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La Dolce Vita With Virginia Rose

La Dolce Vita With Virginia Rose

By Virginia Rose
La Dolce Vita is a podcast about the sweet things in life. Art, music, supporting artists , self care, soul journeys, giving back, charity events, awareness and daily inspirations.
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Dr. Samantha (Sam) Ruth talks turning your pain into power and how to deal with anxiety!

La Dolce Vita With Virginia Rose

Dr. Samantha (Sam) Ruth talks turning your pain into power and how to deal with anxiety!

La Dolce Vita With Virginia Rose

Chapel Simmons shares her testimony and the power of releasing harmful secrets in order to heal
Chapel Simmons shares her testimony and the power of releasing harmful secrets in order to heal. She talks about forgiveness and how after years of trauma her life completely changed. She shares the meaning of secret. She shares truly inspiring words and about her journey that finally led her to the path of healing. You can contact her for support at and support her cause at
June 08, 2021
Kevin Yoder speaks about mindset, goal setting and the value of family on this powerful episode
On this powerful episode mindset coach Kevin Yoder speaks into creating a morning routine that sets you up for success. He also speaks about goal setting and the importance of family. This episode will uplift you and raise your frequency in a positive way!
May 27, 2021
Powerful mindset coach, Stacey V talks about making your wildest dreams come true and how to do it
On this life changing powerful episode, I interview Stacey V. Stacey is a mindset coach and she shares some of the tools and mindset you need to achieve your wildest dreams. We discuss methods that will inspire you and help you live joyful from the inside out. Believe you can achieve your dreams and your halfway there. You can achieve you wildest dreams through goal setting and self image the power has been inside you all along. This episode will uplift you, inspire you and help you take your goals to the next level. Dream, create, play.
May 21, 2021
Dano, TV show host of weekly Dose of Dano shares his story and inspiration
In this amazing episode with Dano of the new hit TV show on E360 TV Weekly Dose of Dano he shares his personal journey from hardship to host and what he has learned along the way. His show revolves around positivity and inspiration . This interview is truly inspiring .
April 28, 2021
Interview with director/photographer Stephen James Tuplin along side actor co-host Nick Bravo
On this fun and informative episode, I had the honor of interviewing art director, cinematographer and photographer Stephen James Tuplin along side my co-host and incredible actor and model Nick Bravo. We talk about tips in the industry, support, what inspired Stephen to be the creative that has shot over 70 music videos and so much more. Follow them @echowhitefox & @thewolfofchicago
April 27, 2021
Samir Moussa of Ambassadors of the Morning, award winning singer and song writer shares his journey
On this episode, musician Samir Moussa of Ambassadors of the Morning, shares his journey of how he describes climbing two mountains and over coming a near fatal accident and how he pushed forward and became an award winning musician playing for crowds of 50,000 people.
April 26, 2021
Pam Hird talks nutrition, mental health and physical health
On this episode Pam Hird talks about how she helps women prioritize their health. She is a nutritionist a naturopath and personal trainer. By overcoming her own personal struggles she discovered her path in helping others. She gives tips on this episode about how to change your health with a few small tweaks and take your life back on to a healthy path.
April 23, 2021
Claire Rogers, talks over coming anxiety and her path of self discovery and finding purpose
Claire Rogers talks over coming anxiety and her path of self discovery and finding purpose after years in the corporate world and how a 1.5 billion deal changed the course of her life forever. After suffering with crippling anxiety, she set out on a healing journey that led her to becoming an empowerment speaker and mindset coach and supporting others with anxiety in the corporate world. With her coaching program called itopia coaching she is changing lives around the world.
April 10, 2021
Dr. Brian Rzepczynski talks with me about acceptance, relationships, LGBTQ and his journey
On this episode of fun Friday, I interview Dr. Brian Rzepczynski. He talks with me about acceptance, relationships, LGBTQ and his journey to finding acceptance within himself to becoming a doctor and a social worker and helping many members of his community find love and acceptance. He gives mental health tips and how something as simple as a tidy home can bring the peace within during a time when many are struggling with their mental health. You can find Dr. Brian at personal victory counciling in Illinois.
April 09, 2021
Kristabell Stansbury shares her journey from being trafficked to starting a care center.
On this powerful episode Kristabell Stansbury shares for the first time her journey from being human trafficked, abused and being an addict to surviving and creating the Chrysalis Continuing Care centre to help people overcome addiction and restore hope and give them back their lives. She is an inspiration and truly helps others get their lives back. Their is hope .
April 08, 2021
Justin Charpentier,military vet & marketing guru and his journey to helping entrepreneurs
On this episode I interview Justin Charpentier, military vet & marketing guru . He shares his journey from serving in Iraq to helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses and take them to the next level. He has a full scale agency and offers market, websites , SEO services as well as help with social media ads. You can visit him at
April 07, 2021
Jimmy Clare talks about Autism awareness and how he sees being on the spectrum as a super power
On this episode Jimmy Clare of crazy fitness guy podcast, talks to us about autism awareness and how to understand people on the spectrum better. He sees being on the spectrum as his super power.. He gives us an understanding of what it means to be on the spectrum and how to help if someone is in need. He talks about his fitness journey and what keeps him aligned. We celebrate World Autism Awareness Day together and celebrate his journey thus far. I dedicate this episode to Adam, Ethan, Christine and My mom and all people on the spectrum.
April 02, 2021
John Templeton is on a mission to save children from human trafficking. He needs our support!
On this episode, I interview fitness champion, speaker, mind set coach and Guinness book of world records holder John Templeton. He is on a mission to run a marathon that is raising funds to save children from being trafficked and enslaved. He needs us to not only unify but, support him on reaching his goal that will fund rescue missions for 40 children and provide rehabilitation. Please go to @JohnTempletonofficial or the La Dolce Vita podcast with Virginia Rose to click the link to support this mission and make your donation today. It's up to us to rise up and save the children. Link to support John
March 31, 2021
Jordan Mendoza, CEO of Blaze Your Own Trail talks helping entrepreneurs through ecosystems and networking
On this episode I have some early morning coffee talk with Jordan Mendoza, CEO of Blaze Your Own Trail. He talks helping entrepreneurs through ecosystems and networking. Jordan has a hit podcast as well called "Blaze your own trail". Jordan assists business owners with the tools they need in not only growing their businesses but, building landing pages through and establishing an ecosystem that grows their businesses at a rapid rate and saves them time. Jordan makes learning about how to market your business and grow it fun and engaging.
March 29, 2021
Dan Mendilow, coach and healer talks unlocking your gifts, empath abilities and alignment
On this episode I interview Dan Mendilow, coach and healer. He talks unlocking your gifts, empath abilities and alignment. We talk about the "Clairs" such as being a clairvoyant. On this powerful episode Dan shares with us on how to begin unlocking things that live in the unconscious mind and start working through blockages and begin the inner work.
March 26, 2021
Shawn Brooks, film maker and creative director shares industry inspiration and helpful tips
On this fun and light hearted episode I interview Shawn Brooks. Shawn shares his journey to becoming a film maker, the importance of taking on projects that feel good and align with your heart space and gives tips on how to be the best in your field as you learn and grown in the industry.
March 24, 2021
SPECIAL EDITION EPISODE with guest Gabriel Klingman "The Power of a Testimony"
On this exclusive and special edition full length episode, I interview trauma and abuse survivor Gabriel Klingman. Gabriel shares his powerful testimony and stepping out of the shadows and beginning his healing journey. This episode focuses on support, triggers, survival, mental health awareness, forgiveness and support. This episode is dedicated to friends who supported me through my traumas, shared their testimony with me and every survivor out there on their paths of healing. Please note this episode may be a trigger for some. We send you all love and light on your healing journeys.
March 18, 2021
Cynthia Stant, Spiritual Coach , speaker and sales professional talks manifestation, frequency and meditation
On this episode I interview Cynthia Stant. She is a spiritual coach , speaker and sales professional. She talks manifestation, frequency, and goal setting. She shares about how meditation is one of the most important tools and keys to success. With her platform Successful Soul System, she changes the game for women and entrepreneurs. You can connect with her at 
March 17, 2021
Dr. Hal Blatman, expert in myofascia injury, shares that it is possible to live a pain free life
On this ground breaking episode I interview Dr. Hal Blatman.He is an expert in myofascia injury and shares that it is possible to live a pain free life. He is the author of  "The Winners Guide to Pain Relief". On this episode he breaks down the science of the body and the top 5 things we need to know to live a better quality of life and that living pain free is achievable. He also share his ground breaking information about platelet rich plasm and stem cells and how it heals the body. This episode is a must hear. You can visit his website at
March 17, 2021
Brett Scott, Freedom coach shares his journey from darkness to what he calls living like Superman
On this powerful episode, Brett Scott shares his very powerful journey from darkness to becoming what he likes to call Superman. This episode is packed full of helpful insight that can be applied to your life and becoming the best version of you. We discuss an important topic, "When you give more you receive more!". Brett takes on a journey on this podcast and introduces us to his powerful platform called Mastering Success.
March 11, 2021
Reina Pathan, International Human Rights Attorney is changing the world with her organization EBB.
Reina Pathan , International Human Rights Attorney shares her powerful story that led her to starting her organization, Empower Beyond Boundaries. She shares about her upcoming virtual summitt coming up in the UK for International Women's month/day to raise awareness and resources for education and women across the world. Tickets March 8-13th,2021
March 05, 2021
Dr. Tranquility (Lydia) Relationship expert and therapist, talks romance, love and relationships and how to connect despite the pandemic
Dr. Tranquility (Lydia) Relationship expert and therapist talks romance, love and gives relationship advice on how to reconnect, find a partner or heal during the pandemic. She answers my questions as well as audience questions and helps guide our hearts. Dr. Tranquility is a mental health expert with a back round in psychology from Harvard, she really is in expert in her field and truly helps people grow from a place of love and a place of selffull which she explains and discusses in this incredible episode that honors both men and woman. 
March 03, 2021
Alli Covington, personal trainer, creator of talks about becoming your best self
Alli Covington, personal trainer, entrepreneur, power house and creator of the talks about shifting your mind set to start your fitness journey and becoming a better you. Through the help of her platform, you have access to the right tools to start your personal fitness journey and rise up and access the power with in you to have the best body and health possible and it can all be done virtually and affordable.
February 25, 2021
Michael Lauria, International Men's Coach & Author talks "The 5 Love Languages" and Relationships
On this episode, Michael Lauria talks with us about the 5 love languages and their great importance, relationship advice and about his men's coaching program "Creating Knights". Michael is an international men's coach, author, podcaster and motivational speaker.
February 24, 2021
50TH EPISODE, Alex Calderon, founder of Dàndole Tech a non-profit that gives technology to youth
On this special 50th episode, I interview founder of Dà , Alex Calderón. Dàndole Tech gives technology devices to youth and students to assist them with their education for a better tomorrow. On this episode Alex shares a message of hope and what you can do in your community to make the world a better place. It starts with one act of kindness as he shares how his late father inspired him to give back. Si Se puede! Yes you can! This episode is in memory and dedicated to his father Mr. Odilio Calderón. May we continue to spread hope and be a light in the world.
December 30, 2020
Sophia Andreeva , relationship expert talks goal resolutions and 100 days of consciousness for 2021
Sophia Andreeva , relationship expert talks goal resolutions and 100 days of consciousness for 2021. She shares relationship advice and talks about how to remove the crowns, rewire the mind and achieve greater consciousness .
December 23, 2020
Angela Germano talks "The power of choice", listening to our kids and becoming a best selling author
On this incredibly uplifting episode, award winning teacher and best selling author, Angela Germano talks with me about "The power of choice" and how she over came hardship and used adversity to become an award winning teacher and best selling author. She also talks how to help kids through the pandemic. This is a truly must listen to episode for parents.
December 17, 2020
Jesse Shan talks about "The Leaders Coach" program and gives powerful advice for entrepreneurs
On this episode , Jesse Shan talks about growing up in England and what led him to create "The Leaders Coach" program and gives powerful advice for entrepreneurs. He helps clients build their confidence and take their businesses to the next level by using the power of accountability . To connect with Jesse Shan look up The Leaders Coach members only group on Facebook.
December 09, 2020
Jenna Edwards talks "Aggressive Optimism" , asking for help and helping youth with mental health
Jenna Edwards, mental health advocate, motivational speaker for youth, international best selling author, actress and film director talks to us about one of the most important topics in the world, mental health. She shares with us about her platform and "Agressive Optimism" and how to talk to youth about asking for help!
December 03, 2020
Loren Michaels Harris, powerful motivational speaker and "Break out coach" shares his journey.
Loren Michaels Harris, powerful motivational speaker, talk show host of hit show "Bathrobe Moments", recording artist and "Break out coach" shares his journey from what he calls the lost and found to becoming a world renowned and respected motivational speaker with over 20 million views on his goalcast. He also talks about how Rosa Parks inspired his journey and how important walking in your purpose can truly be. This powerful episode will uplift you in more ways than one.
December 01, 2020
Mike Simon, Producer, recording artist, engineer and CEO of The Music Teachers Network
Mike Simon, producer, recording artist, engineer and CEO of The Music Teachers Network talks building a network that helps thousands of students across the nation , his new album "Break to the Grave" and about his new project in Italy with the incredible Eddie Kramer.
November 25, 2020
Executive Director, Jessica Linn of Caring Hearts in Action MN shares about her mission
Executive Director, Jessica Linn of Caring Hearts in Action MN shares about her mission to fight the epidemic of homelessness in her community and to give back in a big way. She also talks about what you can do in your community and we share a special announcement.
November 17, 2020
Andre Bellos of Entertainment Weekly ,interviews host Virginia Rose and shares some big news
On this episode Andre Bellos, Sag actor and Front Row Panel at Entertainment Weekly, shares a big announcement. He talks to us about an incredible charity event coming up that gives back to children in need and on the second half of the show the roles reverse and Andre Bellos interviews Virginia Rose ,the host of La Dolce Vita podcast on her career, background , community outreach and what's next for the show. 
November 12, 2020
Carlos Enrique Escarcega shares his powerful testimony of faith and his acting and fitness journey
On this episode actor,Carlos Enrique Escarcega shares his powerful testimony of faith with us and a miracle that changed his life. He talks about his acting journey and being a fitness coach. He talks about the power of prayer and what saved his life just 2 months ago. This is a truly powerful episode.
November 12, 2020
Danny Villegas, actor from Chicago talks working with Joey Lawrence, John Seda & Concrete Rose cast
On this Episode I interview actor and pro wrestler from Chicago, Danny Villegas. He talks working on set with Jon Seda on Chicago Justice, about his experience working on the film "Pardoned by Grace" with Joey Lawrence and the incredible cast and crew of his latest film with an all latino cast "Concrete Rose" directed by Jon Jon Villanueva.
November 08, 2020
Monique Maffei Hester, amazing singer, Songwriter, speaker talks about her new Peace project.
On this episode Monique Maffei Hester, amazing singer, songwriter and motivational speaker talks about her new Peace project. She shares the journey that led her to becoming the successful artist she is today . She talks about her work for children and shares her beautiful soul journey with us that led to the creation of the peace project .
November 06, 2020
Italian fashion designer, Carmela Rinella talks fashion and her new collection releasing soon.
On this episode I interview Carmela Rinella. Carmela grew up in Italy and shares her journey from growing up watching her Nana do work as a seamstress to styling and designing for huge photoshoots in Chicago . She also shares what inspired her latest collection releasing just in time for the holidays. C.Rinella designs
November 05, 2020
Marti Steiner,Executive Director of GRaCE, award winning film director talks hope and her nonprofit
On this episode, interview with Marti Steiner. Marti is the Executive Director and co-founder of GRaCE non-profit, a recovery coach and an award winning film director. She talks spreading hope through volunteering in your community and becoming a life coach. Her platform helps to support people in all walks life become their best selves.
November 01, 2020
David Bianco, Film, TV, theater and commercial actor talks about his new film.
On this episode actor, David Bianco talks about his latest film "The Babysitter". He also shares his international journey with us and what it was like playing Dwight D. Eisenhower in a 30x award winning film. David has a background in theater, TV, Film and commercial acting and his work can be seen in the Philippines and China.
October 30, 2020
Joshua Berglan "The World's Mayor" Chairman of Live Mana Worldwide Foundation, producer & show host
On this episode, Joshua Berglan shares his powerful , truthful testimony of going from darkness to light. From homeless to being called "The World's Mayor" and becoming the Chairman of Live Mana Worldwide Foundation, a producer, a creative director and a show host of many different shows. His work with Live Mana Worldwide Foundation helps people from all over and is a true testimony of how your life can change when you walk in your truth and give your life to God.
October 28, 2020
Bojana(Bojitt) artist for a cause, advocate, muralist and empowerment artist.
Bojana-Bojitt is an artist for a cause. Her beautiful murals can be seen all around the city of Chicago including on the B-Line and buildings all over. She talks about her inspiration and the importance of freedom. She shares her journey from being a fashion designer in Serbia to an artist in Chicago, Il. She talks about her latest important project the E PLURIBUS UNUM Meaning out of one.
October 26, 2020
Director Raul Colon talks about his new film The Babysitter and working with actor Michael Madsen
On this episode Film Director Raul Colon, shares with us about what led him to become a film director and about his new film The Babysitter. He also shared one of his most memorable moments in film, working along side incredible actor, Michael Madesen on his documentary. Raul's new film The Babysitter,will be released on October 31st, 2020 and can be viewed on Amazon as YouTube. This episode is dedicated to and in loving memory of Raul's late mother Lucy. Lucy always supported him and encouraged him to follow his dreams.
October 22, 2020
Mervin Mayo, gospel singer, officer and music minister. We talk about his new single "Bow Down".
On this episode, Mervin Mayo shares his journey that brought him to writing the song "Bow Down" his latest single. From playing music as a boy in church to becoming a police officer and working in the community with youth, it all led him into ministry and using his incredible voice to minister to the world through music. With over 2.5 million views , Mervin's music has gone viral and he is singing at churches all over. Visit: as well as Truth Ministries
October 22, 2020
Michele & Chris Everwine share their son Joshua's Joyful Journey and how he beat the odds
Michele & Chris Everwine share their son Joshua's Joyful Journey and how he beat the odds. Joshua was born with only half a heart but, that didn't stop him from becoming an athlete and winning an award for most courageous player. But the story doesn't stop there. Listen to the Everwine's incredible story of triumph, strength and courage alongside Joshua on this very special episode.
October 20, 2020
James Boyd shares his personal journey, becoming a recovery coach, Recovery Radio and support
James Boyd shares his personal journey, how he became a recovery coach and how he started Recovery Radio. He shares with us about how to support loved ones struggling with addiction and where to turn if your suffering with drug or alcohol abuse. On this very important episode we talk about resources and how to see the signs of abuse.
October 19, 2020
Enrique Guzman, action movie actor, stuntman, Vet and Concrete Rose cast member.
On this episode, I interview Enrique Guzman. Enrique is an action movie actor, stuntman, a U.S. military vet and a cast member from the upcoming film "Concrete Rose". He talks working with Bruce Willis, what keeps him inspired and going from a former undercover police officer to working in the film industry.
October 18, 2020
Interview Stephanie VanHazebroeck, Make-up artist, entrepreneur, mom and incredible creative woman.
On this episode, I interview one of my all time favorite make-up artists, Stephanie VanHazebroeck. She shares about her journey to becoming a successful make-up artist , family Halloween traditions, transformations and working at New York City fashion week along side some of the greatest in the fashion industry. Stephanie is not only talented but,she is equally beautiful and has a heart of gold. She leaves us with some great inspiration and skin care tips for looking and feeling your best.
October 17, 2020
Bryan K Osburn internationally known fashion designer, celebrity stylist and gifted creative
On this episode Bryan K Osburn, internationally known fashion designer, celebrity stylist and humble gifted creative shares his journey. We talk about his experience working along side Vera Wang as well as Bryan styling some of the biggest stars in Hollywood and the music industry. Bryan shares about some of his favorite memories and a little bit about his latest collection inspired by his hometown of Chicago.
October 15, 2020
Jon Jon Villanueva, Independant film director, actor and musician of the film Concrete Rose
On this episode special guest, Jon Jon Villanueva shares with us about his truly inspiring journey of becoming an independent film director on his latest film "Concrete Rose". He put together an entire latino cast inspiring not only people in South Bend, Indiana but, celebrities and communities across the nation. He not only starred in the film but, wrote music for the project as well that was so beautifully inspired by a true love story in his family .He shares with us about his truly incredible celebrity cast and how he made it all possible. This is a truly inspiring episode you won't want to miss.
October 13, 2020
Susie Bower,owner of The Spilt Tea room in Fredericksburg,VA shares her journey from Scotland to tea
Susie Bower,owner of The Spilt Tea room in Fredericksburg,VA shares her journey from Scotland to creating in an incredible 5 star tea room in downtown Fredericksburg, VA that provides guests from all over an experience like no other. She has teas from all over the world and it is the perfect place to enjoy afternoon tea with a friend or loved one.
September 18, 2020
Actor Jose Santiago Jr. shares his very inspiring journey to becoming an actor
Actor Jose Santiago Jr. shares his very powerful journey that led him from being a French executive chef to becoming an inspiring actor and humanitarian.
September 18, 2020
Sensei Dave Armstrong returns to talk about what is standing in the way of your greatness?
On this episode Sensei Dave Armstrong talks being a life coach and what that means and about what could be standing in the way of your greatness!
September 16, 2020
Celebrity MUA Ruben Bermudez talks beauty tips, tricks and about a suprise celeb in his makeup chair
On this episode I interview the talented celebrity make up artist, Ruben Bermudez of He shares his journey to becoming a make up artist, answers questions from fans about tips and tricks with make up and skin care and shares about a very special suprise celeb in his make up chair.
September 12, 2020
Author Jody Sharpe talks about how teaching special needs children led her to write about angels.
Best selling author Jody Sharpe, shares with us how after tragedy struck, her special needs children she taught led her to believe in angels. She talks about her journey of beginning the angel series and walks us through her phenomenal heart touching books.
September 10, 2020
Erin Saxton talks to me about executive producing , Barbara Walters, favorite TV moments and more
Erin Saxton shares her incredible journey of working at Good Morning America, working along side Barbara Walters and some of her favorite moments at "The View". She also shares about her new show "That Girl From Jersey" which she hosts that just wrapped its first season and about
September 09, 2020
Chelsea Xeron talks being a mom,an entrepreneur and starting a successful business during a pandemic
On this episode I interview Chelsea Xeron , a successful business woman who started her thriving business (Niko's Gelato) during the pandemic all while balancing a new baby. She shares her personal journey with us and gives some inspiration.
September 08, 2020
Shi Scott talks about her journey from American Idol to starting The Chakra Reset project.
Shi Scott shares with us about her journey on shows like The Voice and American Idol and how that led her on the incredible journey of self healing, self discovery and starting The Chakra Reset project as well as coaching others and teaching about alignment and the energy of the body.
September 05, 2020
Deborah Bond, talented singer, talks about her new upcoming album ,art and staying inspired at home
I interview the very talented singer Deborah Bond. She talks about her 3rd album that will be released this holiday season. She also shares with us how she stayed inspired and creative at home and how art plays a roll in her music. She is a true queen and a beautiful singer.
September 04, 2020
Interview w/Andre Bellos. He shares his acting journey and his initiative called Do the Right Thing.
I interview Chicago actor, Andre Bellos. He shares a little about how kindness is key in the acting world and his journey modeling as well as his very important initiative to give back with "Do the Right Thing". He also shares a very special announcement with us about his new venture with People magazine. Please visit to learn more about how you can give back.
September 03, 2020
Dr. Angela Sadler Williamson talks about Rosa Parks, about her PBS show, documentary and new book!
Dr.Angela Sadler Williamson is a 16x award winning documentary film maker for the film "My Life with Rosie" .She talks to us about her best selling books one in which we co-authored together ,"Women Who Illuminate" and the very special children's book. "My Life with Rosie" a bond between cousins. She also has a very special show coming up on PBS starting Sept. 2nd ,2020.
September 02, 2020
Actor William Mark McCullough.The journey from lawyer to working with Tom Cruise & industry tips.
On this episode I interview the incredibly talented actor ,William Mark McCullough. He shares his journey from lawyer to starring in American Made with Tom Cruise and about his journey as an actor. He shares with us about his latest film projects and TV shows like The Outsider on HBO, Sweet Magnolias on Netflix and his new upcoming show L.A.'s Finest airing on FX. He also gives helpful acting tips and some incredible inspiration that touches the heart.
August 30, 2020
Interview with Musical guest Jason Masi. We talk about his journey and album "Capture the heart"
Interview with musical guest , Jason Masi. He tells us about his journey to becoming a musician, staying creative through out the pandemic and about his album "Capture the Heart". You get to hear clips of his track "Calm Me Down"
August 27, 2020
Interview with actor and model Nick Bravo , "The Wolf of Chicago " shares his acting journey
Interview with one of Chicagos finest actors and models, Nick Bravo "The Wolf of Chicago" He shares about life on set, some acting inspiration and some of his favorite projects as the importance of giving back and staying humble.
August 26, 2020
Activist and Musician Tj Johnson (@kingluv) talks #saveourchildren and peaceful protests
Activist and Musician TJ Johnson (@kingluv) talks #saveourchildren and about peacefully protesting in Hollywood and the movement that is rocking our country in over 200 cities. He talks about how you can get involved and about rising up to make s difference as a warrior for God . Please follow him on IG @kingluv and Facebook at TJ Johnson Jr. On Facebook. To support his movement cashapp : $area51cash or GoFundMe me TJ Johnson #Saveourchildren
August 25, 2020
Axel from the show American Beauty Star & partner Richard talk to us about the Axel Make up Academy
Axel shares his experience from the show American Beauty Star , what it was like working with Ashley Graham and Christie Brinkley. His partner Richard shares a special moment about the show and they talk about the Axel Make up academy and their new venture the glam truck.
August 24, 2020
Jason Sisneros talks saving children w/Tony Robbins and the Slave Free Project. #saveourchildren
Special guest, Jason Sisneros shares his incredible lifes journey that put him on the path of starting his company Anton Jae Global, becoming a powerful activist and starting the Slave Free Project as well as saving human trafficking victims along side Tony Robbins. Jason gives us ways we can join the fight to stop human trafficking and take a stand today! See something say something. Human Trafficking hotline 18883737888
August 23, 2020
Musician Wayne Snow talks about his journey to becoming a musician and his new album "Stuck at Home"
Wayne Snow of Howling at the Earth, talks to us about what is like to be a musician, how he gets inspiration and about his new album he wrote through out the pandemic "Stuck at Home"
August 22, 2020
Dr. Samantha (Sam) Ruth talks turning your pain into power and how to deal with anxiety!
Dr. Samantha (Sam) Ruth shares with us about how to turn painful experiences in to power. She talks about mental health awareness and we discuss anxiety and how your not alone if you deal with it. DR. Sam discusses her new book "Permission Granted" She also explains the "Ruthology method" and how she helps her clients work through trauma and losing someone they love.
August 21, 2020
Sensi Dave Armstrong, executive life coach "overcoming adversity and making the world a betterplace"
Executive life coach and Master Motivator, Sensi Dave Armstrong shares his personal journey of overcoming childhood traumas and becoming a motivational speaker, developing a life coaching program and how he uses his past to make a positive difference in the world.
August 20, 2020
Donna Brown , 3x bestselling author shares her story with us about "taking a leap of faith"
We discuss Donna's best selling books, her inspirational story about "Permission Granted " and "Women Who Rise" her best selling books and her incredible gift of healing
August 19, 2020
Interview with artist Bisun, art and inspiring today's youth and What does sexy mean to you?
The inspiring story of artist Bisun , getting to the heart of the artist. We talk about inspiring youth through art. We talk about mental health, relationships and what does sexy mean to you ? A little social experiment!!
August 19, 2020
Interview with latino actor and screenwriter Isaias Perez of "The Audition"
Actor and screenwriter, Isaias Perez talks about the process of film making, how to break out as a latino actor and his film "The Audition" . Isaias shows us that no dream is impossible and how important it is to support the latino community and artists in the film industry.
August 17, 2020
Body positive
Let's face it, most of us have probably put on a few pounds during this pandemic. Let's keep a positive mindset and not beat ourselves up over it! Time to set some goals!
August 16, 2020
Let's spread some positivity!
This is my first episode of many of my new podcast and I'm looking forward to being a part of your day. It's time to use our voices, share our personal stories and support artists all across the globe. My goal is to spread positivity, bring a little joy to your day and talk about topics that will inspire you!
August 16, 2020
August 15, 2020
August 15, 2020