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Remle Newton-Dame, Sr. Dir. Healthcare Analytics, NYC Health + Hospitals

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By VirtualHealth
Welcome to "A Healthcare Podcast" by VirtualHealth, an ongoing discussion on topics we feel are making a big impact on our individual and collective health. We engage with guests and listeners to explore and help clarify complex health care matters through active conversation.
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Dominick Kalvelis, Director of Information Security, VirtualHealth
How can health systems protect themselves from the increasing threat of data breaches? Dominic Kalvelis, Director of Information Security at VirtualHealth, joins us today to discuss the ongoing importance of cyber security for health care organizations. He explains why modern health systems are so vulnerable to information security threats, especially as they transition from paper-based systems to digital patient records, and how the security risks entail more than just revenue and reputation loss for the organization. Dominic also walks us through the steps of how to keep patient information safe, from ensuring secure software development, to developing and maintaining best practices in staff training and information security. Thank you for tuning in!
July 16, 2019
Dmitry Gorenshteyn, Lead Data Scientist, Strategy & Innovation, Memorial Sloan Kettering
How often does the past repeat itself? How can we use data of past events to predict those of the future? That’s what this week’s guest, Dmitry Gorenshteyn, Lead Data Scientist of the Strategy and Innovation Department at Memorial Sloan Kettering specializes in. Memorial Sloan Kettering is a world-renowned, specialty hospital in NYC that addresses the complex needs of cancer patients, and Gorenshteyn focuses on leveraging data in order to solve clinically relevant challenges. His current project uses Machine Learning alongside clinicians’ input to predict the likelihood that cancer patients will visit the Emergency Room. 
March 4, 2019
Remle Newton-Dame, Sr. Dir. Healthcare Analytics, NYC Health + Hospitals
How do public health, epidemiology, and population health intersect at the local level to impact the health outcomes of patients? Remle Newton-Dame of New York City Health + Hospitals joins us this week to discuss her work at "The Data Core" in the Office of Population Health, a team responsible for providing innovative analytics to transform care delivery. The Data Core touches risk targeting, access to care, depression, care management, outreach to the uninsured, and support of incarcerated populations. Their mission is to use data and technology to create actionable knowledge at the program, site, and system levels. Technologies like data visualization packages and electronic medical records enable healthcare professionals, as well as individual patients, to understand large amounts of information about their exact health questions. Remle expands on these ideas, and more, as she discusses technology's role in collecting, interpreting, and acting on health data.
November 28, 2018
Ivelyse Andino, CEO of Radical Health
For our inaugural episode of A Healthcare Podcast, we have Ivelyse Andino, CEO and Founder of Radical Health, a community health organization located in the Bronx in New York City. This organization provides community support and customer technology to empower marginalized individuals to "engage partners in healthcare and to become change agents in addressing disparities in their neighborhoods." In this episode, we'll learn more about Ivelyse's background and her mission at Radical Health.
November 2, 2018
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