Treya (ArcSoc) join us to inform us on their plans for the new academic year... and also make every other year jealous of this year's Orientation package! ACU Instagram: Facebook: Website: American Institute of Architecture Students Website: Instagram: Twitter: @aiasryerson Facebook: Architecture Student Society (ArcSoc) Website: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: @arc_soc
September 01, 2020
Guest Interview | Andrea Ridgley
It's that time of year again, where students are about to jump into classes (at least virtually), work on assignments, and submit them for assessment. In a perfect world, that would be the whole story. Unfortunately sometimes students are called in on a suspicion of academic misconduct. It can be a stressful experience to say the least. In this episode we are joined by Andrea Ridgley from the Academic Integrity Office, a neutral body within the university, who outlines what academic integrity means, how to prevent it, and the process should a student be called in.  From first year to grad students, it is always good to brush up on good practice and how to avoid the process altogether. Website:
September 01, 2020
First Year Orientation
As the Fall 2020 term ramps up, first years are anxious and eager to start the new year. In this episode we have a candid chat with incoming first years, Jake, Amanda, and Daniel and try to bust myths about architectural education.
August 30, 2020
Guest Interview | Mark Tholen
Having taught for the past 12 months within the Department of Architectural Science, Mark Tholen is a relatively new addition to the stable of accomplished sessional instructors infusing their experience and knowledge into the classroom and studio. Though Mark has taught in second and fourth year studios and Advanced Digital Design, most students and faculty have not had an opportunity to get to know him. In this episode we hear about his perspectives on hands-on experiential learning and the nature of innovation in design. We also get an insight on his upcoming option studio for the Fall 2020 term... and how he stays in buildings during fire alarms... Mark Tholen Bio: OCADU Steam Canoe Winter Station:
August 12, 2020
Student Tips for the New Academic Year
While the global pandemic has made many of us lose track of time, the new school year is coming about sooner than later. In this episode we are joined by students from first year through to recent graduates who offer perspectives on each year in the DAS Architectural Science curriculum, tips on what to prepare for, and of course how to succeed. Faye, Alyssa, Lena, and Keanu offer insights that help students and faculty alike on how to prepare for the new school year - from locking down team members to growing from crits, they offer suggestions on not simply how to survive, but succeed in the program. 
August 08, 2020
Guest Interview | Albert Smith
Having taught students all across North America in various schools of architecture, Albert Smith has been a fixture for generations of undergraduate students, particularly in entering first year. In this episode, Al shares his global perspective on architecture, ideas on representation in architecture, and experiences teaching first year students. We also find out how he regrets quoting certain people in his books and architecture student pranks that seem like too much work...
August 04, 2020
325 Magazine
325 Magazine is the annual publication from and by the students within the Department of Architectural Science. It serves to highlight their great work and reaches an audience throughout the industry and general public both locally in the GTA and around the world. Each year a dedicated team of students raise funds, assemble content, and generate a magazine that demonstrates the strength of DAS students to design. In this episode we are joined by executive members of the 325 Magazine team, Arash, Kyle, Gladys, and Caitlin. Keep up to date, submit to the upcoming edition, or better yet, join the team! Instagram: @325magazine Project submission: Online Edition: Email:
July 22, 2020
Guest Interview | Miljana Horvat
Serving as both a faculty member (teaching everything from first year studio to graduate building science courses) as well as the Associate Dean of Graduate Studies for the Faculty of Engineering and Architectural Science, Miljana Horvat is a highly accomplished educator and administrator. In this episode she shares her perspective on building science and design and some tips on succeeding in the long and winding road of an architectural education. Miljana Horvat Bio Twitter @miljanahorvat
July 13, 2020
COVID Convocation - congratulations!
Where the end of June usually marks the official completion of many students as they graduate with their degrees, the COVID-19 Pandemic has unfortunately forced many convocations to be cancelled or at the very least postponed into subsequent terms. In this episode we take a moment with Bernadette, Jeanette, and Adam, all students who were set to graduate this year, and hear them reminisce about the highs, lows, and funny parts of their undergraduate architectural careers. We get their perspectives on some of the profs that made an impact on their development and also get some tips for students still in the program.
July 07, 2020
Guest Interview | Masha Etkind
Having taught for over 30 years within the Department of Architectural Science, Masha Etkind has been a mentor to thousands of students in a range of courses from history and studio to structures and construction. In this episode we discover how Masha initiated curricular and pedagogical initiatives that have become anchors in the DAS program. Masha's Faculty Profile
June 26, 2020
Working in a Pandemic
We all know that there are many benefits to co-op ranging from real world application of skills developed in school to developing soft skills and networking that are critical to success in the industry. But what happens when that model of operation is abruptly put to an end and then transitioned into an exclusively online paradigm? In this episode we are joined by Ben and Vanessa, current co-op students, who compare their co-op experiences before and after the pandemic. IBI Group Taylor Smyth Architects 
June 21, 2020
Guest Interview | Garth Norbraten
We have a chance to interview with Garth Norbraten, an architect, educator, and proud Saskatchewanian who has been teaching at Ryerson University's Department of Architectural Science for nearly a decade. As if destined to enter the industry, Garth recounts his upbringing in the Canadian Prairies, education around the world, entry into the industry and return to academia. And just like any all the architecture profs, we find out his strange habits and hobbies - if you didn't know him, you would never have guessed them... Johnson Norbraten Architect Inc. Garth Norbraten's House in The Globe and Mail Profile at the 2007 Twenty + Change Next Generation
June 14, 2020
Black Perspectives on Architectural Education
Over the past few months protests have erupted around the world responding to racial inequalities and mistreatment. This has been happening for centuries and has consciously and unconsciously seeped into society including governance, finance, and even education. Architectural education is no different. In this episode we speak with past and present Ryerson students, David, Tapenga, and Adneth who share their perspectives on being black in the architecture academy and industry.  David Campbell: Arup: Black Architects Discussed Francis Kéré: David Adjaye: Kunle Adeyemi: Building Equality in Architecture Toronto BEAT National Organization of Minority Architects NOMA Black Architects and Interior Designers Association The Architecture Lobby Some Social Media Accounts on Instagram – some good local ones too (Courtesy of David): @blackurbanism_TO @aliseinwonderland @michaelford @hiphoparchitecture @DeNichols @theblarchitect @jay_pitter @ms_camillemitchell
June 11, 2020
Guest Interview | Justin Perdue
School might seem like a long time away, but it never hurts to sharpen your ability to simply get things done. From a student perspective, is the studio lifestyle we live something that continues into professional practice? For professionals, what should we be doing to ensure students are able to properly manage themselves on real projects? In this episode we are joined by Justin Perdue, Principal at HDR Architecture's Toronto office. He gives tips on how students can learn to balance their time and get projects done not only in studio but in the industry - while also recounting some of his design work. From Integrated Project Delivery to  Halloween costumes, we have an informative and nostalgic look at productivity. HDR Architecture Justin Perdue Information 2019 Canadian Architect Award Winner for John Deutsch University Centre Renovation Profile Getting Things Done (GTD) by David Allen
June 08, 2020
Concentration Conversation: Building Science
Success in the architecture is not simply a matter of presenting a seductive design, it is inherently tied to its feasibility. Building Science is not only essential in translating design innovation to constructed reality, it also presents a range of tools for contemporary architects to design for higher performance and lower adverse impacts. In this episode we are joined by two Matts, Matthew Sauder, a recent graduate from the Bachelor of Architectural Science Building Science Concentration, and Matthew Tokarik, a graduate from the Building Science graduate program. Between the two of them, we outline the value of Building Science in contemporary practice, the way the technical can be equally creative as design, and what the prospects are for those empowered with Building Science knowledge... we also find out how (and how not) to promote student bonding in classes... Department of Architectural Science Building Science Graduate Studies Matthew Tokarik, Vice-President Subterra Department of Energy 2014 Race To Zero Winners: Harvest Home
June 05, 2020
Guest Interview | Marco Polo
In this episode, we get a chance to chat with Marco Polo, Graduate Program Director for Architecture in Ryerson University, distinguished academic and author, and past-editor of Canadian Architect magazine. We discuss everything from the value of history and theory in architectural education and teaching studio through to pursuing graduate degrees and thesis. We also chat about getting banned from doing studio reviews and the drama that arises in final presentations and deadlines. Faculty Profile Architecture and National Identity: The Centennial Projects 50 Years On Marco Polo and Colin Ripley (Presentation at University of Calgary)
June 03, 2020
Working While Studying Architecture
If you thought working a 25+ hour course load and an additional ~50 hours of homework/studio was intense, you'd be right. If you thought about doing it all while undertaking an additional 25+ hours of working a part-time job on the side was possible, you'd be one of our students on this episode. It's not ideal nor is it easy, but it is possible. Tuition, books, computers, model materials, plotting, rent, and food are not going to pay for themselves! We are joined by two students from our Architectural Science program, Dani and Destiny, who have been working while balancing the pressures of school and studio.  Offering tips on dealing  with employers, faculty, classmates, these ladies provide a glimpse into the life of a student studying architecture concurrently with work demands. Co-Operative Education
May 31, 2020
Guest Interview | Drew Adams
How do I become a great designer? How can I become a national award-winning architect? If I'm not the best student, is there even a chance? In this episode we are joined by Drew Adams, the 2020 recipient of the RAIC Emerging Architect Award as he recounts his distinguished career (thus far) and offers insights on how students can be better students, professionals, and people - because that's just the kind of guy Drew is. RAIC Award Citation LGA Architectural Partners A few of Drew's notable LGA projects mentioned in this episode: The Don Valley Brickworks Kiln Building Redevelopment Eva's Phoenix Brant Street
May 28, 2020
Architectural Science Camps
Like cellphone ownership, online shopping, and makeup use (okay maybe not that last one), architectural education is starting earlier and earlier. Summer often marks a bit of a break in the academic calendar, but not so much with architecture; it just simply means institutions have an ability to offer architecture-related programming for elementary and high school students. In this episode past Architectural Science camp counsellors Mutwashukh and Semeen explain what the programs are all about, what they taught, and what they learned... 
May 25, 2020
Guest Interview | Leila Farah
Professor Leila Farah has established a teaching portfolio spanning site development and planning through to leading some of the most interdisciplinary design studios in the university. While she is modest about all of her incredible distinctions, if you take a moment to look them up, you'll realize just how accomplished she is.  Join us as she takes a moment to share her journey to become a professor within the Department of Architectural Science.  And yes, we finally get to interview one of the three profs from the "Cool Corner" in the faculty corridor! Faculty Profile: Jean Sauvé Foundation Fellow:
May 23, 2020
Architectural Computing: A Student Perspective
Computers are a double-edged sword: on the one hand, they are great tools in communicating and developing complex ideas while at the same time, they tend to be the bane of an architecture student's existence when they are needed most. Join Rita, Alvin, and Olivia as they provide invaluable insights on hardware and software while recounting their highs and lows (actually, pretty much all lows) of computer use through their architectural education. Departmental Computing Support and Specifications:
May 20, 2020
Guest Interview | Colin Ripley
If you think theoretical physics and architecture don't have anything to do with each other - well, you're thinking wrong. In this episode we have a chance to interview Colin Ripley, a man with an interesting history and even more interesting perspectives on everything from theory and identity to fashion sensibility... Spoiler alert: he thinks a certain prof dresses like a homeless person... Website: Profile: RVTR Prix De Rome: Notes: Frase's Four Futures: QSpace:
May 18, 2020
Architecture Life: A View From a Commuter Campus
There actually is life outside of architecture - after all, you technically eat, sleep, and shower elsewhere. While a great deal of time is spent on architectural studies with classmates in the studio, sometimes students need a break from being surrounded by architecture students... or do they? In this episode we are joined by Liane, Nick, and Raya as they discuss the ways architecture students live beyond the Architecture building. We learn the pros and cons of commuting, living off-campus, architecture roommates, and eating locally. We also delve into inventive ways to meal prep, strike up conversations with mall cops, and deal with inconsiderate roommates... 
May 16, 2020
Guest Interview | Hayley Isaacs
Trying hard to forget that time when you designed a building that looked incredible but your professor told you it broke fundamental laws of physics? Or fighting off cringing when you presented a futuristic design that was criticized for being futile? Resist no more.  Have no fear - there's hope for you! In this episode we interview Hayley Isaacs, a set designer with a background in architecture, who has worked on productions from Degrassi through to Star Trek.
May 12, 2020
The Crit: A Platform for Stress or Success?
Feedback is essential in developing  and refining ideas, especially in architectural education. Like a reality television show, studio culture challenges students to produce something with limited resources in a stress-inducing time frame only to be presented, critiqued, and judged by colleagues and superiors. In this episode we are joined by Sakeenah, Kristyan and Carolina who share tips from their own experience on how to best prepare for and receive critical feedback. Reviewers are not "out to get" students - they just want to provide feedback to get students better... because they are approachable.
May 09, 2020
Guest Interview | Arthur Wrigglesworth
Professors enjoy the privilege of impacting thousands of students in over their careers and they should never take it for granted. In this episode we are joined by Professor Arthur Wrigglesworth as he reminds us of that while he recounts his own development as an architect and educator.  If you are a DAS student, you likely have had him teach you whether in a large classroom setting (Collaborative Exercise or Tectonics and Materiality) or in the undergraduate or graduate studios. We gain his tips on becoming a successful student, from punctuality to presentation, and where to get the best veggie burger on campus. Website:
May 06, 2020
Online Architectural Education
Nowadays it seems like we're on our computers all the time, wearing sweatpants (if at all), and going to sleep at odd hours of the day... just like a studio deadline. With the COVID-19 Pandemic mandating "work-from-home" and online productivity, how have architecture students responded? What are the best practices and how do we get around "virtually" working in studio? Join Patricia, Ely, and Melina as we discuss their experiences and suggestions for how to teach architecture online.
May 04, 2020
Guest Interview | Terri Peters
Sustainable design is more than just green roofs and solar panels - it's about establishing a strong future as well as a healthy present. In this episode we are joined by Professor Terri Peters who recounts her experiences in architecture that led her to investigate a range of factors impacting well-being in buildings. We also discover her preoccupation with sketching, model-making, and once again realize that profs don't always know the name of the courses they teach... Twitter: @TerriJPeters Website: Thrive Global Interview:
May 01, 2020
What's the Deal With Structures?
Technical courses, specifically structures, can either be a bird course or the bane of an architecture student's existence. Is it a matter of difficulty, preparation, time management, integration, or simply a function of priorities? For those who face challenges in the technical courses, take solace in the fact that it gets better. We are joined by upper year students, Madina and Arash, who share their experiences and tips on structures success. We also learn about one of the reasons why Vince doesn't teach structures any longer...
April 29, 2020
Guest Interview | Nick Savage
We started this episode chatting with our guest, Nick Savage, Business Development and Solutions Manager at  Millworks Custom Manufacturing (MCM), about how the bespoke in architecture is now more accessible than ever and the novel role of the "bracket" designer... and then we proceeded to talk about everything from career paths, overcoming struggles, and how friendships are key to success. Somehow we also manage to conclude with another misunderstanding on wording that might raise some eyebrows at HR...
April 28, 2020
Student Mentorship: Supporting Your Brothers and Sisters in the Program
Architecture is built upon a mentorship model where those with experience offer insights and support for those who are still learning the fundamentals. In this episode we take a look at the student mentorship program with first years, Liam and Julia, and their respective mentors, Tommy and Kristen. We are also have Roni join as the one overseeing the mentorship program for the student union as we discuss what makes a good mentor and how to improve the program... because let's be honest, what is taught outside of a class is just as invaluable (if not more) as what is dispensed with inside it.
April 25, 2020
Guest Interview | Russell Richman
While Design is a core component of Architectural Education, Building Science knowledge is instrumental in ensuring a design is able to properly perform. In this episode we are joined by Professor Russell Richman, Program Director for the Building Science Graduate programs (Masters and Doctoral degrees) at Ryerson DAS as he explains why Building Science matters, how he learned how to teach architecture students, and why knocking on doors can get you a new home. We also discuss "Project Death Star", surprising talents, and the benefits of having architecture profs serve as your wingmen...  Russell Richman's Faculty Site: Ruseel Richman's Professional Site: Russell Richman's Early Research Home:
April 24, 2020
Why Ryerson DAS? Things to Consider When Picking Programs
It's that time of year again when trees begin blossoming, studio deadlines draw to an end, and high school students consider which architecture programs to undertake. All accredited architecture programs have strong programs but uniquely position themselves. Accreditation, co-op programs, abroad opportunities, extracurricular activities, facility, faculty, location and other variables are just a few dimensions that might tip the scales one way or another when selecting a program. Listen to a couple of upper year students, Gloria and Vince, discuss the factors that they had to weigh upon when selecting their architecture program. Ryerson DAS Website: Ryerson DAS Abroad: Ryerson DAS Co-Op: Ryerson DAS Student Work: Ryerson [R]ed[U]x Lab: Ryerson DAS Social Media: Facebook: @dasryerson Twitter: @RyersonDAS Instagram: CACB Accreditation:
April 23, 2020
Guest Interview | Yew-Thong Leong
With over thirty years of teaching experience teaching in architecture and even more in the profession, Professor Yew-Thong Leong joins us in this episode to chat about his approaches to teaching everything from theory and context through to contemporary practice. We also learn find out what he considers a privilege, what his musical tastes are, and what is the most expensive part of his body... it's not what you think. Faculty Bio:
April 22, 2020
Hype and Hopes: Ivy League Architecture Schools
While an undergraduate architecture degree is incredibly useful, a Master of Architecture degree is a critical component in most jurisdictions. If you're going to do one, you might as well aim high for the big names - but is it an impossible dream? In this episode we have a mini family reunion with past DAS alumni including Ailsa, Ariel, Sam, and Chris and discuss the challenges and tips to grad school admissions. 
April 22, 2020
Guest Interview | Dimitri Papatheodorou
A steadfast source of positivity in the architecture studio, Dimitri Papatheodorou has been teaching for over a decade within the Department of Architectural Science. In this episode we chat with this renaissance man about a range of topics including overcoming the challenges and stresses of studying architecture, the long term impact professors have on students, and articulating what architectural work he deems as "the worst America has to present to the world". Ouch. But he still puts a positive spin on it! Check out Dimitri's website:
April 18, 2020
Concentration Conversation: Project Management
While architectural education focuses a great deal on the design studio, other components are critical in bringing projects to reality. Within the Department of Architectural Science, students are able to delve into a specific concentration, Architecture, Building Science, and Project Management. In this episode we are joined by alumni, Agnes Yuen and Robin Ramcharan, from DAS who have embarked upon careers within Project Management.  Link to Projectcore:
April 18, 2020
Guest Interview | Will Galloway
Professor Will Galloway discusses what it's like to be a prof and practitioner born and raised in Manitoba, running a practice in Tokyo, and coming back home to Canada to teach in Toronto. Chatting about everything from the differences between Japanese and North American practice through to discovering another faculty member with a martial arts super power (we will find a way to make a faculty fighting game someday), get some insight on one of the newest addition to the Ryerson Architectural Science family. Take a look at Will Galloway's firm, Front Office: Follow him on Instagram at: 
April 16, 2020
Collaboration and Collaborative Exercises
Think that success in architecture is based upon design excellence? Technical acumen? No. It's collaboration with others. To be the best designer in studio or the strongest student doesn't mean a thing if you cannot work well with others. Don't be an outcast in school (and in the industry) - listen to fourth year students Sara and PJ on how to navigate and develop collaboration skills. References to the DAS 2019 Design Build Studio Blog: References to the 2020 Collaborative Exercise:
April 16, 2020
Guest Interview | Terry Sin
We were very fortunate to have a candid conversation with Terry Sin, Managing Director of Norm Li, one of the leaders in architectural visualization. Want to know the two key success factors in generating architectural imagery, how can students improve their visualization, why Canadian Tire stores prove to be a rendering litmus test, and many more questions are addressed in this episode.  Take a look at samples of stunning architectural visualization at Norm Li's website: Be sure to follow them on Instagram and get an insight on the company culture: Here is the link to the blog about composition Terry raised in this episode: Here is a link to a post Terry did on making images:
April 14, 2020
How to First Year
Remember when you finished high school and thought you were prepared for Architecture? Remember the trauma of learning how wrong you were? Or did you subconsciously block it all out? We interview four current first year students finishing off their year on some lessons learned including how to work in groups, deal with ambiguity, find hospitals at all hours of the day, and ignore whatever sounds emanate from the studio...  Special thanks to Ariel Weiss, Nohemi Lopez Taylor, Noah Spivak, and Isabella Alcantara for taking a moment to recount their first year experience.
April 11, 2020
Guest Interview | Elsa Lam
What is the relevance of studying architectural history and theory? Why is writing important in architecture? How are you supposed to "read" an architecture magazine? In this episode we are joined by Elsa Lam, editor of Canadian Architect Magazine and part-time instructor at Ryerson DAS discussing the way history and theory are core components in contemporary architectural education.
April 09, 2020
"Fitness" - An "F"-word Seldom Heard In Architectural Education
Sitting in front of a computer is killing you - get up and away from your studio project for a moment and participate in some physical activity (leaving the CAD Lab to go the washroom doesn't count). In this episode we are joined by Devanshi, Carl, and Julia in discussing the benefits of balancing physical fitness with an architectural education, where to start, the essentials you need, and... what's the deal with those creepy showers?
April 09, 2020
Guest Interview | Cheryl Atkinson
Speaking with a decorated architect and professor, Cheryl Atkinson, on networking, teaching, student mobility opportunities... and everything in between including singing (spoiler alert: she's scheduled to be on the Faculty Karaoke team). 
April 09, 2020
Travel Opportunities in Architectural Education
Despite their aspirations to craft incredible works around the world, most architecture students do not get an opportunity to actually see it. In this episode we have Vivian, Gregor, and John share their experiences as students in DAS. While many architecture programs offer opportunities to study at a single city, Ryerson DAS provides many types of travel options - from exchanges to various partner institutions around the world, to attending the Chicago or Venice Biennale, to field trips, to research conferences, and extracurricular forums, we get an insight from a student's perspective.
April 09, 2020
Guest Interview | Christine Leu
Professor, Practitioner, Artist, and more recently, a newly-appointed Fellow of the Royal Architecture Institute of Canada, Christine Leu gives us a glimpse into her perspectives on design-builds to disastrous studio projects.  In this episode shares some tips on how she expanded her career beyond practicing architecture into creative, public artwork and teaching. For more information on her work, visit her website at:
April 08, 2020
Design-Build Experience: Learning Through Making
Unlike other architecture programs, Ryerson DAS mandates that students are able to design, detail, and deliver projects; their ideas can be made into reality and not solely conceptual imagery. In this episode we have the workshop staff, Jordan So, Jason Ramelson, and Filip Tisler share their experience not  only as authorities on craftsmanship and production, but also as DAS students who were instrumental in showcasing DAS design-build work. For additional resources on template files, workshop tutorials, and extracurricular initiative applications, please visit:
April 06, 2020
Guest Interview | Jennifer McArthur
While she admits that Project Economics isn't the main reason why students study in Architectural Science, Jennifer McArthur shares the value of what and how she teaches. Wait until you hear her background - NASA? SCUBA? India? What doesn't she do?
April 03, 2020
DAS Co-Operative Education Explained
In this epic episode, we are joined by Stefan Kerry, former manager of Ryerson University's Co-operative Education Office, reminiscing about how the program came about, how it works, and how acting as good-cop-bad-cop pays off. For more information on the DAS Co-op program, refer to: 
April 03, 2020
Guest Interview | June Komisar
A chat with undoubtedly the nicest professor within the Department of Architectural Science, Dr. June Komisar. While most students know her from studio or her history/theory courses, in this interview we get insights on her stance on sketching, dictators, and good ol' 'Murica.
April 03, 2020
The Competition Conundrum: Why competitions are good for you
With the end of a grueling term of architecture, the spring/summer term would normally be seen as a moment of reprieve, recovery, and relaxation. But that's not how architecture students work - they're masochists like that. Why not relive the experience on your personal time with a competition or two? Want to relive the fun of collaborating with team members on a design project? Do a competition with a partner.  In this episode we are joined by Tatiana Estrina, currently a DAS Co-op student, who has been competing in (and winning) architecture competitions from design-builds to international conceptual proposals. Here are some competitions referenced in this episode: Competitions Design Build Had prev finalists/winners from Ryerson Bee Breeders Competitions Deadlines vary per competition, happen throughout the year Archasm Deadlines vary per competition, happen throughout the year Arch Out Loud Deadlines vary per competition, happen throughout the year Archizter One (Render, Drawing, Photo) Competitions Deadlines vary per competition AIAS Competitions (Rendering, Model Portfolio, etc.) Deadlines vary per competition NXT City Prize Submission deadline: September Grow Op Submission deadline: September Icebreakers presented by Winterstations and Waterfront BIA Submission deadline: October Toronto Design Offsite Submission deadline: October Warming Huts - Winnipeg Submission deadline: October Winterlude Submission Deadline: early November WinterStations Submission deadline: early November Race to Zero Registration Deadline: early November eVolo Early registration due: mid November Registration Opens: mid July Canstruction Registration Deadline: January Nuit Blanche Submission deadline: January Architecture Fairy Tales Competition Submission Deadline: February Hello Wood Summer Curricula Brief availability: March The Stop Night Market Submission deadline: March International Wood Festival (Bergen) - Biannual Registration opens: Early April? CISC Steel Competition Submission deadline: May ACSA/AISC Competitions Various competitions Submission deadline: all in May Come Up to My Room (CUTMR) Submission deadline: June CTBUH Student Tall Buildings Competition Submission deadline: July General City Art Calls Rolling basis Link:
April 03, 2020
Guest Interview | Carlo Parente
A chat with one of the newest Architectural Science faculty members, Carlo Parente on everything from working in the Middle East to what seems to be one of the worst studio models possible.
April 01, 2020
In The Beginning... (with Pandemics)
A candid, irreverent discussion on architectural education 
April 01, 2020