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Craft With Me

Craft With Me

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Join Gil on his journey from hobby writer to (hopefully) full-blown professional and published author in Craft With Me.
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The Hook - Diving into Structuring Your Novel

Craft With Me

Where Should You Begin?
This week, we're exploring the wonderful world of... well, where to start. Honestly, it's a hard question, and doesn't have a definite and final answer. Quiet and idyllic days, or in the middle of a massive battle, or the beginning of time itself, or the end?  Per usual, Gil, Michael, and Paul at their respective posts doing their respective tasks. - Structuring Your Fiction
January 09, 2021
The Hook - Diving into Structuring Your Novel
This time, Gil is diving deep into the hook and trying to understand how to grab your reader at the right time. As usual, Michael is techie, Gil is talkie, and Paul is... I mean, techie again, but with musical talent. 
January 02, 2021
Intro to Structuring Your Novel
Hey all, Editor-Person here with another new episode. Gil so very kind to take on the blame for our... loose schedule these last months, but let us be honest: I've fallen behind, and I'm sorry. This week, we're taking a short look at K. M. Weiland's Structuring Your Novel (linked below on Amazon).  As usual, Mix Master Mike on the keyboard, PK-357 on the synth, and the Right and Honourable Gil on the mic. - Structuring Your Fiction
December 26, 2020
Those First Few Precious Pages
This week, Gil explores the importance of the opening pages of your novel (and his) as we continue through Pimp My Fiction. I hope you enjoy listening! As normal, Michael here playing Keyboard Ninja, Gil's on the mic (hopefully not dropping it too often, they're expensive to replace!), and Paul composed and performed our soundtrack. Thanks for listening!
November 14, 2020
The Story Circle and Story Skeleton
Apologies for the unintended hiatus. As editor, I take responsibility for this long, unplanned break. -Michael Moving right along, we're back with a little more on story structure. Come sit down with us this week as Gil takes us through some more ways to structure story (with more than a little help from Dan Harmon of Community and Rick & Morty fame).  As usual, Gil does the hard part, I do the tech stuff, and Paul wrote and performed the fantastic music.  Oh, and a link: See you all next time. 
November 07, 2020
8-Point Structure and More
This week, we're looking at story structure at it's most basic. As always, Gil is narrating, Michael is editing, and Paul has produced our wonderful music. 
September 12, 2020
The Beginner's Mind
This week, Gil is exploring the Beginner's Mind, one way to find a base and a good place to start writing from. As usual, narration by Gil Wildridge, editing by Michael Johnpoll, and the wonderful original musical tracks are by Paul Kollas.
August 30, 2020
Crafting With Chaos
This week, we're exploring how to write with a little madness thrown in for flavor. As usual, narration by Gil, editing by Michael, and the wonderful original musical tracks are by Paul Kollas.  Sources:;
August 15, 2020
Why Do I Write (Response)
Last week, Gil asked "Why do you write?" This week, he answers the question. Please like and subscribe to stay up to date with us as we learn the ropes one misbegotten episode at a time. Until next time~ Gil Wildridge - Director and Narrator Michael Johnpoll - Post-Production Paul Kollas - Original Music
August 08, 2020
Why Do You Write?
Craft With Me is a podcast exploring Gil's writing process and how he wants to interact with the world through that writing. Episode one deals with the question: why do you write? There will be a follow up episode where Gil answers that question. For now, why do you write?  Gil Wildridge - Director and Narrator Michael Johnpoll - Post-Production Paul Kollas - Original Music
August 01, 2020