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The Virtual Assistant Space

The Virtual Assistant Space

By Bri Sanford
I was at a breaking point in my job.
I was having to choose between my job + taking care of my then 1 yr old son
He had a fever + he needed me, my boss disagreed
I decided that I would never be forced to choose between my family and my job.

I was tired of commuting
I was tired of the 9-5 schedule
I craved passion in my work
I needed flexibility in my schedule

Join me here to talk about entrepreneurship...

the highs
the lows
how to move through growth
how to start your own freelancing business
and so much more!
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14. Virtual Assistants | What You Need to Know About MONEY + Planning
Katy is a financial coach, teacher and speaker who works with driven women who are ready to pay off their debt and create a sustainable future that includes simple strategies so they can reach their goals and live out their dreams. With over a decade of experience in teaching and coaching combined with her own debt-free journey and simplified life, Katy provides a unique service for her clients to help them slow down, map out their own joyful debt-free journey, and create a life that has WAY less stress around money. How to find Katy Facebook Where you can find Bri: Instagram VA Fast Trak
March 31, 2022
13. Virtual Assistants | How Mindset Shifts Move You Forward
Sharon Thompson - Mindset Coach who works with busy professional clients to help bring clarity and true feelings of happiness into their lives. She work with clients on a four month basis and we follow my Mindset Switch program which is tailored to each client. As a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist I also use hypnosis MP3’s to assist and speed up the clients change. Where to find Sharon: FREE 60 minute Design Your Future Coaching Call Instagram Where you can find Bri: Instagram VA Fast Trak
March 24, 2022
12. Virtual Assistants | Female VA's In Tech
Jaqui Money is a South African entrepreneur who works with coaches, consultants and solopreneurs who are ready to scale their online business. We simplify and automate systems and design courses for these small business owners who are ready to fully leverage their tech in order to save time, drive more sales and scale their profits. Where to find Jaqui:  Website Where you can find Bri: Instagram VA Fast Trak
March 17, 2022
11. Virtual Assistants | Geographic Challenges in Entrepreneurship
Anima (Anni-MA) is a media artist and two-time business owner with a disability. She has travelled many countries and is currently based in Nordic Estonia, the “Silicon Valley” of Europe. Having navigated industries as diverse as art, tech, business and media, Anima has a few lessons on resilience, frugality and utilizing creativity to share with your audience. As artist and strategic mastermind for her NGO Vitruvian Vision, she challenges the idea of what we should teach young people as they grow up. As the owner of a small, values-first PR agency, The Sophisticated Geek, she talks about finding her own voice in unusual places, and why an empath would want to work with the media. Currently, Anima promotes a joint Flashmob project between her two businesses, that will lead her and her team across Europe in a branded Eco-Caravan. Where to find Anima: Linktree Where you can find Bri: Instagram VA Fast Trak
March 10, 2022
10. Virtual Assistants | Cultivating Life Experiences and Using It in Entrepreneurship
Speaker,Author, and Youth Advocate,Monique Turner, is on a mission to help others overcome challenging moments so that they may find fulfillment, and above it all, success.  During her journey, Monique has experienced some of life's hardest struggles, including the death of both her mother and father. She would later find herself facing a 5 year sentence in federal prison, changing the course of her life as she knew it. Using her time wisely, she turned her life around and while doing so, she learned the skills needed to write her own motion and expunge her criminal record. By learning to manage her emotions in the process, she went on to co-found the nonprofit, Family Purpose and help over 10,000 at-risk youth. Entrepreneurship comes in many forms and Monique and I explore that! Where to find Monique:  ✪ Link for probation questionnaire ✪ Link for school promo video #iAmHer girls empowerment Day Grades 6-8th ✪ 3 Ways to mange your emotions - ✪ Facebook page link - Where you can find Bri: Instagram VA Fast Trak
March 03, 2022
9. Virtual Assistants | Learning How to Be A Parallel-Preneur
Join us as we talk about something new, Parallel-preneurs.  On this episode we get clear about whom they serve and how while also developing confident sales skills as a Parallel-Preneur! Where to Find Nefateria: Facebook  Instagram Website Where you can find Bri: Instagram VA Fast Trak
February 24, 2022
8. Virtual Assistants | Learning How to Use Intuition to Grow Your Business
Listen with me as we talk about finding your voice in your business, and learning how to lead authentically by harnessing the power of your own intuition. Connect with Sandra Where you can find Bri: Instagram VA Fast Trak
October 28, 2021
7. Virtual Assistants | The Power of Choice in Entrepreneurship
Join me and Anthea as we talk about the power of choice and how it influences your entrepreneurial journey and success.  Where you can find Anthea: Website Email  Instagram Facebook Where you can find Bri: Instagram VA Fast Trak
October 12, 2021
6. Virtual Assistants | Learning to Manage Your Business and Your Family
Enjoy our chat as Melanie and I talk about Strategies for Business and Life. Where to find Melanie: Where you can find Bri: Instagram VA Fast Trak
September 28, 2021
5. Virtual Assistants | Wealth Coaching + Planning for the Future
Join me and Young Wealth Coach Hannah as we talk about being proactive, taking action, planning ahead, and building the life of their dreams. Where you can find Hannah: Linktree Where you can find Bri: Instagram VA Fast Trak
September 14, 2021
4. Virtual Assistants | What is actually means to 'NICHE' down
Join me as I speak with Dana Humphrey, a Life Coach and Death Doula, about how to actually niche down in your business. Learn how to be a multitalented entrepreneur, how to target your niche. And finally dive into learning how to eliminate the extra fluff in your business to get the yes you want! Where to connect with Dana: Website Facebook Instagram Twitter Linkedin Where you can find Bri: Instagram VA Fast Trak
August 10, 2021
3. Virtual Assistants | Techniques to Avoid Burnout
On this episode I meet with Jessica Stidham!!! Jess is the owner and founder of Wild Sage Yoga & Wellness and Wild Yogi studio, and a certified yoga and mindfulness meditation instructor.  She creates space in the wellness industry for soulful, busy women who are ready to put themselves first and show up as they are - good days, bad days, and everything in between. Her intuitive style of teaching helps students practice yoga beyond the poses, focusing on what it means to listen to your body and create space for yourself. In this episode we talk about her unique perspectives on self-prioritization, wellness culture, toxic productivity and toxic positivity.  She really is shaking things up in the industry. Join me as I talk through all of this and more to help you grow in your life and business. Where to find Jess: Website Wild Yogi Online Studio Facebook  Instagram Where you can find Bri: Instagram VA Fast Trak
July 27, 2021
2. Virtual Assistants | Setting Boundaries + Discovering Your Entrepreneurial Voice
On this episode I talk with CEO Adanna Austin all the way from Trinidad and Tobago. We dive quickly into why setting boundaries and learning to manage yourself instead of managing time catapults your business. We also share about to how set up your business for success and how to move through the challenges that come with starting, running, and scaling a successful online business.   Where you can find Adanna: Website Facebook Page Facebook Group Instagram Linkedin Blog Where you can find Bri: Instagram VA Fast Trak
July 20, 2021
1. The Struggles of Leaving Your 9-5
This episode we confront the idea of leaving your 9-5 or full time job. We talk about the struggles we talk about the benefits we talk about how to get clients and honestly we just talk about how to get started in the realist way possible! Where you can find Bri: Instagram VA Fast Trak
July 13, 2021